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News Links, July 6, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Greeks reject demands for more austerity in key referendum
The Biggest Greek Banks "Have Failed," and "Resolving" Them Won't Work: Fitch
Greek banks prepare plan to raid deposits to avert collapse
Greece Contemplates Nuclear Options: May Print Euros, Launch Parallel Currency, Nationalize Banks
As the Eurozone Teeters, the IMF Does Something Weird
European Parliament president: Need to urgently discuss humanitarian aid for Greece
In A World Of Artificial Liquidity—–Cash Is King
A new record year in dry bulk demolition under way?
April 2015 saw 5.36 million DWT being retired from active service, which was the highest on record ever for a single month. The record came on the back of continued poor earnings and deteriorating market conditions in dry bulk shipping, evidenced by the Baltic Dry Index (BDI) staying below 600 from 2 February to 13 May.
Quartet of crises threatens Europe's core
Panicked Chinese Government Imposes Desperate Measures to "Aggressively" Rescue a Lot More Than Just Crashing Stocks
Stock-market rescue measures, concocted by the government, have been hailing down for days, including an interest rate cut by the People's Bank of China a week ago. But the collapse proceeded with brutal relentlessness. So now, Premier Li Keqiang pulled out all stops and the State Council is calling the shots in the market, the craziest, most desperate shots.
World Bank removes critical section from China report
Stop lying to the Greeks — life without the euro is great
Gold Bullion Dealer Unexpectedly "Suspends Operations" Due To "Significant Transactional Delays"
India: Steel companies sell assets, recast loans to cut spiralling debt

## Airline death spiral ##
Greek capital controls cause major disruption for European airlines

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Japan Pledges $6 Billion To Mekong Nations As China Prepares New Bank
Thai Navy to buy three Chinese submarines
Baghdad Car Bombs And Attacks Kill 19, Injure 53 Saturday; ISIS Hasn't Claimed Responsibility
Female suicide bombers kill scores in Nigeria
The War Party's Strategy For Defeating ISIS——-Bomb More Civilians!
Islamic State attacks power plant in Hasaka, in northeast Syria - army
Islamic State suicide bombers strike in Iraqi refinery town
Draft accords of sanctions relief at Iran nuke talks in hand
US, wooing Vietnam, readies red carpet for communist chief
Strategic importance! -- RF
China Lobbies Hard Ahead Of Manila's South China Sea Arbitration Case
Bulgarian training area expecting more US, NATO troops
Japan Joins US-Australia War Games Amid China Tensions
Top Japan, U.S. military brass plan powwow in Washington
Russia Taking Full Advantage Of Greek Crisis
Libya magnet for jihadists from Tunisia and beyond
Tunisia declares state of emergency after beach resort massacre
Swarms of beggars invade city streets with advent of Ramadan (KSA)
How Israel's Gaza Blockade Backfires
Israel's crushing blockade – and periodic assaults – against the 1.8 million people jammed into Gaza have led to the emergence of an Islamic State affiliate that is now challenging Hamas, an example of how extreme repression breeds ever greater extremism.

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Protests Roil Ecuador Ahead of Pope Francis' Visit
Anti-Corruption Protests Grow in Honduras, Demand Fraud Probe
Migrants at Calais port spark further Channel Tunnel chaos

## Energy/resources ##
Few solutions to Arab world's power outages
Power outages have increased in Arab countries, becoming a "fad" that reappears every summer. Oddly enough, the number of blackout hours increases year after year, with such outages commonplace in some countries for decades, without any serious attempt to remedy the situation.
French renewables power grid pilot shows limits of batteries in Europe
A major pilot project by Europe's largest power network operator to integrate power from rooftop solar panels into the grid has shown that battery storage of renewable energy is not yet economically viable in Europe.
Egypt debt to foreign oil companies at $3.5 billion: official

## Got food? ##
Expensive Steaks Here to Stay as Drought Cuts Canada Cattle Herd

## Environment/health ##
MERS Outbreak Update: 185 Infected, 33 Dead In South Korea From Deadly Virus And Another Samsung Medical Center Doctor Is Sick
MERS Outbreak Update: Infections Rise, Death Toll Stays at 33
Great white sharks appear to be on the rebound
8 Major Cities Running Out of Water
Canadian Wildfires Force Thousands To Evacuate Saskatchewan
Monsanto to invest more than $1 bln in dicamba herbicide production

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Hillary Clinton accuses China of hacking U.S. computers
NSA hoovers up everything on the planet. But that's OK. -- RF
NSA's Top Brazilian Political and Financial Targets Revealed by New WikiLeaks Disclosure
Lawmakers want Internet sites to flag 'terrorist activity' to law enforcement
Standoff over social media passwords breaks new legal ground

## Propaganda ##
Demonizing Iran: The Neocon Litany Of Exaggerations, Half-Truths, Innuendoes, Insinuations And Lies
Egypt Plans To Arrest Journalists For Unapproved Terror Attack Accounts
Egypt's cabinet is proposing to jail reporters who report nongovernment statistics about the number of people killed in terrorist attacks, the Guardian in the U.K. reported Sunday. Releasing reports about death tolls that don't echo official government stats could be grounds for arrest under a new measure sent to the president for his approval.
Lab rats and the corruption of how we count
Info-War in the Iran-Nuke Talks
Information warfare — or "info-war" — is all the rage inside the Obama administration, which delights in distorting or misrepresenting facts as a "soft power" weapon to advance its international goals. Those games have reached into the Iran nuclear negotiations.

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
5 insane facts about how America has gotten bigger
If everyone lived in an 'ecovillage', the Earth would still be in trouble
How can we live within the means of our planet? When we delve seriously into this question it becomes clear that almost all environmental literature grossly underestimates what is needed for our civilisation to become sustainable. Only the brave should read on.

## Japan ##
A home at the end of the road / Living on tiny pensions, elderly priced out of Tokyo
Rubbing along with robots tackles Abe's double dilemma
Chinese investors are now swarming Japan
Japan beating China to the port in Bangladesh
Japan readies robot for nuclear plant test

## China ##
China brokerages pledge to buy at least $19.3 billion in shares to stabilize market
China's Plunge Protection Team. -- RF
Zeroing in on empty homes, China throws developers a lifeline
Dismayed by the millions of unsold homes in China's troubled real estate market, the Chinese government is taking matters into its own hands: by buying some properties and turning them into public housing.

## UK ##
Green energy subsidies spiral out of control
George Osborne to abolish coalition's green tax target as customers face paying £1.5billion more through their bills to subsidise wind farms, solar panels and biomas plants
Tourist takes selfie in Brighton, arrested on terrorism offences
Budget will pave way for up to 100,000 Civil Service job cuts
Surgery closures in London could leave hundreds of thousands without a GP
Scores of GP surgeries in London are under threat of closure, potentially displacing hundreds of thousands of "refugee patients", because of a growing shortage of family doctors, research shows.

## US ##
2016 Candidate Donald Trump Calls For Border Wall In Statement On California Shooting With Undocumented Immigrant
## The Clintons ##

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