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News Links, August 10, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
German Industrial Production Drops as Chinese Slowdown Looms
Rumors of commodities' demise are not being exaggerated
BHP Billiton to cut 380 jobs at Australia's Olympic Dam
Brazil: The Seventh-Largest Economy in the World Spirals Down
Brazil's President Has Approval Rating of 8%, Worst Since Military Dictatorship
Berkshire profit falls 37 percent on investment, insurance slump
The Looming Bankruptcy Of Saudi Arabia
KSA might well go bankrupt, but it certainly won't be because of fracking. The author is trying to see fracking as "manufacturing," but resource extraction by any method is still extraction, and is subject to the law of diminishing returns. Here's another failure to see the consequences of net energy decline. -- RF
Another Major Pillar of the Bull Market Is Collapsing——The Rout In Media Stocks Has Narrowed The Market Further
The Great Unwind Has Begun, Bankruptcies Soar
Caterpillar is no butterfly
If Caterpillar offers a window into the global economy, the view isn't pretty.
German industrial output slumps unexpectedly
The $12 Trillion Fat Finger: How A "Glitch" Nearly Crashed The Global Financial System - A True Story
Cheap oil eroding UAE fiscal surpluses, says IMF
Dubai ruler unveils Museum of the future
Corporate Dollar Debt Explodes in Mexico as Peso Dives
Swiss banks step up battle for Asia's super-rich
Drought causes Panama Canal to reduce cargo size
China slowdown hits market leaders hardest
Europe Moves to Cut Risk in $505 Trillion Derivatives Market
Indebted Portugal is still the problem child of the eurozone
China Steel Flood Deepens, Cutting Earnings, Fanning Trade Rows

## Airline death spiral ##
Airline technology firm Sabre investigating computer breach
So long, LAN and TAM; Airlines will soon fly under LATAM brand
Jet fuel prices at 5-yr low, but airlines won't cut fare
Patent Would Have Airlines Sort Passengers By Height, Then Adjust Rows To Save Their Knees
This introduces further complexity into the system, and as students of collapse know, increasing complexity makes systems more vulnerable to disruption. -- RF
In a nutshell: World airlines' 2Q results
Passenger arrested after punching passenger on United Airlines flight
Passenger accused of threats and assault on flight to Maui
It's time for the Uberization of airlines
With only four large airlines controlling more than 80 percent of domestic air travel, the industry is a classic oligopoly. Even the government, which is currently investigating airlines for collusion, seems to agree.
Study: Number Of Mishandled Bags By Airlines On The Rise

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
How the Policies of U.S. Ally Egyptian Dictator, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Have Led to a Surge in ISIS Recruitment
'Russia, Iran Do Not Believe Assad Regime Will Survive': President Obama
Russia Denies Putin Met With Iran Hardliners Opposed To Nuclear Deal
Russia backs UN resolution investigating Syrian chemical weapons in rare show of unity
U.S. adds Russian oil field to sanctions list
Pentagon prepares for century of climate emergencies and oil wars
Israel behind assassinations of Iran nuclear scientists, Ya'alon hints
Attacks on army, police and U.S. special forces kill 50 in Kabul
Hiroshima-Nagasaki: 70-Year Nuclear Explosions Not Done Yet
US Navy About To Double Its LCS Fleet
"We Have A Civil War": Inside Turkey's Descent Into Political, Social, And Economic Chaos
Saudi Arabia seeks $500m ammunition deal from the US
Japan, U.S. to conduct military drill for regaining remote island
U.S. F-16s arrive at Turkish air base for anti-ISIS ops
Russia's Lavrov says U.S. must work with Assad to fight Islamic State

## Migrants #
Greece says cannot handle migrants; UNHCR calls crisis 'shameful'
Greece Gets Sudden Influx of 50,000 Refugees in July (More Than 2014 Total) Seeks Help From EU
Calais migrants find the door to Britain wide open
World View: UNHCR: Greece's Islands Kos, Chios, Lesbos are in 'Total Chaos' over Migrants
Turkey will not give Syrian refugees right to work: Minister
Italy: 800 rescued migrants brought ashore
Time running out for migrants on Serbia-Hungary border

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Thousands of Iraqis protest corruption, poor services
Morsi supporters hold demonstrations as mass-killings anniversary approaches
Rock-Throwing, Rioting in Jerusalem Area
Protest Art: After Ferguson, Artists Respond to the Movement

## Energy/resources ##
Canadian oil exports hit low mark for year
'Frack now, pay later,' top services companies say amid oil crash
Business is so tough for oilfield giants Schlumberger NV and Halliburton Co that they have come up with a new sales pitch for crude producers halting work in the worst downturn in years. It amounts to this: "frack now and pay later."
Sounds like a winner! -- RF
Oil down, heads for 6th weekly loss on gasoline glut
Moscow Makes Two Offers on Turkish Stream to Ankara
The Water Crisis Upon Us
Russia is facing a fuel shortage
Nigeria's electricity crisis is so bad that people are spending three times more running back-up generators
Long Beach residents want answers about power outages
North Sea oil industry struggling on slippery slope
Canadian Province Pulls the Plug on Renewable Energy Program
UAE gas prices spiked 24% overnight after fuel subsidies ended

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Scientists In The United Kingdom Are 'Fingerprinting' Stolen Rocks
Rocks are just about everywhere, but in some areas of the United Kingdom, they are attractive target for thieves. The theft of stones from buildings and historic sites in the UK "has reached epidemic proportions" according to a Member of Parliament testifying about the scourge earlier this summer.
Building hit by lead thieves needs financial help
Overhead power cable thieves are 'endangering lives'
Thieves stealing vital fire fighting equipment for scrap

## Got food? ##
Scotland to ban all GM crops over fears for 'green brand', angers farmers and scientists
Plagues of Locusts Invade Russia; Putin's Inane Food Contraband Destruction Policy; Law of Productive Assets
In an action as economically stupid as president Roosevelt destroying US farm produce during the Great Depression, Russia Incinerates Contraband Food.
Solar flares: How renewable energy is raising hackles in rural Ontario — and across Canada
Three hundred acres is food for 300 or 350 people, lost in favour of charging their cellphones and laptops
Rising food prices is a global concern

## Environment/health ##
Dementia is striking victims earlier and death rates are soaring: international study
People are developing dementia a decade before they were 20 years ago, perhaps because of environmental factors such as pollution and the stepped-up use of insecticides, a wide-ranging international study has found.
Pesticides: more toxic than previously thought?
New TPP Leaks Reveal US 'Pandering to Big Drug Companies,' Threatening Innovators
Is bird flu going to affect human flu vaccine production?
EPA team spills million gallons of waste water into Colorado rivers
A team of U.S. regulators probing contamination at a Colorado gold mine accidentally released a million gallons (3.8 million liters) of orange-hued waste water containing sediment and metals into a local river system, the Environmental Protection Agency said on Thursday.
Shuttered Gold Mine In Colorado Spilling Yellow Sludge Into River, Has Now Reached New Mexico
Study: Legionnaire's disease cases tripled in last decade
Legionnaires disease outbreak in New York affects record 108 people
Fish off Australia's coast dive deep to avoid heat
Is Natural Gas As Clean As We Think?
Barge Brings Tons of Tsunami Debris to Seattle
30 blue herons found dead at Canadian oilsands mine
Creatures of the deep cry silently for help: Rocky reef habitat in grave danger
'Good news' about living in peace on a dying planet

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
'The Dream of Internet Freedom is Dying,' Warns Top Civil Liberties Attorney
Drones & satellites: Russia to create Arctic complex monitoring system by 2025
Gasoline Pumps, Stations Very Vulnerable to Hackers Abroad
The Robots Taking Your Job Could Get You Killed
Psychology Society Bans Work With Government Interrogators
Hackers steal data on 2.4m Carphone Warehouse customers

## Propaganda ##
A Massive Attack on America's Ideological Fiction
The WikiLeaks Files: The World According to US Empire is a massive attack on the ideological fiction so assiduously promoted by the government and corporate media that the United States is a benevolent force in the world.
Army Entertainment Liaison Office: Watch More TV! The Freedom Of Our Nation Depends On Your Contribution!

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Three Little Pigs: Here's the proof a NYC high school diploma is worthless
We've been brainwashed into financializing the human experience
With Greece's healthcare system in ruins, people are turning to illegal free clinics
In tight times, Arkansas' road upgrades go gravelly
As Singapore Turns 50, A Proud Nation Prepares To Party

## Japan ##
Japan's nuclear regulator says no repeat of Fukushima under new safety rules - media
Japan's elderly boomers squeezed to pay more as care facilities struggle
Nagasaki survivor warns Abe reforms 'will lead to war'
Eyeglasses with Face Un-Recognition Function to Debut in Japan
Japan Defense Ministry to seek record-high ¥5.2 trillion budget for next fiscal year

## China ##
Peak Insanity: Chinese Brokers Now Selling Margin Loan-Backed Securities
China's Hard Landing Suddenly Gets a Lot Rougher
China Exports Fall as Lower Demand, Strong Yuan Hurt Growth
China growth probably half reported rate or less, say sceptics
Beijing Is Absolutely Lying About Its Economy—Three Charts Which Prove It
Is China's "Black Box" Economy About to Come Apart?
China under mounting pressure to ease policy as economy stumbles
Hong Kong Luxury Sales Tumbling, Retail Rents Plunging
Sign of the Bear: The Demise of Conspicuous Consumption
Chinese Seek Brazilian Assistance With Jungle Training
China's producer price index dives 5.4%, worst drop since 2009

## UK ##
High street stores suffer worst summer for six years
Homeless people in Manchester have been banned from sleeping in tents
Number of British Wind Turbines Set to Double, Costing Taxpayers Billions in Subsidies
Cows taken to Asda in Stafford for milk price protest
'Marauding' migrants threaten our standard of living, says Philip Hammond

## US ##
1 out of 3 American workers support the rest of the country: Those not in the labor force surges to another record at 93,770,000.
Same Old MIA Report——-14.7 Million Potential Workers Not In Labor Force Since 2007
Prime Aged Workers Tumble In July, Workers 55 And Over Surge To New All Time High
Here's the Next Crisis "Nobody Saw Coming"
When borrowing become prohibitive (or impossible) and raising taxes no longer generates more revenues, state and local governments will have to cut expenditures.
Taper Tantrum Coming? It Won't Be Where Nearly Everyone Is Looking! The Next Tantrum
Flushing Cash Into The Casino—-The Media Stock Swoon Shows That It Works Until It Doesn't
Northern California officer on leave after pulling gun on man with cellphone
Donald Trump Says He Can Buy Politicians, None of His Rivals Disagree
Tesla burns cash, loses more than $4,000 on every car sold
GAO: Army Reserve, Guard Don't Know How Many Soldiers Fit to Fight

## The Clintons ##

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