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News Links, August 12, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Gerald Celente Is Predicting That A Stock Market Crash Will Happen By The End Of 2015
It ain't over till the fat lady capitulates. -- RF
The Correction Gains Momentum—Stocks Down 7 Straight Days
Greek Debt Crisis: Even If Greece Defaults, German Taxpayers Will Come Out Ahead, Says German Think Tank
In fact, the authors estimate that even if Germany forgave the entirety of Greek debt on its books, the country would still come out ahead.
For Norway, Oil at $50 Is Worse Than the Global Financial Crisis
The World's Largest Sovereign Wealth Fund Is About To Become A Seller
Gold's Artificial Lows – Price Surge Coming
Death cross: Dow forms perilous pattern
Russian firms, banks shrink as they face fresh peak debt payment
China Joins Currency War With Surprise Devaluation, Biggest One-Day Move on Record
This Is Not A Drill: India, Russia And Thailand Prepare For Currency War
Goldman Says China Yuan Move Is Attempt to Get Ahead of the Fed
NZ a virtual economic trade prisoner of China
Just As Brazil Hits Rock Bottom, Things Are About To Get Even Worse
US productivity dry spell looks worse in latest report

## Airline death spiral ##
FAA Study Shows Air Traffic Controllers Too Sleepy
More than 100 Bombardier CSeries orders at risk of delays or cancellations, analysis says
Delta trims Dubai schedule, blames 'overcapacity' from Gulf rivals
Emirates Airline rejects Delta's criticism of overcapacity on Dubai-US routes
Flying High: Booz Allen Hamilton highlights what 2015's record-breaking airline industry performance means for travelers

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
U.S. Consulate in Istanbul Shot at By Assailants: Reports
Singapore Tanker Found Without Cargo near Indonesia
Future US Nuclear Spending Likely to Remain Strong
Modernization costs for America's aging nuclear arsenal will be expensive but will not exceed 5 percent of national defense spending in the coming decades, according to projections by the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments.
Islamic State claims Iraq car bombs that kill nearly 60
Islamic State attacks Syrian rebels near Turkish border
Radio journalist critical of government killed during live broadcast in Brazil
US wants to use second Turkish air base for operations against Islamic State
Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff Approval Rating Crashes To 8% - Worst Since Military Dictatorship
China, Russia and the U.S. May Be Gearing Up for War in Space
I'm on record as saying that space development will be increasingly militarized. -- RF
Russia holds its first International Army Games with 16 other nations
Muslims Harass Congressmen Visiting Temple Mount In Israel
South Korea Ramps Up Border Security After Landmine Attack
Russia, Saudis fail in talks to agree on fate of Syria's Assad
Anti-Iran Lobby President Steps Down, Now Supports Iran Deal

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Michael Brown Death Anniversary: Several Shots Fired As Protesters Clash With Police In Ferguson, Missouri
State of emergency declared in Ferguson
Protesters Declare They Are Ready For War As America's Impoverished Inner Cities Threaten To Erupt
Protests as Japan's Kyushu Electric restarts Sendai reactor

## Energy/resources ##
Must read: The Earth's Battery Is Running Low
Polish heatwave cuts power supply to industry
Poland eases power consumption limits as hot weather continues
The US Installed More Than Twice As Much Solar and Wind As Fossil Fuel Electricity So Far In 2015
ConocoPhillips pursues Alaskan viscous crude deposits: At the Wellhead
Chinese bid to rescue Europe's nuclear industry
The Chinese are planning to come to the rescue of a European nuclear industry so short of money that it cannot build any new stations without outside help.
With Wind Prices at a Record Low, Is the Clean Energy Revolution Upon Us?
Chevron's Mishap Highlights Risk of Deepwater Drilling
Japan skips monthly spot LNG arrival price as cargoes dry up
Japan on Tuesday skipped publishing a monthly average import price for liquefied natural gas (LNG) for July, due to a lack of import cargoes arriving in the country, another sign that global demand for the fuel is faltering.
High water temperatures forced power cut at Pilgrim nuclear plant
Power cuts "biggest challenge" for South Africa's economy – Zuma
Texas power demand breaks record again in heat wave
Oil Plummets After OPEC Supply Hits a Three-Year High
Governments Don't Really Want Clean Energy; Economic Madness In US and Spain
EIA Lowers 2015, 2016 US Crude Oil Production Forecasts

## Got food? ##
McDonald's US to shrink for the first time in 45 years
The fast food giant, which had previously said it would close more stores than it opens in the US this year, will shutter 59 American branches

## Lifestyle solutions ##
Excellent: Stop Financializing the Human Experience

## Environment/health ##
Global Population To Surpass 11 Billion By 2100 Fueled By Growth In Africa
Ain't gonna happen. -- RF
EPA Admits: Colorado River Spill Three Times Bigger Than Expected
Canadian Candidate States 'Basic Scientific Fact' About Tar Sands, All Hell Breaks Loose
Coca-Cola backed study says drinking soda isn't that bad for you
Nutritionists Slam Coca-Cola Funded Scientists Over Deceptive Soda Message
California blaze explodes in size as wildfires roast West
Good News: US Power Plant Carbon Emissions Are At Quarter Century Low
Death toll rises to 40 as Egyptian heatwave continues
Earth's frogs threatened by spreading tadpole disease
80 million plastic balls to prevent Los Angeles reservoirs from becoming carcinogenic
Massive dust storm covers Phoenix, dropping visibility to near zero

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Plugging Leaks: Merkel's War on Germany's Press and Parliament
Controversial US No-Fly List Revelations Show Program Is Predictive, Not Based On Past Criminal Record
US ex-intelligence chief on ISIS rise: It was 'a willful Washington decision'
China hacked private emails of U.S. officials since 2010, NBC reports
The New York Times Warns About the Pentagon Labeling Journalists "Unprivileged Belligerents"
Kansas officials stonewall mathematician investigating voting machine "sabotage"
Someone At DEF CON Made a Drone That Hacks Computers
Washington Post Reporter Charged with "Trespassing" in Ferguson, Missouri as the "War on Journalism" Continues
Bangladesh to deploy Israeli mass wiretapping system
Hackers stole secrets for up to $100 million insider-trading profit: U.S
Julian Assange: Ecuador agrees to open talks with Sweden on allowing prosecutors to question the Wikileaks founder over sex-crime claims
Families of 9/11 Victims On Verge of Proving Government Cover Up in Court
Google 'Alphabet' website blocked in China on first day

## Propaganda ##
$500K Anti-Russian Propaganda Grant To Train Journalists In Baltic States: American Embassy In Vilnius, Lithuania

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
The US Economy Continues Its Collapse
The Resurrection of America's Slums
The number of people living in high-poverty areas—defined as census tracts where 40 percent or more of families have  income levels below the federal poverty threshold—nearly doubled between 2000 and 2013, to 13.8 million from 7.2 million.
Racialized Poverty in America has Nearly Doubled in 21st Century
Chicago public schools to lay off 1,500 teachers and staff
The Assault On Donald Trump Shows That Our 2 Party System Is Really A 1 Party System
FAA hid study showing chronic air controller fatigue
Yemen 'crumbling' from war, desperately needs aid: Red Cross
Fighting the fatbergs: how cities are waging war on clogged sewers

## Japan ##
Japan National Debt Rises To New Record ¥1,057,224,000,000,000
Report: Japan gov't to seek record $42 bln budget
Japan Solar Market Receives $300 Million Investment
Worst Year for Car Sales in Japan since Earthquake
Japan restarts reactor in test of Abe's nuclear policy
Japan's nuclear reactor restart unlikely to herald a trend
Good times over for Japan teachers fund, now seeking to avoid losses
Japan's investment fund for teachers has switched its focus to avoiding losses, predicting the best days are over for both stocks and bonds.
Fukushima fishermen give nod to TEPCO's plan to release treated water into sea
Record rate of primary school kids have stopped attending school, survey says
Food self-sufficiency rate at 39% on calorie basis for 5th yr
Deadly heat wave kills 32 across Japan in a week, 11,219 sent to hospitals

## China ##
Chinese cinema chain issues securities backed by ticket sales
China's Internet Becomes Even More Totalitarian
Forget the Fake Statistics: China Is a Tinderbox
China's Stock Crash Is Spurring a Shakeout in Shadow Banks
Chinese Spurn Unprecedented Car Discounts Amid Slowdown
China's Exports Plunge 8% in July; Spotlight on US Trade Imbalance With China
People's Bank of China Freaks Out, Devalues Yuan by Record Amount, Vows to "Severely Punish" Capital Flight
China Stages Live Military Drills to Sharpen Joint Command
China's military has begun a series of live-fire drills involving more than 140,000 troops that aim to improve joint operational command.
Demand For Credit Plunges 55% In China As Slump Deepens
China bans 120 'harmful' songs online

## UK ##
Live in Britain? Your Utility Bills Could Jump This Winter
UK butterfly species at risk of extinction due to climate change, says study
ISIS Queen Elizabeth Assassination Plot: Islamic State Bombers Within UK 'Ready To Attack'
Creepy! "Minority Report"-esque Big Brother Billboards are Coming to England

## US ##
Another Mind Boggling Chart From The "Jobs" Report – Full Time Jobs Ratio Back To July 1982 Level!
Trends in low wage America
1.4 million waiter/bartender jobs gained while 1.4 million manufacturing jobs lost since 2007. Top 4 employment sectors pay $10 an hour or less.
Poverty Has Nearly Doubled Since 2000 In America
Americans expect to tighten purse strings: NY Fed survey
Documents Reveal the Fearmongering Local Cops Use to Score Military Gear From the Pentagon
Hillary Rodham Clinton told a cheering crowd at her largest rally so far that "the endless flow of secret, unaccountable money" must be stopped. Two weeks later, the main super PAC backing her bid for the Democratic presidential nomination accepted a $1 million contribution that cannot be traced.
How rogue drones are rapidly becoming a national nuisance

And finally...
'No more Kardashians! It's a non-story!' News anchor refuses to cover the family, walks off TV set

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