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News Links, August 21, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Greece Sells Regional Airports' Operating Rights To German Firm As Bailout Deadline Approaches
Thai blast strikes blow to tourism, pillar of ailing economy
Low Oil Prices And China Pull The Rug From Under Latin America
China's Deflation Convoy——Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan
Manufacturers scale back production as China's economy cools
Biggest Speculative Bubble Ever Will Begin To Implode This Autumn. Got Gold?
Financial Doomsday Clock "One Minute to Midnight"
It Starts: Broad Retaliation Against China in Currency War
Dow Jones Industrial Average Plunges 200 Points On Global Growth Fears
S&P 500 Drops Below Trading Range as Global Selloff Intensifies
British Columbia has biggest underground economy in Canada
Ukraine's shadow economy grows to 47 pct of GDP amid uncertainty over future
Depression Tracker: Unemployment Soars In Latin America's Most Important Economy
Saudi growth slows as oil gloom deepens: IMF
Another Round-Trip in Crude; Search for Inflation; Another Bout of Asset Deflation Hell Coming Up
LEAKED: GM Sees Overcapacity Fiasco in China, Hopes Americans Will Buy Lots of Chinese-Made Buicks
The Next Leg Of The Commodity Carnage: Attention Shifts To Traders - Glencore Crashes, Noble Default Risk Soars
Maybe they should list it on AirBnB? Due to lack of funding, the Palace of Versailles might become a hotel
Rise of new banks helps Kremlin keep Russia's economy afloat
Copper Breaches $5000, Breaks Below 15-Year Trendline
Kazakh Tenge Free Floats, Slides Over 20%
Battered Italian economy forced to sell off marinas on sought-after coastline
Vietnam Devalues Dong for Third Time in 2015 on Yuan Fallout
China's Building a Huge Canal in Nicaragua, But We Couldn't Find It
Likely another one of the megaprojects that ain't gonna happen. -- RF

## Airline death spiral ##
Old airports, congestion add to flier frustration
Airline Fares Record Steepest Drop in 20 Years on Declining Fuel Costs
Dark Clouds Loom for Airlines Even as Their Profits Take Off
Low-cost airlines carry half of traffic at Spanish airports in July
Ghost airports highlight risks of India's infrastructure drive
Two-and-a- half years after the completion of a new US$17 million (S$24 million) terminal building, the airport in Jaisalmer, a small and remote desert city in India's western Rajasthan state, stands empty. Not a single passenger has passed through the gates of an airport big enough to handle more than 300,000 travellers a year.
Long Lines at JFK? Airport Now Tracks Phones to Find Out
EasyJet passenger tasered on board aircraft at Gatwick airport after trying to bring two pieces of hand luggage
American Airlines Ending Money-Losing U.S.-Israel Flights
American Airlines Inc. plans to halt flights between the U.S. and Israel early next year amid mounting losses on a route that has never been profitable.
Passenger Attacks Flight Attendant on Air Canada Forcing Return to Beijing

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Russia Ukraine News: Amid Escalating Fears Of War, Lavrov Presses Germany, France On Peace Treaty
Revenue cut by pipeline attacks, Kurdish government says
Semiautonomous regional government says it can not pay for security operations.
China, Russia to launch largest-ever joint navy exercise
East Ukraine's Donetsk Republic Will Hold Referendum To Join Russia
Space militarization: War in Space May Be Closer Than EverChina, Russia and the U.S. are developing and testing controversial new capabilities to wage war in space despite their denial of such work
South Korea fires 'tens' of artillery rounds into North Korea
Americans Don't Know that the Rest of the World Views U.S. as Biggest Danger, Rogue State
Ashley Madison hack only latest high-profile breach
Turkey On The Brink As Calls For Martial Law, Civil War Send Lira Plunging Again
Djibouti: U.S. Worried About China's Military Plans for Djibouti; China military base coming?
US Confirms Saudis Using Cluster Bombs in Yemen

## Migrants/refugees ##
Stymied at English Channel, Migrants With Money Turn to Smugglers
Migrants crisis: Slovakia 'will only accept Christians'
Ferry carrying 2,500 migrants from Greek islands arrives in main port of Piraeus near Athens
Greek Migrant Crisis 2015: Lesbos Refugees Stranded By The Thousands, Ferries Off The Island Completely Booked
Macedonia cracks down on flow of migrants under emergency decree
Macedonia moved to cut off the flow of migrants pouring over its southern border with Greece on Thursday, deploying riot police in armored vehicles and calling out the army under a state of emergency.
Calais crisis: Britain set to pay for migrants to be returned to home countries

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Eight Soldiers Killed, Istanbul Palace Attacked As Turkish Unrest Mounts
Tension Growing In Kazakhstan As Oil Prices Batter Economy
St. Louis Unrest: Protesters Clash With Police, Start Fires, After Officers Kill Young Black Man
Ecuador Protests: Correa's Oil Crisis, Policies Could Spell End Of Latin America Success Story

## Energy/resources ##
Carnage In The Shale Junk Patch——These 5 Frackers Could Be The Next To Fall
Kunstler: As fracking implodes, the clowns deny reality
Oil producers brace for more cost-cutting 'pain' as prices nearly fall below US$40
As oil price slump continues, companies get creative with staff schedules to avoid layoffs
Ontario's Power Trip: How Hydro is walloping Ontario business
Over the past several months there has been a constant din of noise from all business segments in Ontario about the high price of electricity and its effects. Electricity prices have risen as they have absorbed the high costs of 20-year contracts for renewable energy in the form of wind and solar as additions to Ontario's electricity grid.
Oil Prices Must Rebound. Here's Why
Low Oil Prices Could Break The "Fragile Five" Producing Nations
Must read: Amazing New Energy Source: Introducing TREES (Richard Heinberg)
The most sensible piece on energy that I've read in a long time. -- RF
The Peak Oil Crisis: A $4 Trillion Hole
Cheap Oil's Making It Tough for Ethanol to Pay the Bills
Canada might start dumping nuclear waste near the US border
Report suggests the coal industry is heading towards extinction

## Got food? ##
World food supply at growing risk from severe weather

## Environment/health ##
Rewilding: Movement to restore wilderness areas is growing across Europe
Surge in new MERS cases recorded in Riyadh
Secret data on hospital waiting times shows public health system is in 'crisis' (Australia)
Californians getting rid of their lawns
Lice With Drug-Resistant Mutations Found to Be Widespread in US, But Experts Say Don't Panic
New Monsanto Spray Kills Bugs by Messing With Their Genes
Groundwater pumping speeding subsidence in Central California: NASA
Brain-Eating Amoeba Found In Water Supply
Mercury and Selenium are Accumulating in the Colorado River Food Web of the Grand Canyon
Climate Change Is Deepening California's Drought Crisis By As Much As One-Quarter, Study Finds
July hottest month on record, say US scientists
Notorious Insecticides Found in Half of Sampled Streams in US

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Four Lightning Strikes in Belgium Erase Google Customer Data
Google says four successive lightning strikes on one of its cloud infrastructure facilities in Europe last week permanently wiped out some customers' data stored on disks.
Spanish Woman Fined $900 for Posting Picture of Police Parked in Handicap Space to Facebook
Google Won't Let the Government See the Emails of Rand Paul's Aides
Pentagon Manual Calls Some Reporters Spies
U.S. government, police working on counter-drone system - sources
As concerns rise about a security menace posed by rogue drone flights, U.S. government agencies are working with state and local police forces to develop high-tech systems to protect vulnerable sites, according to sources familiar with the matter.
Hot air balloons used to better patrol Chile's streets
You've Been Warned – Spotify Wants to Spy on You in Every Way Imaginable
Car hacking scandal: Security designed to stop thieves hot-wiring almost every modern motor has been cracked

## Propaganda ##
The Flimsy Case Against Iran-Nuke Deal
IAEA: AP's Claims on Iran 'Self-Inspection' False
Wave of TV Ads Opposing Iran Deal Organized By Saudi Arabian Lobbyist

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Damascus, Kiev and Tripoli top the list of the 10 cities rapidly becoming the worst to live in the world
Telephone infrastructure stressed 
'Beyond Bleak': Why Nobody in the World Wants to Know the Horror That Is Yemen
Must read: One Word Defines This Era: Stagnation
A perspicacious meditation on the idea of "progress." -- RF
New Target COO's headache: Too few goods to keep shelves filled
Regal Cinemas Checks Bags Of Moviegoers After Louisiana And Tennessee Theater Shootings
The Last Refuge of the Incompetent

## Japan ##
Fukushima: thousands have died, thousands more will die
New evidence from Fukushima shows that as many as 2,000 people have died from necessary evacuations, writes Ian Fairlie, while another 5,000 will die from cancer. Future assessments of fatalities from nuclear disasters must include deaths from displacement-induced ill-heath and suicide in addition to those from direct radiation impacts.
China Explosion: Toyota Among Major Companies Bearing The Brunt Of Tianjin Industrial Accident
Japanese Seniors Giving Up Driving Isn't Good for the Economy
Record defense budget eyed to counter China's growing naval presence
25% of Fukushima landowners ready to sell plots for contaminated debris storage
Robots to help Japan's farming, fishing industries
Not for long. -- RF
Japan mulling three-year, ¥1 trillion aid package for Africa

## China ##
Glencore CEO: China Is a Lot Weaker Than Anyone Expected
Is This The Great Crash Of China?
Meet Xi's Team of Wise Men Trying to Avert China's Hard Landing
"Mystery" Cyanide Foam Covers Streets In China After Tianjin Storms As "Massive Fish Die-Off" Photographed
Tianjin Explosions: Journalism Stands as Official Line Stumbles
Here's Exactly How the Chinese Government Censors the Internet

## UK ##
Bus service 'decimation' leaves millions across England isolated due to council budgets cuts, warns report
Cost of public cremation rises by a third
Half of adults failing to go to the dentist
Britain to reopen Iran embassy during Hammond visit this weekend
English care homes facing financial ruin, say councils

## US ##
Fed Researcher Spills The Beans——-No Evidence QE Boosted The Economy
California drought cost is 2.7 billion in 2015
Strapped for Cash in NYC? You Can Now Sleep in a Taxi or Van for $39 a Night
U.S. housing costs continue to soar, CPI shows
Strong Home Sales? Price Mismatch?
Overrun! 9 of 11 U.S. Cities Have More Renters Than Homeowners
Congratulations! Chicago Just Leapfrogged 4 Cities to America's Highest Sales Tax rate; Graft Chicago Style
How Jeb Bush Funneled Pension Money to Lehman Before Getting a $1.3 Million a Year Consulting Job at the Firm
Jeb Bush: NSA Needs Broader Powers To Combat 'Evildoers'
The Deceptions of Hillary Clinton—–The Lies And Cover-ups Are Mushrooming
"You've Got to Cozy Up": More Politicians Admitting That Money Controls Politics
Nothing surprising about this, but if you want documentation, here it is. -- RF
More racial unrest in St. Louis after police kill black suspect
Washington Governor Seeks Emergency Status After Multiple Wildfires Claim Lives Of 3 Firefighters

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