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News Links, August 26, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
China 'Black Monday' Stock Market Panic In Asia: For Key Trade Partners Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Meltdown Will Test Resilience
BLACK MONDAY: The First Time EVER The Dow Has Dropped By More Than 500 Points On Two Consecutive Days
China fears wipe quarter of a trillion euros off Europe's blue-chips
The World's Richest People Lost Another $124 Billion on Monday
Why the Bear of 2015 Is Different from the Bear of 2008
Half Of Emerging Market Stocks Are Now In Bear Territory: The Map
Global bloodbath sparks financial crisis fears
Making Sense Of The Sudden Market Plunge
The global deflationary wave we have been tracking since last fall is picking up steam.  This is the natural and unavoidable aftereffect of a global liquidity bubble brought to you courtesy of the world's main central banks.  What goes up must come down -- and that's especially true for the world's many poorly-constructed financial bubbles, built out of nothing more than gauzy narratives and inflated with hopium.
Chinese Stocks Are Crashing; Yuan Devalues, Deposit Rate Spikes To Record High, Japan Denies "G7 Response" Planned
Brazil's Economy Is Now A Job Destruction Machine
Dutch nutritional supplement maker DSM to cut 900-1,100 jobs as part of global restructuring
Global Markets to Fed: No Rate Hike, the Strong Dollar Is Killing Us
First the Miners, now the Banks, then Property? Going to be a Hard Landing for… Australia
"Biggest Rally Of 2015" Crashes Into Biggest Reversal Since Lehman
Dwindling reserves force Southeast Asia to escalate currency war
El-Erian: "This Will Not Derail the Economy"; Contradictions and Friendly Disagreements; Six Points El-Erian Misses
More than half of Canadian students turn to 'Bank of Mom and Dad' before school year ends: CIBC
Canadian dollar sinks to 11-year low
India's imports of gold-silver alloy may almost double - refiner
Ten gold bars found in toilet on Dubai flight

## Airline death spiral ##
Agitated passenger restrained on Dubai-Melbourne flight
Is the public kept in the dark about Canadian air safety issues?
Airlines upscaling amenities for high-paying fliers
Air China and Shenzhen Airlines ban to carry lighters and matches
Passenger detained for 5 days after throwing fit over 'wet pants' on Kunming Airlines flight (China)
Russia: Transaero faces challenges to stay airborne
Have Air Travelers Reached Their Breaking Point Yet?
'Unruly' passenger offers immigration 100 dollars, gets deported (Philippines)
Defunct Instrument Landing System Poses Threat (India)
Air traffic control center glitch causes massive delays (US)
The airport spiking food with 'happy hormones'
Sounds like an attempt to prevent air rage. -- RF
Air-Traffic Towers Wasted More Than $850 Million, Watchdog Says
A New (Cheaper) Frontier Airlines, With More Fees and Less Legroom
Carrier's money-saving tactics pay off, but customers aren't happy

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
North, South Korea Agree To Stop Propaganda Broadcasts, 'Lift Semi-State Of War' Amid 'Heightened Tensions'
Russia Launches Military Drills In Arctic
Air Force sending advanced fighters to Europe
US Provides Cover for Use of Banned Cluster Bombs in Yemen
Russia's Lavrov says U.S. signals it wants to mend ties
U.S., Turkey to launch 'comprehensive' anti-Islamic State operation
The Case for Pragmatism
Since American neocons emerged in the 1980s, they have pushed an aggressive "regime change" strategy that has left bloody chaos in their wake. The cumulative impact, including Mideast refugees flooding Europe and overuse of sanctions, is now contributing to a global economic crisis.
Six ships subject of piracy in Straits of Malacca
Several pirates attacks were reported during the weekend in Straits of Malacca and Singapore to six cargo vessels passing through.
B-2s to deploy to Guam in support of South Korea
Turkey Set To Begin Anti-ISIL Airstrikes
Revealed: Most Guantanamo Detainees Captured By Warlords, Not US Military
South Korea to make first appearance in Japanese fleet review
South Korea's navy will take part in a Japanese fleet review for the first time in October, a gesture that may lead to more vigorous defense cooperation between America's two East Asian allies.

## Migrants/refugees ##
Swedish tolerance questioned as attacks on migrants rise
Merkel condemns 'disgusting' message of hate toward refugees
Migrants halt Channel Tunnel trains for second day running
Migrant crisis: Hungary surge as fence slowly rises
Migrants scuffle with police in Italian city, denounce conditions
Greece is entry point for nearly half of all migrants to Europe
Israel Bans African Migrants From Two Major Cities
Desperate Migrants Caught On Camera Trying To Enter Spain On JET SKIS
'The wave has reached us:' EU gropes for answers to migrant surge
Up to 3,000 refugees, migrants expected a day in Macedonia: UNHCR

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Beirut protests turn violent for second day as PM threatens to quit
'You Stink': Beirut Protesters Now Calling for Revolution
Hezbollah throws weight behind protests, deepening crisis
Eight Nepal police killed in clashes with anti-charter protesters
Demonstrators armed with spears and axes killed eight police officers in western Nepal on Monday during escalating protests against a proposed new constitution, officials said.
Police in Argentina fire tear gas to disperse protesters

## Energy/resources ##
Whose Capital Is Getting Destroyed in US Natural Gas?
Why Water Is More Important To Iran's Future Than Oil
OPEC's $900 Billion Mistake
As oil plunges to US$38.24, mood in Alberta 'is like a boxer taking too many hits'
Oil and gas companies are moving into a "survivor scenario," said Gary Leach, president of the Explorers and Producers Association of Canada.
As oil industry reels from price rout, layoffs stun U.S. workers: 'I never envisioned this'
Oil pipeline threats add to pressure on Azerbaijan
BHP Billiton hit hard by Chinese economic decline
Does Arctic Drilling Have A Future With Sub $50 Oil?
Saudi Arabia Oil Prices Plunge After China 'Black Monday,' Business Leaders Debate Production Restrictions
Oil sands producers dig in as slump worsens (Canada)
At current prices they're losing money, but with billions invested, they can't afford to bail out.
China oil rig to keep drilling in waters disputed with Vietnam
Total ends coal production as fossil fuel stocks dive
The world's fifth-largest energy company Total will no longer produce coal after selling off its last mining affiliate, Total Coal South Africa.
Are We Entering The Capitulation Phase of Oil Industry Cycle?

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Despite decline, metal thieves plague San Bernardino
KCM loses 1,035 metres of copper cables

## Got food? ##
California Pushes to Label Foods Containing Produce Irrigated With Fracking Water
Burger Risk: Bacterial Contamination Rampant in Test of Ground Beef
Researchers Find Horse Meat and Other Undeclared Species in Products Labeled Ground Beef
Germany starts move to ban GMO crops: ministry letter
Monsanto sweetens offer for Syngenta, values firm at $47 billion

## Environment/health ##
Mysterious blue clouds may portend disaster
Seismic Blasting in Pursuit of Oil Puts Whales at Risk, Report Confirms
More Patients Are Hearing the Words: 'You Have Cancer — Again'
Study: Breastfed infants exposed to toxic chemicals
Riyadh leads in MERS infections
The Ministry of Health (MoH) on Monday announced that 47 of the 49 cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) coronavirus last week were from Riyadh while Najran and Abha reported one each.
When Soda Taxes Fail: Coca-Cola, Pepsi Spent $100M Against Public Health Initiatives, New Analysis Shows
Sumatran rhino no longer found in Malaysia

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Hillary Clinton Emails Reveal Questionable Support for Overthrow of Elected Government in Honduras
Latest Revelation – Lois Lerner Used a Second Personal Email for IRS Business Under the Name "Toby Miles"
U.S. Ambassador Kennedy used private email for business: report
New UN Privacy Chief Proclaims – UK Digital Surveillance is "Worse than Orwell"
Samsung Fridge Hack Means You're More Likely To Have Your Gmail Password Stolen Than Drink A Warm Beer
TSA airport style searches on all Amtrak trains!

## Propaganda ##
Propaganda and the Iran-Nuke Deal
For years, the anti-Iranian propaganda in the U.S. media has been unrelenting, at times aided by the idiocy of certain Iranian officials. That one-sided presentation and the ignorance that it has engendered are now adding to the public confusion about the Iran nuclear deal.
Despite Deal, US Officials Still Talk Up Attacking Iran
Through years of diplomatic efforts, US officials have threatened to attack Iran on a regular basis. Exactly how often they should threaten Iran has often been a matter of contention, but there appeared to be bipartisan agreement that threatening Iran made some sort of sense.
Anti-American Sentiment Runs High in Russia After Retired U.S. General Suggested "Start Killing Russians"…

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
The Limits to Growth in the Soviet Union and in Russia: the story of a failure
South Africa's state giants hobble economy
The state-run corporations that have shaped South Africa's economy and been part of its every day life for nearly a century are mostly in a state of collapse, threatening to crush already weak growth.
China Financial Crisis: Dubai, World's Most Globalized City, Could Suffer Amid Chinese Economic Woes

## Japan ##
Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe to skip World War II 70th anniversary events in China
Huge blaze breaks out at steel plant near Tokyo's Haneda airport
The blaze came just hours after a blast ripped through a warehouse at a US military post near Tokyo.
How Japan's rising older population means it could abandon silver gifts for turning 100
Sony to Offer Commercial Drone Services Starting 2016
Sony Corp. plans to offer commercial drone services targeting the construction, logistics and agriculture industries from the first half of next year.
Giving Up On Abenomics? S&P's Chief Economist Sees Japan Stuck In Deflationary 'Policy Trap'
Russian Deputy PM Suggests Japanese Protesters Commit 'Hara-Kiri'
The deputy PM misunderstands the meaning and purpose of ritual suicide, but his comment does clearly show how receptive the Russians are to the idea of returning the islands. -- RF
Signal glitch halts Tokyo-Yokohama Tokyu trains for four hours, stranding 360,000
Nikkei plunges below 18,000 after wild swings
Large drills planned to avert cyber-attacks on 2020 Games
Toyota extends Tianjin shutdowns
MSDF officers sent to Australia for submarine bid
Sendai nuclear plant operator set to plug leaks in 5 cooling system pipes

## China ##
China Fails to Stem Stock Market Rout
What to Watch for in the Chinese Market a Day After "Black Monday"
Norway's Richest Man Says He's 'Very Worried' About China
Alibaba Falls Below IPO Price as Rout Adds to China Concerns
China cuts rates, reserve ratio after stocks plummet again

## UK ##
UK says Iran sanctions could be lifted next spring
Escalating child health crisis feared due to lack of school nurses
Cavern club: is deep geological disposal the best option for nuclear waste?
The estimated cost of building the entire facility is £4bn, with the lifetime cost of the project – over the next 150 years or so – pegged at around £12bn.
Even that won't be enough money, but it's virtually certain that enough money won't be found to cover even this estimated cost. Just lock the doors and pray. -- RF
Where have all the bricklayers gone?
A skills shortage in construction is contributing to the housing shortage and contributing to Britain's rising property prices
Worst traffic jams in Europe: London beats Brussels and Cologne to top of table for most congested city
Will you pay extra to keep your street lights on throughout the night? That's the question Wisbech Town Council will ask its residents
France terror attack: British railway passengers could be forced to use full body scanners
Non-UK born residents likely to exceed 8 million in latest figures, thinktank says

## US ##
California's electric vehicle program blasted as a giveaway to the rich
The heroin epidemic's toll: One county, 70 minutes, eight overdoses
Rule 48: What Is It and Why the NYSE Invoked it on Monday
Another Wild Ride; Stocks Collapse Into Close; Dip Buyers Hammered; Overhead Supply
What is capitulation?
Banks Get Credit for Helping the Poor — By Financing Their Evictions?
Crime spikes in several US cities confound criminologists
US Equity Indices in Review: Buy-the-Dip Fails
When housing becomes unaffordable for the young
The crushing burden of rents and student debt on future home buying.
Atlanta police cruiser hit by smash-and-grab thieves
Horde of teens snags goods from Christian Louboutin in Buckhead
Burglars drive truck into Miami-Dade cellphone store in smash and grab
Soldiers, prisoners, other countries join massive firefighting effort in the West
A Tale of Two Cities: In New Orleans, Perceptions of Recovery 'Starkly Divided' Along Racial Lines
Regional Manufacturing Expectations From Mars

And finally...
No Liquid Allowed in Carry On, Woman Drinks Entire Bottle of Cognac at Beijing Airport Security
She was so drunk she was banned from boarding

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