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News Links, August 7, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Company "at Leading Edge of Financialization" Crashes
Commodities Are Crashing Like It's 2008 All Over Again
8 Financial Experts That Are Warning That A Great Financial Crisis Is Imminent
Inside The June Trade Report——The Shrinkage Continues
There was absolutely nothing good about the most recent trade data for June. Even what looked like an improvement really wasn't, suggesting, strongly, that conditions in the global economy are still declining.
Capital Controls Destroy Greek Small Businesses; Bank Shares Plunge Again; Record Contraction
Greek "Bank Rescue Fund" Details; Zero Bids on Greek Bank Shares; Payback Math
Gold Bullion Demand In 'Chindia' Heading Over 2,000 Tons Again
Big Production Declines From The World Largest Silver Producers
Greece needs €100bn debt relief as permanent depression looms
You Can Add Iraq And Ukraine To The List Of Economies That Are Collapsing
Eurozone retail sales fall sharply in June
South Africa strives to save jobs at under-fire mines
Sisi's New Suez Canal: Egypt's Great Development Project Might Not Develop Anything
The Dow Has Already Fallen Nearly 900 Points From The Peak Of The Market
Even The Saudis Need To Borrow To Survive Oil Price Slump
Saudi Arabia plans to raise $27 billion by the end of 2015 from the bond markets, a sign that low oil prices are draining government coffers. Even though Saudi Arabia has a massive stash of foreign exchange and can produce oil more cheaply than almost anywhere on Earth, the fall of oil prices by more than half since last year is still taking its toll.
Saudi Arabia may go broke before the US oil industry buckles
The "shale revolution" itself is a boondoggle. So it comes down to who manages to find enough lenders to keep themselves afloat longer than the other. -- RF
McDonald's cuts 225 corporate jobs in July amid restructuring
Which Countries Have The Highest Default Risk: A Global CDS Heatmap

## Airline death spiral ##
Who's Got a Piece of the $4 Billion LaGuardia Project?
Boeing updates jet specifications: more seats, shorter range
Kenya Airways 'May Require $500 Million Bailout'
Global air freight capacity rise outstrips demand in June
Aviation funding bill up in the air
Senate report urges government crackdown on airline fees
ANA nets Skymark, makes skies a 2-way competition
Talks to start on new runway at Narita International Airport

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Inside the largest Syrian refugee camp - Zaatari camp three years on
Iran to present Syria peace plan to U.N.
US-trained Syrian rebels say they won't fight al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra
China Appeals For US Help To Fight Xinjiang Militants
Turkey says 'extensive' fight against IS to start soon
US, Turkey To Form Anti-ISIS "Coalition" With Saudi Arabia, Qatar
Denmark Defense Opt-Out Referendum: Citing Global Instability, Danish Lawmakers Want Voters To End Military Policy
Denmark plans to hold a referendum on ending its opt-out from the European Union's Common Security and Defense Policy, Danish Defense Minister Carl Holst said Wednesday. Danish leaders cited increasing global instability as the rationale for the potential policy change.
Mapping The Global War On Terror
U.S. Government Enthusiastically Tweets About Arm Sales to the Brutal and Autocratic Egyptian Regime
Why Many Muslims Hate the West
Many Americans and Westerners are baffled by the violent rage expressed by many Muslims, but the reasons for their anger are real, deriving from a "deep history" of anti-Islamic wars and colonial exploitation of the Middle East.
Kishida, Kerry discuss maritime cooperation amid South China Sea tensions
Satellite images show possible second runway being built by China on Spratly reef
Japan may give planes to Manila for South China Sea patrols - sources
China And Iran Weigh $1 Billion Deal To Swap Chengdu J-10 Fighter Jets For Major Oil Field
China and Iran are mulling a $1 billion deal that would see China trade 24 Chengdu J-10 fourth-generation fighter jets in exchange for control of Iran's biggest oil field for two decades, a report in the Taiwanese newspaper Want Daily said Thursday.
Afghan Civilian Casualties Hit Record High in First Half of 2015
ISIS Kills 17 in Suicide Bombing of Saudi Mosque

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Iraqis complain of poor government services as heat rises
Iraqis complaining about corruption and poor services, epitomised by power cuts during a heatwave, took to the streets on Tuesday, underlining the pressures on a government struggling to fend off radical insurgents.
2 Men Open Fire On Soldiers At Jade Helm Training Site In Mississippi
In Midst of Shutoffs, Protesters 'Liberate' Water from Detroit Mayor's Mansion

## Migrants ##
Immigrants in Germany swell to record high 11 million
Germany Enlists Army to Deal with Migrant Influx
More than 2,000 migrants die attempting to cross Mediterranean this year
On Greek island, migrants find paradise quickly turns to purgatory
Having escaped failed states, the migrants find themselves in a failing one.
Soldiers in Hungary Begin Building Fence to Stop Migrants
Rome 'too crowded' for more migrants: mayor
Italy counts 90,000 sea migrant arrivals so far this year
220-Strong Village In Southern Hungary Protests Against Planned Refugee Camp
Weary Hungarians polarized by tide of refugees
Migrant boat overturns in Mediterranean, hundreds believed onboard
Hundreds of migrants brought to Italy after Mediterranean rescue

## Energy/resources ##
Global Oil Supply More Fragile Than You Think
Short version: It's easy to cut production, but hard to raise it. -- RF
The end of coal? Alpha Natural bankruptcy points to industry troubles.
US Oil Production Finally Starting to Decline
Sewage flow becomes Williston's oil bust indicator
The population of a U.S. oil boomtown that became a symbol of the fracking revolution is dropping fast because of the collapse in crude oil prices , according to an unusual metric: the amount of sewage produced.
Power sector emissions jump most in decade as black coal use surges, report says (Australia)
Libya to get electricity from Egypt, Tunisia to ease blackouts -Tripoli govt
Zambian mining firms agree to cut power usage
U.S. energy sector shedding up to 15,000 jobs a month: Moody's Zandi
U.S. energy industry has been laying off 10,000 to 15,000 workers a month so far this year and may continue do so the rest of the year if the weakness in oil prices persist, Moody's Analytics chief economist Mark Zandi said on Wednesday.
The Oil Crash Has Caused a $1.3 Trillion Wipeout
Inside Shell's Extreme Plan to Drill for Oil in the Arctic
Coal miners at risk of going out of business (Indonesia)
Once Burned, Twice Shy? Utica Shale Touted to Investors As Shale Drillers Continue Posting Losses
Counting Customer Costs For San Onofre Closure: $10.4 Billion
Ain't never gonna be enough money! -- RF
Germany May Change Atomic Liability for Utilities, Affecting EON
EON SE, Germany's largest utility, may continue to be liable for nuclear decommissioning costs forever even after spinning off its atomic plants.
How Russia's Energy Giant Imploded
Streetlights Don't Actually Prevent Crime
Nigeria: Why Are Fuel Pumps In Africa's Oil Giant Running Dry?
Oil at multi-month lows; hunt for new bottom as gasoline piles up
Explorers In Need of Cash Are Selling Oil Fields as Last Resort
Apache Reports $5.6B Loss, Hurt By Oil-Price Slump
Why methanol is not an option for an alternative car fuel

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
AT&T offers $1,000 reward over copper thieves, vandals
Copper thieves leave 1,000 homes without power

## Got food? ##
Feeding People on Our Stressed Planet Will Require a 'Revolution'
Two renowned scientists—Stanford's Paul Ehrlich and UC-Berkeley's John Harte — argue that feeding the planet goes way beyond food. Revolutionary political, economic and social shifts are necessary to avoid unprecedented chaos.

## Environment/health ##
Ocean changes are affecting salmon biodiversity and survival
Extreme hospital bed shortages: ambulances told to avoid St George Hospital (Sydney)
The Point of No Return: Climate Change Nightmares Are Already Here
The worst predicted impacts of climate change are starting to happen — and much faster than climate scientists expected
Bombshell Study Reveals Methane Emissions Hugely Underestimated
The amount of methane being leaked from natural gas production sites has been hugely underestimated, according to a "bombshell" new study released on Tuesday.
Ebola Rates Plummet, But WHO Says More to Come
End Of Ebola? No. Here's Why We Can't Prevent Outbreaks
Oklahoma Cracks Down on Disposal Wells To Reduce Earthquakes
Oklahoma is requiring energy companies to greatly reduce the amount of wastewater they inject below ground in an earthquake-prone part of the state to determine whether this step could reduce the number of quakes that have plagued the state in the past few years.
Frequent spicy food consumption linked with longer life
Can habitat protection save our disappearing bats?
New York Legionnaires' Disease Outbreak Update: 10 Dead, Free Cooling Towers Test Required
USA: The Global Superpower That Once Again Fails Infant Mortality Test

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Cybercrime: The $400 billion threat to global business
Automakers trying to prevent hackers from commandeering cars
This Man Implanted A Chip In His Arm To Hack His Way Into Buildings
New Effort to Rebut Torture Report Undermined as Former Official Admits the Obvious
Cellphone data can't be collected without warrant, court rules
China to place security staff at major Internet firms, websites
Pentagon Hacked By Russia: 4,000 Military And Civilian Records Taken From Joint Chiefs Of Staff Email System
Hackers take control of a Tesla Model S and turn it off at low speed
Cyber Warfare : United States decides hack back against China
China Responds To US Declaration Of Cyber War
Medical Privacy Under Threat in the Age of Big Data

## Propaganda ##
The Disastrous Neocon Mindset
The neocon mindset, which envisions U.S. military force remaking the Mideast at the point of a gun or the warhead of a drone, has confronted a string of disasters and faces a new challenge from President Obama's successful diplomacy with Iran, but the mindset will likely survive.

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Dubai builds world's largest indoor ski slope on edge of heat-baked desert
Bumpy road ahead for US infrastructure and steelmakers who create it
Cost of Upgrading US Nuclear Arsenal Estimated at $963 Billion

## Japan ##
Number of households on welfare in Japan hit new record high in May
Japan's Abe asks Biden for investigation of possible U.S. spying
Tepco reactors get priority on screenings toward restart
Chinese buyers on shopping spree for apartments in Japan
Ministry wants modern history to be required in high school; goal seen as instilling patriotism
After the A-bomb: What photographers encountered in Hiroshima
Exclusion of nonnuclear principles from Abe's Hiroshima speech causes stir
Russia to allocate Japan-claimed islands to citizens
Japan promises record $2 bn loan to the Philippines

## China ##
The Unnerving Thing Global Automakers Just Said About China's Economy
China's craze for fancy chairs is killing the world's forests
China Considers Plan to Bolster Toll Roads in Search for Growth
China's steel city feels impact of pollution regulations
Struggling from weak demand and facing new rules to clean up pollution, some firms in China's top steel producing city have scaled back production or even closed completely, lifting local steel prices off 20-year lows.
Special Report: How smuggled workers power 'Made in China'
Barclays: Forget the Wild Stock Market Swings, China's Real Estate Sector Is What's Most Worrisome
Hyundai China Sales Slump to Four-Year Low
Analysts Give Up On "Man-Made" China Data: It's "A Fantasy" That "No One Believes"
Bad Debt Soars 35% In China As Government Set To Fabricate Dismal Loan Data
China rebuffs Japan's call to halt gas development
China's Cities Keep Mum in Deep Fog of Debt

## UK ##
UK hauliers face fines over stowaway migrants – even if they alert police
'Psyops' operatives and former special forces personnel working on anti-terrorist media campaigns
BP to invest $1 billion in upgrading ageing North Sea fields
Police failed to fully investigate home invasions for three months 'if house had odd number'
Rig Trends: UK Rig Market Feeling the Effects of the Downturn
Most street lights turned off at night in Shropshire
AA 'surprised' as research shows switching off street lights does NOT increase traffic accidents
Aggreko warns of another tough year while it restructures
Environmental studies begin in British shale areas
Dairy farmers call for supermarket boycott as milk price falls

## US ##
Domestic Growth Is Waning——Six Charts Which Show Why
I Sure Am Glad There's No Inflation
Where Did the GDP "Growth" Go? Not into Wages
Here's What They Didn't Tell You About Car Sales
TBTF Mega Banks Lowering Downpayments and Credit Standards to Keep High End Housing Market Going
Land of the Free – Crying 8-Year-Old with Disabilities Shackled in Handcuffs at Kentucky School
NASA to keep paying Russia to send astronauts to space station
NASA is extending its contract with Russia's space agency to transport U.S. astronauts to the International Space Station for the foreseeable future now that it appears very unlikely Congress will provide the funding it's requesting to develop a domestic replacement for the mothballed space shuttle.
Chart Of The Day: Record Share Of Kids Still In Mom & Dad's Basement
Study: Congress literally doesn't care what you think
Hillary Clinton's Mega-Donors Are Also Funding Jeb Bush
Retail Gold & Silver Demand Surged 135% since June, 365% More First-Timers
California's Drought Is So Bad That Thousands Are Living Without Running Water
A True Jobs Massacre Spreads in US Oil & Gas
NASA: Seats on Russian rockets will cost us $490 million
9 CEOs paid 800 times more than their workers
The average CEO of Standard & Poor's 500 companies were paid 216 times more than the median employees at their companies.
Retirees Face Double Social Security-Medicare Whammy Next Year
Another Major Pillar of the Bull Market Is Collapsing
This Student Debt Relief Program Will Cost Taxpayers at Least $39 Billion
Chicago police detained thousands of black Americans at interrogation facility
Still No Illinois Budget; S&P Downgrades Chicago Convention Center Bonds by 7 Notches; Will Schools Open?
Mapping The Rising Poverty Of The U.S.
Layoffs Hit Worst Tally in 4 Years
U.S. Companies Are Dying Faster Than Ever
2 industries with gaping talent shortages
Pope Francis's 'attendance' at GOP debate is going to help sink the party

## The Clintons ##
Bill Clinton paid $5.6m by Dubai's GEMS to front charity arm
From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton Scandal Primer
Now the media wants a Clinton royalty

And finally...
When scientific fieldwork goes horribly wrong

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