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News Links, September 14, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Crunch time ahead for Egypt's economy, investment needed
S&P lowers anew GDP forecast for Philippines
Europe's Refugee Crisis: Why Millions Of Migrants Are Just What Europe Needs
This is wrong-headed economic thinking. Of course, governments should exercise compassion and rescue refugees and migrants, but the belief that the new blood will revitalize aging labor forces is a relic from the past, when energy production costs were low and there was still much room for debt expansion. As the current deflationary collapse proceeds, the newly arrived will be largely left to fend for themselves, and also become the targets of rising civil unrest. -- RF
Goldman's Next 11 Markets Are Sinking Even Faster Than the BRICs
Canada's household debt ratio hits record as what we owe grows faster than our incomes
Inside Ground Zero Of Canada's Recession
Auckland house prices rising $345 a day, says REINZ
Euro not so attractive for us anymore: Polish finmin
From Miracle To Cataclysm—–Why The Commodity Bust Will Last For Years
China's economic growth sputters in August
A Major Bank Just Made Global Financial "Meltdown" Its Base Case: "The Worst The World Has Ever Seen"
Banks' messaging system SWIFT's growth in Middle East, Africa outpaces global rate
Dubai's Mall of the Emirates extension to open on Sept 28
No threat to Qatar mega mall seen from low oil price

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
StanChart expected to cut up to 250 jobs

## Airline death spiral ##
European Airlines Report Drop in Cargo Traffic
On Syria, Incoherence Squared
In the up-is-down world of Official Washington, everyone condemns Russia for aiding Syria's internationally recognized government but stays mum on Saudi Arabia and other U.S. "allies" arming Al Qaeda and various terrorists fighting the Syrian government.
If the US truly wants to stabilize Syria and effectively counter the Islamic State, the logical course of action would be to cooperate with Russia and Iran. Unfortunately, logic does not seem to be the strong suit of US leaders, who operate according to the tunnel vision of their futile regime-change agenda. -- RF
Germany Says 'Significant Progress' Made At Ukraine Meeting
German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said after meeting his Russian, Ukrainian and French counterparts in Berlin on Saturday that "significant progress" had been made towards a resolution of the conflict between Kiev and Moscow.
A candid statement that sums it up beautifully. -- RF
Israel deploys RADA radar to protect southern communities
'Regime Change' Strategy Spreads Chaos
Official Washington's "regime change" strategy for governments that have somehow gotten on the "enemies list" is now threatening to destabilize not just the Mideast and Africa but Europe as well, yet there is little indication that these policies will change.
EDA: Aging Workforce, Spending Cuts Threaten Industry
The European Defence Agency (EDA) says Europe's defense industry faces a ticking time bomb with an aging workforce, a decline in spending and paucity of new major programs.

## Migrants/refugees ##
As Germany Prepares To Implement Border Controls, Flow Of Refugees Backed Up To Serbian Border
The German government said Sunday that it will implement border controls on its southern frontier with Austria in an effort to ease the influx of refugees into the country. The announcement brought trains headed to Austria to Germany to a halt Sunday evening, backing up the flow of refugees all the way to the border between Serbia and Hungary.

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Ford workers strike at Brazil factory to protest job cuts

## Energy/resources ##
Marathon Oil to cut jobs, spending

## Got food? ##

## Environment/health ##

Across the U.S., police routinely track people's cellphones -- frequently without warrants -- using controversial Stingray-like surveillance devices.
Contactless Fingerprinting Promises 'Wave Your Hand, Unlock A Door'
But the ability to collect biometric data without physical contact has sparked concerns about surveillance and data theft.
Who's to Blame for Syria Mess? Putin!
Official Washington's new "group think" is to blame Russia's President Putin for the Syrian crisis, although it was the neocons and President George W. Bush who started the current Mideast mess by invading Iraq, the Saudis who funded Al Qaeda, and the Israelis who plotted "regime change."
China's Art of Propaganda: Future So Bright You Need Sunglasses Inside
Bags of tainted waste swept into Fukushima river during torrential rain
Seven sites for radioactive waste generated from the Fukushima nuclear crisis were submerged during torrential rain in eastern Japan on Sept. 11, raising fears over a possible radiation spill into the environment.
Nuclear power: the gift that keeps on giving. -- RF
Nearly 70,000 evacuees still living in shoddy temporary housing
Tens of thousands of evacuees from the earthquake and tsunami disaster in 2011 are still living in temporary shelters designed to last only two years.
China's Economy Continues To Crumble As Key Data Is Worst In 15 Years
The China Challenge: The weapons the PLA didn't show
Everything's gonna be all right. -- RF
The British spying agency, found to have been conducting wholesale surveillance on UK citizens, has recommended that the public make their passwords less complex.

## US ##
Looking at the 4 horsemen of middle class destruction. Student debt, household income, low wage jobs, and FIRE economy dominance.
Expatriates choosing to leave the U.S. rather than pay taxes
More Americans renounced their citizenship and terminated their long-term residency in the first three months of the year than ever before, courtesy of the crackdown in foreign tax rules.
Aided by media propaganda and the demagoguery of our leaders, dumbed-down modern populations are impervious to facts of any kind. -- RF
Tough gal: Hillary Clinton Says She 'Will Not Hesitate to Take Military Action' If Iran Attempts to Get Nuclear Weapon

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