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News Links, September 18, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Newbuilding ordering activity this year, still well below last year's figures
South Korea takes stab at slaying zombie company menace
World Holds Breath, Waits for "Death of the Dollar"
Argentine Economy Minister Delusional about the Economy
Oil crimping Norway's economy
Get Ready for a Huge Wave of Bankruptcies
European Bankers Can't Catch a Break as Firings Keep Coming
A Glimpse Of The Devaluation Endgame: Kazakhstan Runs Out Of Dollars And Euros To Sell
A decade after write-offs, Africa sliding back into debt trap
With their economies floundering and currencies sinking, African states that have borrowed heavily in dollars may be slipping back into the debt trap - and ultimately default - only a decade after a far-reaching round of debt forgiveness.
Saudi Arabia Opening Up For Business As Oil Strategy Takes Its Toll
Time Bomb under Canada's Housing Bubble Makes a Loud Tick
Brazil Economy Update: Austerity Plan Alone Won't Fix Recession, Analysts Say

## Airline death spiral ##
TSA Doesn't Care That Its Luggage Locks Have Been Hacked
In a spectacular failure of a "back door" designed to give law enforcement exclusive access to private places, hackers have made the "master keys" for Transportation Security Administration-recognized luggage locks available to anyone with a 3D printer.
Beset by Tardy Jets, United Reworks Routes to Get Planes on Time
Airlines try to woo customers back to their own websites
Unruly passenger forces emergency landing of IndiGo flight
American Airlines Flights Resume After Computer Outage
U.S. airline CEOs to meet with Kerry on Gulf carriers

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Australian warplanes make first air strike in Syria
Kerry: Moscow Proposed 'Military-to-Military' Talks with US on Syria
Syrian army starts using new weapons from Russia - military source
Rebel training program in Syria yields '4 or 5' fighters
Nine months into an effort to train and equip moderate Syrian rebels to fight against Islamic State militants, U.S. defense officials acknowledged that they have only "four or five" on the battlefield now and only a few dozen more on the way.
Obama administration preparing to shift approach in Syria
Please Ignore The Freudian Slip: Pentagon Backtracks, Denies US Special Forces Are In Syria
Egyptian security forces kill 55 militants during operation in Sinai Peninsula
Ex-CIA agent: Japan's military needed for North Korea collapse
Watch 50 drones controlled at once in a record-breaking swarm
The UN Says US Drone Strikes in Yemen Have Killed More Civilians Than al Qaeda
USAFE Chief Calls For An F-22 Base In Europe
More than 2,000 enslaved fishermen rescued in 6 months
New Poll Shows Sharp Shift in NATO Support (Sweden)
Priceless Antiquities are Being Destroyed By Saudis and Americans in Yemen … Like They're Being Destroyed By ISIS In Syria and Iraq
Jerusalem's holiest site, a raw nerve in Mideast conflict
China and Malaysia hold naval exercise in Strait of Malacca
McCain: US should send ships, ignore China's claims in South China Sea
Burkina Faso military spy chief seizes power, dissolves government

## Migrants/refugees ##
Royal Navy 'could tackle people smugglers' in Mediterranean
Blocked by Hungary, migrants search for another route to Western Europe
EU Refugee Crisis: Black Sea, Arctic Routes To Europe Are More Dangerous And Longer Than Traditional Ways [MAP]
Refugee crisis: Migrants enter Hungary after overrunning police who fired tear gas on Serbian border
Refugees seeking new route to safety in Europe could be forced through Croatia minefields
Assad Says Europe Is Responsible For Refugee Crisis: "If You're Worried About Them, Stop Supporting Terrorists"
Hungarian riot police detain migrants, including 'terrorist'
Border Closings Are Leaving Desperate Migrants Trapped in the Balkans
Refugee crisis: Hungary declares victory in border strategy as migrants head to Croatia instead
Refugee Crisis In Croatia: Youth Unemployment Soars Amid Thousands Entering Country's Borders

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Hundreds of Gazans Take to Streets to Protest Power Cuts
Refugees Vs Riot Police: A Photo Album From The Frontlines Of Europe's Migrant Crisis
Student protests continue quest to block security bills (Japan)

## Energy/resources ##
Britain faces diesel drought following refinery closures
For Canadian Oil Sands It's Adapt Or Die
Berlin slams "irresponsible" report on nuclear funds
Investors shun German utilities on nuclear clean-up uncertainty
Cargo Trends Affirm Falling Oil Production
Texas issuing fewer drilling permits
The Railroad Commission of Texas said the number of drilling permits issued in August was down more than half from the same month last year.
Fermi 2 nuclear plant shut down after cooling system fails
Moody's Lowers Outlook for Oil, Gas Majors
US and Australian taxpayers pay billions a year to fund coal – report
Is This The End Of The U.S Shale Gas Revolution
Cargo Trends Affirm Falling Oil Production
LME copper at 8-week high after Chile quake sparks supply concerns
Optimism & Outrage: Shell's $7 Billion Arctic Oil Gamble
Russia Puts Arctic Dreams On Hold
Stalled Oil Field Project Adds to Iraq's Woes
UAE oil and gas jobs on the wane amid price rout and regional security concerns

## Got food? ##
How Vertical Farming Is Disrupting Urban Food Production
It's unfortunate that precious resources and time are being wasted on vegetable factories, which are just an extension of the doomed industrial farming system. -- RF
The world's tuna and mackerel populations are in a "catastrophic" decline
Japan issues first tuna fishing control advisory
The Fisheries Agency has issued an advisory asking coastal fishermen in northern and eastern Japan to curb their tuna catches.
Ben Carson's Immigrant Visa Idea Favored By Farmers As Nation's Crops Rot
Would you like cheese and antibiotics with your burger?

## Environment/health ##
Schools shut, flights cut as Southeast Asia's haze worsens
In warming Arctic, mosquitoes may live long and prosper
Marine population halved since 1970 - report
Antibacterial handwash 'no better than soap at killing germs'
Active ingredient triclosan found to be no more effective than soap under 'everyday conditions' and has also been linked to allergies and cancer
Federal Court Revokes EPA's Approval of Insecticide Linked to Collapse of Bee Populations
Snakes Are Turning Up In Australian Toilets And They Look Absolutely Terrifying
Australia to penalize parents who do not vaccinate children
NOAA: Better Than 97 Percent Chance 2015 Will Be Hottest Year on Record
Human Activity Pushing Marine Life to the Brink of Collapse
Decades-Long "Megadrought" Looms For Entire US As Lake Powell Runs Dry, NASA Warns
Land degradation costs the world up to $10.6tn a year, report says

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Internet insecurity may cost the world trillions by 2030
Will the internet still be up and running in 2030? -- RF
Russian national pleads guilty in global hacking scheme
Department Of Homeland Security Has Trouble With Its Security
Attackers sever fiber-optic cables in San Francisco area, latest in a string
It Only Took GM Five Years To Patch Dangerous Vulnerability Impacting Millions Of Automobiles
With Virtual Machines, Getting Hacked Doesn't Have To Be That Bad
4 things you didn't know could be hacked
Is Wall Street ready for the next cyberattack?
The Dukes: Putin's Cyberespionage Army Waged Seven-Year Spying Campaign Against U.S. Government, NATO, Others
10 Million Customer Records Exposed Last Week at Health Insurer
China Creating "Facebook" of US Government Staff From Hacked Info
Retired CIA agent: "We run the Afghan opium trade"

## Propaganda ##
Arrest of 14-Year-Old Student for Making a Clock: the Fruits of Sustained Fearmongering and Anti-Muslim Animus

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
The American Disease: I Deserve to Get Away with Anything and Everything
Here's the American Disease in a nutshell: entitlement and power means you never have to apologize for anything. Public relations might require a grudging, insincere quasi-apology, but the person with power can't evince humility or shame--he or she doesn't have any.
As Global Consumption Skyrockets, 'Full Footprint' Felt by Millions
Here's Why the Status Quo Is Doomed
The problem is the Status Quo only works in a world with plenty of room to expand.
Toyota recalls 423,500 SUVs in U.S. for windshield wipers issue
Problem? Malfunction? Failure? The use of the weasel word "issue" has gotten totally out of control. -- RF
Mitsubishi Motors recalls 195,000 cars

## Japan ##
Standard & Poor's downgrades Japan from AA- to A+
Japan takes key step to passage of security bills despite protests
Violence becoming a problem in Japan's primary schools: gov't survey
Thousands gather outside Diet in heavy rain for last chance to protest security bills
Upper house committee OK's security bills amid resistance
Video of the Day – Brawl Breaks Out in Japanese Parliament Over "War Bill"
Japan protests Chinese gas field development in sea
Japan logs trade deficit for fifth month in August

## China ##
China: New ship orders declined sharply in first 8 months
New shipbuilding orders fell 68.3 percent year-on-year during the January-August period, data from the China Association of the National Shipbuilding Industry (CANSI) showed.
China Still Reclaiming Land in South China Sea: CSIS
No Escape for China Hedge Funds Overwhelmed by Stocks Crash
It's about to get even uglier for China's hedge funds. The newfangled industry, short on expertise and ways to protect itself from market declines, has seen almost 1,300 funds liquidate amid China's $5 trillion stocks selloff, and a similar number may be at risk.
China Liquidated A Record $83 Billion In Treasurys In July
China Braces for Second Onshore Bond Default by State Firm
Beijing Prepares for Potential War With Air Raid Drills This Saturday
China Outflows Said To Surpass A Staggering $300 Billion In Under Three Months
Chinese retailers struggle to draw frugal young consumers
Report Details Harassment of Journalists in China
China's Coal Consumption 14% Higher Than Previously Thought
Guangdong city suffers dengue outbreak

## UK ##
Shale gas fracking should go ahead in UK, says taskforce
Diesel pumps could run dry says RAC Foundation
U.K. Defense Ministry to industry: Focus on exports
Two thirds of youngsters never write letters
Drones operated by criminal gangs used to deliver drugs, mobile phones and potentially firearms to prisoners, admit senior officials
Back into the wild: Is it time for wolf packs to roam the Highlands again?
Edinburgh Council warns of 2,000 job cuts

## US ##
Investors Brace for Defaults as Distressed Debt Swamps Market
Junk-bond investors are bracing for a surge in corporate defaults that would exceed the most pessimistic forecast from credit raters as the Federal Reserve contemplates its first interest-rate increase since 2006.
'They thought it was a bomb': Ahmed Mohamed, Texas 9th grader, arrested after bringing a home-built clock to school
As wildfires rage and budgets dwindle, more federal funds sought for firefighting
Low Wages Are Leaving Millions Of Workers Behind, Keeping The Poverty Rate At Recession Levels
Unemployment Claims At Record Low—–Historic Sign Of Bubble Top
Eye in the Sky – 60 U.S. Police Departments Have Asked for Drone Certification
How subprime loans keep the bubble going
Subprime auto loans continue to grow as credit worthy customers drop out of the market.
Census: Income, poverty numbers stay just about the same
Census Data Proves It – There Was No Economic Recovery Unless You Were Already Rich
Real Median Earnings for Men at 1971 Level, Women at 2001 Level; Household Income at 1996 Level; What About the War on Poverty?
Taxpayers Beware! New Jersey's Debt for Employee Benefits Nears $200 Billion
How Underfunded Are US Corporate Pension Plans?
The Richest Americans Are Winning the Economic Recovery
Their incomes have fully recovered—and then some
Record 46.7 Million Americans Live In Poverty; Household Income Back To 1989 Levels
Federal Air Marshals Under Investigation for Filming Sex With a Prostitute While On Duty
It's not just Ahmed Mohamed: anti-Muslim bigotry in America is out of control
The American middle class has lost a quarter century
The primary reason — not mentioned in this or many other articles — is that the cost of energy production is too high. -- RF
Inflation Targeting Unmasked——-Today's CPI Crushed The Case For ZIRP
Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Survey "Something Very Wrong"
Alternative ISM for Metalworking, Plastics, Composites Suggests Economic Contraction

## The candidates ##
Clinton-allied group ties Sanders to Venezuela's Hugo Chavez
Bernie Sanders Again Insists That Saudi Arabia Should Kill More People
Donald Trump Reveals His Favorite Bible Passage—Which He Made Up
Despite Claims, There's No Record Of Donald Trump Being Against The Iraq War Before It Started
Fact-Checking the GOP Debate
The Great Rebate: Can We Get Our Money Back?

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