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News Links, September 25, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
"Doomsday" Cometh For Glencore: Mining Giant's Default Risk Just Exploded Higher
Planet's poor set to swell as World Bank revises poverty line
RBS Said to Eliminate 100 Jobs at Investment Bank in Revamp
Megaships are worsening overcapacity in the container market
IMF approves 126m euro disbursement for bailed-out Cyprus
The International Monetary Fund has approved the disbursement of another 126 million euros ($140.5 million) for bailed-out Cyprus, saying that the island nation's reform program continues to be "a success."
5 Companies Suffering the Drag of Caterpillar
Latin American Currencies Lead Emerging-Market Selloff on China
China consumers tighten belts, a red flag for the global economy
French Joblessness Surges To Record High
Taiwan's central bank cuts interest rates to stimulate demand
Russia Unemployment Soars Under Putin Amid Sanctions, Falling Oil Prices: 4.1 Million Out Of Work
More Signs Of Deepening China Distress
Brazilian real's collapse is 'astounding': Trader
Drop in Gold Output Expected as Mining Companies Lose Money
Canada's Retail Prices Jump the Most in "Over a Decade"
German consumers increasingly concerned about economy
Volkswagen could pose bigger threat to German economy than Greek crisis
The Volkswagen contagion: How the emissions-rigging scandal is spreading to Canadian firms
As VW Scandal Unfolds, Ripple Effect Extends Through Entire Auto Industry
Volkswagen Manipulated Emissions Tests In Europe, Germany Claims, As Audi And Porsche Execs Forced Out
Volkswagen Test Rigging Follows a Long Auto Industry Pattern
Norwegian Krone Tumbles To 13-Year Low After Central Bank Slashes Interest Rate
Gross Tells Fed to `Get Off Zero Now!' as Economies Run on Empty
South Africa's rand hits record low against dollar

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Caterpillar slashes revenue forecast, cutting up to 10,000 jobs
Halliburton to cut layers of U.S. management and North Dakota jobs
More job cuts coming at TransCanada
HP says to cut 25000 to 30000 jobs in enterprise business

## Airline death spiral ##
Europe's Disappearing National Airlines
Cramped Airplane Seats: Are Airlines Violating Our Human Rights?
Scarcity of pilots threatens regional service
Passengers From 4 States May Soon Need A Passport For Domestic Flights

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Japanese military role in South Sudan to expand in May under new security laws
U.S. Will Station New Nuclear Weapons in Germany Against Russia
Russia vows to counter reported U.S. nukes in Germany
US-Russia Nuclear Weapons Standoff: Air Force Won't Station New Atomic Bombs In Germany Until 2020
New US-Trained Rebels in Syria Gave Their Weapons to al-Qaeda
Commander: We Tricked US Because We Needed Weapons
France Says Egypt To Buy Mistral Warships
Chinese Jets In 'Unsafe' Intercept of US Spy Plane
Chinese Military Personnel, "Aerial Assets" Allegedly En Route To Syria
The Collapse of Iraq and the Rise of ISIS: Made in America?
War Hawk Petraeus Comes Out Of Retirement to Recommend Pouring Fuel on Syria's Fire
The Rape of Afghanistan
Endgame: Putin To Bomb ISIS With Or Without Obama
Syria Civil War: Merkel Says Assad Must Be Involved In Syria Peace Talks Amid Mounting Tensions
US Drones Responsible For More Civilian Deaths in Yemen than Al Qaeda
Europe Refugee Crisis: Croatia Bans Entry Of Serbian Citizens And Vehicles Amid Deepening Border Row
Burkina Faso's President Back In Charge As Coup Fails
US Directs Up To $45 Million To Support Countries Fighting Boko Haram
Pope Calls For End Of Arms Trade
A melting Arctic: The world is skating on thin ice
Ali Al-Nimr's Crucifixion Sentence in Saudi Arabia Sparks Outcry
Israel Approves Tougher Laws to Combat Stone Throwers
Drones Armed With High-Energy Lasers May Arrive In 2017
Obama and Putin to Meet Monday, With Syria and Ukraine on Menu

## Migrants/refugees ##
Migrant crisis: Farage says EU 'mad' to accept so many
EU Refugee Crisis: How Will European Countries Pay For The Influx Of Thousands Of People?
Orban mobilizes Hungary's troops, prisoners, jobless to fence out migrants
EU chief: Close the doors and windows as millions more migrants are coming
Canada Border Wall: Americans Want More Security To Block Immigrants

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
As Pope Francis Arrives in DC, Federal Workers Strike Against Poverty Wages
Tokyo rally against security laws, nuclear restart
Thousands of people have rallied in Tokyo to protest Japan's new security legislation and the restart of a nuclear power plant in the country.
Masked protesters lay siege to Kharkiv City Hall in Ukraine
Angry Volkswagen Owners Form Twitter Lynch Mob With #BuyBackMyTDI, #VWGate, And #VWCares, While VW Remains Silent
Time to Trade in Your Jag, Benz, BMW for a Dented Econobox: Days of Rage Are Coming
Cabbies protest at city airports over Emanuel fee; drivers' lawsuit cut back
Many Injured after Xinjiang Separatists Go On a Knifing Rampage at Coal Mine

## Energy/resources ##
Kazakhstan Joins The List Of Suffering Oil Exporters
Global Divestment Movement 'Catches Fire' with $2.6 Trillion in Assets Shifted
Glencore's Zambian unit plans to cut more than 3,800 jobs: government sources
Total Cuts Oil Output Target as Prices Expected to Stay Low
Petrobras Default Looms Under $90B Dollar-Denominated Debt
Petrobras Sees 'Great Wave' of $100-Oil Never Coming Back
Total to Slash CAPEX and OPEX by Billions of Dollars by 2017
Ukraine Finds Itself Sidelined As Gazprom Advances With Nord Stream Two
Goldman Sachs: "Peak Coal" Is Here
France's Fessenheim nuclear plant won't close by 2016 -Hollande
The Shale Party's Over: "Closed" Bond Market Means "Restructuring Is Inevitable"
Oil Companies in Europe Seek Creative Funding as Lenders Retreat
Can Part-Time Work Minimize the Number of Layoffs in Oil, Gas?
U.S. average gasoline and diesel fuel prices decrease
US Coal Mines Continue To Dwindle As Weak Demand Takes A Toll

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Coalinga copper wire thieves chop down power poles, cause $50,000 in damages
Thieves rip cable from busy Glasgow to Edinburgh line causing delays

## Got food? ##
'Doomsday Vault' sees its first withdrawal
Caught On Tape: Anarchy - When Chicken Prices Hit Record Highs
The U.S. Doesn't Have Enough Of The Vegetables We're Supposed To Eat

## Lifestyle solutions ##
Financial Independence via Self-Employment: How Do We Do It?
As the current system continues to disintegrate, enterprising individuals will find ways to not only survive, but also thrive. One good strategy is to combine several "occupations." And whatever you do, growing food — i.e., being a part-time farmer — is always a good idea. -- RF

## Environment/health ##
Herbicide scrutiny mounts as resistant weeds spread in U.S.
What Is Hepegivirus? New Virus Similar To Hepatitis C Discovered In Blood Supply
Rising sea levels and stronger storms increase flood danger
The Cost Of Cancer Drugs: Patients Vastly Overpaying For Treatments, Study Finds (US)
Parents who don't vaccinate children won't get benefit payments, Australia proposes
NASA: Oceans' phytoplankton numbers are trending downwards
Sumatran rhinos likely to become extinct, conservationists warn
Singapore Blanketed In Haze Blown In From Indonesia, Conditions Expected To Worsen
Scientists: Drought stressing California's Giant Sequoias
How The US Subsidizes Cheap Drugs For Europe: Is Europe Freeloading Off Pricey Medicine In US?
Drug prices: Which companies may be the next targets?

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
OPM Hack Update: At Least 5.6 Million, Not 1.1 Million, US Government Employees' Fingerprints Stolen In Vast Data Breach
Mind-Reading Experiment Sends Thoughts Over the Internet
New cryptography method seen as security game changer
Ad blockers rise as ads annoy, bog down websites
Audit finds slipshod cybersecurity at HealthCare. gov
Russia says ready to restart anti-terrorist cooperation with USA: RIA
It's official: North America is out of new IPv4 addresses
Snowden Treaty Launched: Effort To Get Countries To End Mass Surveillance

## Propaganda ##
U.S. Air Force Requires Airmen to Praise Troubled Stealth Fighter
China Propaganda Video Shows Foreigners Praising 'Supercharismatic' President Xi Jingping
Extremist Heartland Institute Attacks Pope Francis On Climate, Claims Paganism Has Entered Catholic Church
A Prized Iran-Nuke Myth Unraveling
Blunting the Pope's Environmentalism
The Sneering at China's President Xi
In mainstream U.S. media, it's always a "safe play" for pundits to sneer at foreign leaders and countries that interfere with American hegemony, thus guiding the public toward unnecessary hostilities, a phenomenon now playing out in the treatment of China and President Xi.

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
How PowerPoint is killing critical thought
When This Caterpillar Dies, We Don't Get a Butterfly
Rewarding Failure – Volkswagen CEO to Receive $32 Million Pension
VW emission recall could be the most expensive ever

## Japan ##
Moscow says if Japan wants peace deal, it must 'recognize' postwar 'historic realities'
2 Chinese ships continue surveying Japan's EEZ
The Russians and Chinese are already planning how to carve up Japan. -- RF
100 local governments hit by cyberattacks, mainly from abroad, as personal ID number use approaches
Part-time wages reach record high
A survey shows hourly wages of part-time workers in Japan registered a record high in August for the third month in a row due to labor shortages.
Volkswagen Gets Blamed for the Fiasco in Japan
Japan to launch defense procurement agency
Japan Manufacturing PMI Borders on Contraction as New Export Orders Plunge
Abe unveils 3 new arrows for reviving economy
Government looks to widen more expressways for traffic
Hokkaido Electric abandons plan for reactor restart by March end
Japan Dumbs Down Its Universities

## China ##
Chinese military: Beijing may find troop cut quest an 'assault on fortified positions'

## US ##
GOP Vexed over Pope on Climate Change
In the pocket of the oil industry, key Republicans continue to sow doubts about the science on climate change, an attitude that may extend to their annoyance with Pope Francis if he raises the issue when he addresses Congress.

## The Candidates ##

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