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News Links, September 4, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Chart Of The Day: World Exports Turn Negative
Tens of thousands of companies fear closure in coming months (Greece)
'Gravity' Is Returning to the Markets — The Rising Cost of Capital
Is the Stock Market Now "Too Big to Fail"?
China's Economic Slowdown, Tumbling Commodity Prices Threaten Global Economy, IMF Warns
Quantitative Tightening Accelerates——EM Central Banks To Dump $1.5 Trillion Of FX Reserves By 2016-End
Australia Facing Recession? Sydney Growth Falls In Second Quarter, Fears Of Further Slowdown
Canada in Recession with Two Consecutive Quarters of Negative Growth
Half-empty office buildings on the rise in Calgary, Edmonton amid oil price plunge
House sales plunge in Calgary as energy sector job losses mount
SILVER MARKET OUTBREAK: Surging Physical Demand & Falling Inventories
Gold Coin Sales Surge 306% YoY In August, Silver Sales More Than Doubled – U.S. Mint
Meanwhile, In Sweden, Banks Are Refusing To Open Savings Accounts
Russia Is Going To Pass A Law Formally Dumping The U.S. Dollar
Will the Fed Have to Save Emerging Markets with QE4?
Liquidity Stress Spikes to Worst Level since Financial Crisis
Why They're Trying To Outlaw Cash
Canary On The Amazon——Brazil's Plunging Economy Reflects The Intensifying Global Deflation
FX Traders Fear "Worst Case Scenario" For Brazil As FinMin Cancels Travel Plans, Rousseff Meets With Lula
Global economic losses from drought to top $8B: Report
"No Safe Assets Anymore" So "Focus On Precious Metals" – Faber
UniCredit Said to Weigh Job Cuts in Sign of Weak Profit Outlook
UniCredit SpA is considering cutting another 10,000 jobs, bringing the total to more than 15,500 over four years, said people with knowledge of the discussions, a sign Italy's biggest lender sees few options to increase profit.
As Asia depreciates, Japan megabanks fear for their loans
Japanese banks, which focused on expanding in emerging Asian nations as yields fell to record lows at home, are now exposed to some of the world's worst-performing currencies.

## Airline death spiral ##
Air rage: Southwest Airlines diverts flight after 6 passengers loudly rebuke attendants
Thomas Cook flight to Turkey diverts over "disruptive female passenger"
China's flights hit by new disturbance: fighting pilots
Flight from Vegas to Germany diverted over unruly passenger
CanJet Airlines ceases flight operations effective immediately
Why Are The Airlines Splurging and Spending Money On Premium Services?
Safety questions hound Allegiant Air
JetLite to merge with parent carrier Jet Airways
How much do taxpayers support airlines?
Russia's two biggest airlines to combine; Aeroflot to buy Transaero
Frontier Airlines offers $1 flights to try and fill seats
Lufthansa CEO defends cost cuts as pilots threaten more strikes
Sri Lanka ex-president's vanity airport is used to store rice
MPs seek answers on fresh SAA losses
Labor Day flying: behind the scenes at a very busy airport

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
US launches secret drone war against Islamic State in Syria
Families of US military, diplomats near Incirlik given offer to depart Turkey
Hundreds of military and diplomatic family members near Incirlik air base in southern Turkey are being told they can leave the country, U.S. officials said Thursday, citing increased worries about violence in the region.
Boeing Plane Orders Boom -- With Help From the U.S. Navy!
Civilian 737s ordered for military conversion account for nearly 20% of new plane orders.

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Russia, Belarus, Serbia conduct military drill to fight protesters
Governments around the world are preparing for mass unrest. -- RF
"There was a definite trend with several utilities talking about weak wind resources," said Shahriar Pourreza, a New York-based analyst for Guggenheim Partners LLC. "This isn't something that has been major in the past so definitely a phenomena worth following to see if it's sustainable or an anomaly."
Could Too Many Wind Turbines Offer Diminishing Returns?
A new study conducted by an international research group has raised the question of what happens when too many wind turbines begin affecting the low atmosphere.
Indeed. Industrial civilization can't do without it. -- RF
Store all you want, but without oil (see above) and other fossil fuels, it's back to the 19th century. -- RF
The utilities won't have the money, anyway. -- RF
Nuclear renaissance: South Carolina commission okays cost overruns for nuclear plants
Construction costs for two new nuclear reactors in South Carolina will go up almost $700 million in 2007 dollars and completion of the plants will be delayed three years, according to a settlement agreement approved on Wednesday by the South Carolina Public Service Commission.
Financial Sector To Cut Credit Supply Lines For Oil And Gas Industry
More U.S. oil and gas companies could come under financial distress in the coming months as crucial hedging protection begins to expire.
Smart move by Indonesia. High-speed rail is energy-consumptive and unsustainable. -- RF
Oman reschedules gas exports over power snags
Oman is rescheduling some of its liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports as rising domestic demand for power generation causes gas shortages that are hurting its industry, company officials said.

## Got food? ##

## Propaganda ##
US/NATO Embrace Psy-ops and Info-War
The U.S. government and NATO have entered the Brave New World of "strategic communications," merging psy-ops, propaganda and P.R. in order to manage the perceptions of Americans and the world's public.

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
The Dying Institutions Of Western Civilization
The robots will do fine... until there is a power failure. -- RF

A disaster in the making. Just imagine the leaks, hacks, and abuses. Ultimately, however, all electronic data-mining and war-on-cash schemes are doomed to failure once the blackouts begin. -- RF
The IEA chief ought to have his head examined. -- RF
Waste of money. -- RF

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