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News Links, October 12, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Global Shipping Veers into Capital Destruction
The Final Leaked TPP Text is All That We Feared
The Trans-Pacific Partnership——-Statist Aggrandizement Posing As Free Trade
This illustrates what Ludwig von Mises pointed out half a century ago: that the focus of these agreements has long shifted from trade liberalization (defined as removal of barriers) to trade regulation (or what we know today as "managed trade") and the promotion of special interests.
Global Deflation Alert: Hidden EM Debts To China Could Be Immense
Brazil: In A Hole And Still Digging
Central bank cavalry can no longer save the world
Europe Reveals How Accounts Will Be Frozen During the Next Crisis
In the last 24 months, Canada, Cyprus, New Zealand, the US, the UK, and now Germany have all implemented legislation that would allow them to first FREEZE and then SEIZE bank assets during the next crisis.
IMF Warns Of World Economic Crash If Interest Rates Are Not Kept Low
Why Are The IMF, The UN, The BIS And Citibank All Warning That An Economic Crisis Could Be Imminent?
Russia running short on reserve funds
Cash-strapped Venice considers selling off masterpieces by Klimt and Chagall
Meet the Secretive Committees that Run the Global Economy
Rising Fears at World's Second Largest VW Factory
Stephen Hawking asked about humanity's future, gives depressing answer
China launches global yuan payment system
QE Causes Deflation, Not Inflation

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Standard Chartered chief plans to cut about 1,000 top staff: memo
Reports: Twitter planning company-wide layoffs next week, ditching HQ expansion

## Airline death spiral ##
Poor service has customers swearing off certain airlines
Air France Issues Video Asking Passengers to Ignore Violence
U.S. Airline Traffic Is Up But Airlines Want More Revenues
Southwest Airlines Technology Glitch Causing Nationwide Delays
REAL ID may create real headaches for travelers in 2016
Cyberattack suspected in outages of two airport websites (Japan)

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
U.S. pulls plug on Syria rebel training effort; will focus on weapons supply
The United States will largely abandon its failed efforts to train moderate Syrian rebels fighting Islamic State, and instead provide arms and equipment directly to rebel leaders and their units on the battlefield, the Obama administration said on Friday.
So Who Are the Syrian Moderates Anyway? (Hint: Al Qaeda)
Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander Hussein Hamedani Killed in Syria
US, Russia To Resume Air Safety Talks, As Tensions Rise Over Syria Conflict
Russian Airstrikes On Syria Push Obama Administration To Scale Back Effort To Oust Assad
Russia Destroys Major Base in Raqqa, Kills Over 300 Militants
Putin: Russia Will Not Conduct Ground Operation In Syria
Syrian army advances in west after Russian strikes: monitor
9.8% Budget Hike Set for Norwegian Armed Forces
Latvia Mulls Return To Conscription, Hikes Defense Spending
Medical Care for Terrorists Will Get You Bombed by the US… Unless You're Israel
South China Sea Dispute: China Constructs Lighthouses On Reef Amid Opposition From US, Philippines
China warns US it will not allow violations of its waters
Inside North Korea: amazing photos of the secretive state
Eyeing Russia, E. European Allies Expand Armored Vehicle Fleets
Mideast Conflicts Fuel Land Force Developments
US, Japan Expected To Complete Development Of New Sea-Launched Missile By End Of Fiscal 2016
The Military Is Creating Vampire Drones That Die in the Sun
Russia backs bigger OSCE mission in Ukraine
US Abandons Scheme to Arm Rebels, Instead Adopts Rand Paul's Proposal to Arm Kurds; Hillary Flashbacks
The Tragic Ending To Obama's Bay Of Pigs: CIA Hands Over Syria To Russia
How Do-Gooders Can Do Bad
"Human rights" organizations have become purveyors of bloody chaos as they advocate Western big-power military attacks on weak countries in the name of "responsibility to protect" – one of several purportedly well-intentioned strategies gone awry.
Brzezinski's "Retaliation" Agenda: Break Up Russia And Absorb It
Simplified Italian Future Soldier Program Ready for Production
A program that started with plans for Wi-Fi links on the battlefield, Bluetooth connections between soldiers and their rifles, and tablets strapped to the wrist of each combatant, has been streamlined to provide the required capabilities while preventing information overloads, data traffic jams and too much weight.
Iraqis Claim To Have Hit IS Chief Baghdadi's Convoy In Air Raid
Some Iraqis Are Asking Russia to Bomb ISIS in Their Country
Pakistan, China Finalize 8-Sub Construction Plan
Is Caspian Sea Fleet a Game-Changer?
Belarus Re-elects Europe's 'Last Dictator,' Alexander Lukashenko, For Fifth Term
Afghan Taliban's Reach Is Widest Since 2001, U.N. Says

## Migrants/refugees ##
German Politician Threatens Legal Action Over Angela Merkel's Refugee Policy
Greece vows first migrant 'hotspot' on Lesbos within 10 days
Tears And Confusion As Hungary Tries 'Criminal' Migrants
More than 500 migrants rescued off Libya coast
EU Refugee Crisis: Germany, European Commission In Talks To Impose New Tax To Aid Refugees, Report Says
Germany, EU Deny Report On European Solidarity Tax
UN, World Bank to launch refugee and reconstruction bonds
Kiribati Climate Change Relocation Refugee Crisis? Sinking Low-Lying Island Nations In Pacific, Indian Oceans Seeking Solutions Before It's Too Late
Merkel's deputy expects Germany to get over a million refugees in 2015
Young and alone: Europe sees record surge of child refugees

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Israel struggles to contain wave of stabbing attacks
2 more Jerusalem stabbings as unrest grows
Refugee Crisis In Germany: Attacks On Homes For Asylum Seekers Rising
Snipers Used? Israeli Forces Open Fire on Gaza Protesters, Killing Six
Palestinian militants in Gaza Strip 'fire rocket into southern Israel'
Berlin Demonstrations Draw At Least 150,000 In Opposition To Transatlantic Free Trade Deal
Blasts kill scores at peace rally in Turkey in sign of worsening instability
Toll Rises to 128 Killed in Suicide Bombings at Turkish Peace Rally
Peru: Explosive protests sweep Lima during IMF-World Bank conference
Thai protesters riot after deaths of men in police chase

## Energy/resources ##
Historic Failure For Brazilian Oil Auction
Tanzania turns off hydropower as drought bites
Germany says firms set aside enough nuclear decommissioning funds
There will never be enough money. -- RF
This startup has found a way to remove CO2 from the air and turn it into pellets
Unsustainable. -- RF

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Thieves target Ayrshire grid
RURAL AYRSHIRE has emerged as Scotland's hotspot for thefts from the power grid infrastructure, with around 30 thefts of metal cabling and connections recorded this summer alone.
Sophisticated gangs using drones to target church roofs for their lead

## Got food? ##
Farmers look at devastating losses as flood rolls downstream
Turkish President Issues Media Blackout After Bombings
Following a deadly attack at a peace rally, social media users also reported signs that their access was also being throttled.
Media Reports ISIS Nuclear Plot That Never Actually Involved ISIS
Propaganda on Overdrive for Xinjiang Anniversary

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Excellent: The seductive promise of technological progress leads into progress traps
Must read: One Part of the Economy Is Booming: The Underground/Cash-Only Sector
"System D" is going gangbusters. It's more confirmation that the fastest-growing economy in the world is the underground economy. Also evident here is that complexity (a plethora of onerous rules and regulations, and the state apparatus to enforce them) is one of the factors that bring down societies, governments, and civilizations. -- RF
Vital information could be lost in 'digital dark age' warns professor
Paper archives are vital to prevent information stored on computers becoming inaccessible because of out-dated formats
Not only outdated formats. The day will come when there will be no electricity. -- RF

## Japan ##
Japan proposes cut in budget for upkeep costs of U.S. bases
The government has proposed to the United States a cut in Tokyo's burden in upkeep costs for U.S. military facilities and personnel in Japan following the enactment of a controversial security legislation last month, informed sources said Sunday.
Japan production and consumption bogged down by cooling China, rising prices
Survey: 12,000 Buddhist temples lack resident monks
More than 12,000 temples in Japan currently have no resident monk, an absence that could lead to the further demise of these traditional centers of local communities, an Asahi Shimbun survey showed.

Although the criticism of China's human rights record is well-founded, it's also illuminating to read China's counter-report on human rights problems in the United States. -- RF
China's Central Bank Will Expand Relending Pilot Program To Support Economy
China's central bank said Saturday it will expand a pilot scheme on relending, the latest effort by Beijing to help support a slowing economy. The scheme, which allows banks to refinance high-quality credit assets rated by the central bank, was introduced in Guangdong and Shandong provinces last year. Analysts have said the policy tool is aimed at supporting smaller firms.
Aiding Russian operations in Syria could be watershed for PLA Navy

## UK ##
Blackout risk rises as UK energy crisis deepens
National Grid expected to confirm increased blackout risk, as experts warn crisis will worsen unless subsidies are paid to new gas power plants
Youth homelessness figure eight times higher than Government admits, says charity
136,000 young people aged between 16 and 24 in England and Wales sought emergency housing in the past year
Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey in 'serious condition'
Greater Glasgow health board confirmed the Ebola virus was still present in her blood
Immigration Bill: new powers for Navy to stop migrants
New powers to stop and search suspect vessels in British waters will be given to the police, Navy and Border Force officers in the Immigration Bill, which MPs will debate for the first time on Tuesday

## US ##
Obama's Two-Faced Foreign Policy
President Obama's Syrian strategy is getting roundly denounced as incoherent, which – while true – is really a reflection of his failure to fully break with neocon-style interventionism even when he realizes the futility of the strategy.
Are truck drivers in the U.S. in danger of becoming a rare breed?
The U.S. will face a shortage of nearly 50,000 truck drivers by the end of this year, according to a report by the American Trucking Associations (ATA). That's a sharp uptick from only two years ago when the shortage was pegged at 30,000 drivers.

## The candidates ##
Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said in an interview Sunday that he carries a gun "sometimes," and that "I feel much better being armed."

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