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News Links, October 16, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Six Nagging Facts About Spain's "Recovery"
South Korea, Too—–Surging Housing Prices And Household Debt
The Numbers Say That A Major Global Recession Has Already Begun
Brazil Hammered By Perfect Storm——Soaring Unemployment, Bulging Consumer Debt
Brazil Faces Unemployment "Crisis", As Retail Sales Plunge, Rousseff Blasts "Coup-Mongers"
Consumers shutting down as US economy deflates
A Third Of All Containers Shipped From Long Beach Port Are Empty
Empty office buildings becoming a national problem as vacancies hit 10-year high (Canada)
China's Economic Slowdown Hits Luxury Brands Burberry And Louis Vuitton
Here's Why Housing Must be Propped Up
The Real Reason For ZIRP——–$1.17 Trillion Of Zero Yield Treasury Bills
The Paradox of Risk: Central Planning Is Linear, Reality Is Non-Linear
This Top Base Metal Producer Is Diversifying -- Into Gold

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Layoffs Continue to Affect Oil, Gas Companies at All Levels
The oil and gas industry has experienced what seems to be a steady stream of layoff announcements since crude oil prices began their steep decline in late 2014, and companies have had to adjust – with many opting to substantially slash capital budgets (CAPEX), postpone projects, cut exploration and production (E&P) investments and lay down rigs.
Lockheed to cut 250 jobs in missile, fire control business

## Airline death spiral ##
Homeland Security computer glitch causes widespread delays at U.S. airports, officials say
Air traffic controller shortage leading to flight delays
Airlines Hit With a Trio of Analyst Downgrades
Full body scanners being tested at three Japan airports

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Amid Russian Tensions, US Army Troops In Europe Shrinking, Commander Claims
China Says Not Planning To Send Military Ships To Syria
Russia's Lavrov says Washington declines deeper military talks on Syria
Syria crisis: Thousands of Iranian troops amass for all-out assault on Aleppo
Iraqi Forces Add Russian Guns to US Tanks for ISIL Fight
Iraq liaises with Syria, Russia and Iran to bomb ISIL
The Drone Papers
The Intercept has obtained a cache of secret documents detailing the inner workings of the U.S. military's assassination program in Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia. The documents, provided by a whistleblower, offer an unprecedented glimpse into Obama's drone wars.
Obama sends U.S. troops, drones to Cameroon in anti-Boko Haram fight
Is space warfare inevitable?
Israel Authorizes Sealing Off Parts Of Jerusalem, Netanyahu Vows 'Aggressive Measures' To Curb Violence
Multipurpose Robot Fights Enemies, Transports Loads
Peru military fails to act as narco planes fly freely
Battelle announces drone disruption system
A point-and-shoot device to disrupt drones in flight has been developed by Battelle. The DroneDefender has a range of about 1,000 yards and is based on radio control frequency disruption technologies. It disrupts the unmanned aerial vehicle so that no remote action -- including detonation -- can occur in sensitive areas.
Nearly 90% Of Those Killed By US Drones Were Not Intended Targets During Five-Month Span: Report
South China Sea Dispute 2015: US Navy Patrols Controversial Region Near Spratly Islands
China-Iran Relations: Beijing To Strengthen Military Ties With Tehran, Chinese Admiral Says
Vietnam accuses China of sinking fishing boat

## Migrants/refugees ##
EU looks to gain Turkish cooperation over migrant crisis

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Pharmacy Protest In India: Hundreds Of Thousands Of Drugstores Closed Across The Country Amid Concerns Over Online Drug Sales
As attacks continue, Israeli army begins deploying troops
Activists occupy Baltimore City Hall; oppose commissioner

## Energy/resources ##
Can The Oil Industry Really Handle This Much Debt?
Fire Sale In The Oil Patch—–$200 Billion Of Oil/Gas Assets For Sale To Pay Debt
The End Of The Oil Major?
A new report finds that the largest oil companies are set to cut spending on exploration by at least half, potentially leading to very few new oil discoveries in the years ahead.
Repsol sees net profit falling by up to 22 pct in 2015
Spanish oil major Repsol said on Wednesday its net profit could fall by up to 22 percent in 2015, hit by low crude prices and a loss of value of some of its North-American assets which will trigger a big impairment charge in the third quarter.
Repsol Significantly Scales Back Upstream Investment
European Renewables Investment Heads Towards Zero
Resource Investors, Be Wary — Massive destruction of value can happen in this sector
Our Electricity Problem: Getting the Diagnosis Correct
Iran's top oil terminal on export standby
It wasn't long ago that the world urgently needed Iran's oil. But now, thanks to global deflationary collapse, that has changed. -- RF
Norwegian Production Dips to Lowest 2015 Level
Low rainfall and crippling power shortages hit Zambia's economy
Sweden's Ringhals to shut two reactors by 2020
U.S. Crude Inventory Build Stuns Oil Markets
Schlumberger: This Is "The Most Severe Downturn For Decades", "The Recovery Now Appears To Be Delayed"

## Got food? ##
Americans are increasingly dependent on just two crops, and it's putting us all at risk
Dole recalls bagged spinach on salmonella risk
McDonald's Weight Loss Documentary In Schools? Fast-Food Diet Short Film Is Nutritional Education, Chain Says
Wind Turbines Are Killing Bats And Could Be Hurting Farmers
McDonald's Franchise Owners Are Not Lovin' All-Day Breakfast

## Environment/health ##
Scottish nurse who recovered from Ebola critically ill
Male Ebola survivors may be able to spread virus through sex for 9 months or more
Veterans suspect burn pits causing thousands of serious illnesses
Australia says strong Indian Ocean Dipole reinforcing El Nino
Climate Change Means Spring Could Come Three Weeks Earlier Across U.S.
History Shows More Big Wildfires Likely as Climate Warms
2015 Has Been the Most Damaging Year for Wildfires Ever Recorded
Antarctic ice is melting so fast the whole continent may be at risk by 2100
2 More Fracking-Related Earthquakes Hit Oklahoma Despite New Rules Meant to Prevent Them
Study: Fracking Industry Wells Associated With Premature Birth
Rising salinity threatens Bangladesh's coastal communities - experts
Study: 23,000 E.R. visits a year caused by supplements
California Drought: Strongest El Niño In Years Still Won't End The Crisis
Biggest elephant killed in Africa for almost 30 years brings back memories of Cecil the lion
German hunter pays nearly £40,000 to shoot one of the largest elephants ever seen in Zimbabwe, while conservationists and safari guides mourn the loss of 'magnificent' animal

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Adobe Flash Zero-Day Discovered Being Used By Russia-Linked Hacking Group Pawn Storm
Edward Snowden and Allies Issue Warnings as Australia Unleashes Mass Spying
Intel's silver lining starts to shrink — data center business looking weak
Hackers Hunted After Alleged Cyber Thefts of $30 Million
Nearly 90 percent of Android devices vulnerable to malware, research says
Paul Craig Roberts On The MH-17 Report: "Only An Idiot Would Believe It"
Your Data Isn't Safe in the USA
U.S. airline security watch system suffers brief disruption: officials
Pentagon In Silicon Valley: What's The Government Up To?
Fox News guest analyst arrested for lying about working for CIA
Cybersecurity Expert: Be Afraid, America. Be Very Afraid.
Twitter Down, Warns Users to Expect More Downtime

## Propaganda ##
Pak leaders knew Osama was living in Abbottabad, says former defense minister
If OBL had been living there, they certainly would have known. As I have steadfastly maintained, it is impossible to keep one's existence a secret in a village society, so the claim that no one knew of OBL's presence was a made-up story. At the same time, I also maintain that OBL actually wasn't there, and that the story about his assassination by a SEAL raid is a crock of baloney. OBL had died years earlier, most likely of kidney failure. -- RF
NYT Plays Games with MH-17 Tragedy
There was a time when The New York Times showed some skepticism toward the words of the U.S. government but those days are long gone, as the Times sinks even deeper into the propaganda swamp with an editorial playing games with the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 tragedy.
Vladimir Putin's visit to Japan postponed indefinitely
Moscow's hardline stance on disputed island group torpedoes bilateral talks with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe that were set for later this year
Bloated inventories squeezing capital investment
Mounting inventories have Japanese manufacturers losing their willingness to spend on new facilities and equipment. And an increasingly uncertain future is only making them more cautious.
Do not believe in official statistics, Japanese retailers seem to be saying, as they cut earnings forecasts and warn of lackluster consumer spending, a key growth engine for Japan at a time when exports and factory output are stalling.
Southern Solar: Ministers accused of sabotage as another solar firm collapses
Solar Trade Association warns that most companies in its industry are not expecting to survive next year
U.S. states feeling pain of low oil prices
The low price of crude oil is starting to eat away at the revenue stream for U.S. states that depend heavily on the energy sector, Fitch Ratings said.
Another chapter in the saga of disappearing pensions. Don't say you weren't warned. -- RF

## The candidates ##
Election 2016: Mike Huckabee Says Poor Convicts Should Be Sold Into Slavery?
Bernie Sanders' Conflicting Policies; Guns, Energy, Defense, Immigration Views Draw Scrutiny
Dr. Ben Carson, Crackpot
Wall Street has made Hillary Clinton a millionaire
Hillary Says TPP Details Were Made Public 'A Week Or So Ago' — But They Weren't

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