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News Links, October 19, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
The biggest American debt selloff in 15 years
Countries around the world are selling their U.S. government debt holdings this year by the largest amounts seen since at least 2000.
Dubai private sector job creation hits 42-month low in September
$5 Trillion EM Debt Bubble Begins To Unwind——-FX Turmoil Ahead
After 6 Years Of Austerity, 36% Of Greeks In Poverty
The Smoking Gun Proving Silver & Gold Manipulation
China Increasing Gold Holdings at Steady Pace
Saudi Arabia's fiscal break-even oil price to be around $US 100 mark for the foreseeable future
The last 30 years of global economic history are about to go out the window
This year will see the first net outflow of capital from emerging markets in 27 years, according to the Institute of International Finance, a trade group representing international bankers. The group expects more than $500 billion worth of cash previously invested in things like Chinese factories, Brazilian government bonds, and Nigerian stocks to cascade out of such markets this year.
The Deterioration of America's Corporate Balance Sheet
Deutsche Bank to restructure divisions, management structure
The World Hits Its Credit Limit, And The Debt Market Is Starting To Realize That
Party time is over for Norway's oil capital - and the country
In Norway's oil capital Stavanger, house prices are falling, unemployment is rising and orders of champagne and sushi sprinkled with gold are down - a taste of things to come for the rest of the country as slumping crude prices hit the economy.

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Lockheed eyes overhead cuts of up to 30 percent
Tata Steel to axe 1,200 jobs in the UK
TD Bank Lays Off Staff in U.S., Canada in Push to Cut Costs
Finnish Defense Facing New Wave of Cuts
Volkswagen considers cutting temporary worker numbers: works council

## Airline death spiral ##
'Shame on American!' Airline booed after weeping woman is thrown off a flight
US Airways' final flight closes curtain on another major airline
Airline Tech Glitches Are the New Norm—What Can You Do?
Crew union slams Malaysia Airlines rebrand as "huge waste of money"
Alcohol and flying – not a good cocktail
There are many notorious examples of people - from celebrities to ordinary holiday-makers - who have become intoxicated on flights to the point of posing a threat to passengers and the flight itself.
Air France Plans To Make About One-Third Of Its 2,900 Job Cuts In 2016, CEO Alexandre De Juniac Says

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Russia And Assad Attack Aleppo: New Airstrikes In Syria Target Rebels And ISIS
Russia Shows Early Success, New Capabilities in Syria
Hundreds of Iranian troops mass in Syria
Syrian army, backed by Iranian fighters, advance south of Aleppo: monitor
Russia Airstrikes In Syria: Putin Calls On All Interested Countries To Join Anti-ISIS Information Center In Baghdad
Russia Mediterranean Conflict: Moscow Preparing To Launch Cruise Missiles Near European Border?
Robert Gates: US Rebel Training Program 'Nuts'
Obama Says Deal Reached With Russia to Avert Syria Air Conflicts
The 'Moderates' Russia Is Bombing In Idlib Province Are US Tow-Missile Equipped Nusra Front/al-Qaeda
Images From The Iraqi Frontlines: Iran-Backed Fighters Battle ISIS For Control Of Key Refinery
US Military Intensifies Cooperation With Israel
Beijing Tries To Soothe South China Sea Jitters
U.S. Military Rams Tank Into Bombed Doctors Without Borders Hospital, Destroying Potential Evidence
Vladimir Putin announces Russia-led Central Asian military force
U.S. confirms Iran tested nuclear-capable ballistic missile
Bargaining With the Devil: Germany Bribes Turkey With Aid Package, EU Sidelines Highly Critical Report on Turkey's Free Speech Record
Saudi Arabia Shooting: 5 Killed By ISIS-Linked Group At Shiite Gathering Ahead Of Day Of Ashura
Saudis desperate as they are not winning the war in Yemen
Family of Saudi schoolboy protester fears his execution is imminent
In diplomatic flurry, Abe invites Xi; Park says she's ready to talk
Turkey's Slow-Motion Crash
China's lighthouses in Spratlys beckon recognition from passing ships
São Tomé: How the tiny island plans to become the 'Dubai of Africa' after securing Chinese investment
US Army Plans for More Equipment Caches in Europe
Japan shows off naval power as U.S. signals wider engagement in western Pacific
Sri Lanka will consider visits by Chinese naval ships again, minister says

## Migrants/refugees ##
Hungary Completes Croatia Border Fence to Keep Migrants Out
The Latest: Hungary shuts Croatian border to migrant flow
Greece Searches For Masked Men Attacking Refugees Off Its Coast
Mexico police stop tractor-trailer carrying 113 migrants
Europe Refugee Crisis: 1,000 Children Reported Missing From Swedish Town
Turkey ridicules offer of EU membership in exchange for halting refugee influx
European Refugee Crisis: Slovenian Army To Help Manage Continuing Flow Of Migrants
Strident Calls to Reject Syrian Refugees Fueled by Wealthy California Donor
Refugee Crisis Europe Update 2015: Balkans Route Continues To Narrow In Slovenia
Anti-Immigration Europe 2015: Swiss Right-Wing Populist Party Sweeps Elections As EU Refugee Crisis Rages
Thousands stranded on new migrant route through Europe
As winter looms, Germany struggles to find homes for refugees
"We Are Facing Social Unrest" - German Police Union Chief Demands Building Of Border Fence Around Germany

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
The German Lynchmob: Islamophobe Movement Returns With a Vengeance
The Latest: Palestinians torch site revered by some Jews
Israel-Palestine Conflict: 3 Stabbing Attacks In West Bank And Jerusalem Leave Palestinian Attackers Dead
Israel: 4 Palestinian attackers shot dead in latest violence
Israel: Assailant opens fire on bus station, soldier killed
German Politician Henriette Reker Stabbed For Refugee Crisis Role: Police
Montenegro police fire teargas at anti-government protesters
Youths call for more protests against security law (Japan)

## Energy/resources ##
Rig owners facing challenging times
Everyone in the oilfield services sector is hurting pretty bad these days, but few are in as much pain as owners of offshore drilling rigs.
The Dismal Thing Schlumberger CEO Just Said about US Oil
Bearish Signals Quickly Kill Off Oil Price Rally
Interior Department curbing future Arctic offshore drilling
United States importing more oil
South Africa plans to overhaul power grid to stem shortages - Eskom
Iran needs $150bn to modernize oil sector
Occidental's North Dakota Deal Mixed Omen For Pending Oilfield Deals
Even BP admits, some existing oil reserves are unburnable
American football players at high school level suffering from widespread brain trauma

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Copper thieves targeting vacant homes
Signs Point to China in US Research Facility Hack
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution sustained a "sophisticated, targeted attack" according to the organization's general counsel.
African States Hop on the Network Surveillance Bandwagon
Governments in Sudan, Nigeria, South Africa and Ethiopia are the latest to deploy sophisticated network eavesdropping tools against their citizens.
Edward Snowden: Clinton made 'false claim' about whistleblower protection
Anonymous hacktivist at centre of leaked-secrets campaign speaks in person for the first time about July's fatal RCMP shooting of a protester
Secret source code pronounces you guilty as charged
Governments Go Low-Tech to Relieve Cyber-War Anxiety
Snowden and Ellsberg hail leak of drone documents from new whistleblower
## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Ford China venture to recall 220,000 SUVs over risk of fuel leak
Canada's frozen north feels financial burn of global warming
Climate change is taking a heavy economic toll on Canada's far north, with buildings collapsing as melting permafrost destroys foundations, rivers running low and wildfires all a drain on the region's limited finances, senior government officials said.
America #1? 36 Facts That Prove That The United States Is An 'Exceptional' Nation
Incredible hype. -- RF
Sorry, it's not going to work this way. Chicago's future skyline will be dominated by tall buildings which — owing to the prohibitively high expenses for use and maintenance — will be essentially useless, left to the mercy of the elements like huge gravestones. -- RF
FBI building is falling apart
Pension payment errors made after data leak
The Japan Pension Service mistakenly underpaid and overpaid about 400 pensioners as a result of measures taken after a cyberattack that resulted in a massive leak of personal data, it was learned.
The United States and Japan showed off their naval prowess during a review ceremony Sunday in Tokyo Harbor amid regional territorial disputes with China.
Japan, South Korea improving security ties
The presence of a South Korean destroyer at a Japanese fleet review Sunday was not lost on defense officials of both countries, sending a powerful signal of a thaw in long-strained relations.
McDonald's to standardize prices at Japanese stores
McDonald's Holdings Co. (Japan) will shift from location-based to uniform pricing and end popular lunchtime discounts, raising prices overall to regain sales lost to slipping traffic.

## China ##
Beijing's plans in South China Sea explained
A top Chinese general said Saturday that China's newly created islands in the disputed South China Sea are intended mainly to aid shipping and dismissed concerns that Beijing is seeking to strengthen its control over the strategically vital region.

## UK ##
Revealed: how UK targets Saudis for top contracts
Documents show that the controversial kingdom is seen as a 'priority market' for British companies
Tata Steel job cuts: Industry is 'in crisis'
The steel industry is "in crisis" and needs "life-saving surgery", the director of UK Steel has warned.
Up to 50,000 missing horses may have ended up as food sold in Britain
Food security expert warns financial crisis may have led horse owners to sell them to black market gangs
Too many antibiotics are creating health disaster, doctors told
Tony Blair Iraq war memo prompts fresh calls for Chilcot inquiry to be published
In the leaked memo from a year before the invasion Colin Powell tells President Bush the Prime Minister 'will be with us'
As Americans are unable to afford homes, many go deep into debt to finance their education and cars.
"We are in the throes of a deep depression, and nothing is changing," a franchise owner wrote in response to a financial survey by Nomura Group. "Probably 30% of operators are insolvent." One owner went as far as to speculate that McDonald's is literally "facing its final days."

## The candidates ##

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