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News Links, October 21, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Pummeled by Lousy Global Demand and Rampant Overcapacity, China Containerized Freight Index Collapses to Worst Level Ever
As container shipping capacity leaps to the next level, shipping volume of containerized freight is languishing in a world where economic growth is getting bogged down. As a result, rates for shipping containerized freight have been hit hard. And the China Containerized Freight Index (CCFI), which tracks contract rates and spot rates from China to the rest of the world, has collapsed.
Global Trade Is Collapsing As The Worldwide Economic Recession Deepens
Workers Covered By Union Contracts Dropped Worldwide After Financial Crisis: International Labor Organization
Singapore Set to Suffer Indonesia's Defaults as Well as Its Smog
Sweden is becoming the world's first cashless society
Let me guess how long the cashless society will last when the blackouts come. Imagine the chaos and violence that will erupt when people must suddenly resort to barter, theft, and murder to get what they need because their money has gone up in digital smoke. -- RF
IBM Reports Terrible Q3 Earnings: Worst Revenue Since 2002; Slashes Guidance
Facing Dire Financial Straits, Saudi Arabia Delays Contractor Payments To Preserve Cash
Zambia's president seeks divine intervention in a declining economy
Paul Singer: Developed Countries Are Utterly And Hopelessly Insolvent
Morgan Stanley's trading rout sets grim tone for fourth quarter

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Warning sign: Tech companies of All Sizes and Ages Are Starting to Have Layoffs
Areva says to cut 2,700 jobs in France by 2017
Disney's ESPN Said Planning to Eliminate as Many as 350 Jobs
SocGen wants to cut 2,000 jobs at French retail bank - union
Harley-Davidson Plans Job Cuts After Earnings Miss
Steel crisis grows as Tata confirms 1,200 job cuts

## Airline death spiral ##
Several airports faulted for poor maintenance (Japan)
The Board of Audit has found shoddy management of buildings and runways at many of the nation's airports and is urging operators to make tighter inspections and swifter repairs.
Airlines' latest tactic to win customers: In-flight gourmet food
Federal regulators to require registration of recreational drones
Pilots of passenger planes and other aircraft are reporting more than 100 sightings or close calls with rogue drones a month, according to the FAA.
Lufthansa, cabin crew fail to reach deal on pension scheme
An Examination Of Frontier Airlines' Recent Staff Reductions
Frontier Airlines has cut more employees than any major airline in the country in the past four years.
Spirit Airlines Plunges Another 15%, Falls Into Deep-Value Territory
Scandinavian Airlines to Drop Tel Aviv Route for 'Instability'

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Trident Juncture: NATO begins largest military exercise in over a decade
Russia Egypt $1B Mistral Deal: Warships' Helicopters, Equipment Agreed On After France Sale, Kremlin Says
US Overseas Arms Sales 2015: Defense Deals Of $46.6B Made By Pentagon As Global Conflicts Raise Fears
Iran-Russia Relations 2015: Iranian Ships Dock At Russian Port As Ties Between Tehran And Moscow Strengthen
NATO nations to keep presence in Afghanistan, officials say
US, Russia Sign Memorandum on Flights Over Syria
ISIS Urges Palestinian Jerusalem Attacks: Islamic State Group Calls For Violence Against Jews As Israel-Palestine Violence Surges
ISIL has reportedly ordered all males aged 15 and older to register their names and addresses with police in Raqqa
U.S. drone makes emergency landing in Turkish province bordering Syria
US deploys ground-attack A-10 planes to Turkey
Asia-U.S. poll shows China's clout, not America's, expected to grow
Moving Toward A One World Government, A One World Economy And A One World Religion
But such a program won't get very far because of its huge energy requirement. As amply evidenced here, the deflationary collapse of energy prices is leading toward collapse of the fossil fuel extraction system, and raising prices will just make energy unaffordable. This will put globalization on the run, and bring a new era of localization that will thwart any "one world" program. -- RF
Turkey ISIS Child Training Camps? Dozens Of Children Arrested In Mass Raid On Islamic State Apartments
Russia Anti-Islamist Crackdown? 20 Supporters Of Outlawed Hizb Ut-Tahrir Group Detained, Dozens Others Under Investigation
Many of the World's 21 Million Slaves Live in the West
Turkish PM Davutoglu says downed drone was Russian-made - TV
South Ossetia To Join Russia? Crimea-Style Referendum Proposed By President Of Self-Declared Republic
U.S. Airmen begin Operation Deep Freeze in Antarctica
The Ungoverned World (interactive graphic)

## Migrants/refugees ##
'Open the gate!': Migrants stranded on Balkan borders
Thousands rush into Croatia as police reopen Serbia border
Send in the army, says Calais mayor, as migrant population doubles
German MPs 'drawing up plans' to close borders in challenge to Merkel's refugee policy
Anti-Immigration Party Wins Swiss Election
Swedish Nazi Creates "Accommodation Centers" For Refugees As Turkey Insists "We're Not A Concentration Camp"
Syrian Refugees Heading To Europe Are Big Business For Lebanon's Travel Agents
Slovenia deploys troops to border as migrant exodus swells

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
German anti-migrant rally highlights European backlash
Furious Germans Stage Massive Anti-Islam Protest: "The Concentration Camps Are Unfortunately Out Of Action"

Saudi, US Oil Inventories Hit Record High as Demand Fizzles
The amount of oil in storage globally, not including the various "strategic petroleum reserves" in the US, China, Europe, Japan, and other locations, has grown to staggering proportions this year, as oversupply drowns out tepid demand.
Security in Oil, Gas: The Threat from Within
Since the Second World War, one of the realities of the upstream oil and gas industry is that it often has to operate in dangerous parts of the world. Being a precious commodity that much of the modern world relies upon in order to function, access to oil itself is a driver of political turmoil, and can be blamed – at least in part – for numerous conflicts from the Suez Crisis in 1950s through the Gulf War in the 1990s to today.
How we are all contributing to the destruction of coral reefs: Sunscreen
The sunscreen that snorkelers, beachgoers and children romping in the waves lather on for protection is killing coral and reefs around the globe. And a new study finds that a single drop in a small area is all it takes for the chemicals in the lotion to mount an attack.

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
How Hackers Say They Can Silently Commandeer Siri, Google Now
This is a serious concern, but keep in mind that none of it works without electricity, and the world's energy production and delivery system is already jeopardized. -- RF
Wireless carrier Verizon is also in the market for eyeballs
Verizon has long been known as a home phone and wireless service provider. But it's evolving to make more money by tracking what we watch and read on our phones.

## Propaganda ##
MH-17 Case: 'Old' Journalism vs. 'New'
For skilled intelligence operatives, the Internet can be a devil's playground, a place to circulate doctored photos, audio and documents, making investigations based on "social media" and such sources particularly risky, a point worth recalling in the mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.
Delete News on 81 Illegal Video Apps (China)

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Survey shows what Americans really fear
A new study by a California university shows Americans have a much greater fear of the government and technology than ghosts or zombies.
The government and technology were supposedly benign forces that protect and nurture us, but instead they are feared. At the same time, the government (using technology) spies on the citizens because it fears them. This lack of mutual trust shows how bad the situation has become. -- RF
Introduces further complexity into the system, and requires more money (energy) to administer and enforce. -- RF
Doc Wait Times Costing Patients More Time, Money: Study
Here's something else to make your blood boil next time you're sitting in a doctor's office waiting for your appointment: New research shows patients are spending more time than ever booking and waiting for an appointment — and it's costing us all money, as well as time.
Isn't the cashless society great? -- RF

## Japan ##
Japan third-quarter growth seen slowing sharply as Asian demand slumps
19th becomes a date of revolt as anti-'war law' protesters gather outside Diet
Protesters returned to the front of the National Diet Building in Tokyo on Oct. 19 to voice their concerns about what they branded the government's contentious "war law."

## China ##
China Sept power output falls 3.1 pct on yr -stats bureau
Ain't gonna happen. -- RF
The 10 jobs that attract the most psychopaths
Burglary suspect trapped in pizza oven vent for 11 hours

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