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News Links, October 28, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Another Recession Warning: Global Bank Lending Is Cliff-Diving
Why China's interest rate cut may be bad news for the world economy
No India Growth Miracle–Just The Same Ol' Deficit Financed Public Sector Pork Barrel
Why A Russian Default is a Very Real Scenario in 2016
Iran to join BRICS New Development Bank – report
Governments shouldn't count on low oil prices: IEA
Countries should not bank on oil prices remaining low when formulating their energy policies, as supplies could tighten from mid-2016 due to a drop in investment and falling U.S. output, a senior industry official said on Monday.
Indians Urged To Give Up Their "Idle Gold" For The Good Of The Nation
India-Africa Summit 2015: India Seeks To Challenge China's Dominance Through 'Unprecedented' Conference
Russia Running Out Of Money? Finance Minister Says Reserve Fund Could Be Drained In 2016
Negative Rate Alert! 8 European Countries Now Have Negative 5 Year Yields
Orders for U.S. durable goods fizzle again
Not "Off To The RACEs" - Ferrari Crashes Below IPO Price

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Danish energy company Maersk Oil to reduce its workforce by about 20 percent
Monsanto to shutter three R&D centers in 2016, cut 90 jobs
Agrichemical company Monsanto Co plans to shutter three research and development centers in 2016 with a loss of about 90 jobs, it said on Monday, as it restructures operations to cut costs in a slumping agricultural commodity market.

## Cashless society ##
Credit card payment system glitch curbs 300 cabs, hacks 'disgruntled'
Glitch with payment terminals provided by Spire Payments hits shops and small firms as they begin to gear up for Christmas rush
Sony PlayStation Store Plagued By Payment Glitches
Train rider has his contactless card e-pickpocketed
MasterCard tries out 'selfie pay' for online purchases
Retailers question chip card safety
The latest in the battle to own your digital wallet

## Airline death spiral ##
Do Declining Unit Revenues At Airlines Warn Us Of A Coming Downturn?
Specifically, U.S. airlines are getting noticeably less money per available seat mile than they were a year ago. Not only does that mean their average fare prices are down sharply (nearly 20% from their peak in May 2014 according to a Bloomberg analysis). It means all that extra dough they generate from charging for checking your bags and letting you select your seats, dinging you for other extra services, and hitting you hard for changing your itinerary still is not enough to offset the drop in fare prices.
Cramped airline seats raise fuel efficiency but lower comfort
American Airlines: Is It Time To Grab Your Bags And Get Out?
Russia Grounding Second Biggest Airline Over Safety Concerns
DGCA audit raises concern over Air India's ageing fleet
Controllers may soon guide planes via remote video
China to Merge its Three Largest Airlines as part of the state-owned enterprises reformation plans

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Defense secretary says US is retooling fight against IS
Signaling a possible escalation of U.S. military action in the Middle East, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Tuesday that the United States is retooling its strategy in Iraq and Syria and would conduct unilateral ground raids if needed to target Islamic State militants.
US officials: Iran invited to next round of Syria talks
Top U.S. general says could recommend locating U.S. troops with Iraqis
Egyptian security forces kill 25 militants during operation in Sinai Peninsula
Eight civilians injured after India and Pakistan exchange fire near Kashmir border
Afghanistan Seeking Artillery, Mi-35 Helicopters From Russia Amid Growing Insurgency: Report
Kurds Turn To Washington Lobbyists To Convince Obama Administration To Arm Them Directly, Bypass Baghdad: Report
Russia Conducts Missile Drill In Barents Sea Near Norway As Aircraft Carrier Allegedly Prepares To Travel To Syria For ISIS Fight
US Navy sails near reefs claimed by China
Angry China says shadowed U.S. warship near man-made islands in disputed sea
US plans further patrols near islands built by China
South China Sea Dispute: US Ambassador Summoned By Beijing After American Ship Sails Through Disputed Zone
US Ally Saudi Arabia Bombs Another "Doctors Without Borders" Hospital
Evidence Mounts that US Military Knew They Were Bombing Active Hospital
Saudi Prince Arrested For Drugs In Lebanon: Royal Detained in Beirut After 2 Tons of Amphetamines Found On Private Jet
Warning Shot: Poland Elects Rightwing Eurosceptic, Anti-Immigration Government
Catalan 'independence declaration' to trigger showdown with Madrid

## Migrants/refugees ##
In migrant summit, EU leaders vow more capacity for arrivals
New Drone Footage Captures Scope Of EU's Migrant Crisis As Brussels Plans Refugee "Holding Camps"
U.K. deploys Type 23 frigate HMS Richmond to stop migrant smuggling
Fly, don't walk, EU will urge Balkan migrants
Migrant Balkan surge continues amid EU attempt to slow it
Amid ISIS Fears, Russia Detains 150 Migrants Over Potential Ties To Islamic Militants
'Like a poison': how anti-immigrant Pegida is dividing Dresden

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Thousands mobilise against far-right rally in Cologne
Quentin Tarantino joins protesters in NYC for police brutality rally
Riot control mask partially developed by Army researchers
Protesters slam land reclamation resumption (Japan)

## Energy/resources ##
Pain For Oilfield Services Will Continue Even If Oil Prices Rebound
Oil And Natural Gas Prices Crashing Once Again
U.S. Oil Imports On The Rise Once More
The shale revolution in the U.S. led to a lot of crowing in recent years about America becoming "energy independent" and even an "energy superpower." But even at the peak of U.S oil production, it was still the largest oil importer in the world.
Maersk Oil to cut 1 in 10 jobs amid price slump
No light at end of tunnel for Lebanon's power crisis
Gazprom to see its lowest Europe gas price in 11 years
Next Few Weeks Will Reveal Full Extent Of Oil Industry Suffering
With the bulk of quarterly earnings reports in the energy industry yet to be announced, there are already $6.5 billion worth of asset write-downs, according to Bloomberg. And that could be just the tip of the iceberg. A Barclays' assessment last week predicted $20 billion in impairment charges from just six companies.
Is This The Last Roll Of The Dice For The Offshore Sector?
Coal Trumps Solar in India
One year ago, environmentalists hailed this tiny village as the future of clean energy in rural India. Today, it is powered by coal.
Zimbabwe Dairy Industry Struggling with Electricity Shortages
Zimbabwe is battling its worst electricity shortage in years with hospitals, mines and army barracks that were traditionally exempt from disconnection, now going for up to 18 hours without power like all less strategic energy users.
New Silk Road Could See China Gain Control Of The Copper Markets
BP Shrinks Again To Weather Extended Oil Slump
BP announced a third round of spending cuts and more asset sales over the coming years on Tuesday to tackle an extended period of low oil prices and help pay for its $54 billion U.S. oil spill settlement.

## Got food? ##
Monsanto's GMO seeds have led to creation of 'superweeds'
The Big Bucks of Bacon: American Meat Industry By the Numbers
Study finds human DNA in some hot dog brands
Bird flu: Are we prepared for its return?

## Environment/health ##
Honey bee queens vulnerable to neonicotinoid insecticides
Desperation in the epicentre of Southeast Asia's haze crisis
Middle East Climate Change: Gulf Could Become Too Hot For Human Survival
Red Meat Cancer Risk Revealed By World Health Organization
Pooped out: absence of big mammals foils ecosystem fertilization
International Space Station filled with germs, Nasa warns
Bacterial pathogens mostly innocuous on Earth thrive in ISS as it is prime breeding ground, study that could lead to stricter space cleaning regime finds
Africa's lion population forecast to drop by half
Just 20,000 lions remain in Africa and the big cats have already become extinct in some parts of the continent, according to a new indepth study
Cutting Sugar for 9 Days Made Kids Look Healthier: Study
Kids who cut processed sugar from their diets for just nine days had lower blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar — a finding that supports the idea that sugar itself is a major culprit in heart disease and diabetes, researchers said Tuesday.
Why Restricting Your Eating Time Period To 8 Hours Will Transform Your Health & Fitness

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Hackers figure out how to go back in time
A newly discovered hack could force computers to go back in time, creating the potential for attackers to decrypt communications, disrupt Bitcoin transactions and force network outages.
Facebook Caught Secretly Lobbying for Privacy Destroying "Cyber Security" Bill
Ahead of Senate Vote, Snowden Speaks Out to Stop CISA
Taxman and the Stingray: Revelations Show IRS Using Troubling Spy Gear
Google Turning Its Lucrative Web Search Over to AI Machines
The Military Industrial Complex Unicorn – Former NSA Chief Raises $32.5 Million for Startup Company
DOJ Claims Apple Should Be Forced To Decrypt iPhones Because Apple, Not Customers, 'Own' iOS

## Propaganda ##
Bowing to Silly US Propaganda
The U.S. government and mainstream media are so lost in their own propaganda that U.S. foreign policy lurches around the globe like a dangerous half-blind giant. False narratives are so powerful that even Sen. Bernie Sanders bends to the delusions, a danger to both U.S. national interests and the planet.
Tertullian was a conspiracy theorist: propaganda and irrationalism in Roman times and in ours
BBC Protects U.K.'s Close Ally Saudi Arabia With Incredibly Dishonest and Biased Editing

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Don't Think the Status Quo Will Save You
Here's a chart that shows how the Status Quo "fixes" every problem: it transfers more debt and more losses to the taxpayers.
Nissan expands fuel leak recall to 59,000 sedans
Fiat recalls 65,760 trucks and 75,364 SUVs in United States
GM recalls 1.3 million older cars for fire hazard

## Japan ##
Reality Keeps Beating BOJ's Inflation Forecasts
Japan to downgrade centenarian tribute as number of 100-year-olds swells
Japan sees first two cases of chronic hepatitis E infection
Tepco completes sea wall to keep tainted Fukushima No. 1 water from reaching sea
Nearly 40% of Fukushima evacuation personnel exposed to over 1 millisievert
Sharp slashes operating profit forecast on slumping demand in China
Elementary school bullying at record high in 2014-2015 school year
Finance Ministry to call for elimination of 3,500 teaching jobs in FY 2016 because of declining birthrate
Bank of Japan Stepping Up Bond Buying Pace With or Without Stimulus Shift
Govt. white paper grapples with population decline
Anticipating more muscular missions, MSDF launches new minesweeper
Japan's Dog Population Also Shrinking

## China ##
A China twist: why are malls closing if consumption is rising?
China banks come back for more capital as bad loans pile up

## UK ##
Britain's economic recovery loses steam
The 'social supermarket': 25p store helps tackle food poverty
New warnings of extra steel job losses
UK manufacturers suffering slump in demand, CBI survey shows
Debt burden among Scotland's poorest students at record high
UK economic growth slows to 0.5%

## US ##
Short Sellers Lower Boom on Wall-Street Hype, Big Pharma
And Now Defaulted Leveraged Loans Go Kaboom
US home values and rents defying global slowdown
Cracks in the Economy Widen as Durable Goods Orders Sink
Regional Fed Reports Five for Five in Contraction; Texas Region Worsening, Richmond Negative Again
Half of Millennials live at home with parents
The economy still feels like it is in a deep recession for millions of Millennials.
Report finds retirement age increasing among millennials
Wal-Mart Symbol of U.S. Economic Condition
Wal-Mart seeks to test drones for home delivery, pickup
Prosecution of U.S. police for killings surges to highest in decade
With global outlook weak, many U.S. companies tighten belts
"Our Data Is Not Good" - US Companies Warn That A Recession Is Coming
Sales, Earning Estimates Contract First Time Since 2009; US Back in Recession?
Peak Housing 2.0: Sam Zell Dumps 23,000 Apartments In 2007 Deja Vu
Video Shows Cop Body Slamming High School Girl in S.C. Classroom
U.S. police chiefs call for background checks for all gun purchases
IBM Discloses SEC Investigation, Plunges to Worst Level since 2010, Even Share Buybacks Don't Work Anymore
Shale-rich Oklahoma expecting budget squeeze
U.S. Plans to Sell Down Strategic Oil Reserve to Raise Cash
Americans Renouncing US Citizenship Soars To Yet Another Record High

## The candidates ##
Donald Trump Got A 'Small Loan' Of A Million Dollars From His Dad, Said He's Been Told 'No' All His Life
Ben Carson Winning Iowa? Donald Trump Falls Hard In New Poll Ahead Of Debate
In shift, Jeb Bush turns to brother George W. for 2016 help
Guest Post: Donald Trump Says The U.S. Should Have Stolen Iraqis' Oil After Destroying Their Country

And finally...
Ukraine Election Update 2015: Chewbacca Arrested For Unlawfully Campaigning For Darth Vader
Dog named Trigger shoots owner in the foot in Indiana
Art installation in Italy ended up in the bin by cleaners who thought it was rubbish
Banker books flight to Brazil after big night out and has the time of his life

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