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News Links, October 5, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
ECB Chief Economist: OK, I Get it, the Euro Doesn't Work
Portugal is about to back austerity
Portugal is set to back widespread spending cuts and tax rises as the country center-right ruling coalition is on course to win a general election on Sunday.
Metals Are Getting Smashed
Global commodity price slump sends ripples around the world
Commodity plunge increases systemic risks
Deflation Warning: The Next Wave
BRICS Manufacturing PMI Data Fuels Global Slowdown Fears
Argentina Forces "Pesofication" of Dollar Assets – to Avoid Bond Payment due Monday?
Wall Street Horror Show: Revenues At Credit Trading Desks Down 35%, Losses Mounting
VW rivals risk bigger blow as emissions scandal hits diesel
Silver coin demand is absolutely through the roof" – Perth Mint
Australia Is "Going Down Under": "The Bubble Is About To Burst", RBS Warns
Yes, This Is A Financial Crisis – 11 TRILLION Dollars In Stock Market Wealth Was Wiped Out In The 3rd Quarter
Brazil's president takes steps on austerity
President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil announced Friday that she was cutting her salary by 10 percent, reducing the size of her cabinet and slashing thousands of coveted jobs for political appointees in an effort to build support for broader austerity measures as she grapples with calls for her ouster.
Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Talks Bog Down, As Japan Demands US Achieve Compromise On Drugs
DoubleLine's Gundlach: risk assets globally face 'another wave down'
Global Dollar Funding Shortage Intensifies To Worst Level Since 2012
For many miners, there's no avoiding the gold 'production cliff' now
TPP deal expected to be announced today

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Wal-Mart to cut 450 jobs at headquarters
Sprint to cut jobs, reduce up to $2.5 bln in costs: WSJ
Keeping a tally of job cuts at major companies
U.S.-headquartered companies put 58,877 jobs on the chopping block last month, up 43 percent from just more than 41,000 in August and the third-highest monthly total this year.
Paris backs Air France restructure as unions forsee 2,900 job cuts
Dallas-based Neiman Marcus cuts 500 jobs in reshuffling
Jobs report: Thousands more oil and gas cuts in September — Oil workers struggle to find new jobs
Glencore announces more job cuts at SA mines
Job cuts confirmed at NZ Steel
National Bank Said to Cut as Many as 400 Jobs in Restructuring (Canada)
Rolls-Royce to cut 400 marine division jobs: FT

## Airline death spiral ##
Air France to announce 'significant' job cuts on Monday: CEO
Shutdown now possible for Transaero, Russia's No. 2 airline
Delta Air Plans Cuts in Office Workforce to Boost Productivity
US airline seat densification Part 1: Alaska, JetBlue and Southwest strike a delicate balance
Singapore Airlines makes offer for premier economy class
United drops daily direct flight between Denver, Panama
United Airlines is ending its daily direct service between Denver and Panama City, Panama due to poor performance just 10 months after it began.
The US Airways name is about to fly into history
China Cancels Nepal Flights as Trade Blockade Hits Fuel Supply

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Afghanistan C-130 Crash: Taliban Says It Shot Down Plane In Jalalabad
US Denies Taliban Shot Down Cargo Plane in Afghanistan
Pro-Independence Parties in Catalonia Unite to Form Government; Showdown with Madrid Coming Up
Russia Is Destabilizing Syria… According to the People Currently Destabilizing Syria
The Largest US Foreign Policy Blunder Since Vietnam Is Complete: Iran Readies Massive Syrian Ground Invasion
Putin: Claims Russian jets killed civilians in Syria emerged before airstrikes started
Putin Nails Washington's Sanctimonious Self-Righteousness
Russia carries out new round of air strikes in Syria, hitting 12 targets
British military attacks in Syria "may well become possible," says David Cameron
These Dramatic Before And After Images Of Syria Demonstrate "Success" Of US Foreign Policy
American "allies" in Syria: their shameful performance is perfectly explainable
PM: Iraq Would Welcome Russian Airstrikes
Iran-backed Iraqi militias are pouring into Syria
The Middle East is angry and bewildered by US inaction in Syria
Kurds Repel ISIS; Turkey Attacks Kurds; Kurds Welcomes Russia; Russians Bombers Slam ISIS…..
Netanyahu Iran Nuclear Deal Fight Over? Israel Prime Minister Agrees To Move On, US Officials Say
Netanyahu Calls For Home Destructions Amid Increased Violence In Israel
F-22 Raptors deploy to Middle East
France canceled Mistral sale to Russia under NATO pressure
Yemen govt. spokesman denies severing of ties with Iran
Yemen Conflict: 'Unremitting' Violence Takes Its Toll; Over 500 Children Dead, 1.7M At Risk Of Malnutrition
Giving Saudis a Pass on Yemen War
By supporting Saudi Arabia's war on Yemen, the U.S. is again finding itself on the same side with Al Qaeda in a Mideast conflict, a troubling pattern driven by a compulsion to excuse actions by U.S. "allies" no matter how outrageous.
Saudis Mull Launch Of Regional War As Russia Pounds Targets In Syria For Fourth Day
Drone market to hit $10 billion by 2024: experts
Maritime piracy cost West Africa two US$2 billion yearly
Befriending the Saudis Highlights U.S. Hypocrisy on Human Rights
Corporation vs. Nation: The Ultimate Showdown — No Trial, No Judge, No Jury
MSF denies Taliban was firing from Afghan hospital hit by air strike
Afghans Trapped By Fighting In City 'No Longer Fit For Living'
One Day After Warning Russia of Civilian Casualties, the U.S. Bombs a Hospital in Afghanistan

## Migrants/refugees ##
Germany wants migrants with no hope of asylum to be turned away at border
Germany faces logistical nightmare as refugee inflows hit record
Migrant Influx Ruffles Germans
Refugee Crisis In Germany: Hamburg Seizes Empty Buildings To House Hundreds Of Asylum Seekers In City
Eurotunnel services suspended as migrants storm Channel Tunnel
31 migrants found in refrigerated truck in France
Refugees Face Fences and Force in 'Prison-Like' European Hotspots
Europe Refugee Crisis: 630,000 Refugees Entered EU Illegally, Frontex Chief Says

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Rally held against national security legislation (Japan)
Clashes after Mexico City massacre protest
Unrest roils Jerusalem, West Bank after terror attack
Palestinian Stabs Israeli In Fresh Attack, Shot Dead: Police
Riot cop shoots Brazilian Occupy protester at point-blank range
Manchester march: Large protest at Tory conference
10,000 protest in Moldova over missing $1.5 billion

## Energy/resources ##
Half of World's Coal Output Is Unprofitable, Moody's Says
Africa Banking On Nuclear Power
Russian Crude Output Highest Since Fall Of Soviet Union
Energy Glut Alert——Iran To Boost Oil Output By 2 Million B/D, Natural Gas By 50%
Oil Bulls Lose Faith in Recovery as Russia Adds to Global Glut
Naimi: Saudi Arabia To Keep Up Energy Spending Despite Oil Drop
Gazprom chief says gas exports to Europe up 23 pct in third quarter
Falling prices, demand lead to negative outlook for North American coal: Moody's
US shale oil too expensive, peaks 1H 2015
Energy round-up: EVs back from the dead
I can't believe how utopian and simplistic this is. It reminds me of those people (the author is perhaps one of them) who say that it doesn't matter if we can't use oil any more as long as we have electric cars! This is perhaps presumptuous of me, but I would like to point out that without fossil fuels — and I mean LOTS of fossil fuels — it would be impossible to scrape together all the necessary resources from around the world, make the materials, manufacture parts, and assemble them into vehicles. Many of the parts are plastic, which is made from oil. Tires contain a lot of oil. Roads are constructed and maintained with oil (even asphalt comes from oil). And what about the electricity? All that "renewable" energy infrastructure is made with fossil fuels. The more you look into this, the more you see that the vision of an Electric Utopia is just another El Dorado. -- RF
Nepalis adapt to fuel shortage by carpooling, riding bikes
Uncertainty about oil supply makes a strategy for peak oil important. Government Accountability Office, 2007
Power outages hit rural industries, households (Bangladesh)
India facing power shortage despite record capacity addition

## Got food? ##
Italy tells EU it will opt out of growing GMO crops: statement
Bulgaria opts out of growing genetically modified crops SOFIA
Poland opts out of GMOs
15 of 28 EU member states opt out of GMO culture
Drought woes in California town highlight thirsty poultry industry
African crops, economies at risk as El Nino threatens to scorch and soak
Bee thefts on the rise as almond prices soar
10 Million at Risk of Hunger Due to Climate Change and El Niño, Oxfam Warns

## Lifestyle solutions ##
Retrotopia: A Change of Habit

## Environment/health ##
Exposure to toxic chemicals threatening human reproduction and health
Dramatic increases in exposure to toxic chemicals in the last four decades are threatening human reproduction and health, according to experts. Exposure to toxic environmental chemicals is linked to millions of deaths and costs billions of dollars every year, according to the authors.
Green living:  Someone Has to Sort Your Recycling and It's a Disgusting and Dangerous Job
Pain-pill abuse kills hundreds in our suburbs
A New Global Tinderbox: The World's Northern Forests
Rapidly rising temperatures, changes in precipitation, and increased lightning strikes are leading to ever-larger wildfires in the northern forests of Alaska, Canada, and Siberia, with potentially severe ecological consequences.
First US Public School District Limits Wi-Fi Radiation Exposure to Students and Staff
Ancient Romans had no need for dentists, because of one food they didn't eat
First car-free day in Paris results in lower air and noise pollution
What a surprise. -- RF
Heavy flooding in French Riviera leaves more than a dozen people dead
South Carolina hit by torrential rainfall, hundreds rescued

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Experian breach may have exposed 15 million T-Mobile records
The 'Athens Affair' shows why we need encryption without backdoors
Hundreds of Canadian Artists Slam Anti-Terror Law for Its 'Direct Attack on Creative Arts, Free Expression'
Japanese arrested in China for espionage may have been sent by government
Japanese 'spy' detained by China may be North Korean defector
'Peeple,' the human-rating app, gets little love
Judge Shields TPP From Freedom Of Information Act
Homeland Security Detains Stockton Mayor, Forces Him To Hand Over His Passwords Without Warrant

## Propaganda ##
U.S. Politicians are Asked About Saudi Atrocities…Here's What Happened Next
"They're Hopping Mad In The US And Saudi Arabia": Russian Strikes In Syria Spark Epic Western Media Propaganda Blitz

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Honda recalling 143,000 Civics, Fits to fix faulty software
Engineers give New York poor grades for infrastructure
The state's 17,456 bridges received a grade of D+. More than 2,000 bridges statewide are considered structurally deficient. More than 50 percent of New York's bridges are 75 years old, and more than 400 are 100 years old, the report states.
New Gerald R. Ford carrier class, as predicted, called $13 billion 'debacle'
As the Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier enters the annals of troubled acquisition programs — billions over budget, years behind schedule — it follows a familiar script, becoming yet another example of how the Pentagon struggles with buying major weapons systems.
A distant mirror: bimillenary of Germanicus' campaigns in Germania
Detroit is even putting worms to work revitalizing city
The idea is to keep precipitation out of the city's overburdened combined sewer overflow system and, in a tiny way, contribute to savings millions of dollars in big-pipe sewer infrastructure that won't need to be built.

## Japan ##
Fukushima: the World's Never Seen Anything Like This
Abe's ¥600 trillion GDP goal called 'impossible'
On Tuesday, the top executive of a leading business lobby called it an "outrageous" and "impossible" numerical target.
Japan opens new immigration intelligence center
Japan's intelligence unit to monitor terrorism in 4 regions
The government plans to set up four groups to monitor terrorist activities in Asia, Africa and the Middle East under the Foreign Ministry's intelligence gathering unit expected to begin operating next April, government sources said Saturday.
Japan to restart second reactor on Oct. 15 under post-Fukushima rules
Protesters march over PM Abe's war bill in Tokyo
Police push for charges against TEPCO, execs over pollution problems after nuclear disaster
Police are pushing for criminal charges to be filed against Tokyo Electric Power Co. and 32 of its current and former executives over leakages of contaminated water from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant.
Flu vaccine prices uniformly rise 50 percent in Japan
Demonstrators protest My Number at rally in Shibuya

## China ##
Chinese Cash Flow Shocker: More Than Half Of Commodity Companies Can't Pay The Interest On Their Debt
Capital Flows To Emerging Markets To Turn Negative For First Time Since 1980s
Oops! Chinese Billionaire Behind New Nicaraguan Canal Drops 90% in 3 Months
Parking Spaces in Beijing Now More Expensive Than Some Apartments
Alipay expands to Japan and Singapore
China UnionPay seeks to turn its bank cards into international force
Chart Of The Day: China Containerized Freight Index Down 30% From Early 2013
China's excess crude steel still a problem
Huge Power Outage Plunges Large Swathes of Guangzhou Into Darkness
China's Desperate Battle Against Separatist Terrorism

## UK ##
UK helped Saudi Arabia get UN human rights role through 'secret deal' to exchange votes, leaked documents suggest
It's Official – UK Admits "Human Rights" No Longer a Priority of British Foreign Policy
David Cameron says that he would use nuclear weapons
Dozens of bodies to go unburied because of gravedigger shortage
The Labour-run Newcastle Under Lyme Borough Council told grieving relatives that no one can be buried in any of their eight cemeteries for three weeks, blaming funding cuts
UK policy in Syria hampered by 'wishful thinking'
Lt Gen Sir Simon Mayall said the UK had underestimated the staying power of President Bashar al-Assad. In an interview with BBC Newsnight, he painted a picture of a UK being in a strategic muddle over Syria and described Russia's intervention as "hugely significant".
Redcar steelworks owner goes into liquidation threatening all 2,200 jobs
Noisy protests keep Conservative conference attendees awake
Half of teachers could leave the profession in two years
Young people spend more on takeaways than any other age group because they don't know how to cook

## US ##
9/11 victims' families unable to sue Saudi Arabia for alleged al-Qaeda support, says US judge
U.S. system designed to prevent financial crisis 'likely to fail,' say experts
Unemployment Claims Still Sailing Along At Record Lows, Withholding Taxes Down Slightly in Q3
Employers continue to ignore the signals sent by the recent stock market fracture. They are still hoarding their low cost labor forces at a record rate, exceeding that of any past bubble in history.
GDPNow Forecast Plunges to 0.9% Following Advance Report on US Balance of Goods
An ailing global economy starts to weigh on US job market
US Mint Sees Record Silver Sales In Q3 As Physical Demand "Is Absolutely Through The Roof"
How America's "Think Tanks" are Compromised and Bought Off by Foreign Governments
Cashin: This is not going to be a pleasant Christmas
Payroll Disaster: Establishment Survey +142K Jobs, Employment -236K; Labor Force -350K; 59K Downward Revisions
Bartenders And Wait Staff Dominate Jobs Added, Manufacturing Jobs Decline
This Chart Truly Depicts New, Terrible Trend in Jobs Mess
Factory Orders Hit the Skids, Last Month Revised Lower, Shipments Down 4th Time in 5 Months
How Local Governments Got Burned by Private Prison Investments
Get ready for a 'destruction of wealth' as stocks head toward a bear market
More Than 70 Overdose Cases Reported in Chicago in 72 Hours
Wage Apocalypse for the American man: Typical male worker earned less in 2014 than in 1973.
Corporate Layoff Surge To Q3 2009 Level, Stock Buybacks At Record Levels
U.S. hedge funds brace for worst year since financial crisis
Young Americans Are Giving Up on Getting Rich

## The candidates ##
Those who know Fiorina best aren't giving to her
Carly Fiorina endorses waterboarding 'to get information that was necessary'
Hillary Clinton Gets Endorsement Of National Education Association
Who Owns Your Candidate?
Koch Brothers, Other 2016 Mega Donors Warm To Carly Fiorina
Trump vs. Fiorina vs. Obama on Isis; Fiorina and the "Law of Bad Ideas"
Donald Trump says arming more people would cut deaths in mass shootings
Trump: Middle East Would Be More Stable With Saddam and Gadhafi

And finally...
Suspected car thieves arrested after sending selfie to vehicle owner
Husband says wrong name during sex, gets stabbed

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