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News Links, October 7, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
World Bank Trims East Asia Growth Forecast As China Worries Drag Down Economies
IMF cuts global growth forecasts again, cites commodity and China worries
Economists Chase Tails and Tales, Cut GDP Estimates Again
Ukraine Economy To Fall? Gross Domestic Product To Shrink By 12%, Says World Bank
Brazil Unemployment Rate Soars As Workers Brace For Tighter Economic Squeeze
Trans-Pacific Partnership: US, Pacific Rim Nations Reach TPP Trade Deal
Caution: More Commodity Price Weakness Ahead
Commodity Collapse Has More to Go as Goldman to Citi See Losses
Toronto-area detached home prices surge above $1 million, out of reach of first-time buyers
Emerging Market ETF Outflows Double as Losses Hit $12.4 Billion
Something's Up: Panic Buying of Super-Liquid Treasuries
German Factory Orders Unexpectedly Fall Amid Economic Risks
Norway Seen Tapping Its Wealth Fund to Ward Off Oil Risks
Glencore Stock Is Re-Crashing
Volkswagen's CEO: Scandal Will Force Big Spending Cuts

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Buyouts coming at company behind Chicago Tribune, LA Times
SunEdison to layoff workers following spending spree & stock slump
ConAgra cuts 1,500 jobs; moving HQ from Omaha to Chicago
Swiss Broadcasting Corporation plans 250 job cuts

## Airline death spiral ##
Workers attack Air France managers, forcing them to flee
Alaska Airlines Loses Its Own CEO Brad Tilden's Luggage
US airline seat densification Part 2: The Big 3 add seats, change the profile of willing passengers
Airlines find travelers accept fees wrapped up in bundles
Job cuts coming to Delta Airlines
Abe pledges ¥45 billion to Sri Lanka for airport development

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Ukraine War Deserters: 16,000 Troops Abandoned Military Since Conflict Began, Kiev Official Says
Russia Escalates Syria Proxy War: Threatens Full Naval Blockade Of Syria
Russia Says 'Volunteers' Likely to Fight in Syria
Russian military official Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov reiterated today that there are no plans for Russian ground troops to get directly involved in the Syrian Civil War, but said it was very likely that Russian "volunteers" will start showing up in the ranks of the Syrian Army.
Russia would consider air strikes in Iraq at Baghdad's request: RIA
Russia says checking claim its plane violated Turkey's airspace for second time
US: Afghans Requested Airstrike on Kunduz Hospital
Islamic State Militants Drive Brand-New Toyota Trucks As US Officials Struggle To Uncover ISIS Source
United Arab Emirates: Revealing the dark face of the Gulf state where human rights abuses are a daily occurrence
Saudi Clerics Call For Jihad Against Russia, Iran; NATO Warns Of Airspace "Violations"

## Migrants/refugees ##
Syrian refugees increasingly return to war zones in homeland
The returns, along with the increasing migration to Europe, signal that conditions in regional host countries have become increasingly intolerable, the refugees and aid officials said.
Saving migrants from drowning has become a daily job for Greek fishermen
Asylum Shelters in Germany Struggle with Violence

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
'Global Rally For Humanity': Planned Anti-Islam Protests Spark Calls For Extra Mosque Security By Muslim Civil Rights Group
Air France workers rip shirts from executives after airline cuts 2,900 jobs
Staff storm board meeting at Charles de Gaulle airport and force executives to flee, with one clambering over fence half-naked
Belarusian demonstrators protest Russian air base
'Let the people of Israel enter the gates and kill Arabs,' demonstrators chant as tensions rise in Israel
Ugly scenes outside Tory conference after thousands march against austerity
New generation of disillusioned Palestinians drives unrest
Protesters block award ceremony over Exxon's 'climate change denial funding'

## Energy/resources ##
German consumers face billions of extra costs for new power lines
The grid expansion is an important pillar of Chancellor Angela Merkel's "Energiewende" or shift from nuclear power and fossil fuels towards renewable energy sources.
Thermal coal prices plummet to all time lows
Ukraine To Resume Gas Purchases From Russia This Fall
What Will Happen To Oil Prices When China Fills Its SPR?
France asks for Japan participation in nuclear reshuffle
France has invited Japan's nuclear industry to take part in the reorganisation of its own nuclear sector, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said on Monday.
Oil Patch Braces for Exploration Chill After Canada's Election
US Shale oil industry will simply vanish
After many years of prosperity, the tough time has come for the US shale industry. Dramatic US oil production decline is inevitable and many shale companies face bankruptcy.
Layoffs at SunEdison as Investors Question the Renewable Energy Developer's Strategy
Hot dog! Kyoto professor makes petroleum easily using only water and carbon dioxide…we think
JPMorgan paints bleak picture of global gas market in client note
U.S. investment bank JPMorgan Chase warned that new global gas price lows will demolish producer profits as top Asian consumers freeze big purchases and rework or ditch existing import deals.
A New Kind of Frackademia? New Environmental Inspectors Offered Free Industry-Funded Classes on Fracking
US Oil Production On Brink Of 'Dramatic' Decline, Exec Says
Oil executives warned on Tuesday of a "dramatic" decline in U.S. production that could pave the way for a future spike in prices if fuel demand increases.
Official: Libya's Oil Output Down To 300,000 Bpd
Libya's oil production has dropped to 300,000 barrels per day, less than a quarter of what it produced before the 2011 fall of Muammar Gaddafi, mostly because of insecurity and closed pipelines, a top official said.
India takes 17 percent more Iran oil in Sept than in Aug - shipping data
Oil Gains as Russia Set To Meet With Producers

## Got food? ##
Non-grocery store packaged food purchases rise, nutritional value drops
Monsanto and Syngenta Tighten Stranglehold on Global Food Supply
Meat wins: Sustainability won't factor into the US government's new dietary guidelines

## Environment/health ##
Indonesia Haze Shuts Schools in Malaysia, Latest in String of Disruptions
Almost a third of cactuses at risk of extinction: study
DOJ announces record $20 billion settlement in Gulf oil spill
Dangerous Increase In Wildfires Predicted As Climate Warms, Study Says
Noise: an invisible threat that harms wildlife, degrades habitats
Chernobyl animals thrive in exclusion zone without humans
Chernobyl Study: 'Amazing Illustration' of How Destructive Human Civilization Has Become
It upends common sense in many ways, but new research highlights how animal populations can thrive... when humans go away
Pfizer Raised Prices on 133 Drugs This Year, And It's Not Alone
How Coca-Cola has tricked everyone into drinking so much of it
You may think you have come to like soda all on your own. But that desire is the product of decades worth of focused and often troubling efforts on behalf of the soda industry.
More than 1,300 National Guard soldiers deployed to southeast United States

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Ai Weiwei finds Beijing art studio bugged
California Mayor Forced to Hand Over Electronics and Passwords at Airport – Compares U.S. to Nazi Germany
Data hack at 7 Trump hotels confirmed
Delta Force considered staging fake hijacking after 9/11
Activists' Drone Drops Anti-Spying Leaflets Over the NSA
Top European Court Rules That NSA Spying Makes U.S. Unsafe For Data
Warren Buffett Gets Into Cybersecurity Insurance

## Propaganda ##
Rupert Murdoch: Propaganda Recruit
Journalistic objectivity was never high on Rupert Murdoch's ethics list, but "secret" records from the 1980s show how far the media magnate went to ingratiate himself with President Reagan by collaborating with U.S. propaganda operations.
The Radically Changing Story of the U.S. Airstrike on Afghan Hospital: From Mistake to Justification
CNN and the NYT Are Deliberately Obscuring Who Perpetrated the Afghan Hospital Attack
Saudi Arabia Continues Hiring Spree of American Lobbyists, Public Relations Experts
How Monsanto Mobilized Academics to Pen Articles Supporting GMOs
The Chinese government is cranking up the nationalism after its Nobel win
Seriously, what country does not crank up the nationalism after a Nobel win? -- RF

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Welcome to the Future: Downward Mobility and Social Depression
Pedestrian rage: Man Says He Was Shot By Pedestrians Angry Over U-Turn In Bedford-Stuyvesant
In addition to road rage, air rage, password rage, shopping-cart rage, and who knows what other kind, we now have "pedestrian rage." -- RF
Preparing for 'Transportation Armageddon' on the Hudson
Space travel for the 1%: Virgin Galactic's $250,000 tickets haunt New Mexico town
Private companies argue they're democratizing space exploration by offering it to celebrities and millionaires. But in New Mexico, locals are footing the bill
One True Measure of Stagnation: Not in the Labor Force

## Japan ##
Feeble wage growth raises odds of BOJ stimulus
Can you believe it? Japan will create yet another new cabinet post for a "Society in Which All 100 million People can be Active"! It's a further increase in complexity, and a greater funding (energy) requirement. -- RF

## UK ##

## The candidates ##

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