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News Links, October 9, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Rise of the RMB: Not the "Death of the Dollar" but "Death of the Euro?"
Fitch Downgrades Ukraine's Foreign-Currency Issuer Default Ratings To 'Restricted Default': Report
Deutsche Bank Warning——A Wave Of Corporate Defaults May Be Just Around The Corner
Reaction: German exports dive; Deutsche Bank warns on profit
Deutsche Bank expects $7 billion loss for 3rd quarter
Day After Deutsche Bank Admits Not All Is Well, Swiss Giant Credit Suisse Also Admits It Needs More Cash
Petro-Dollar Reserve Burn Intensifies——Saudi Net Foreign Assets Down $90 Billion Since Sept. 2014
China, Russia, Norway, Brazil, Taiwan Dump US Treasuries
On the Brink, Argentina Asks China for More Money
Global Financial Meltdown Coming? Clear Signs That The Great Derivatives Crisis Has Now Begun
The First Crack: Deutsche Bank Preannounces Massive Loss, May Cut Dividend
As A Shocking $100 Billion In Glencore Debt Emerges, The Next Lehman Has Arrived
Even The IMF Warns—–Global Sovereign Debt Markets Are In The Mother Of All Bubbles
Pension funds, retirement savers warned they face lower returns (Canada)
How Chinese Flight Capital Generated A Massive Housing Bubble In Vancouver
Legal Fictions and new Battlegrounds in the War on Cash
The World Map Of Public Debt
No more new cars or furniture, says king as oil slump forces cuts on Saudi Arabia
Bruised Germany Is Canary in Coal Mine for Europe Economic Woes
IMF warns emerging market companies have overborrowed $3 trillion
Coal Problems Being Made Worse by Global Slowdown, Glencore Says
Once More: The TPP Agreement Is Not A Free Trade Agreement, It's A Protectionist Anti-Free Trade Agreement

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Monsanto slashing 2,600 jobs, buying back shares as sales fall
Aston Martin set to cut jobs in bid to stay 'right size'
Glencore closes Eland platinum mine, cuts over 800 jobs
Delta Air Lines to cut undisclosed number of support jobs
OneSubsea in Norway 'staff cuts'
Teamsters' Pension Fund Warns 400,000 of Benefit Cuts
Deutsche Bahn plans thousands of job cuts in overhaul: sources

## Airline death spiral ##
Air France May Cut 5,000 More Jobs In New Restructuring
Some travelers love to hate the new discount airlines
New Patent Pictures Show How Airlines Could Stack Passengers to Make More Money
Could Air France shrink like Alitalia?
Airlines post better on-time rate but get more complaints

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Hijack for Profit: The Evolving South East Asian Piracy Model
Syrian army and Russian jets target rebels in western Syria
Russian Airstrikes In Syria Hit CIA-Trained Rebel Weapons Depot
Russian Warships Launch Missile Attack On Syrian Targets, Clearing Way For Iran Ground Invasion
Russia fires cruise missiles into Syria, engages in 1st ground battle
The cruise missiles flew over the Caucasus Mountains, Iran and Iraq before veering toward Islamic State-held areas, shocking military analysts who said they were unaware that the weapons had such long-range capability.
US Claims Malfunctioning Russian Cruise Missiles Hit Iran; Moscow, Tehran Both Deny
Israel, Russia Conclude First Round of Deconfliction Talks
NATO ready to defend Turkey, send troops if needed: Stoltenberg
Russia outflanks Turkey in Syria
Russia-NATO Conflict? After UK Pledges Troops To Baltics, Moscow Vows Military 'Parity'
The best question about our Middle East disasters actually comes from Putin
Plutonium stocks could soar in East Asia as Japanese reprocessing plant tempts China and South Korea to follow
Saudi Arabia Bombs Second Yemeni Wedding in a Week – At Least 23 Dead
Saudi Arabia Announces New Defense Policy After Iran Deal, Islamic State And Changing Western Involvement In Middle East
U.S. Spent Nearly $100B On Foreigners To Fight Terrorists
Despite the enormous tab, ISIS, al-Qaeda and the Taliban are still running amok in the Middle East and Africa
US-Spain Reaper Drone Deal Worth $243M Approved By State Department
KGB-Connected Russian "Gangs" Tried To Sell Nuclear Bombs To ISIS In Moldovan Nightclub, AP Imagines
Obama Apologizes For US Airstrike On Doctors Without Borders Hospital In Kunduz, Afghanistan
"The Saudi Population Are Growing Restless": A Deep Look Inside The "Black Box" That Is Saudi Arabia
Israeli Civilians To Take Up Arms? Jerusalem Mayor Tells Citizens To Carry Weapons As Violence In City Continues To Soar
Jerusalem Metal Detectors For Muslims? Israeli Police Install Devices In Old City Quarter Amid Increasing Violence, Stabbings
China to build four submarines in Karachi
Yemen Rebel-Allied Party Says Ready For UN-Brokered Peace
Space militarization: AF Secretary Gains New Space Authorities
Boone Pickens: Russia 'new sheriff' in Mideast
U.S. mulls sailing near disputed South China Sea islands: Pentagon official
NATO moves to bolster collective defense

## Migrants/refugees ##
EU Launches Ops To Intercept Ships Smuggling People
EU to step up deportations of economic migrants

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Palestinian Unrest Leaves 970 Injured Since Weekend: Red Crescent
'The People Are Livid': 100,000 March Against 'Pick-Pocket' Austerity in Brussels

## Energy/resources ##
Risking backlash, India's Modi to push power price hikes
Total Collapse In Interest For Oil Assets: Brazil Oil Auction Is Near Complete Failure
German households face rising green power surcharge
A green energy surcharge levied on German consumers to support renewable power generation is likely to rise next year, despite government efforts to rein in the costs of the planned transition to a low-carbon economy, green energy group BEE said on Wednesday.
French oil major Total sees more refiners closing in Europe beyond 2015 
LNG Bust Could Last For Years
Report finds many nuclear power plant systems "insecure by design"
The North Sea Dilemma: Continue to Invest or Start Decommissioning?

## Got food? ##
Arsenic found in many U.S. red wines, but health risks depend on total diet
A new University of Washington study that tested 65 wines from America's top four wine-producing states — California, Washington, New York and Oregon — found all but one have arsenic levels that exceed what's allowed in drinking water.
Cucumber Salmonella Outbreak 2015: Deadly Food Poisoning Cases In 35 States Spread To Maryland Amid Recalls
The Food Bank: Scotland's Hidden Hunger

## Environment/health ##
"The bees are trying to tell us something": We may want to listen to the animal our survival depends on
Scientific evidence points to one of the causes of bee deaths--as corporate interests work to discredit the science
Doctors anticipate nasty US flu season
BRCA1 Gene Patent Ruling: Australia's Top Court Says Human Genes Are Not 'Patentable Invention'
Ocean heat wave harming world's coral reefs this year: experts
Indonesia Seeks Help From 4 Countries To Fight Forest Fires; Malaysia, Singapore Aircraft To Carry Out Water-Bombing
Canadian Military Puts Up $630K Bounty For Hacking, Defending 2015 Pickup Truck
Statoil: Oil spilled in North Sea
Climate Change Tipping Points and the Question of Civilizational Survival
DuPont Found Liable in Teflon Toxin Trial

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
How the TPP Could Lead to Worldwide Internet Censorship
Apple Inc. Keeps More Profits Overseas Than Microsoft And Google Combined
Apple's Balance Sheet Math: Does Apple Really Have $203 Billion in Usable Cash on Hand as Widely Reported?
Apple's real cash pile is 99% smaller than you think
Report: Clinton email server target of cyberattacks from China, Korea and Germany
Matthew Keys, Former Reuters Employee, Found Guilty Of Helping Anonymous Hack Los Angeles Times' Website
Kunduz Bombing: WikiLeaks Bounty Promises $50k For Anyone With Video, Cockpit Audio
FBI says it disrupted activities of dozens of potential IS recruits
MH-17 Yet Again, Poring Over the Data (and Translations); Serious Factual Errors by Time and Western Media
Companies maneuver to recruit top AI engineers
Congress-backed Interstate Oil Commission Call Cops When Reporter Arrives To Ask About Climate
Saudi Government Threatens Death Penalty For Tweeting - Reports
Chinese Billionaire and Clinton Donor Arrested in U.N. Bribery Scheme

## Propaganda ##
Bernanke's New Book—-A Pack Of Lies

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
What Happens to our Economy as Millions of People Lose the Habits of Hard Work?
John McAfee: Forget gun control, EMP attack would wipe out 90% of US population within 2 years
Rio Olympics 2016: Brazil Recession Threatens Summer Games Amid Budget Cuts, Political Scandal
How many more times will the Olympic games be held? -- RF
CITE: The $1 billion city that nobody calls home
Unsustainable. -- RF
Feared 'Amtrak shutdown' is actually a rail system shutdown
Flood slams South Carolina's already shoddy infrastructure
61,064 Failing Bridges Must Wait as Cities Borrow at Decade Low
When the Aristocracy Leaves the Commoners in the Dust, The Empire Is Doomed
GM's Windshield Wipers Can Catch Fire in Recalled Trucks
F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Jet Will Sling Lethal, Unmanned Drones At Enemy Targets -- It Just Has To Get Off The Ground

## Japan ##
Fukushima radiation hits home as thyroid cancer rises among children
Bank Of Japan Keeps Stimulus Package Unchanged Despite Growing Signs Of Recession
Poverty, isolation push Japan's child abuse cases to record high
Medical expenses in fiscal 2013 hit new high for seventh straight year at ¥40 trillion
New cabinet minister seeks to stem shrinking population
An exercise in futility and a waste of money. Everything depends on energy. Japan's postwar population ballooned thanks to the availability of cheap, high-quality energy. Those days are over. -- RF

## China ##
China uses intimidation tactics at U.N. to silence critics
Thermal coal imports to China are collapsing
Ranking the Peasants – China Introduces Orwellian "Citizen Scores"
Troubled Chinese exchange bodes ill for rare metals investors
China eases defense industry manufacturing restrictions

## UK ##
City firms struggle to recruit because public school pupils have such narrow backgrounds, warns Ucas chief
Michael Fallon: UK to send troops to Baltic states
It could be lights out for solar power under this government
Ten times as many of the jobs lost at Redcar are at risk under the government's plans to cut solar power subsidies by 87% – and it may be schools that suffer most
Second solar firm in two days goes bust, blaming UK government policy
BOE Signals Rate Can Stay Low as Inflation Weakness Persists
In Face Of Harsh Austerity, Britain's Hunger Crisis Sparks First Student-Led Food bank

## US ##
Shrinking US Trade Volume Means Global Recession Heading To These Shores
Welcome to the Recovery – Homelessness Amongst Students Doubles Since Before the Recession
When it Really Mattered, Ben Bernanke Coddled, Protected & Bailed Out Financial Criminals
Arabic Is Fastest-Growing Language In US As Immigration From Middle East, North Africa Spikes
Government Spends Half Million Dollars on Robots That Read to Children
Commission approves nuclear storage facility near San Onofre
Here Comes The New Subprime——Payday Loans From A Computer Program
Renters are paying too much and their burden is only going to increase: How financial policies gouge working class Americans.
Slavery in America was much worse than you probably imagined
Zooming out from current US steel woes shows a long slide
While We Sleep, Corporate Execs Strip-Mine America
Urban Outfitters asks employees to work for free
Chicago Suburbs $1 Million+ Home Sales "Not Totally Dead" Yet; Rush for the Exit
Biotech IPOs Grind to a Halt as Stock Rout Rattles Investors
Public Health Emergency Declared in Flint, Michigan Due to Lead Contamination in Water
While South Carolina Floods, U.S. Wrestles With Urban Stormwater

## The candidates ##
Hillary Clinton 'digging for dirt' on Joe Biden
Hillary Clinton Comes Out Against TPP, Reverses Her Position
Hillary Clinton's Wall Street Reform Plan: History Of Cozy Relationships And Big Campaign Checks Cast Shadow Over Position
Donald Trump And Eminent Domain: 2016 Candidate Champions Property Seizure Despite Its Racist History
Election 2016: Koch Brothers Officially Back Carly Fiorina, Opening Door To Big Donations

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