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News Links, November 11, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Iron And Coal Could Have More Suffering Ahead
Copper Sinks to Six-Year Low as Chinese Demand Slumps
Global Banks Face $1.2 Trillion Shortfall Under Proposed FSB Rules
China Trade Swoons, Collapse of Containerized Freight Index Hits Worst Level Ever, Global Slowdown Worse than Forecast
China Export Slump Accelerates—-YTD Shipments To Japan Down 9% , Europe Off by 3.7%
Trade slowdown points to world recession risk, OECD says
Global GDP Worse Than Official Forecasts Show, Maersk Says
Legendary Pierre Lassonde Says Super-Wealthy Now Buying Massive Positions In The Gold Sector
Shares Of World's Largest Miner Plunge To Seven-Year Low After Massive Toxic Mudslide Engulfs Brazilian Village
What An Industrial Depression Looks Like: Photos From An Australian Heavy-Machinery Auction
We Have Never Seen Global Trade Collapse This Dramatically Outside Of A Major Recession
Australian Housing Illusion Set to Burst
Venezuela Liquidating Assets As Economic Crisis Worsens
The Left should embrace degrowth

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Zurich Plans to Cut 440 Jobs at Its U.K. Non-Life Business
Big banks cut 1475 jobs to maintain profits (Australia)
More job cuts loom as market faces squeeze (Malaysia)
Oil Giant Chevron Announces Big Job Cuts Amid Slump In Global Prices
Nigerian oil companies cut 120,000 Jobs

## War on cash/cashless society ##
Argos IT glitch brings chaos to Christmas shoppers (UK)
Dollar bills banned as Continental Airlines cashes in on cashless-cabin trend
London's black cabs could be made to offer contactless payments
Bank Losing Millions on Airport ATMs

## Airline death spiral ##
Israel Shared ISIS Communications On Russian Plane Crash In Sinai: CNN
Egypt plane crash: Airport security rethink 'may be needed'
Russian officials believe Sinai plane brought down by bomb: U.S. sources
Officials: Sinai Airport Worker Likely Planted Bomb on Russian Plane
Smaller seats on airplanes raise safety concerns
Lufthansa strike forces cancellation of 1,000 flights
Kremlin: Russian ban on flights to Egypt will last months
Private management taking the controls at Kansai Airport (Japan)
The alliance will pay 2.2 trillion yen ($17.8 billion) to run both locations for the 44 years through fiscal 2059.
These facilities will have turned into ghost airports long before 2059. -- RF
Airline revenue from passenger fees soars 18.8%
Seat kickers, inattentive parents top list of airplane annoyances
Airline with Most Seats Ever Unveiled

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Russia Agrees To Deliver S-300 Missile Systems to Iran
US To Send "Thousands" Of Troops, Attack Helicopters, Artillery, To Europe To "Deter Russia"
Defense Minister: France Strikes IS Oil Sites in Syria
Russia and Iran-backed offensive helps regime break Isil's two-year siege on Syrian airbase
US Air Force struggles to add drone pilots and address fatigue and stress
Catalonia Lawmakers Defy Madrid, Approve Plan For Secession From Spain
North Korea gray markets sell foreign goods and continue to grow
Portugal Government Pushed Out Over Austerity Policies By Socialist And Left Parties
U.K. armed forces lead NATO exercise in Baltic states
Day Before Deadly Bombing, U.S. Official Asked if Any Taliban Were "Holed Up" At MSF Hospital
How Ukraine's Finance Chief Got Rich
Ukraine's Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko collected at least $1.77 million in bonuses from a U.S.-taxpayer-funded investment project that she ran even as it was losing money, a sign that her image as a paragon of public-interest "reform" may not be all that it's cracked up to be.
Israel and Egypt get 75% of all U.S. spending on foreign military aid
Obama, Netanyahu Agree to Replace $30 Billion Arms Deal With 'Substantially More'
Kissinger, the Bombardier: How Diplomacy by Air Power Became an All-American Tradition

## Migrants/refugees ##
EU warns of refugee 'catastrophe' as winter closes in
Detention Camp Uprising Highlights Australia's Appalling Treatment of Refugees
Finland to house refugees in tents, containers
Sweden calls on army to help manage refugee crisis
Germany Sells Out Of Pepper Spray As "Frightened Germans Buy Protection Against Refugees"

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Protests Continue In Romania, Fire Death Toll Reaches 45
Australia tries to halt unrest at immigration detention camp
'Our Generation, Our Choice,' Say Youth, Readying for Mass Civil Disobedience
Fight For $15: Nationwide Protests Aim To Inject Minimum Wage Hikes Into Presidential Campaign

## Energy/resources ##
Global Rig Count Continues Steady Decline
BP says oil majors have axed 80 projects this year
Oil majors have cancelled a total of 80 projects across the globe this year because of low oil prices and cut capital expenditures by as much as $22 billion (15 billion pounds), BP's head of exploration and production Lamar Mckay said on Tuesday.
Steep drop in North Dakota rig count
Number of rigs in active service in the shale-rich state off by almost 70 percent year-on-year.
Global Coal Consumption Heads for Biggest Decline in History
China Alone Now Burns Half The World's Coal, New Data Reveals
WTI Crude Crushed To $43 Handle "Flash-Crash" Lows After Genscape Data
UAE Pressing Ahead With Oil Expansion, Betting On Price Recovery
Oil price to recover to $80 only by 2020: IEA
Few bright spots for U.S. coal
U.S. shale oil basins to decline
California's Costly Solution to Make the Ocean Drinkable
Zambia's Proposed Power Prices Seen Devastating Factories, Farms
Providing electricity to 2bn people a 'major challenge': Al-Attiyah

## Got food? ##
A Scorching Earth Threatens U.S. Agriculture
Indoor-grown veggie system is prepared for salad days
Thanksgiving 2015 Faces Bird-Flu Outbreak: Will Ham Replace Traditional Turkey Feasts?

## Lifestyle solutions ##
Japan's Muji enters the tiny house game, showcases its line of wonderfully minimalist 'Muji Huts'

## Environment/health ##
Dining In, Not Driving To Work Linked To Better Health, Weight Control, New Research Says
It's like training your own replacement! -- RF

## China ##
Air quality plummets as heavy smog blankets large swaths of China
Readings in Shenyang are possibly the highest pollution levels ever recorded in China since the country began to monitor air quality in 2013
The Guardian's Ilaria Maria Sala reports that four men who work for a Hong Kong publisher known for producing sensational titles on high-ranking CCP leaders are missing after traveling outside of Hong Kong.
Beijing is Actually Working to Prevent the RMB from Being Internationalized

## UK ##
Soaring house prices force workers into longer commutes
Study finds that the number of people who spend more than two hours travelling to and from work has increased by more than 70 per cent
No, it won't. -- RF
Sound advice from the Prince. -- RF

## US ##
The October Jobs Report——Not Awesome, Just More Of The Same BLS Con
No, it wasn't a "blow-out" jobs report. Inside the artificially bloated, trend-cycle adjusted headline number was the same old BLS con job and an economically devastating shortfall where it really counts. Namely, the US economy still has 2% fewer breadwinner jobs than it did 94 months ago at the pre-crisis peak in December 2007.
U.S. Manufacturing Renaissance Turns Into the Dark Ages
Why I Will Never Hire Anyone, Even at $1/Hour
While many hope that every low-skill person can become a high-skilled worker, training people doesn't create jobs for them.
The average decrease of 8 percent in these container sizes with no change in price equals an 8 percent increase in inflation.

## The candidates ##
About the so-called war on Christmas, see this article. -- RF
Kill, baby, kill! -- RF

And finally...
MP loses it over Star Wars shoe disappointment (UK)

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