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News Links, November 14, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
World risks 'persistently' weak growth: IMF
UK Sells $19.8B Worth Of Nationalized Bank Mortgages To US Private Equity Firm Cerberus
IMF's Lagarde supports proposal to include yuan in SDR
Southeast Asian nations walking budgetary tightropes
Southeast Asian governments are struggling to balance their national budgets as tax revenues fall amid declining crude oil prices, even as they boost spending to prop up their slowing economies.
Dubai private sector growth grinds to slowest since Feb 2010
Dubai property prices said to be down by 10.3% in past year
Central Banks, Particularly China and Russia, Still Remain Strong Buyers of Gold
Amid African Migrant Crisis, EU To Cut Remittance Fees In 15 Years
Unfortunately, the collapse of developed-country economies will likely wipe out remittances themselves. -- RF

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Commodity trader Cargill restructures, cuts jobs - sources

## War on cash/cashless society ##
Paying your pals with digital options from Venmo to Facebook
Coinbase Is Out to Build Payments Right Into Browsers
How Japan's railway systems accidentally invented contactless payments
Bank of England Bludges On Bitcoin To Create A Cashless Society!!

## Airline death spiral ##
Crowded skies risk a hard landing: Cut-throat competition in Chinese aviation attracts corruption suspicions
Complaints against airlines rise 27% for first nine months of the year
'Real concerns' about regional airline Loganair, says First Minister
EVA Air slams runway maintenance at Taoyuan airport
Alert readers will recall that last month several Japanese airports were faulted for poor runway maintenance. -- RF
Why you should never fly on a Monday
Russia Plane Crash Update: Moscow Bans Incoming EgyptAir Flights As Investigation Reveals Few Answers In Deadly Disaster
The TSA Does Not Protect You, But they Did Just Get Caught Smuggling Lots of Cocaine
Paris Flight Cancellations And Delays: After Shooting, Explosions, Hostage Crisis, Air Carriers Delay Travel To France

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
At least 120 dead in Paris attacks, Hollande declares emergency
Paris Terror Attacks Update: Hollande Closes French Borders; Increased Security Since The Charlie Hebdo Massacre
Indonesia is the next challenger to Beijing in the South China Sea
Islamic State in Libya fights to emulate Iraq, Syria success
US Navy edges back to Subic Bay in Philippines – under new rules
Air Force Vows to Speed Up Weapons Export Approvals: Pentagon records sharp rise in foreign arms sales
Sinjar Offensive: Kurdish Forces Wrest Control Of Key Iraqi Town From ISIS
Russia Denies S-400 Missile System Operating In Syria In Support Of Assad Regime
Carpetbagging 'Crony Capitalism' in Ukraine
Ukraine's Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko and other key officials were given overnight Ukrainian citizenship — with the law requiring them to renounce their old allegiances — but the American-born Jaresko has balked at that mandate, raising questions about her true motives.
Report: Oman May Acquire German Leopard Tanks
Russia Leaks Dirty-Bomb Submarine Drone In State TV Broadcast
A Third Intifada? Israel Military Begins Reserve Call Ups Ahead Of 2016 West Bank Deployment
Global Hawk UAV 'workhorse' reaches service milestone

## Migrants/refugees ##
Syrian Refugee Crisis 2015: How Canada Will Resettle 25,000 Refugees Over The Next Few Weeks
Rights group says migrants face beatings, abuse in Bulgaria

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Walmart Black Friday 2015: Workers Launch Fast For Higher Wages And Full-Time Status

## Energy/resources ##
Is The Oil Industry Really Subsidized?
Oil Tankers Are Filling Up As Global Storage Space Runs Low
Oil Market Supply Imbalance Getting Worse, Not Better
Texas oil economy may be shrinking
Energy jobs in Norway down by half
New York's Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant denied certification
EnergyTech2015 warns of potential power grid disaster
The roar of the energy midgets: Keshe beats Rossi hands down.
Basically, this is no worse than the absurd claim that hydrogen is an energy source, which we even hear from the mainstream media. -- RF
With 'Off-Planet' Mining Bill, US Congress Seeks to Privatize Outer Space
South Africa's shrinking economy helps keep the lights on
This is akin to a company shrinking itself into profitability. Sign of the times. -- RF

## Got food? ##
SpaghettiOs Recall 2015
Campbell Soup Co. voluntarily recalled 355,000 14.2-ounce cans of SpaghettiOs Thursday due to a potential choking hazard posed by pieces of red plastic found in a small number of cans.

## Environment/health ##
Massive northeast Greenland glacier rapidly melting: study
Indonesia's action on haze won't stop burning: palm farmers group
Boats sit idle as algae threatens Dungeness crab season
Here's what happens to your body after you down an energy drink. It's kind of scary.
U.S. sees alarming jump in rate of newborns with syphilis
Winter snowpack decline may cut water supply for many nations

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Bangladesh bloggers fear deadly backlash won't end soon
The astonishing amount of data being collected about your children
Facebook blocks more content in India than in any other country
U.S. Inventors Got Slapped with Government Secrecy Orders 95 Times in 2014
A Map in Your iPhone Is Tracking You. Here's How to Zap It

## Propaganda ##
'Jihadi John' joins list of top terrorists killed by U.S.

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
The Bitter, Crushing Poverty Of Appalachia Is A Preview Of What Is Coming To The Rest Of The Country
If We Don't Change the Way Money Is Created and Distributed, Rising Inequality Will Trigger Social Disorder
Centrally issued money optimizes inequality, monopoly, cronyism, stagnation, low social mobility and systemic instability.
U.S. Government Takes 10 Years and Spends $1 Billion to Digitize a Single Form
Kia recalls over 256,000 Souls for steering problem
New York City finds one in five adults has mental health problems

## Japan ##
Organizations tackle problem of childhood hunger in Japan
What's Behind Japan's Sudden Thirst for More Spy Satellites
Japan set to reveal GDP contraction, says SuMi TRUST

## China ##
China's corruption crackdown is so vast, top officials from every single province have been nabbed
China's Trade Data Signal More Economic Pain Coming
China discards 80 million phones and none are being recycled

## UK ##
Crickhowell: Residents of town going offshore to avoid tax release video urging others to do the same
Refugee crisis: First planeload of Syrian asylum seekers to arrive in Glasgow next week
Grub Kitchen: Paying a visit to Britain's first insect-only restaurant
Surge in number of UK adults with diabetes
British Ebola nurse recovers again, leaves specialist hospital unit

## US ##
Moody's Warns about Credit Crunch, Unnerves with Comparisons to 2008, 2009!
Nordstrom's forecast cut renews concerns about retail slowdown
100 American CEOs have more retirement wealth than 116 million Americans.
Most Americans have no retirement strategy.  In fact, the new model of retirement appears to be work until you die.  It isn't an uncommon model.  In fact, this used to be the status quo for centuries on end.
And neo-feudalism dictates that we are going back to that model. -- RF
Shipping container apartments open for viewing in Phoenix
Postal service tallies $5.1B loss in 2015 budget year
How The Military-Industrial Complex Smashed The Sequester Caps
Thanks to the budget deal that the White House and congressional Republicans sealed November 2, the Pentagon's brief flirtation with austerity is over.
Thanks For The Bailout, Taxpayers! GM to Import Chinese-Made Buick SUVs
Wall Street is underestimating Tesla cash burn: Barclays
Production Discounting Globally Suggest US Consumers In Deepening Recession
Now Flying Below "Stall Speed"
Millions Are Living On $2 A Day — Yes, In The United States
Contractors That Defraud the Government the Most Also Spend the Most on Lobbying

## The candidates ##
Donald Trump's 95-minute rant: 'How stupid are the people of the country?'
Time for GOP panic? Establishment worried Carson or Trump might win
Donald Trump Releases 'Friday The 13th' Attack Ad Calling Ben Carson A 'Violent Criminal'
Special Report: Trump's art of the deal - Dispute your bills
Beware too-good-to-be-true personal stories from 2016 trail

And finally...
Florida woman calls 911, orders wings and cigarettes

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