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News Links, November 16, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Global Trade (Still) In Freefall: Imports Collapse At Largest Three US Ports
IMF's Lagarde Anoints Chinese Yuan. Will it Now Demolish the "Dollar Hegemony?"
Barbarous relic: Americans are buying tons of gold
About 38% of All the Comex Gold in Hong Kong Left the Warehouses Yesterday
The Ultimate Global Collapse Indicator
Eurozone GDP: Growth slows to just 0.3%
A Storm Of Bad "Incoming Data" Strikes As The World Economy Rolls Over
Investor Fears Spike as Noose Tightens Around Catalonia's Economy
Who killed the car industry? (Australia)
The end of of Australia's car manufacturing industry is approaching and it will be brutal. It is shaping as an extinction event of Australian jobs, an entire industry being wiped out.
The Red Tide Of Deflation Intensifies——U.S. Steel Going Down For The Count
U.S. Steel Corp. bonds plunged, sending yields to record highs, as slumping metal prices hinder its efforts to return to profitability after three consecutive quarters of losses.

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Texas oil, gas job losses seem worse than thought
The number of oil and gas job losses in Texas might be far worse than an industry group earlier predicted, potentially reaching 56,000, according to the latest analysis by the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers.
Rolls-Royce chief 'planning job cuts and restructuring'
Engineering giant Rolls Royce is planning to axe hundreds of middle-management jobs in a bid to cut costs in the wake of its fifth profit warning in two years.
Sprint Corp: More Jobs Cuts To Follow Amid Major Restructuring

## War on cash/cashless society ##
The Philippines Works Towards National e-Payment System

## Airline death spiral ##
Windows 3.1 crash puts French airport out of commission
Great Lakes Airlines asks FAA for more seats on planes
Can you trust luggage manufacturers when they say a bag is carry-on size?
As fees for checked bags spread from airline to airline, more travelers began to skip checked luggage in favor of carry-ons. This has led to an increase in air rage as passengers rush for overhead bin space.
Lufthansa cancels 941 flights on final strike day
Paris Attacks: Amid Heightened Tensions, Airports Increase Security Across Globe
French man with firearm held after London's Gatwick Airport evacuated
Singapore Airlines turns to a wounded Tiger for relief
International Flights Turned Away from Harbin Because of Horrible Pollution (gallery)
Paris air travel proceeds, but some cancel future visits
MRJ will make or break Japanese aviation, industry insiders say
The Japanese aviation industry's future viability is dependent on a sharp increase in orders for the Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ), with less than one-sixth of its sales target achieved to date.
Japanese travel agencies cancel tours to France

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Hollande: Paris Attacks Were an 'Act of War' by Islamic State
The French Campaign Begins: Hollande Launches "Massive Bombardment" Of ISIS Capital
State Of Emergency In France Extended 3 Months; Picture Of Surviving Terrorist Released
Paris Terrorist Attacks: Right-Wing Marine Le Pen Reacts, Has Been Riding Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric As Election Approaches
Paris attacks cast doubts on Schengen vision of a borderless Europe
Paris Terror Attacks: France Could Invoke NATO Collective Defense Clause
2015 Paris Attacks: Three Arrested In Belgium In Connection With Terror Plot
The Saudis Are Stumbling From Pillar To Post
Mayhem Comes To Paris——How The West Opened The Gates To Hell
Unmasking ISIS
How Saudi/Gulf Money Fuels Terror
With the death toll in the Paris terror attacks still rising, French President Hollande is condemning an "act of war" by the Islamic State, but the underlying reality is that France's rich friends in the Persian Gulf are key accomplices in the mayhem.
Why Jihadi John's 'assassination' Is Nowhere Near as Important as You Think
Syrian Transition Plan Reached by U.S., Russia in Vienna Talks
A Message to Europe – Prepare for Nationalism
US Delivers Ammunition To Syrian Arab Fighters Battling Islamic State
Turkey Cancels $3.4B Missile Deal With China
Obama urges Russia to join renewed effort to eliminate Islamic State
ISIS Claims "Only Beginning of Storm"; Poland Backs Out of Refugee Agreement, Says It's a "Great Mistake"; Paris Changes Everything
US Space Command general making changes to prep for possibility of space war

## Migrants/refugees ##
The week even Sweden said: Enough
Austria approves fence on Slovenian border
15 African migrants found shot to death in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
What Is Neturei Karta? Why Ultra Orthodox Jews Are Protesting Benjamin Netanyahu And Befriending Iranian Leaders
Tens of thousands protest against South Korean president
Police officers fired water canons and tear gas at the crowd of between 70,000 and 130,000 protesters as they approached a barricade of 700 police buses, which were coated with cooking oil so protesters could not climb over them, in the largest protest in South Korea in several years.
South Korea vows no tolerance after violent protest in Seoul
Striking Greeks take to tension-filled streets in austerity protest
Saudi Arabia's Syrian adventures may soon be over
Protests against relocation of US air base in Japan

## Energy/resources ##
Nuclear power: Can its winter of discontent ever end? (US)
Lenders tighten screws on Canadian energy companies as 'vicious cycle' of cost-cutting unravels
Shortage of rare minerals could upset global markets: study
A shortage of rare minerals that are crucial for mobile phones, electronics and medical equipment could upset the global marketplace and create wide-ranging financial instability, a study warned Friday.
The oil glut is only getting WORSE, says IEA
Alberta's 'accelerated' phasing out of coal worries industry
Silver Wheaton Pays Glencore $900 Million For Silver At 20% Of Spot Price
Argentina says signs nuclear plant construction deals with China
It's highly unlikely they'll ever be built. -- RF
Bubble Finance In The Shale Patch—–Why Chesapeake's Bonds Are Imploding
Chesapeake Energy Corp.'s bonds have plunged to half their face value as lenders fret that tumbling energy prices are hurting their chances of getting paid on borrowings that are three times the current worth of the company's oil and gas fields.
Power returns to Amsterdam after outage hits a million homes
The Amsterdam region suffered a power blackout of more than five hours on Friday that hit a million households, forced flights to divert from Schiphol airport and disrupted national public transport networks.
Oil price collapsing, could set new low
Excess oil supply is at record-high with three billion barrels on market, says IEA
Is A Liquidity Crunch In The Solar Sector Ahead?

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Thieves threatening to disrupt your electricity

## Got food? ##
'Poverty Pay' Leads Wal-Mart Employees to Steal Lunches From Co-Workers

## Environment/health ##
And Indonesia keeps on burning...
For my efforts, I was permanently disinvited by the OECD.  The furious American delegation led by a respected anti-environmental activist, Paula Dobriansky, worked hard to fire the OECD people who invited me. Two years later, my paper was disappeared from the OECD archive.
6 Places Where Melting Snow Means Less Drinking Water
Number of U.S. smokers declines to all-time low
Goldman: Healthcare Costs to Push Inflation Higher
A mass extinction once replaced giant fish with tiny ones—and it could be happening all over again
How many locusts does it take to start a biblical plague? Just three
5 reasons Americans are obese — that have nothing to do with food
Brazil mining flood could devastate environment for years

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Beware of ads that use inaudible sound to link your phone, TV, tablet, and PC
The ultrasonic pitches are embedded into TV commercials or are played when a user encounters an ad displayed in a computer browser. While the sound can't be heard by the human ear, nearby tablets and smartphones can detect it. When they do, browser cookies can now pair a single user to multiple devices and keep track of what TV commercials the person sees, how long the person watches the ads, and whether the person acts on the ads by doing a Web search or buying a product.
'The Attacks Will Be Spectacular'
An exclusive look at how the Bush administration ignored this warning from the CIA months before 9/11, along with others that were far more detailed than previously revealed.
G20 Agrees to Share ALL Information on Everyone Starting in 2017
Lawmakers Demand US Military Carry Out Pretend Cyber War Against China, Russia
BitLocker encryption can be defeated with trivial Windows authentication bypass
Iran's Revolutionary Guards Target Popular Messaging App In Widening Crackdown
Iraq Says Shared Intel That France, US, Iran Were Targets
Holder Of Syrian Passport Found In Paris Attack Was Asylum Seeker
The False Flag Link: Syrian Passport "Found" Next To Suicide Bomber Was "Definitely A Forgery"
ISIS has cyber attacked U.S. infrastructure says FBI

## Propaganda ##
Publishers Under Pressure as Censors Reach for Red Pen (China)
Paris Attacks Spark Victory Dance For Conservative Media: 'Islam Is A Religion Of Violence'
Christians might want to take a look at how their own religion has been used over the centuries. -- RF
No, Muslims Are Not More Violent Than People of Other Religions. Here Are the Facts to Prove It.
Exploiting Emotions About Paris to Blame Snowden, Distract from Actual Culprits Who Empowered ISIS

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
The Class War Has Already Started
All the proposed "fixes"--more regulations, more taxes, more bureaucracies, etc.-- will fail because they are merely extensions of a failed system that optimizes inequality, monopoly, cronyism, stagnation, low social mobility and systemic instability.

## Japan ##
Japan beefs up security near French-related facilities after attacks
Gov't eyes extra budget worth around Y3.5 tril
Westinghouse unit suffered huge losses in 2012, 2013
Toshiba Corp. said on Thursday its U.S. nuclear unit Westinghouse had booked losses in fiscal years 2012 and 2013, a fresh revelation of difficulties faced by the embattled industrial conglomerate.
NRA's Monju reactor recommendation could deal serious blow to nuclear fuel cycle
Delivery failures dog parcel firms
In late September, the transport ministry issued the first report of its kind on the social impact that redelivery poses in terms of wasted energy and manpower as the industry struggles to deal with a driver shortage.
Japan-backed ADB ready to cooperate with nascent AIIB
Students group rallies in Tokyo, elsewhere to protest Okinawa base relocation
Japan targets boosting birthrate to increase growth

## China ##
China's Troubled Credit Swells to Sweden-Sized $628 Billion
China's Trade Data Signal More Economic Pain Coming
They Now Have The Chance, But Few Chinese Couples Want More Than One Kid
High cost of raising a child is China's new birth control
China's Wildlife Disappearing, New Report Says

## UK ##
French man arrested and airport evacuated after Gatwick firearm scare
Paris attacks: Special forces on streets of UK amid fears Britain could be next target for Isil
Street lights off and grass not cut as council slashes costs
1,000 more Exeter streetlights to be switched off at night
NHS winter crisis now inevitable, as think tanks warn of potential waiting list deaths
Rising numbers of patients are likely to die on waiting lists, while elderly people are left in misery without basic help, amid a growing NHS crisis, think tanks warn
Junior doctors' strike: 40,000 prepare to stage mass walk-out in December

## US ##
JC Penney growing faster than competition despite losses
The GM Cesspool Of Crony Capitalism——How Its Taxpayer Bailout Became China's Bonanza
Retail Sales Weaker Than Expected, Led by Autos; Car Boom Ending?
Business Inventories Rise More Than Expected; Inventory to Sales Ratio Highest in Recovery; Retailers Overestimating Demand?
These Are America's Fattest States
A Disaster of a Week for Retailers
Baltimore records 300th homicide of the year
U.S. maternal mortality rate is twice that of Canada: U.N
Congressional hearings on why the Inland water way system is falling apart

## The candidates ##
What Parisians Need Are Guns, Trump Says
Viewership Falls To 8.5 Million In Second Democratic Debate
A New Low – Hillary Clinton Claims 9/11 is the Reason She's Owned by Wall Street

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