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News Links, November 4, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Petrodollar Reflux to Hit Treasuries, Other Assets — Oil-producing countries dump assets to fill budget holes
Asia's factories struggle with global demand gulf
China, "Global Turbulence" Sink German Engineering Exports
Greek Debt Crisis: Government To Aid Bank Recapitalization Through Purchase Of Bonds, Shares
Norway Rates Seen Approaching Zero as Risk of Recession Grows
Eurozone banks still swamped with bad loans
Apocalypse now: has the next giant financial crash already begun?
Forget China: Canada Just Suffered Its Biggest Money Outflow Ever
The World's Three Largest Economies Are in Recession
What the heck is happening in Sweden? Negative rates, cash bans, housing bubble and enormous debt
OPEC's Strategy Starting To Take Its Toll On Gulf States
Bonds Send Same Ominous Signs No Matter Where in World You Look
JP Morgan forges global infrastructure team
JP Morgan has created a single global infrastructure team spanning finance and advisory and hired two managing directors from Royal Bank of Scotland in key roles, in an effort to capitalise on the rise in investor appetite for infrastructure projects among pension and wealth funds and other non-bank investors.
World's Biggest Banks Still Not `Truly Resolvable,' FSB Says

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Saudi Arabia Oil Woes? New Special Office Reportedly Aims At Cutting Government Spending Amid Slump In Prices
AIG Posts Loss, Eliminates Jobs as Icahn Calls for Breakup
Standard Chartered to Cut 15,000 Jobs, Raise $5.1 Billion
Swiss firms plan more job cuts
Europe's Biggest Banks Are Cutting 30,000 Jobs

## Cashless society ##
Japanese beverage vending machines don't accept cash (article in Japanese)
East Japan Railway Co. has installed 24 cashless vending machines in 22 Tokyo train stations. Their cash slots have been covered over. The machines accept payment only from the electronic cards used for public transportation. -- RF
Banks Close In Rural Areas As World Cashlessness Advances

## Airline death spiral ##
Strange airplane ideas that are yet to take off
Airport security guards accused of extorting passengers by planting bullets in luggage
Israeli Expert: Plane Could Have Been Sabotaged at Airport
Russian Plane Crash Update: Russia Disputes Claims About Plane's 'Black Box' Data
US detects heat around doomed Russian jet just before crash
Spirit Airlines Accused of Discrimination After 7 Passengers Kicked Off Flight

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
China Conducted Live-Fire Military Drills After U.S. Sail-Through
U.S. Navy plans two or more patrols in South China Sea per quarter
Adding to its large cache of Russian weapons already used by the country's military, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksander Vucic signed a deal to buy more arms from Moscow after meeting last week with his Russian counterpart, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, according to a report Monday by Russian news site Sputnik. The two countries share close political and cultural ties.
Poor nations struggle to spend climate aid billions - charity
Billions of dollars pledged by developed nations in climate finance over the last decade remain unused as poor countries that often most need the money are ill-equipped to spend it, international charity WaterAid said on Tuesday.
Hurt by cheap oil, Saudi government will make water more expensive
Saudi Arabia will raise the price of water for non-residential consumers, local media reported, a sign the government is cutting back an expensive system of subsidies as low oil prices strain its finances.
Perhaps it can. However, it wouldn't be cheap, and the article makes no mention of cost. -- RF
Is ConocoPhillips' Exit from DeepWater A Harbinger of The Sector Drying Up?
In the wake of ConocoPhillips' impromptu declaration that its exiting deep-water exploration during an analyst call last week, the sector itself appears to be bleak territory.
Deep-water drilling would be increasingly necessary to achieve and maintain the flow of oil mentioned in the previous article. This doesn't look good. -- RF
Brazil's main oil union strikes against Petrobras
Brazil's largest oil union began an open-ended strike on Sunday, protesting against attempts by the government to shrink the state-run oil company Petrobras, which is reeling from a corruption crisis and a crash in the oil price.

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Think religion makes society less violent? Think again.
Reviving the 'Liberal Media' Myth
The Republicans and the Right have dragged out an old favorite whipping boy – the "liberal media" – to distract the voters from the failure of some GOP presidential candidates to answer a few tough questions, a tried-and-untrue exercise in political diversion.
The ISS is set to be retired in 2024, and there are no current plans to replace the incredibly successful science lab. The U.S. spends around $3 billion a year to maintain the space station, the Washington Post reported. The total cost of the ISS -- funded by Russia, the U.S., Japan, Canada and Europe -- is estimated to be $160 billion.
South Africa treads water on infrastructure upgrades, risks shortages
South Africa's water supply could face shortages in future similar to those in its power network, where utility Eskom is struggling to keep the lights on in Africa's most advanced economy.
Michigan utilities face growing lineman shortage
Utilities in Michigan are struggling to find enough workers to maintain the state's grid, the Detroit News reports, due to a rise in lineman retirements following years of stagnant hiring.

Here again, hydrogen is referred to as an "energy source," while it is nothing of the sort. -- RF
China is on the bubble track with Dubai. -- RF
If you see something, say something! -- RF
Hidili Industry International Development Ltd. is not in a position to repay $190.6 million of principal and interest due Nov. 4. on its 8.625 percent notes, it said in a statement Friday. The mining company based in the southwest province of Sichuan has defaulted on some of its 6 billion yuan ($947 million) of loans, it said.

How the U.S. Government is Raiding a Citizen Victim Relief Fund to Pay for General Expenses
US Now Ranks Third For Financial Secrecy And Tax Havens After Switzerland And Hong Kong
Here Comes Fannie Mae's Instant Underwater Mortgage——3% Down, No Cash Needed
Bank of America Admits – Central Bank Policy Enriched Wall Street While "Steamrolling" Main Street
A Brief History on How the Federal Reserve Became the Undemocratic, Corrupt and Destructive Force it is Today
US factories grow at slowest pace in 2½ years; hiring falls
Manufacturing ISM Flirts With Contraction Third Month, Employment Shifts to Contraction
Why do so many young adults live at home? A record 34.5 percent of Millennials live at home with their parents in California.
"For Every Job Created In The US This Decade, US Corporations Spent $296,000 On Stock Buybacks"
21 Facts About The Explosive Growth Of Poverty In America That Will Blow Your Mind
So "the Sky is Falling" on California Manufacturing(?!)
U.S. factory orders fall, inventory liquidation under way
U.S. Oil Production Finally Starting To Drop Significantly
As America's middle class collapses, no one is buying stuff anymore
KKK Donor List: Ahead of Anonymous Ku Klan Klan Reveal, Alleged White Supremacist Donations Shared On Pastebin
FHFA Head Warns Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac May Need a Capital Injection from the U.S. Treasury
Teens spend more time on media each day than sleeping, survey finds
Is Sears' Game Over?
The Slow Motion Implosion Of Obamacare
Subprime Auto Goes Full-Retard: Lender Sells $154 Million ABS Deal Backed By Loans To Borrowers With No Credit

## The candidates ##
No, Hillary. You Did Not Bring Democracy to Burma.
Hillary Hasn't Learned A Thing From The Iraq Disaster
Ben Carson touts creationism during Nashville speech
Democrats Screw Over Larry Lessig To Keep Him Out Of The Debates; Forces Lessig To Drop His Campaign
Government-Haters for President

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