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News Links, November 9, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
World's Largest Steelmaker Reports Huge Loss, Suspends Dividend, Blames China
It's Official: The Baltic Dry Index Has Crashed To Its Lowest November Level In History
CEO Of World's Largest Shipping Company: "Global Growth Is Worse Than Official Reports"
Global Investors Threatened as China Shanshui Faces Debt Woe
International investors in Chinese corporate debt face fresh risks after a cement producer said it may default on onshore notes, which could lead to nonpayment on its dollar securities.
Puerto Rico Government Development Bank at Risk of Receivership
Capital Flight from Italy High and Rising
TPP nations agree to abstain from currency wars
Kamikaze Economics: Spain Threatens to Cut Financial Supply Lines to Its Richest Region
The Pharaoh's Dream: Sisi Wants a New Capital City for Egypt
Ain't gonna happen. A proposal to build a new capital city was also floated in Japan, but one doesn't hear much about it these days. Even if a country built a new capital city, it would just evolve into the same old thing. -- RF
China Buys Another 14 Tons Of Gold In October As FX Reserves Unexpectedly Rebound
TPP: The Most Brazen Corporate Power Grab in American History
Chart Of The Day——Red Ponzi Sinking
Goldman's BRIC Era Ends as Fund Folds After Years of Losses

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Job cuts related to the oil industry surged to a 6-month high in October
GE to layoff 1500, devasting impact on Erie's economy
U.S. shale producers see big budget cuts for 2016
Hewlett-Packard Tops 2015 Layoff List With 30,000 Job Cuts
UniCredit poised to cut up to 12,000 jobs
Aussie Banks on Record Profit Run Not Immune to Global Job Cuts

## War on cash ##
"First They Came for the Pennies…" in the War on Cash
A good survey of the situation. -- RF
Street performers eye digital transactions as fewer people carry cash

## Airline death spiral ##
TSA Looks to Ramp Up Security at Overseas Airports After Russian Crash
The Latest: KLM allows only carry-on bags on Cairo flight
SAS cancels Copenhagen flights due to pilot shortage
Scandinavian airline SAS had to cancel 34 flights in and out of Copenhagen Airport this week due to pilot shortage in its subsidiary Cimber airline, local media reported Monday.
AA flight diverted to Wichita due to disruptive passenger
Investigators '90 percent sure' bomb downed Russian plane
Russian plane crash: How has airport security changed?
Russian plane crash: Sharm el-Sheikh airport CCTV station 'was routinely abandoned'
Airport Security in the Philippines Have Been Putting Bullets in Luggage to Extort Passengers
Lufthansa flights hit as crew start longest-ever strike
How Not to Get Thrown Off Your Flight
The Airlines Giving Passengers New, Higher Baggage Fees for the Holidays
Someone is tracking all of the tech glitches affecting US air travel
Military activity forces Los Angeles airport to detour night flights
Nighttime flights into and out of Los Angeles International Airport will avoid passing over the Pacific Ocean just to the west of the airport for the coming week because the U.S. military has activated airspace there, officials said.
First-Class Flying's Been Going Downhill for 75 Years

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
South China Sea Dispute: China, Vietnam Agree To Maintain Peace; Xi Jinping Says Countries Will Dispel 'Disruptions'
Pentagon's Failed Syrian Training Program Reportedly Cost $2 Million Per Trainee
Iranian Airline Violates Terms Of Nuclear Deal By Purchasing Planes To Use In Syrian War
Iran Plans To Attend Next Round Of Syria Peace Talks
China Expands Presence With Fighters on Woody Island
Iraq Calls for GCC, Iran and Iraq to Sign Counterterror Pact
On Bended Knee to Netanyahu
Despite Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's in-your-face attempts to sabotage President Obama's foreign policy, Official Washington's liberal establishment is on bended knee in an obsequious show of obeisance, apparently in line with Hillary Clinton's political wishes.
U.S. Army, Air Force deploy Strykers north of Arctic Circle
France Will Impose Border Controls To Boost Security For UN Climate Conference In Paris
Mass Grave Containing About 150 'Unidentified' Bodies Discovered In Central Mexico
Japan, Vietnam to bolster cooperation in defense field
Anti-Austerity Socialists Topple Portugal's Two-Week Old Government; Modern Day Brezhnev Doctrine Review

## Migrants/refugees ##
Sweden considers cutting development aid budget by 60% due to refugee crisis
European Refugee Crisis Update: Sweden Running Out Of Beds For Asylum Seekers, Minister Says
US Program To Save Child Refugees Has Welcomed This Many: Zero
Confusion as Germany announces curbs on Syrian refugees
Germany's capacity to take in refugees is limited, Schaeuble says
Greece May Open Border Fence With Turkey, Accept Refugees In Exchange For Release Of Bailout Cash

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Fast-food workers plan new strike, aim to sway election (US)
Israel Gas Fields: Clashes Between Protesters And Police Lead To Arrests In Tel Aviv
Defiant Moroccans protest over water, power prices
Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets in the northern Moroccan city of Tangier on Saturday to protest over high prices for water and electricity, despite government assurances and calls to end the rallies.
Protesters clash with police in Bologna as Berlusconi, Northern League seek alliance
Berlin protesters, police clash near anti-migrant march
Clashes between police and protesters in Togo kill 5: govt
Protesters in Haiti clash with police over fraud in presidential contest

## Energy/resources ##
Only 1 Percent Of Bakken Shale Is Profitable At These Prices
US Shale Producers See Big Budget Cuts for 2016
U.S. shale oil producers, having slashed fat from 2015 budgets after a 50-percent drop in crude prices, risk cutting to the bone next year as they pare spending further and get ready for a prolonged downturn.
Crippling power cuts fuel Zimbabwe's illegal logging trade
In Mbare, a suburb that also serves as the heartland of informal trading in Harare, firewood dealers like Kudakwashe Shumba wait to buy their share of the logs before disappearing to pass them on to any number of the 5 million power-starved urban Zimbabweans.
Maersk Oil posts heavy loss
Costs bear down on venerable Shetland oil industry
Meet War's Other Casualty…the Environment
India's huge need for electricity is a problem for the planet
Nuclear Power Economics Requires Believing In 'Impossible Things'
Keystone snub adds to gloomy prospects for pipeline companies
North American pipeline companies are at a crossroads. Once the darlings of investors, their growth prospects have been undercut by a 50 percent slide in oil prices and tough environmental reviews that have delayed projects.
The Oil Industry Has Been Put on Notice
Keystone rejected, Exxon investigated—this doesn't end well for oil.
What were the real origins of the great oil crisis of the 1970s? Politics or depletion?

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
13 arrested in copper cable theft ring
Copper wire thefts at Manitoba Hydro substations

## Got food? ##
Turkey shortage could hurt food banks at Thanksgiving
El Nino hits dinner table; food costs soar most in 3 years
Young, idealistic farmers help keep land in production

## Lifestyle solutions ##
Green-living people seek natural burial options

## Environment/health ##
Climate Change Could Drive More Than 100 Million Into Poverty by 2030, Report Says
The worst things you can feed to your children
Droughts, Snowstorms, Heatwaves: NOAA Ties Much Extreme Weather in 2014 to Climate Change
Ruptured Dams Engulf Brazilian Village in Toxic Mine Waste
At Least 25 Missing, Feared Dead in Brazil Mine Dam Burst: Mayor
Abrupt changes in food chains predicted as Southern Ocean acidifies fast: study
Greenpeace banned in India
California drought shrinks winter digs for migratory birds
Livestock meds are harming dung beetles in the Mediterranean
Ivermectin has been tremendously effective since its discovery in the 1980s, but scientists say there are now more negative side effects to consider.
Hot weather is now affecting Belgian beer too
Giant 'Sinkhole' Swallows Over Dozen Cars at Mississippi International House of Pancakes
Second deadly cyclone in a week targets Yemen

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Data Breach Count Ticks Higher, Still Less Than in 2014
Hungary prepares law allowing spies to pose as journalists
Thousands of Android apps infected with 'unremovable' malware
Trans-Pacific Partnership Intellectual Property Law: Why Internet Freedom Groups Don't Like TPP Trade Agreement
How Law Enforcement Can Use Google Timeline To Track Your Every Move
U.S. regulators reject push for 'Do Not Track' Internet rules
Microsoft Says Windows 10 Automatic Spying Cannot Be Stopped
NSA says how often, not when, it discloses software flaws
Hackers breach FBI deputy's email, law enforcement database
Is The United States Prepared For A Massive Cyberattack?
Nastiness threatens online reader comments

## Propaganda ##
Carter says Russia, China potentially threaten global order

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
The Inevitable Collapse of the World's Economic System – It's Coming
As Puerto Rico's fiscal crisis grows into a humanitarian one, health care looks like the first big casualty
Technology, Competition and the 'Crapification' of Jobs
Giant Sucking Sound of Capital Destruction in US Oil & Gas
Honda recalling 25,300 cars due to air bag issue

## Japan ##
Okinawa governor refuses to back down on U.S. base relocation
Nissan And Toyota Join Honda In Dropping Takata Airbag Inflators, Other Japanese Automakers May Follow
No relief in sight for Japan's poor single-parent families
Japan air bag maker Takata reports $46 million loss
Pugwash scientists demand Japan end troubled nuclear fuel recycling program
Japan its own enemy in push to improve cybersecurity

## China ##
China's Secret Defense Spending: Beijing Paying Up To $65 Billion For Off-The-Book Military Acquisitions
China's Stock-Market Bulls Are Back, But Where Are the Earnings?
China aluminium smelters seek power fee cuts as metal price hits lows
China's Bonds Complete Worst Week Since May as PBOC Seen on Hold
Presidents Of China And Taiwan Hold Historic Talks At First Meeting In More Than Six Decades
The End Of Rebalancing: Marginal Productivity Of Chinese Debt Goes From Bad To Much Worse
China's Demand for Cars Has Slowed
As prices of raw materials drop, China October imports fall

## UK ##
Hydrogen Cars Invade Britain But Face Dearth Of Charging Stations
Million Mask March: Police used 'reasonable force' against protesters, says Met Commissioner
British cucumbers on brink of extinction, say growers
Security and liberty: Theresa May's surveillance plans
Care home sector in 'meltdown' with UK's largest provider threatened by US vulture fund
Care system 'crumbling' after broken promise on fees cap – inquiry chair
NHS facing financial collapse without more cash, warns London trust chief
Sub-prime mortgages make surprise comeback in the UK
The obsession with global warming will put the lights out all over Britain
MI5 'secretly collected phone data' for decade
Investigatory Powers Bill could allow Government to ban end-to-end encryption, technology powering iMessage and WhatsApp
David Cameron to warn of EU exit if reform demands not heard
British police face deluge of foreign DNA requests if UK joins EU crime database, says report
Jaguar Land Rover plans to cut costs by 4.5 billion pounds: Sunday Times

## US ##
"US Debt Is 3 Times More Than You Think" Warns Former Chief US Accountant
Student loan repayment gets even more complicated and confusing
TPP Update: Obama Notifies Congress That He Intends To Sign Trade Agreement
Senators Seek FTC Probe of Drug Makers Over Saline Shortage
Business as Usual – Paul Ryan Pushes Through Multiple Wall Street Giveaways in the Highway Bill
Seeing the New America in the Details of the Jobs Report
(What's Left of) Our Economy—-October Mfg. Job Creation Was Zip And Flat Since January
Merger-Mania Bites Back, Men's Warehouse Crashes
Obamacare Premiums Up 20%—-3X More Than Claimed By White House
U.S. Posts a Record Deficit in Manufacturing Trade
Record-breaking heat November
US consumer credit up a record $28.9 billion in September
U.S. consumer borrowing jumped by a record amount in September, driven higher by big gains in borrowing for auto and student loans.
How Poor Renters Pay for the Rich Apartments
San Francisco's Luxury Condo Bubble Turns into Condo Glut
Nanny States of America – Parents Arrested for Letting Kids Play on Beach, Girl Given Detention for Hugging Friend
Meanwhile, still no bankers in jail.
Here's How Bloomberg Buries Us In Bullsh*t
About that wage growth... -- RF
Bay Bridge Bolts Show More 'Ominous' Cracks, May Not Even Be Safe To Drive On
The Looming Death Of Small Business In America (In 1 Simple Chart)
Woman says she was attacked for speaking foreign language
A Wal-Mart Heir Is $27 Billion Poorer Than Everyone Thought
It's a heart-rending story. -- RF
85% of Americans Still Use Coupons
From Protesting Vietnam to Demanding "Safe Spaces" – What Happened to America's College Kids?
US Greenlights $28M Study Into Maglev Train System Between New York And Washington
The study alone is going to cost $28 million! Here's another project that will never happen. -- RF
Homelessness in Hawaii grows, defying image of paradise
Homeless struggle with high costs of Hawaii
Mysterious electric car startup looking to build $1B factory
Waste of money. -- RF
Bush-41 Finally Speaks on Iraq War

## The candidates ##
Who Is In Hillary Clinton's Girl Squad? Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Katy Perry And More Endorse The 2016 Presidential Candidate
Leaked Emails From Pro-Clinton Group Reveal Censorship of Staff on Israel, AIPAC Pandering, Warped Militarism
Ben Carson Lied About West Point? Scholarship Story Told By GOP Presidential Candidate Is Untrue: Report
Will Ben Carson's Admitted Lie Regarding a West Point Scholarship Mark the End of His Presidential Campaign?
Marco Rubio Pulls Senators Off Bush Bandwagon

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