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News Links, December 11, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Copper, Aluminum And Steel Collapse To Crisis Levels
If It Owns a Well or a Mine, It's Probably in Trouble
Dividends Could Be the Next Victim of the Commodity Crunch
Head of the European Parliament Warns – EU at Risk of Falling Apart
Nobody's Home: Australian Boom Leaves Swath of Empty Properties
Free rent for a month? Calgary, Edmonton landlords try to woo renters as prices fall
When Does the Demographically-Related Pension Ponzi Scheme Blow Up?
UAE, Qatar bourses sink to multi-year lows as investors eye state budgets
China's Steel Industry Bleeds, Prices Collapse, Losses Mount, and Now the Government Gets Gloomy
Rumors of New Bank Bailouts in Spain
Europe's Ship of NIRP Fools——$2.9 Trillion Of Government Bonds Now Have Negative Yields
Italy Needs a Cure for Its Bad-Debt Headache
Massive insider selling spurs stock market concerns
Chinese devaluation is a bigger danger than Fed rate rises
The yuan has fallen to the lowest in five years against the dollar. If China devalues in earnest, it will be an earthquake
Australia police raid home of man said to be bitcoin founder
'Satoshi' Denies Being Wright Amid Doubts Over PGP Data
Dow Chemical and DuPont in chemicals mega-merger talks
Gold Buying Surges At U.S. Mint In November – China Buys 21 Tonnes In November Alone
Indian industry group to launch first physical gold exchange
Will Central Banks Keep Hoarding Gold?
The Screaming Fundamentals For Owning Gold
It's All Gone Wrong for One of World's Biggest Mining Companies
Anglo American will shrink to a shadow of its former self
Freeport McMoRan, World's Second Largest Copper Miner, Suspends Dividend
Why the state wants to stop you wandering off with your cash
East Asia is growing old at a record pace, World Bank says
Israel Shipped $400k In Gold To North Korea Despite UN Ban

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Rabobank to Eliminate 9,000 Jobs in Overhaul of Dutch Lender
Toshiba job cuts could top 1,000 - Nikkei

## War on cash/cashless society ##
Convenience store chains jump on e-money bandwagon (Japan)
Wal-Mart to launch own mobile pay system

## Airline death spiral ##
Weak Air Cargo Demand Expected to Continue in 2016
AA to sell 'premium-economy' seats on international flights
Airline CEOs call for reform of nation's air traffic control
Chinese Passenger Arrested After Refusing To Sit In Coach and Throwing a Tantrum
European plan for blanket collection of air passengers' data clears key hurdle

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Iraq Seeks To Cancel Security Agreement With US, Will Invite Russia To Fight ISIS
US: Russia Gave Warning of Syria Cruise Missile Strikes
US keeps wraps on new commando force for Iraq
US Has Secret, "Non-Negotiable" Plan To Send 100,000 US, Saudi Troops To Iraq, Lawmaker Claims
Could an attack on the electric grid mean cybergeddon?
UN Adopts Russian Initiative Restricting Space Weapons
The United Nations General Assembly has adopted a Russian-led resolution calling for a non-binding restriction against the first placement of weapons in outer space, a measure that has been strongly criticized by the US for not going far enough.
Montenegro Joins NATO—-It's Time For The US To Get Out Of A Pointless But Costly Social Club
EU Russia Sanctions Extended? Italy Blocks European Union's Proposal To Renew Legislation Amid Disagreements
Russia-Ukraine Conflict Update: Putin Threatens Lawsuit Against Kiev If $3B Debt Not Paid
4,000 Dolls That Incite Palestinian Violence Seized: Israel
The IMF Just Entered The Cold War, Forgives Ukraine's Debt To Russia
Drone Strikes Are Creating Hatred Toward America That Will Last for Generations
'The resentment created by American use of unmanned strikes,' said retired four-star Gen. Stanley McChrystal, 'is much greater than the average American appreciates.'
US-Israel Arrow-3 Intercepts Target in Space
Two U.S. Military Servicemen Claim the Doctors Without Borders Hospital Was Intentionally Targeted
What Stinks in Saudi Ain't the Camel Dung
War Is On The Horizon: Is It Too Late To Stop It?

## Migrants/refugees ##
Cameron in Romania, Poland to discuss migrant benefit cuts
Norway 'paying' asylum seekers to return home as refugee crisis continues
Hungary's new export: prison-made razor-wire coils
Germany needs migrants as workforce dwindles, but must pay for them

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Protesters call for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to step down

## Energy/resources ##
Tick Tock: Time Running Out for Struggling Oil and Gas Drillers
The 18th oil and gas driller so far this year is in the process of filing for bankruptcy protection, as the company ran out of funds. As reported by Fuel Fix, the Fort Worth-based Energy & Exploration Partners, which drills for oil and gas in East Texas, had the unfortunate timing of going public in 2014 just as oil prices began collapsing.
Arnold: Half of US energy industry may go under
John Arnold, the legendary energy trader formerly of the hedge fund Centaurus Advisors, expects half of the U.S. energy industry to go bankrupt next year if the price of oil does not rebound.
Collapse Of U.S. Shale Oil Production Has Begun
Zombies appear in U.S. oilfields as crude plumbs new lows
The slump has created dozens of oil and gas "zombies," a term lawyers and restructuring advisers use to describe companies that have just enough money to pay interest on mountains of debt, but not enough to drill enough new wells to replace older ones that are drying out.
Capex cuts: the road to rebalance or rebound? — Fuel for Thought
ConocoPhillips Cuts Capex Amid Intractable Oil Rout
Billions of Barrels of Oil Vanish in a Puff of Accounting Smoke
Across the American shale patch, companies are being forced to square their reported oil reserves with hard economic reality. After lobbying for rules that let them claim their vast underground potential at the start of the boom, they must now acknowledge what their investors already know: many prospective wells would lose money with oil hovering below $40 a barrel.
Oil producers prepare for prices to halve to $20 a barrel
2016 Spells More Gloom For Oil Producers
Global Rig Count Imploding, Except Middle-East
Strippers Suffering From Low Oil Prices
Mini-reactors could crack nuclear industry's financing problem: Moniz
Great idea! What could possibly go wrong? -- RF
Research and Markets: Global Wind Turbine Industry 2001-2020
Rig Trends: Jackup Market Still Looking For Recovery
Future Brent Supply Security 'At Risk' Amid Cost-Cuts
While the global market is currently oversupplied with crude, Rystad Energy research shows that investment decisions for only 8 billion barrels were made in 2015, even though the oil industry needs to replace 34 billion barrels of crude every year. This amount is less than 25 percent of what the market requires long-term.
Oil at $40 a barrel: Can Australian producers weather the storm?
Power outages disrupt life (Zimbabwe)
Pumped Dry: The global crisis of vanishing groundwater
In places around the world, supplies of groundwater are rapidly vanishing. As aquifers decline and wells begin to go dry, people are being forced to confront a growing crisis.
Natural gas burned by weather, no rebound seen
Rooftop Solar Power To Be Mandatory In Dubai By 2030
But it won't be enough to keep Dubai from reverting to a depopulated desert. -- RF
Shell puts its New Zealand oil and gas assets up for sale
MIT Says US Nuclear Reactors Are Old, Obsolete, And Costly

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Copper thieves hit substations
Lead thieves strike again
Thieves steal $100K in batteries, wires from SLC cellphone towers

## Got food? ##
What happens when a family runs out of food stamps
Norovirus illness toll at Chipotle rises to 141: BC
1.5 million Sweet Leaf Tea bottles recalled due to glass fragments

## Environment/health ##
Norovirus: Easy to Catch, Hard to Get Rid Of
It floats in the air and it sticks to dishes. A quick rinse under the faucet doesn't remove it from your hands, and people can spread it before they feel sick themselves.
Study suggests link between flavor in e-cigarettes and lung disease
How Trees Could Help Stop Crime
Corruption, poverty hinder fight to save Africa's forests
Inconvenient Climate Truth: 1 Billion More Cars Will Hit The Roads By 2030 & Most Will Run On Gas
I guarantee that the world's vehicle fleet will not continue growing until 2030. -- RF
Delhi Government announced vehicle rationing scheme to curb air pollution
6 locations where groundwater is vanishing

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Bitcoin's Creator Satoshi Nakamoto Is Probably This Unknown Australian Genius
FBI admits using Stingrays, hacking computers and software
Anonymous set to troll Islamic State with goats on 'Day of Rage'
Deed fraud: The latest cyberthreat is stealing your house
Airline Customers' Data Exposed by HTTPS Hole – Report
Serious security holes have been found in the mobile sites and apps of several big name airline and rail companies, exposing payment data and sensitive personally identifiable information (PII).
Comey Calls on Tech Companies Offering End-to-End Encryption to Reconsider "Their Business Model"
FBI Director James Comey on Wednesday called for tech companies currently offering end-to-end encryption to reconsider their business model, and instead adopt encryption techniques that allow them to intercept and turn over communications to law enforcement when necessary.
America's Spies Want to Speed Up IBM's Quest for a Quantum Computer
IBM has been working on quantum computers for decades, and now it has the support of IARPA, the U.S. intelligence community's research agency.
Hackers hit Japan Prime Minister Abe's website
Google's Quantum Computing Milestone Signals A Revolution Is Coming -- Just Not Anytime Soon
Five fraud predictions for 2016
Imprisoned Saudi blogger Raif Badawi on hunger strike, wife says

## Propaganda ##
A Day When Journalism Died
Dec. 9 has a grim meaning for the Republic, the date in 2004 when investigative reporter Gary Webb, driven to ruin by vindictive press colleagues for reviving the Contra-cocaine scandal, took his own life, a demarcation as the U.S. press went from protecting the people to shielding the corrupt.
Donald Trump's Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Amplified on Local Talk Radio

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
The "American Dream" is Over--and Voters Know It
Plunging Commodities Interfere With The New World Order
2013-2014 Dodge Dart Recalled: Over 121,000 Vehicles Affected
Honda India recalls 90,000 cars over fuel pipe scare
This Is What Happens When Cheap Drugs Get Wildly Expensive

## Japan ##
Japan may review spending on plutonium fuel cycle: minister
Japan may review spending on reprocessing plutonium for use in nuclear reactors, a minister appointed to identify wasteful spending told Reuters, following years of government outlays on the controversial program that has yielded no results.
Hackers say they crashed Abe's website to protest whale hunt
Tokyo police to launch drone squad
Japan to ground hobbyist drones in urban areas, impose sweeping restrictions elsewhere
Nikkei Bull run masks Japan's poverty bubble
Toshiba to pull out of TV manufacturing, more job cuts likely: source
Work on monster tunnel to begin for maglev train linking Tokyo to Nagoya
Keep watching as the massive cost overruns come. -- RF
1 trillion yen needed for exempting foods from sales tax hike
Report shows Japan loopholes aid illicit trade in ivory
Global warming could cause flooding in Tokyo
Japan to increase host-nation support for U.S. forces in new five-year deal: sources

## China ##
Dogged by Lousy Global Demand and Wild Overcapacity, China Containerized Freight Index Crashes to Worst Level Ever
Deflation Alert: China's Producer Price Index YoY Falls 5.9%, Down For 45 Consecutive Months
The China Commodities Dump Continues—-Mill, Smelter And Refinery Exports Surge
Price of illegal ivory in China has been cut in half following Xi Jinping's ban on the trade
Labor Activists Detained Amid Civil Society Crackdown
"Let's Just Hope Shipping Isn't Telling the Real Story of China"

## UK ##
NHS rationing 'is denying patients care' as cash crisis deepens
Warning of NHS winter beds 'struggle'
Storm Desmond: the before and after damage caused by flooding - in GIFs
More than 250,000 Britons petition to ban Trump from UK
Saudi Arabia more of a threat to Britain than Russia, says Ken Livingstone

## US ##
Alaska governor proposes income tax to help plug budget gap
Alaska Gov. Bill Walker is proposing instituting a personal income tax for the first time in 35 years as the oil-dependent state looks to plug a multibillion-dollar budget deficit amid chronically low prices.
America's Road to Serfdom – 51% of Home Renters Are Over 40 Years Old
Housing's new crisis: Half your income for rent
Guess What Happened The Last Time Junk Bonds Started Crashing Like This? Hint: Think 2008
Update On Another Stupid Washington War—-$1 Trillion Has Been Wasted In The War On Drugs
Wholesale Trade: Another Bad Report, Inventories Decline, Prior Month Revised Way Lower; Expect Negative Revisions to 3rd and 4th Quarter GDP; What About Autos?
Hedge Funds Leave U.S. Pensions With Little to Show for the Fees
America Crosses The Tipping Point: The Middle Class Is Now A Minority
Poll: 21% of Americans expect to die in debt
The Death-Spiral of American Entrepreneurism
Wild West: Liberty University president says guns will be allowed in residence halls
U.S. Satisfaction Falls to 13-Month Low
U.S. Household Wealth Fell $1.23 Trillion in Third Quarter
Import/Export Price Deflation: Export Prices -0.6%, Double Consensus Estimate; Import Prices -0.4% Half Estimate; Net Negative for GDP
Truck Rates Plunge; What About Actual Shipping Volumes? Strong Case for Pending Recession
The Least Surprising Stat Of The Week: Corporate Insiders Are Dumping Their Stock
Armed suspect taken into custody at Arkansas State University
States Increasingly on the Hook to Keep Military Bases Open
Fascism Is All the Rage in Europe, and It's Coming to America

## The candidates ##
After Muslim Comments, Donald Trump Dropped As Scotland Business Ambassador
Trump's Comments Cost Him Money in Middle East
Donald Trump Explained How To Dominate The Media In 1987: 'I Play To People's Fantasies'
Will Israel Cancel Donald Trump Visit? Prime Minister Netanyahu Rejects Muslim Comments, Defends Religious Freedom
How Hillary Clinton Abused Her State Department Role To Help Her Hedge Funder Son-In-Law
Ted Cruz Proposes Law That Would Allow Governors to Block Refugees
Why Ted Cruz's Massive Tax-Cut Plan Frightens Some Conservatives
Cruz Threatens to Nuke ISIS Targets
Republican presidential campaign rhetoric is red-hot regarding Islamic terrorism, with Sen. Cruz suggesting the use of nuclear weapons to see "if sand can glow in the dark," a threat even more troubling than Donald Trump's call to temporarily bar Muslims from entering the U.S.
It's not chaos. It's Trump's campaign strategy.
But the article does not mention the biggest reason for Trump's success: public stupidity and gullibility. -- RF
Trump won't rule out third-party bid
What Democrats Really Think Of Hillary Clinton
White Supremacists for Donald Trump: 'The Positions Made Me a Convert'
Pentagon Blasts Ted Cruz's Proposals That Would Lead to 'Apocalyptic War'

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