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News Links, December 2, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Majority Of World Economy Weakening As US Manufacturing PMI Tumbles To 2 Year Lows
Iron Ore Breaches $40 in Singapore as Rising Supply to Feed Glut
Dollar-Denominated Corporate Time Bomb Set to Blow: Hot Money Flees Mexico
IMF agrees to include China's RMB in benchmark SDR currency basket
Hyperinflation Watch: Kazakhstan Unveils New 20,000 Tenge Banknote
Greek banks hit by bitcoin ransom demand
Hackers have targeted three Greek banks for a third time in five days, demanding a ransom from each lender of 20,000 bitcoin (€7m), according to Greek police and the country's central bank.
Oil at US$35 would send Canadian home prices tumbling 26%
Global Shipping Rates Run Aground
The Collapsing Global Trade
Puerto Rico Avoids $354 Million Default With Absurd Revenue "Clawback"
Tax Policy Emerges As New Source of Friction As Europe Seeks Additional Revenue From US Multinationals
Significant Yuan Devaluation Imminent
Canada Hits The Skids Again
Goldman Warns of Brazil Depression After GDP Plunges Again
Euribor Hits Record Low in First Ever Dip Below 0.10%; Negative Mortgage Rates Increasingly in Play
Greeks Told To Declare Cash "Under The Mattress", Jewelry And Precious Stones
Of course Greeks will rush to comply. -- RF
China boosts gold reserves by nearly 14 tonnes in October
Norway's Offshore Shipping Sector Faces Bleak Year As Oil Price Pain Deepen

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Morgan Stanley Said To Eye Major Job Cuts In Bond Trading Division
Deere to Lay Off Workers at Illinois Plant Amid Demand Slump
Expedia's Mass Layoff: To Cut 40% of Orbitz's Chicago Staff
Two companies announce 245 layoffs in the Houston area
Schlumberger Outlines More Layoffs Ahead of Cameron Merger

## War on cash/cashless society ##
ANZ Bank suffers internet banking outage following refresh
Gas Theft Gangs Fuel Pump Skimming Scams
Time Warner Cable customers experience Internet outages
Here's exactly how much your stolen credit card info is worth to hackers

## Airline death spiral ##
Sky's the limit: tackling aviation congestion in the Gulf
"The capacity constraint curve has hit us a little bit sooner [than expected]," Clark said, of the region's over-crowded airspace.
Why do so many people hate US airports?
Racial profiling disrupts airlines after Paris attacks
Federal complaint: Lindsay Lohan's step-mom threatens passengers, throws phone at flight attendant as flight diverted to New Orleans
Are airlines padding flight times to improve on-time performance?
A study by a British company that collects and analyzes travel data concluded that airlines around the globe have been padding their flight schedules for nearly 20 years.
Swedish robot to help guide travelers through airports
Millions of Britons face passport woes over US travel
The surprising reason airline food tastes so bad
Bulgarian police end check at Sofia airport, explosive not found

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Al-Qaeda Recaptures Aleppo Town From Syrian Army
UAE Says Ready To Commit Troops To Fight Syria Jihadists
The Phony War on ISIS
Iraqi Politician Claims Turkey Lets ISIL Sell Oil for Meager $20 a Barrel
Turkey Arrests Generals Who Stopped Syria-Bound, Weapons-Laden, Spook Trucks
Russia, Israel To Broaden Defense Coordination in Syria
Facts Back Russia on Turkish Attack
Turkey claims its Nov. 24 shoot-down of a Russian warplane along the Syrian border was justified — and the Obama administration is publicly siding with its NATO ally — but a review of the evidence supports Russian accusations of an "ambush."
Special operations strike force heading to Iraq
Sources: NATO Set To Invite Montenegro To Join Alliance
US Sends Ground Troops To Iraq To Free ISIS Hostages: Military Will Help Rebels Fight Islamic State in Syria, Ash Carter Tells Congress
US to send elite 'expeditionary force' to hunt down Isil leaders in Syria
NATO to keep 12,000 troops in Afghanistan through 2016
Murder And Mayhem In The Middle East
US Embassy In Afghanistan Warns Of 'Imminent Attack' In Kabul Within 2 Days, Asks Americans To Leave
Russia-Turkey Crisis: Ankara Set To Be 'Main Loser' After Putin Sanctions On Produce And Tourism
Israel's Largest Defense Firm Tanks in 3Q Report
Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Israel's largest state-owned defense firm, reported a precipitous plunge across all performance parameters in the third quarter of 2015, including lower sales; an eroding backlog; a 76 percent drop in pretax earnings; and US $31 million in losses compared with the same period last year.
Russian Airborne Forces Plan To Conduct Military Exercises In Arctic
Kenya-Somalia Border Wall To Shut Out Al-Shabab Under Construction Amid Debate
What's With All The Superweapons?
How Gaddafi's Ouster Unleashed Terror
Hillary Clinton still sees the 2011 Libyan "regime change" as a feather in her cap as Secretary of State, but the violent ouster of Muammar Gaddafi turned Libya into a badlands for Islamic terrorists who have spread their killing sprees far and wide, just as Gaddafi warned.
Economist Has Convincing Theory on How Extreme Inequality Creates Extremist Violence
With Western-backed, oil-rich monarchies in Gulf holding so much of the wealth, Thomas Piketty says that Middle East region is the 'most unequal on the planet'
Istanbul Subway Explosion: Traffic Chaos In Turkey's Largest City
Marine Le Pen's Front National makes political gains after Paris attacks
Japan military in regional push to counter China's military advancement

## Migrants/refugees ##
Saudi Arabia Refuses To Take Even A Single Syrian Refugee
Declaring 'new beginning,' EU and Turkey seal migrant deal
Life in a refugee camp: 'the cold and fear get in your bones'
Immigration Reform 2015: Sanctuary Cities In Pennsylvania Could Be Outlawed With New Bill

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Riot Police Fire Tear Gas at Incinerator Protesters in Guangdong

## Energy/resources ##
North Dakota rig count flirts with historic low
Bulgaria backs Nord Stream gas extension
India Says Yes To Coal Mines, No Holds Barred. Let The Environment Be Damned!
Iran gives Chinese companies priority in development of oil fields
India's crude oil output to continue to fall despite government's efforts: IEA
Corn ethanol has failed by virtually every measure
Only in the skewed reality of an industry-funded special interest lobbying group could a government-mandated policy forcing an artificial market for corn ethanol on the American public be passed off as a conservative, free market policy.
India unveils global solar alliance of 120 countries at Paris climate summit
Let's Not Whitewash George W. Bush's Actual, Heinous Record on Muslims in the U.S.
The party is over for oil
Schlumberger to cut more jobs as drilling downturn bites
Germany's RWE splits to better absorb cost of nuclear plant closures
Why Solar Power Could Hit a Ceiling
There could be a limit on how much solar power can grow. That's because the more solar power we add to the grid, the less valuable it becomes. It's a simple supply-and-demand story: solar reaches peak generation during sunny afternoons, but there's a limited demand for such additional power during those times. As a result, solar begins to compete with itself, driving down the price that utilities are willing to pay generators.
US oil companies' restructuring plans flounder as prices plunge
Oil Bulls Brace for Repeat of OPEC's Bearish Blow at Meeting
IOCs Cut Kurdistan CAPEX due to Payment Trouble

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Operators wage war on battery thieves
The theft of batteries from base stations around South Africa has become a significant problem for mobile operators, but a local technology firm is helping them fight back.
Cable theft costs Transnet R1.6m a day

## Got food? ##
Demand for farm loans surges amid low crop, cattle prices
The nation's net farm income is the lowest since 2002, and with another year of low commodity prices, demand for agriculture loans is surging as farmers struggle to make ends meet.
Thieves are ravaging California's nut farms
Bee Pollination Process: Flies, Butterflies, Moths, Other Insects Also Important To Pollinating, Should Be Protected, Study Finds
What You Don't Know Can Hurt You (infographic)
GMO Corn and Herbicide Found in 100% of Frito-Lay SunChips Samples
Farm issues could scupper free trade deal with EU: U.S.

## Environment/health ##
Smog chokes Chinese, Indian capitals as climate talks begin
Costly 'cleaner' coal fights for space in emissions debate
The global coal industry is trumpeting "cleaner coal" technology to fight bubbling competition from renewable energy, but the high costs of greener plants are proving a major obstacle in selling them to power-hungry countries such as India.
'Racing Extinction': Documentary Explores Global Loss of Wildlife

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
More Than 175 Million Records Exposed in 2015 in 690 Data Breaches
France Puts 24 Climate Activists Under House Arrest Ahead of COP21
France is more interested in maintaining the political and economic status quo than in staving off climate change. But don't blame France, because this is the way it's going to go everywhere. -- RF
Biometric Military Tattoos Explore 'Human Circuit Board'
Sweden: 'No Apartments, No Jobs, No Shopping Without a Gun'
Toddlers Are Already Pros With Tablets And Smartphones, Study Finds
Time Warner Cable outages resolved across Midwest
Right when customers were jumping on the Internet to take advantage of Cyber Monday deals, Time Warner Cable went down throughout large areas of at least four states Monday night.
Google Cooperating With Israeli Government To Monitor YouTube? Internet Company Denies Israel's Claims
VTech Holdings: Data from 5 million customer accounts breached
Chinese Hackers Used Dropbox To Monitor Hong Kong Activists, Journalists: FireEye
11 Years Later, We Finally Know What's in a National Security Letter (It's Bad)
Popular Christmas toy is 'training kids to live in a surveillance state', academic warns
Hacker group Anonymous accuse US cyber firm of protecting ISIS websites

## Propaganda ##
Isis mocked with rubber ducks as internet fights terror with humour
What Foreign Policy "Debate" Means on "Face the Nation"
Inside Saudi Arabia's Campaign to Charm American Policymakers and Journalists

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
2015: The Last Christmas in America
If we define Christmas as consumer spending going up while earnings are going down, 2015 will be the last Christmas in America for a long time to come. In broad brush, Christmas (along with all other consumer spending) has been funded by financialization, i.e. debt and leverage, not by increased earnings.
Where the teenagers can't roam: Canadian curfews for young vandals
The Age of the Demagogues
The increase in nihilistic violence such as school shootings and Friday's lethal assault on a Planned Parenthood clinic, the frequent executions of poor people of color by police, and the rise of thuggish demagogues such as Donald Trump are symptoms of the collapse of our political and cultural institutions.
Saudi Arabia seals deal for $2.2 billion to build world's tallest building
For Poor Countries, Well-Worn Path to Development Turns Rocky
China's smog closes schools and highways

## Japan ##
Fukushima confirms 11 new thyroid cancer cases among young people
Eleven people in Fukushima Prefecture aged 18 or younger at the time of the 2011 triple meltdown were recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer, bringing the number of confirmed cases to 115 since the accident at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant.
Japan's Pension Fund, The World's Largest, Loses $64B Amid Equity Rout
Honda Lifts Retirement Age to 65 as Japan Inc. Copes With Aging
Japan investigates ghost ships with dead bodies washing ashore
Laser beams apparently aimed at U.S. military aircraft in Okinawa near Futenma
Japanese auto sales fall 6.6% in November for 11th monthly decline
Russia Building New Military Bases On Islands Claimed By Japan
150 citizens sue gov't over personal identification number system
Euglena plans Japanese refinery for algae-derived jet fuel
Waste of money. -- RF
Firms in Japan to launch workers' stress checks
Japanese companies will check their employees' stress levels, starting on Tuesday, as part of efforts to prevent work-related mental disorders.
Govt-backed fund eyes making Sharp subsidiary
Malfunctions plague start of new train on Yamanote Line in Tokyo

## China ##
Over 1.3 million hopefuls sit Chinese civil service exam, competing for just 27,000 jobs
China Unveils "Armed Attack" Robots that Could be Deployed During War
It's Open Season on China's Securities Firms as Probes Intensify
Chinese cities covered in haze of pollution for days
Gold Demand in China Heading For Record and Reserves Increase 14 Tonnes In October
China factory indicator at three-year low

## UK ##
Junior doctors' strikes are off - but thousands of operations will still be cancelled
Climate change activists vandalise government building ahead of Paris climate talks
A home in Manhattan is half the cost of one in London
Young people who question the Government or media may be extremists, officials tell parents
British workers will have worst pensions of any major economy
GCHQ accused of 'persistent' illegal hacking at security tribunal

## US ##
U.S. Total Debt Soars By $674 Billion In November
How Illinois' Super-Rich Governor and His Cronies Are Changing the State
There Better Be a Miracle for Retailers
No More AIGs: Federal Reserve Curtails Emergency Lending Power
Tight budgets open $20 billion New York tunnel plan to private cash
Chicago PMI Contracts Again, 6th Time in 10 Months; Service Economy Poised for a Big Slowdown?
Gas Theft Gangs Fuel Pump Skimming Scams
Football: The game of empire
Americans over 30 are more miserable than they've ever been
Muslim taxi driver shot by passenger who asked him about the Islamic State
National Blackout 2015: Can Black Twitter Shut Down Holiday Shopping Season?
The Coming Great Recession, Brought to You by the Healthcare Cartel
Why the coming Great Recession is brought to you by the Healthcare Cartel is painfully simple: in an era of stagnant household incomes, every additional dollar devoted to rising healthcare insurance, outrageously unaffordable medications and soaring co-pays is one less dollar that's available to be saved, invested or spent on something other than healthcare.
L.A. Politician Proposes Bold Plan To Wreck Homes, Destroy Lives And Abuse License Plate Reader Technology
Oklahoma Wesleyan University President Dr. Everett Piper: 'This is Not a Daycare'
Gas prices down for 25 straight days
Third Winter Storm in a Row Zeroes In on Minnesota, South Dakota
Appalachia grasps for hope as coal jobs fade
Manufacturing ISM Contracts; Lowest Reading Since June 2009; Glimmers of Hope Extinguished
U.S. Mint American Eagle gold coin sales surge, silver at record
The Next Subprime Debt Crisis Is Coming
Millennials Increasingly Believe The American Dream "Is Not Really Alive"

## The candidates ##
Hillary Clinton to Campaign With Billionaire Warren Buffett
Christie: Parties in N.J. on 9/11 'Didn't Happen'
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Monday rebuked a claim by fellow Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump that "thousands" of Muslims held "tailgate parties" in northern New Jersey on September 11th.
Since '01, Clintons collected $35M from financial businesses
This French Philosopher Is The Only One Who Can Explain The Donald Trump Phenomenon
Ben Carson and the 'War on Christmas'

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