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News Links, December 28, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Fed a Creature of Financial Markets; The Draghi PUT; Global Crisis Coming Up
Broad Side Effects To Oil—–Value Of Sovereign Wealth Funds Plunging
Europe Enters New Year With Nearly $2 Trillion In Sub-Zero Interest Debt
China slowdown hits home for multinational industrials
Venture Capital Market Drying Up Ahead Of New Year, Analysts Say
Lower Oil Prices Are Shaking the World: The long-term effects will echo for a decade or more
China says AIIB up and running early in the new year
Exclusive: "And It's Gone... It's All Gone" - The One Gold Scandal That Goes To The Very Top
Who pays the enormous cost of moving all our stuff?
Basra's plan to build the world's next tallest tower: Is this the MidEast's most ambitious or most foolhardy project?
Timing the Collapse: Ron Paul Says Watch the Petrodollar
The Next Recession Will Be A Barn-Burner, With very few places for capital to hide
The Mystery Of Dubai's Vaporized Gold: The Plot Thickens

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Pemex to announce job cuts with oil output at 25-year low
Calgary woes spread as oil-patch spending cuts deepen in 2016

## War on cash/cashless society ##
Cashless transactions and the poor (India)
Anonymous Target Turkish Banks, Disrupt Credit Card Transactions
Sweden Shifts Toward A Cashless Economy Despite Rising Risks Of Electronic Fraud
Apps, credit cards could allow consumers to go cashless in 2016 (Canada)

## Airline death spiral ##
Beijing Raises Smog Alert as Airport Cancels 227 Departures
Thomson Airways extends Sharm el-Sheikh flight cancellations
Engine problem sends Virginia-bound plane back to New York
Florida-bound Spirit Airlines plane evacuated at LaGuardia
Malaysia Airlines pilot realises plane is flying in the wrong direction after 8 minutes

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Turkish Troops In Iraq: Arab League Accuses Ankara Of Threatening Iraq's Sovereignty
Turkish 'Cleansing' Operation Rocks Southeastern Cities
State-Sponsored Terrorism——How Islamic State Survives On Support From Turkey And The Gulf
Norwegian Report Determines Turkey Responsible For Buying ISIS Oil
Syria rebel leader Zahran Alloush 'killed in air strike', sources on the ground say
Boko Haram More Deadly Than ISIS, With Massacres That Dwarf Paris Attacks And San Bernardino Shooting
Russia Counts 12,000 Turkey-Bound Oil Trucks from Iraq and Syria
You won't hear it, but news from Afghanistan is bad
North Korea has secured 88 pounds of plutonium, Seoul official says
Russia's Putin Orders Several Counterterrorism Units To Be Set Up On Coasts
Pakistan's Race to Build Tiny Nukes Is Going to Backfire
Pakistan has the fastest growing nuclear arsenal and, within the next five to ten years, it is likely to double that of India, and exceed those of France, the United Kingdom, and China. Only the arsenals of the United States and Russia will be larger.
And yet the sanctions are on Iran, which doesn't have any nukes. -- RF

## Migrants/refugees ##
U.S. plans raids to deport families who surged across border

## Energy/resources ##
To avoid getting overcommitted to wind and solar, Rocky Mountain Power is asking regulators to shorten required contract terms with green-energy producers from 20 years to just three. Critics have blasted the idea as "a radical shift in policy" aimed at thwarting competition from renewable sources.
Egypt Struggles to Pay for Oil, Liquefied Natural Gas Supplies Amid Currency Crisis
Oil slump to 11-year low just a taste of pain felt by producers
US Nuclear Regulatory Commission preparing to allow nuclear plants to operate for 80 years
Five energy surprises for 2016: The possible and the improbable

## Got food? ##
There's a cauliflower shortage in the US, and it's making prices skyrocket

## Lifestyle solutions ##
Why more Americans are considering 'green' funerals

## Environment/health ##
Internet Freedom Is Actively Dissolving in America
Broadband access is declining, data caps are becoming commonplace, surveillance is increasing, and encryption is under attack.

The Obsessive Putin-Bashing
Official Washington says it welcomes freedom of thought, but there is a startling absence of diverse opinions especially on key foreign-policy topics, such as Russia's President Putin. In those cases, shallow "group think" prevails and belligerent "information warfare" rules.
Congress' Off-Point Iran-Bashing
The U.S. Congress, still in thrall to Israeli leaders and the neocons, cited Islamic State terrorism as an excuse to clamp down on travel to Iran even though Iran has nothing to with ISIS or other Sunni jihadists, unlike Saudi Arabia and Persian Gulf states that were left off the list.

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Ferrari Recalls $231,000 California T Over Possible Fuel Leaks
Estimated decommissioning cost is $300, but I guarantee that it won't be enough. And where to put the 3,000 tons of radioactive waste? Of course no disposal site has been found, and no one will want it. And every other nuke plant in the world is similarly a disaster in the making. -- RF
TEPCO confronts new problem of radioactive water at Fukushima plant
Tokyo Electric Power Co. has unexpectedly been forced to deal with an increasingly large amount radioactive water accumulating at the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant after seaside walls to block the flow of groundwater were constructed in October.

China Air Pollution: Smog Blankets Beijing, Shanghai Day After Christmas
Thick smog continued to engulf China's largest cities on Saturday, just a day after authorities canceled more than 200 flights from Beijing due to limited visibility. Children and elderly were also warned to avoid outdoor activities as officials raised the air pollution alert in Beijing to orange, the second-highest on the city's four-grade scale, on Christmas.

## UK ##
Trident: Nuclear deterrent under threat from underwater drones, expert warns
Advances in technology may turn Britain's £31bn nuclear submarine programme into an expensive liability
Flooding: Army deployed as more than 100 flood alerts issued across Britain
Schools in crisis as graduates turn their backs on teaching
Shortages in key secondary subjects hit London and south-east hardest as house prices soar beyond salaries

## US ##
Diamond sales losing their sparkle
Damage from sinking land costing California billions
Four years of drought and heavy reliance on pumping of groundwater have made the land sink faster than ever up and down the Central Valley, requiring repairs to infrastructure that experts say are costing billions of dollars.
More Companies May Start Helping Employees Buy Homes
The Credit Crunch Is Back: Banks Scramble To Collateralize Loans To Record Levels

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