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News Links, December 7, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Canadians piling on the debt – total consumer debt hits $1.59 trillion
Canada loses almost 36,000 jobs in November, as economy veers to downward course
How Money Disappears in a Fractional-Reserve Money System
All Heck Breaks Loose after Draghi Fails to Outdo his Own Hype
ECB Greeted by Collective Whine of Liquidity Junkies
Bill Gross on Central Banks: They're 'Casinos'
27 Major Global Stocks Markets That Have Already Crashed By Double Digit Percentages In 2015
Indian Government Fails to Get Citizens' Gold, So it Shifts Focus to Temple Stash
Why Bankruptcy Might Be the Mining Industry's Last Best Hope
The China Factor: China Creates a World Bank of Its Own, and the U.S. Balks
Rio 2016 Reverses Course: Olympians Will Now Get Free Air-Con
The local organizing committee is completing a budget review to slash costs and to ensure it can stay within its 7.4 billion reais ($2 billion) budget, avoiding the need to seek a handout from the Brazilian government amid the worst economic crisis in a generation.
Greek parliament approves austere budget for 2016
Despite Tempting NewbuildingPrices, Contracting In Dry Bulk Remains Low
"No Limit" to Economic Madness
Turkey's Never Had It So Bad as Record Outflows Seen Persisting
Why To Fred Hickey These Are The "Last Gasps Of A Dying Bull Market (And Economy)"
Nepal economic outlook grim amid Indian 'blockade'

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Barclays to cut more investment banking jobs: source
Budget '17: Pentagon Planning Cuts in Production, R&D
Steel Mill Layoffs Anticipated By End Of 2015
Morgan Stanley plans hundreds of layoffs: report

## War on cash/cashless society ##
Busk app to allow street performers to receive cashless payment
Are You Safe from the War on Cash?
Credit card, online banking issues hit Wells Fargo and other banks

## Airline death spiral ##
The US FAA's downgrade of Thailand's airline industry will have serious repercussions
Air fares became cheaper across the world this year
Alaska Airlines to add legroom in coach – for a premium price
Take aircraft maintenance more seriously
Flights From US to Paris Diverted After Anonymous Threats
Man attempts to open door of Lufthansa flight
China's budget airlines spread wings, add routes

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Al-Qaeda Seizes Key Yemen Cities as Southern Presence Grows
Pressure Mounting On Dutch To Join Syria Airstrikes
Russia Equips Central Syria Airport as New Base for Raids
Islamic State War: Iran Says Russia Free To Use Airspace To Attack ISIS, Syrian Targets
Amid Russia War Talk, NATO Sends Warships To Black Sea Near Turkey, Ukraine
Turkey Detains Russian Ships In Black Sea, Blasts Moscow For Brandishing Rocket Launcher In Strait
Turkish troops deployed in northern Iraq to provide training – reports
Iraq orders Turkey to 'immediately' withdraw troops sent across border
Did Turkey Just Invade Iraq To Protect Erdogan's ISIS Oil Smuggling Routes?
Turkey Pledges No More Troops in Iraq Without Baghdad Approval
U.S. puts request for bigger Turkish air role on hold
Israel Conducts Secret Training Exercises Against Russian Air Defense Systems
Russia sends its most advanced tanks to Syria frontline
Germany Oks military mission against Islamic State group
Syria government, rebels could cooperate vs IS before Assad goes: Kerry
Russia bombs nearly 1,500 Syrian targets, oil fields: military
Russian airforce has struck nearly 1,500 targets all over Syria over the past nine days, the military said, its bombers now flying under cover of strategic fighter jets following the downing of a plane by Turkey last week.
"We're in the Business of Killing Terrorists and Business is Good"
As the U.S. military continues its war against the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL), the Air Force is reportedly dropping so many bombs that it is struggling to find more.
Defense Contractors Cite "Benefits" of Escalating Conflicts in the Middle East
Syria's Bashar Assad Criticizes Airstrikes By France And UK, Mocks British PM David Cameron
"We know from the very beginning that Britain and France were the spearheads in supporting the terrorists in Syria," Assad said, in the interview, adding: "They don't have the will and they don't have the vision on how to defeat terrorism."
They Sow The Cyclone—We Reap The Blowback: How Uncle Sam Seeded Global Jihad & Cultivates It to This Day
Stoltenberg: NATO Ready To Help Future Libya Unity Government
Foreign Minister: China to Build Navy Base in Djibouti
13 fallacies of Steven Pinker's "The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined"
CIA-backed militias waging shadow war in Afghanistan
Former SecDef Perry: US on 'Brink' of New Nuclear Arms Race
Mexicans search for remains of loved ones in countryside
U.S. military opens all combat roles to women
Russia says U.S. refused guarantees for Ukraine's liabilities
French Military Enrollment Triples After Paris Terror Attacks
Front National wins opening round in France's regional elections
Far-Right Eyes Big Gains In French Regional Elections
Chad says suicide blasts kill at least 15 in Lake Chad

## Migrants/refugees ##
Almost 2,000 migrants plucked from Mediterranean en route to Italy
Cheap and illegal, Syrian workers show underside of Turkey's refugee crisis

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Thousands demonstrate, strike in Greece against pension reform
Thousands march in anti-govt rally in Seoul

## Energy/resources ##
New York has enough power for winter 2015-16: NYISO
In tests conducted by the American Automobile Association, an electric car that ran for 105 miles at 75F went only 43 miles at 20F—a 60 percent reduction in range.

## Got food? ##
Here Are The Corporate Foxes In The COP21 Henhouse
Rich nations' fossil fuel subsidies exceed climate aid 40 to 1: researchers

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##

## Propaganda ##
How To Detect Bullsh*t
PBS Joins the MSM's Syria-Russia Bias
Mainstream U.S. media systematically excludes points of view on world affairs that deviate from Official Washington's "group think." With no lessons learned from the Iraq-WMD debacle, the MSM only lets on establishment or right-wing pundits with conformist points of view on crises with Syria and Russia.
US Downplays Turkish Acquisition of ISIS Oil

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
A local story, but it's a story that's told over and over throughout the nation, and in other countries as well. -- RF
Railroads beat back new safety rules after derailments
A pair of train derailments in 2012 that killed two people in Maryland and triggered a fiery explosion in Ohio exposed a little-known and unsettling truth about railroads in the U.S. and Canada: No rules govern when rail becomes too worn down to be used for hauling hazardous chemicals, thousands of tons of freight or myriad other products on almost 170,000 miles of track.
Ford Recalling Up to 452,000 Cars Because Fuel Tanks May Crack
A total fantasy. It'll never happen. -- RF

Overall population, the pool of potential labor, has expanded by nearly 19 million since November 2007 while the official labor force has grown by just less than 3.5 million – an absolutely astounding gap that screams out just how far the US economy has shrunk.
This year the US added nearly 300,000 waiters and bartenders, and zero manufacturing workers. Manufacturing was once 33 percent of all jobs and now it is below 10 percent.
If their vision comes true, the US will have a bunch of amateurs shooting their guns in a chaotic wild-west style free for all.  -- RF
A record number of women age 18 to 34 living at home with parents. Millennial men living at home near 75 year record high.
The fact that the state's pension plans are this underfunded after an epic bull market in stocks, bonds and real estate means that in the next downturn the carnage will be breathtaking.

## The candidates ##
My guess is that we'll just have more people shooting. -- RF

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