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News Links, February 1, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Death Throes Of The Bull
The Shipping News Says the World Economy Is Toast
Baltic index continues fall to new record low
European Union could 'fall apart within months'
Amazon shares plunge as record profit still misses estimates
Rio Olympics: fears grow that Games could be affected by Zika virus
Brazil's Olympic Costs Up Another $100 Million on Electric Bills
The price-tag for staging the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro has risen another $100 million, reflecting the cost of electricity generation, according to details announced by the organizing committee.
Crushed Currency, Oil, Domestic Demand Broadside Small Businesses in Canada, Worst since March 2009
Hard-hit Alberta may be eligible for federal relief amounting to $60 per resident
Oil Squeeze: Kazakhstan And Central Asian States Suffer Amid Slowdowns In Russia And China
The $29 Trillion Corporate Debt Hangover That Could Spark a Recession
Watch The Wafers—-The Global Semi-Conductor Demand Has Collapsed
Amid Taliban, Terror Threats, Afghanistan Economic Outlook 'Unfavorable' Despite US-Led Redevelopment: Report
Puerto Rico creditors asked to take 45 percent haircut on debt: Source
BOJ Shock Heralds Currency War Return as Yen Drops Most in Year
Norway to Buy Record Amount of Kroner as Oil Crash Stings
Helicopter Money Arrives: Switzerland To Hand Out $2500 Monthly To All Citizens
The Big-Oil Bailouts Begin
Despite a bounce this week, low oil prices continue to sow fear, uncertainty, and mayhem across the emerging market complex. On Wednesday, it was leaked that the IMF and World Bank would dispatch a team to oil and gas-dependent Azerbaijan to negotiate a possible $4 billion emergency loan package in what threatens to become the first of a series of global bailouts stemming from the tumbling oil price.
Bahrain says planning austerity steps in line with IMF
Venezuela is on the Brink of a Complete Economic Collapse
JP Morgan Chase Blockchain Trial: Bitcoin Server Could Streamline Loans And Settlements, Executives Say
Nigeria asks for $3.5bn in global emergency loans

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Caterpillar closing 5 plants, cutting 670 jobs
South Africa Sees 32,000 Possible Mining Job Cuts, Minister Says
HSBC Hiring And Pay Freeze In 2016 Aimed At Cutting Costs At Europe's Biggest Bank: Sources

## War on cash/cashless society ##
What A Cashless Society Would Look Like
Mobile payments soar in China

## Airline death spiral ##
Zika Outbreak: American Airlines, Other Carriers Facing Mounting Fears Over Mosquito-Borne Virus
Toxic cabin air campaigners call for detectors in planes
Drones in four near-misses at major UK airports, air investigators reveal
EgyptAir mechanic suspected in Russian plane crash
As Oil Prices Plunge, Airline Profits Soar As Companies Make More Money Off Passengers
United Adds Training Day for All 12,000 Pilots in Safety Boost
Saudi, Bahrain, Iran airlines squeezed by diplomatic tensions

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Iraqi Kurds Agree to Hold Referendum on Secession
Israeli Minister Stirs Pot With Call For Independent Kurdish Nation
Iran flies unarmed military drone over US aircraft carrier
Terrorists Blow Up Kurdish Gas Pipeline
Russian Su-27 Jet Fighter Intercepts US Spy Plane Over Black Sea In Close Call Encounter
France threatens to recognize Palestinian state if no progress with Israel
Somali pirates earn new cash by acting as escorts to the fishing boats they once hijacked
Somali pirates who raked in millions of dollars in ship hijackings have developed a lucrative new racket – acting as armed "escorts" to foreign trawlers that steal the country's fish.
Tanker Robbed by Pirates in Indian Port
Pentagon: US Warship Sails by Island Claimed by China
Beijing says U.S. warship sailing near Paracel Islands violated Chinese laws
Turkey Threatens 'Consequences' For Russia After Another Airspace Violation Condemned By NATO
Turkey says Su-34 violated airspace, Moscow shrugs off report as 'propaganda'
US to Turkey: Secure Syria Border – With US Gear
Japan Doubles Number of F-15s on Okinawa
U.S. needs to defend space assets, Pentagon space expert says
The United States needs to recognize that space is no longer a benign environment, and should take more steps to protect its critical infrastructure, one of the Pentagon's leading space experts said Friday.
Poll Shows Nearly 40% of Germans Want Merkel to Resign
Six Years and $17 Billion Wasted in Afghanistan
Military Threats: Peak oil, population, climate change, pandemics, economic crises, cyberattacks, failed states, nuclear war
Seven bomb threats frighten thousands on Guam

## UAVs ##
Israeli Drone Feeds Hacked By British and American Intelligence
Drones involved in near misses at UK airports
Drone schools spread in China to field pilots for new sector
'Cut-out' Anti-Drone Protest Brings Arrests

## Migrants/refugees ##
Merkel Says Refugees Must Return Home Once War Is Over
German politician says police "should shoot migrants" trying to enter the country illegally
European Refugee Crisis: Masked Men In Sweden Target Asylum Seekers
Migrant boat capsizes off Turkey, nearly 40 die
10,000 refugee children are missing, says Europol
UN Issues $18 Million to Aid Rising Refugee Numbers in Uganda

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Grenade Hurled At Refugee Shelter As 40% Of Germans Tell Merkel To Resign
'Hundreds' of masked men beat refugee children in Stockholm
Far-right and anti-fascist protesters clash in Dover (UK)
'Rolling rally' in Oregon marks killing of wildlife refuge occupier LaVoy Finicum
Austria: Thousands of left-wing protesters rally against far-right Ball
Haiti protesters call for elections to end political crisis
French protesters call for end to state of emergency
Govt teachers protest, face police action (India)

## Energy/resources ##
Big Win for Rooftop Solar as California Vote Boosts Clean Energy
Former Chesapeake Energy CEO Aubrey McClendon Bringing Fracking to Argentina
Ted Koppel Predicts A 'Lights Out' Scenario If US Power Grid Remains Vulnerable To Hackers
And hacking is not the only threat to power grids. Even if hackers don't take down grids, they will eventually fail because of economics. Oh, did I mention that nuclear power plants require connection to offsite power? -- RF
Just 15% of US oil production is hedged in 2016: IHS
Ethanol: Cruzing on Empty
The only "hard wall" limiting ethanol concentrations in fuel is the limitation imposed by how much damage to our cars and wallets we're willing to tolerate for the sake of the corn lobby.
Chevron posts first loss since 2002 on crude oil plunge
Coal bankruptcies won't reduce America's supply glut
These energy companies are running low on cash
One in 5 energy companies could be out of cash in less than six months, while 1 in 3 will hit that threshold in less than a year, according to a Big Crunch analysis.
Rig Count Update: Moment of Truth for the Permian Basin?
Cold snap forces China to ration natural gas
Investment in the US oil industry hasn't been this weak in decades
Brazil's Petrobras To Cut Investment Plan By 5%: Report
Is Non-OPEC Oil Production Beginning A Serious Decline?

## Got food? ##
In Mideast wars, hunger grips millions across the region
As Russian food prices spike higher, some winners emerge
Over 1 million face loss of food aid over work requirements
Worst South Africa Drought in Memory Cuts 2016 Corn Crop 25%
Turkey food prices up 13.7 percent over last three months
Venezuela's response to food shortages? Grow your own food at home
Smart move. -- RF
High food prices could spell big trouble for food banks (Canada)

## Lifestyle solutions ##
Be Your Own Medicine
Treatment of atomized individuals in a setting of atomized symptoms and treatments is by any measure the opposite of a system that encourages and enables everyone to be their own medicine.
Consumers don't see need for smartwatches

## Environment/health ##
Zika Virus May Push South America to Loosen Abortion Bans
Zika Virus Outbreak: Jamaica Reports First Case, Colombia Says More Than 2,000 Pregnant Women Infected
Zika virus could be bigger global health threat than Ebola, say health experts
Zika is just one flight away from these 57 countries
Zika virus: More than 100 cases reported in Guatemala
Zika virus transmitted through sex in 2 possible cases – US health authority
Zika virus spreads fear among pregnant Brazilians
Worried About Zika? Here's Some Other Bugs You're More Likely to Catch
Lots Of Cities Have The Same Lead Pipes That Poisoned Flint — And there's no plan to dig them up
Researchers have established a worrisome link between social media usage and sleep
The Evidence Is In: Breastfeeding Benefits Children, Mothers and Economies
Over Half Of All Amazonian Tree Species Are In Danger
No Shovel Needed: Special Concrete Could Melt Mounds of Snow
If implemented on a large scale, this would consume a considerable amount of electricity and add still more heat to the environment. The solution to one problem creates another. -- RF
Waste of money. -- RF

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Democrats want to ruin America's national parks with Wi-Fi
What good is being immersed in nature without constant access to high-speed Internet?
US Homeland Security's $6B Firewall Has More Than a Few Frightening Blind Spots
A recent audit revealed the National Cybersecurity Protection System—aka EINSTEIN—does not scan for 94 percent of common computer vulnerabilities. But that's not all of its shortcomings.

## Propaganda ##
Washington Jingoism Gone Wild——The 2 US Navy Boats Were The Provocateur, Not Iran
A Russian Diplomat's Take on the World
As the West's mainstream media portrays Russia as a crazy rogue state, Moscow's thoughtful critiques of world affairs are ignored, not fitting the propaganda theme. Such was the case when Foreign Minister Lavrov explained why there would be no more "business as usual" with the West.

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##

## Japan ##
BOJ stuns markets with negative interest rate surprise
The Bank of Japan unexpectedly cut a benchmark interest rate below zero on Friday, stunning investors with a move aimed at shielding the country's sluggish economy from volatile markets and slowing global growth.
Restarts threaten to increase amount of deadly MOX at Takahama plant to 18.5 tons
Restarting a second reactor at the Takahama nuclear power plant in Fukui Prefecture will raise the amount of highly toxic spent mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel present there to an estimated 18.5 tons, Jiji Press has learned.

## UK ##
GP surgeries are operating in "a state of emergency" because of problems with resources and staffing levels, a leading family doctor said.
Soaring numbers of 111 callers forced to wait for a call back
Official NHS records disclose a mounting crisis in the 111 helpline, with a doubling in cases forced to wait for a call back after handlers said advice from a doctor or nurse was needed
The wind gap that will put our lights out
The more wind turbines we have, the more we need reliable back-up from fossil fuels
Ministers plot to foil anti-frackers
Leaked Cabinet plans propose letting unelected planning inspectors, rather than councils, give the go ahead for shale gas wells to boost production

## US ##
The new retirement model will have you working until you fall over from a heart attack.
Too poor to retire and too young to die

## The candidates ##
Bernie Sanders Vows to Crack Down on Greedy Corporate Tax Dodgers
Hillary Clinton's Iraq War Albatross
George W. Bush's Iraq invasion may rank as the worst foreign policy disaster in U.S. history – spreading chaos across the Mideast and now into Europe, yet polls show Democrats nationwide favor nominating Hillary Clinton, who voted for the war and backed it even after Bush's WMD claims were debunked.

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