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News Links, January 20, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Global depression around the corner? Ship cargo rates at all-time low
Container Shipping Should Expect Industry-Wide Losses in 2016
The Financial Apocalypse Accelerates As Middle East Stocks Crash To Begin The Week
'Ghost ships' tell a frightening story for global trade
Shrinking Sovereign Wealth Funds Are Ducking Davos
The Astonishing Gift Of The Money Printers—–The World's Richest 1% Now Have More Wealth Than The Rest Of Humanity
President Hollande Says France In State Of 'Economic Emergency'
Rise of the Robots Will Eliminate More Than 5 Million Jobs
Low Oil Prices Take Dramatic Toll On Kazakh Economy
Nataxis: Mega Investment Bank Suddenly Pooh-Poohs QE
Puerto Rico Says Shortfall to Increase to $23.9 Billion
Italian Banks Collapse, Short Sales Banned As Loan Loss Fears Mount
Italian Banks Hammered; Bad Loans Hit €201 Billion; End of Draghi PUT; Get Out Now!
Mexico Central Bank Warns of "Potentially Severe Shock" Caused by Credit Crunch, Seeks Emerging Market "Buyer of Last Resort"
Canada Set To Unleash Negative Rates As Oil Patch Dies, Depression Deepens
China's Ugly GDP Report—–Coping And Denial
IMF lowers economic forecast for Saudi Arabia
IMF cuts global growth forecast as China slows
Cooked official numbers: Everybody's Doing It
The case could actually be made that fabricating economic stats is a sign that China is joining the community of "advanced" countries.
Big banks brace for oil loans to implode
The Cost Of Keeping The Netflix "Story" Intact: A Record $276 Million In Q4 Cash Burn
Across Europe, more people are dying than being born
Dollar-Based Investors Eviscerated in Global Stocks
Puerto Rico's debt plan leaves $16 billion gap
Italy Banks Lose $82 Billion of Cheap Financing From Savers
The Oil Crash Of 2016 Has The Big Banks Running Scared
Oil Price Collapse Pushing Russia's Economy To The Edge
Bitcoin Heist Steals Millions from Exchange
India offers gold bonds at discount in hope of boosting sales
Alberta's economy pinched by oil
U.S. Should Join China Infrastructure Bank, Former Envoy to ADB Says

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Sources: Tata Steel To Axe 1,050 Jobs In UK
J&J to cut 3,000 jobs in struggling device division
Tiffany cuts jobs as sales lose sparkle
Morgan Stanley targets $1B in cost savings
Morgan Stanley, known for its work with tech giants like Facebook and Alibaba, said it slashed 25% of jobs in its fixed-income and commodity units as part of a larger restructuring that is expected to boost returns to investors.

## Airline death spiral ##
Airline complaints up, even as more flights arrive on time
S. Korea toughens punishment on unruly air passengers
South Korea will impose tougher punishments on disruptive air passengers as part of its efforts to boost aviation safety and curb air rage incidents, the transportation ministry said Monday.
JetBlue Computer Outage Causes Flight Delays, Cancelations
Airlines are changing their perks, testing fliers' loyalties
Airlines to enjoy low fuel in 2016, costs under spotlight
Japanese airlines to cut fuel surcharges as oil prices slump

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Spanish Army Bolsters Special Forces Against Jihadism
Islamic State battle turns Iraq's Ramadi into ghost town
Saudi Arabia alarmed, in private, at Iran's sanctions relief
Iran to Push On With Missile Program After U.S. Sanctions
Soaring Desertions Add to Afghan Military Woes
US Sailors' GPS Was Working When They Entered Iranian Waters
Iran Changes the Regional Dynamic
Japan Foreign Minister Kishida says Russia key to resolving Syria, North Korean issues
Ultra-Rich 'Philanthrocapitalist' Class Undermining Global Democracy: Report
As foundations and wealthy individuals funnel money into global development, what "solutions" are they pursuing?
While U.S.-Iran Relations Warm, Russia Is The Real Winner
On the Brink? Russian Sanctions to Cost Turkey Four Times Initial Estimates
Amnesty Links Large Multinationals, Including Apple, Samsung And Sony, To Suppliers Using Child Labor
Baghdad Kidnappings: Were American Civilians Working for US Defense Giant on 'Critical' Iraq Special Forces Program?
U.S. Ally Turkey Arrests Academics for the Crime of Signing a Peace Petition
U.N.: More than 18,000 civilians killed in Iraq in less than 2 years

## Migrants/refugees ##
Migrant crisis: Bulldozers start clearing parts of Calais 'jungle' in 'peaceful' operation
Refugee children at risk from hypothermia as temperatures in Balkans plummet to -20C
Dutch Politician: Male Refugees Are "Testosterone Bombs," Must Be Locked Up To Save Women From "Sexual Jihad"

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Current treatment of blacks may produce MLK successor, observers say
'Black Lives Matter' protesters block S.F. Bay Bridge
Crowd calls for Mich. gov.'s arrest in protest at his home
Caught On Tape: 1,000 Dutch Villagers Storm Town Hall In Anti-Migrant Melee

## Energy/resources ##
The World Just Lost One Of Its Biggest Oil Plays To Low Prices
When Will Petrobras' Fire Sale Start?
America's Cash Flow Negative Energy Companies Have $325 Billion In Debt Among Them
Oil Prices Retreat To $28 In Early Asian Trade As Iran Shakes Off Sanctions
Oil Sold for -$0.50 per Barrel. A Negative Price!
U.S. Crude Production Could Fall Harder Than Thought In 2016
Shell ditches major Abu Dhabi gas field project
As Conventional Energy Companies Cut Back, Solar Jobs Surge
Iran Orders 500,000 Barrel Per Day Increase In Oil Production, As Brent Crude Drops To 13-Year Low
Venezuela's PDVSA asks partners to pick up tab as oil prices sink
Oman Offers to Slash Oil Production If OPEC Follows Suit
U.S. shale player Sanchez cuts spending
IEA says oil market may 'drown in oversupply' in 2016
Department of Energy: US to invest in advanced nuclear power reactors
Kuwait may announce cuts to gasoline subsidy by March

## Got food? ##
U.N. food agency says 14 million face hunger in southern Africa

## Lifestyle solutions ##
Two Things to Read on Martin Luther King Day

## Environment/health ##
Air Pollution Killing Millions, Threatening Global Health Systems
The World Health Organization (WHO) over the weekend warned that skyrocketing air pollution levels are killing millions of people in thousands of cities and are poised to take an "enormous" toll on public health services worldwide.
Low Oil Prices Take Their Toll On Recycling Sector
Climate Change: Man-Made Heat In World's Oceans Has Spiked Dramatically Since 1997
Deep Ocean Warming Happening at 'Alarming' and Increasingly Rapid Rate
US govt activates emergency bird flu plan
Could Spread of Zika Virus Be Linked to Climate Change?
Utility expects to stop LA-area gas leak by late February
To clean up ocean plastics focus on coasts, not the Great Pacific garbage patch
Thailand scrambles to drill wells amid drought and water shortages
Zambia and Zimbabwe's Kariba dam levels sink to 12 percent as drought scorches
France's Renault recalls 15,000 diesels for emissions fixes

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
ISIS Allegedly Hacks China's Tsinghua University's Website In Support Of Jihad
Not Satisfied: First Time Ever, Majority in U.S. Now Dissatisfied With Security From Terrorism
Twitter hit by global outage
These are the 25 worst passwords of 2015
Stolen Uber accounts worth more than stolen credit cards
New cars to record your iris, fingerprints, voice and blood pressure
The rise of drones: Can nations control the spy in the sky?

## Propaganda ##
N. Korea drops 1 million propaganda leaflets in S. Korea
Propaganda "Has Rendered the Constitutional Right of Free Press Ineffectual"

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
When Trucks Stop Running, So Does Civilization. Energy and the Future of Transportation.
The Coming Era of Financial Triage
Virtually every major program of every major nation-state is financially unsustainable going forward.
Why did everyone stop talking about Population & Immigration?
Fake "Pentagon" Mall Abandoned on Outskirts of Shanghai
Finished in 2009, is largest vacant building in China
Why oil under $30 per barrel is a major problem
EU Refugee Crisis: Schengen Zone Could Fail Within Two Months, European Council President Warns
Stephen Hawking Warns Of Technology Apocalypse Involving Nuclear Weapons, Genetically Engineered Diseases
Davos Boss Warns Refugee Crisis Could Be Precursor to Something Much Bigger
N.J. Transit Trains Break Down at Rate Four Times U.S. Average
New Jersey Transit commuter trains failed four times more than the U.S. average in 2014, as Governor Chris Christie continued diverting equipment funding to cover day-to-day expenses.

## Japan ##
Declining Sea of Okhotsk drift ice puts chill on Hokkaido tourism hopes
Researchers: No doubt cleanup at Fukushima nuclear plant contaminated rice crops in 2013
Japan's Nikkei Closes Below 17,000 As Hong Kong Money-Markets 'Break' Again
Boost in aircraft, personnel part of Pacific pivot for Yokota
The U.S. is adding more than 1,100 personnel and spending $1 billion on new C-130J aircraft and support facilities at Yokota Air Base as part of the Pacific pivot.
Tokyo to support private-sector oil investment in Iran
Star of dolphin-killing film 'Cove' detained at Narita airport
Japan should see China as partner, not threat: Chinese ambassador
More than 50,000 lose power as northern Japan hit with heavy snowfall
Utilities scrap plans for quake-absorbing structures at 15 nuclear reactors
Finance Ministry confirms expected ¥1 trillion shortfall from tax exemption for food
Abe reiterates need for Constitutional revision

## China ##
Missing Chinese billionaire Zhou Chengjian returns to work
Strong China property data masks big problem: unsold homes
Chinese Shipyards See New Orders Fall by Almost Half in 2015
China Likely To Post Lowest Quarterly Economic Growth In Almost 7 Years
China's GDP growth slowest in 25 years
China 2015 power, steel output drop for first time in decades
China's stock market value plummets
What Could Go Wrong? China Builds A Floating Nuclear Power Plant
China's Housing Is Recovering, Just Ignore The 10 Billion Square Feet Of Vacant Housing
China Is Getting Less and Less Bang for Its Credit Buck
Over 1,000 coal mines in China to be shut down

## UK ##
Tata Steel job cuts to top 1,000
Britain's renewable energy industry is about to 'fall off a cliff', says new research
UK lawmakers slam Trump, but most oppose banning him
Emissions scandal: 95pc of diesel cars break official limits when driven on the road
British people are proud of colonialism and the British Empire, poll finds
Refugee crisis: EU 'first country' rule change puts pressure on UK to take more asylum seekers
BBC journalist stopped from flying to US over UK-Iranian nationality

## US ##
The Fed Admits What Happens Next——-The Ghosts of 1937
More National Guard Troops Move into Flint as Water Crisis Widens
Retail Gasoline Prices Drop Across The United States, More Declines Likely
Navy SEALs Carry Out Domestic War Games, U.S. Citizens Normalized As 'The Enemy'
More quakes rattle Oklahoma but state avoids tough measures
The Fed Responds To Zero Hedge: Here Are Some Follow Up Questions
CBO: US Deficit To Rise to $544B in 2016
Illinois Budget Crisis: Big Banks Aren't Sharing State Debt Woes
Even as crucial social service programs face deep reductions, one set of institutions has enjoyed an uninterrupted flow of funds from Springfield: banks. Financial service providers continue to pull in nearly $70 million a year in payments on complicated public debt deals from the early 2000s.
FBI official: 'Perfect storm' imperiling gun background checks
Study: Millennials spurning driver's licenses
Big banks continue retreat from mortgages
Bomb threats target over 30 schools in U.S. Northeast, Midwest
Bomb threats were made against more than two dozen schools in New Jersey on Tuesday, and also against schools in Massachusetts, Delaware and Iowa, forcing evacuations and lockdowns that affected thousands of students.

## The candidates ##
Bernie Sanders Is Taking on Goliath And Starting to Win
And The Winner Of The Democrat Debate Is...
Trump promises he'll force Apple to manufacture in the US
So What Does Google Search Have to Say About Clinton vs. Sanders…
Bernie Sanders Bashes Human Rights Campaign Over Hillary Clinton Endorsement
Poll: Hillary Clinton losing voters under 50

And finally...
Spiderman would need 43-inch hands to stick to a wall, Cambridge University finds
Smooth, bro! Guy rolls on the floor of Hangzhou shopping mall to resolve public quarrel with his girlfriend
Dog and child are best friends and love to wear matching clothes

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