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News Links, January 27, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Chart Of The Day: The Bear Perambulates The Globe
The MSCI All-Country World Index dropped into bear market territory last week after losing 20%. Some countries—China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia—are down more than 40% from their highs.
"Zombie Ships" - Why Global Shipping Is Even Worse Than The Baltic Dry Suggests
Oil Drops as Saudis to Maintain Spending, China Diesel Use Falls
Russian Economy Shrinks Most Since 2009 as Oil Prices Sink
Singapore non-oil exports fall 7.2% in December, worse than expected
Little cheer for Singapore's economy despite lower oil prices: Analysts
Economic Activity Is Slowing Down Much Faster Than The Experts Anticipated
This Stock Market is Really Sick, and Big Institutional Investors are Bailing out
Philips reports 4Q net loss, cautious on 2016
China Stocks Plunge to 13-Month Low Amid Capital Outflow Concern
'Footprint Rationalization': Sears adds to Woes of Canada's Malls
Time to freak out: 4 reasons the global economy is completely screwed
But the most significant reason — net energy decline — is not even mentioned. Failure to see this will aggravate the situation. -- RF
Libya's Fast Shrinking Economy: Oil Industry Decimated After Years Of Conflict, $68B Lost
Mercator becomes first Indian casualty in plunging dry bulk freight market
Indian shipping and logistics company Mercator Ltd has decided to sell its Singapore-listed dry bulk shipping unit Mercator Lines (Singapore) Ltd, becoming the first Indian casualty of the free-fall in the dry bulk freight market.
UAE 'to cut remaining energy subsidies'
Oil Crash Only The Tip Of The Iceberg
Saudi Arabia presents plan to move beyond oil
Ford Shutting Operations in Japan, Indonesia on Lack of Profit
This is Why Junk Bonds Will Sink Stocks: Moody's
China's gold imports via Hong Kong rebound in 2015

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
US banks keep trimming branches, cutting jobs
Sprint slashes 2,500 jobs to cut costs
Deutsche Bank to cut 2015 bonuses after record loss-sources
AIG to spin off mortgage unit, cut jobs in sweeping overhaul
DuPont doubles down on cost cuts ahead of Dow Chemical merger

## War on cash/cashless society ##
Hey You experiences 400 percent growth in cashless payments
UNHCR, IrisGuard launch EyeCloud to assist refugees with biometric banking

## Airline death spiral ##
Flight crew gets out of hand, flight diverted
Now even the crews are behaving badly. -- RF
Opposition launched against privatizing air-traffic control

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Islamic State video purports to show Paris attackers, threatens Britain
US Abets Saudi War Crimes in Yemen
U.S. officials are quick to decry "human rights violations" in "enemy" states, but different rules apply to "allies" such as Saudi Arabia, which is committing war crimes in Yemen and executing dissidents at home while the Obama administration aids and abets the atrocities.
Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine To Launch Joint Brigade In 2017
Russia Denies Report of New Military Base in North Syria
Iraq's military is still struggling despite US training
The US was supposed to leave Afghanistan by 2017. Now it might take decades.
"ISIS Has Enjoyed Turkish Money For Oil For A Very, Very Long Time": Israeli Defense Minister
Taiwan conducts military drills on island off Chinese coast
Malaysia attorney general: Saudi royal family gave Najib $681M 'personal donation'
Taiwan uses water cannon to drive off Vietnamese boat in disputed South China Sea
The end is nearer: 'Doomsday Clock' to change to show destruction is at hand
"Sweden Could Be At War Within A Few Years", Top General Warns

## UAVs ##
Textron Systems to supply Shadow UAV for U.S. Army
Navy successfully tests new system for unmanned vehicles
NATO's Global Hawks Due in Sicily by Year's End

## Migrants/refugees ##
Child watchdogs warn of European refugee 'race to the bottom'
Greece faces being sealed off from Europe to stop migrant flow in move that creates 'cemetery of souls'
Feds' failures imperil migrant children
Merkel's party, sliding in polls, weighs German 'border centres'
A senior figure in German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative party has proposed setting up "border centres" along the frontier with Austria to speed up the repatriation of those asylum seekers deemed unqualified to stay.
Cameroon: 10,000 Refugees for Biometric Registration
Denmark's 'Nazi' Refugee Law? Lawmakers Vote To Take Cash And Valuables From Syrians And Uphold European Culture
German LGBT Groups Plan Shelters for Gay Refugees Amid Attacks
After refugee center attack, Swedish PM says police need more resources
"Gangs" Of "All-Male" Moroccan Migrant Children "Take Over" Stockholm Train Station; Steal, Grope, Beat Women

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Protesters march against Greece-Turkey border fence
China Warns "Social Stability Threatened" As 400,000 Steel Workers Are About To Lose Their Jobs
Flint residents protest high bills for 'poison' water
Flights cancelled, tyres burning: France faces mass strikes

## Energy/resources ##
Moody's Ponders Credit Downgrades for 120 Energy Companies
Global Iron Trade Faces Disruption as Port Shut; Prices Jump
The oil price crash is completely changing the industry's landscape
SandRidge On The Verge Bankruptcy: Would Be 2nd Largest Shale Chapter 11 In Past Year
Bad Loans Pile Up In Alberta, As Oil Bust Weighs On State Lender
Despite holding steady, North Dakota braces for oil supply crash
Oil and gas execs predict job cuts, with little left to squeeze on capex, suppliers
One dead in tunnel collapse at future French nuclear waste site
The myth of US self-sufficiency in crude oil

## Got food? ##
The imminent death of the Cavendish banana and why it affects us all
Looking ahead at food security for 2016
In Canada, 5 Cauliflowers Cost More Than a Barrel of Oil
South Sudan: High food prices cause suffering
Industrial vegetables: Purple LEDs help old factory turn out salad greens
Zimbabwe farmers fear the worst as cattle, crops succumb to drought

## Environment/health ##
LA County Doctors Report Patients With Zika Virus Symptoms
Liberia Ebola survivors face health problems and fears the virus could return
Zika's Likely to Spread Across Americas, World Health Organization Says
Aedes Aegypti: Meet the Mosquito Spreading Zika Virus Panic
Thousands of birds found dead along Alaskan shoreline
In Brazil, a Scramble to Stop Zika
Health minister: Brazil is 'losing battle' against mosquito
U.S. boosts study of Zika, birth defect link, as virus seen spreading
Countries Hit With Zika Virus Are Telling Women Not to Get Pregnant
Panama calls on community to avoid pregnancies
Record Warmth `Almost Certainly' Due to Humans, Scientists Say
20 Dead, 200 Hospitalized After Reports US Lab "Leaks" Deadly Virus In Ukraine
In New York village, a trail of cancer leads to tap water
Dozens of people are quarantined in Bangkok to prevent the spread of the deadly MERS virus
Girl Scout Cookies Are Really Unhealthy [sic] And America Doesn't Care
Task Force: Doctors should screen all adults for depression (US)
Erosion from waves prompts evacuation of cliffside homes in California
New Oil-Spill Research In Arctic Reveals Surprising Results

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Must read: To Win Back Our Democracy, We Must First Recognize That We Live in an 'Expository Society'
Critical theorist Bernard Harcourt coined the term "Expository Society" to describe our present culture, in which political and economic authorities consolidate their power by exploiting our eagerness to volunteer personal information through technology and social media.
Pritzker: EU, U.S. very close to reaching data-transfer deal
Hacker Group Targeting Tibetan, Uyghur Activists

## Propaganda ##
The Iraq War's Known Unknowns
In September 2002, as the Bush-43 administration was rolling out its ad campaign for invading Iraq because of alleged WMD, the Joint Chiefs of Staff received a briefing about the paucity of WMD evidence. But the report was shelved and the war went on.

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
The scariest U.S. House session ever: Electromagnetic Pulse and the fall of Civilization
Self-censorship sensed as Japan's TV stations replace outspoken anchors
The faces of Japan's TV news are changing. Broadcasters are under increasing political pressure from the government and a succession of outspoken anchors and newscasters have resigned.
Russia to again hold summer youth forum on disputed island
Rejecting perfectly good food because of "irregular sizes" and "imperfections" shows how the industrial mindset contaminated the food market. Industrial products made in factories are expected to be perfect and uniform, and this thinking was carried over into food, so that products are expected to be a certain size and shape, and to have no imperfections whatsoever. -- RF

## China ##
More holes than fingers? Beijing struggles to plug capital flight
The secret history of GM's Chinese bailout
China to cut steel, coal production as part of restructuring
China's Migrants Go Home -- And Stay There
Prospects for a 2009-style stimulus are slim. More important, China is on the cusp of a long-term trend of reverse migration back to the countryside. This week, the National Bureau of Statistics reported that the migrant population dropped by 5.68 million in 2015 -- its first decline in about three decades.
Sinking RMB Reflects Deeper Trouble In The Red Ponzi—-It's Choking On Debt And Zombie Factories, Apartments, Infrastructure And Other Malinvestments

## US ##
25 Years Of Fed Fueled M&A—-Ancestry.com Of The Banking Oligopoly
The "Big Four" retail banks in the United States collectively hold 45% of all customer bank deposits for a total of $4.6 trillion.
DEA Promised TSA Agent a Cut of Passengers' Seizable Cash
Debunking the Myth "Consumer Spending is 67% of GDP"
Dallas Fed Region Activity Plunges to Lowest Reading Since 2009; Production Collapsed
Wal-Mart: It Came, It Conquered, Now It's Packing Up and Leaving
Though mom-and-pop stores have steadily disappeared across the American landscape over the past three decades as the mega chain methodically expanded, there was at least always a Wal-Mart left behind to replace them. Now the Wal-Marts are disappearing, too.
Texas Economy Collapses - Dallas Fed Survey Crashes To 6-Year Lows As "D" Word Is Uttered
Congress is Writing the President a Blank Check for War (Ron Paul)
3% Downpayment FHA Loans Surge as Low Credit Buyers Enticed Back Into the Housing Market
The Self-Serving Apologists for Student Debt-Serfdom
Campaign 2016 And The Great Unmentionable—-CBO Says National Debt To Hit $27 Trillion In Next Decade, GOP Candidates Troll For More Defense Spending
The Luxury Housing Bubble Pops – Overseas Investors Struggle to Sell Overpriced Mansions
Millennials Really Don't Like Debt, Aren't Into Credit Cards
To Address Police Violence, Rahm Emanuel Hires Notoriously Abusive Cop as His 'Civil Rights' Adviser
The oil crash is crushing Houston's housing market
Slew of military helicopter deaths raises question of whether budget cuts endanger troops

## The candidates ##
Hillary Clinton Fundraising Email Says Sanders Outspending Her, Begs Supporters For $1
Donald Trump Calls Out Turban-Wearing Protester: 'He Wasn't Wearing One Of Those Hats Was He?'
Hillary Clinton Snags Boston Globe Endorsement Ahead Of Iowa, New Hampshire Contests
Presidential Race Is Such a Mess That Bloomberg Considers Independent Run
And bringing another rich guy into the race will make it better? -- RF
The REAL Donald Trump – A Fascinating Interview of the Man from 1990
Conservative George Will Wonders If It's Too Late For GOP Opponents To Stop Donald Trump
Donald Trump and the Politics of Resentment
Ted Cruz Endorsed By Preacher Who Said Jews Will Be Exterminated If They Don't Embrace Jesus
Donald Trump Is In Clear Command of the GOP Race
Jerry Falwell Jr. Endorses Donald Trump

And finally...
Internet cat video festival is 'harder to get tickets to than Burning Man'
Police helicopter scrambled after goat mistaken for 'wailing woman'
'I didn't wanna believe it either': Rapper BoB insists the Earth is flat

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