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News Links, January 6, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Baltic Dry Shipping Index Hits New Low As Commodity Prices Continue Plunge
Welcome to 2016! On the first trading day, all heck breaks loose.
Stock Markets All Over The World Crash As We Begin 2016
Dow Jones Industrial Average Drops Nearly 400 Points In Global Sell-Off
A stock-market crash of 50%+ would not be a surprise — or the worst-case scenario
The World's Five Richest People Lost $8.7 Billion in Monday's Selloff
Blame It on Oil: 2016 Unhappy New Year for Asian Shipyards
Silicon Valley Update——–Here Comes DEFCON 1
China Halts Stock Trading After 7% Rout Triggers Circuit Breaker
Biggest Economies Face $7 Trillion Debt Refinancing Tab in 2016
Another Commodity Deflation/Malinvestment Story—-Global Rubber Industry Crashing Under Immense Surplus
Factory figures make for grim reading as global stock markets fall
Brazil Heads for Worst Recession Since 1901, Economists Forecast
Visualizing Brazil's Economic Decline In One "Straight-Line" Chart
Industrial Recession Now Inevitable As Manufacturing ISM Worst In Six Years
Angola's Currency Collapses To Record Low As "Hyperinflation Monster" Looms Over Africa
Low oil prices are dragging down petrocurrencies across Africa
A Climate of Fear in C-Suites: Spain Faces Tough 2016
The Perverse Paradox in Mexico's "Model" Economy
Despite – or perhaps because of – the government's highly praised economic reforms, including the creation of two ambitious poverty reduction programs, the number of Mexicans living in poverty increased by 2 million over the last three years.
The $289 Billion Wipeout That Blindsided U.S. Bulls
The Drain Continues: U.S. Exports More Gold To Hong Kong Than It Produces
Global steel glut: West to press Chinese on overcapacity
Canada's government debt to exceed $1.3 trillion in 2016: report

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Offshore sector 'faces more job losses' as oil price falls (UK)
20,000 lost their jobs in 2015, worse in 2016, says employers' group (Malaysia)
More than 900 Layoffs at Daimler Trucks Plant

## War on cash/cashless society ##
Denmark heads for cashless society
Danes are on the verge of a totally cashless society. Even now, the vast majority of retail sales are cashless, even buying hot dogs from a street stand. Now a major drugstore chain is taking it to the next level: cell phone payments.
Taste of Tasmania stallholders demand levy refund amid claims of lost sales (Australia)
About half of the stallholders at the Taste of Tasmania are demanding the refund of a 10 per cent council levy, saying the new cashless system at this year's event cost them money.

## Airline death spiral ##
South Korea to probe budget carriers after plane flies with leaky door
Study: Tarmac delay rules leading to more flight cancellations
No-fly list flags more Canadian toddlers as security risks
Air travel used to be glamorous, now it's a grind of cramps and carry-ons
Airline industry to remain stagnant this year amid safety worries (Indonesia)
Deliberate acts cause more airline deaths than crashes
Chicago-bound United flight from Paris turns back because of mechanical issue
Airline Fares: Big U.S. Carriers Hike Prices In Sign Of First Industrywide Increase Since June
Malaysia Air Bans Checked Bags Over Fears Headwinds Could Leave Jets Short on Gas
Malaysia Airlines took the unlikely step of telling long-haul passengers that they should fly without checked luggage, saying unusually intense headwinds are jeopardizing the ability of aircraft to reach European cities even with a full load of kerosene.
Chengdu Air Pollution So Bad That 10,000 Airline Passengers Are Stranded
Having endured severe air pollution for ten days before finally issuing an orange alert on December 29, the air pollution got so bad in Chengdu last Saturday that 10,000 passengers at the city's Shuangliu Airport were delayed.

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Bahrain, Sudan join Saudi Arabia in cutting ties with Iran as row over Shiite Sheikh execution continues
Russia offers to mediate between Iran, Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia's Gruesome Provocation
Saudi Arabia's execution of a prominent political leader of the monarchy's Shiite minority has worsened Mideast tensions and is forcing the Obama administration to decide if there are any limits to the outrages that the longtime U.S. "ally" may commit.
How Obama Enables Atrocities
President Obama seems so scared of offending the Saudis and their Israeli allies that he will tolerate almost any outrage, including Saudi Arabia's mass beheadings and/or shootings of the regime's enemies including a Shiite political leader who dared criticize the monarchy.
Failed US Sanctions on Russia
Siege Near India's Afghan Consulate Ends After 25 Hours
Mideast's 'Regime Change' Madness
Hillary Clinton's "regime change" policies as Secretary of State helped spread the chaos that has turned the Middle East into a killing field and might have done even worse if not for extraordinary obstructions from the Pentagon's Joint Chiefs of Staff regarding Syria.
Pentagon shutters African drone base, moves aircraft to other hotspots
Assassins Were Paid Less Than $30,000 to Kill Mexican Mayor
1,000 crack British troops deployed to Libyan oil fields to 'halt the advance of ISIS'
Saudi Aramco Bus Burns Down After "Terrorist Assault" In Qatif Region
Germany shocked by Cologne New Year gang assaults on women
Argentina's new government says it will press claims to Falkland Islands
Unusual shooting attack sets off panic in Israeli heartland
Philippines joins Vietnam in opposing China's island runway test
Japan airs 'grave concern' over China's test flight in Spratlys
Further Evidence of Saudi Strategic Difficulties

## Migrants/refugees ##
Germany should limit migrants to 200,000 annually: Bavaria
Sweden Can Take More Refugees If Spread out Across Country, Official Says
US begins arrest and deportation of illegal migrants
More than 800 government-assisted Syrian refugees expected to arrive in London by the end of February
Denmark "Temporarily" Tightens Border Controls; Trains Cancelled; Cascade of Border Controls Grows

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
From Baghdad to Bahrain…From Beruit to Tehran – Tensions Are Exploding Across the Middle East
Americans Are Angrier Than They Were Last Year: New Poll
Along With Car Ownership, Severe Road Rage Takes Root in China
Chinese drivers are angry, very angry. According to the Ministry of Public Security, there have been a staggering 17 million road rage incidents this year, up 3 percent from last year.
German Anger Boils Over: Shots Fired At German Refugee Home; One Asylum Seeker Hit
Oregon sheriff demands anti-government miltiamen leave community
Authorities plan to cut off power to militia at occupied Oregon refuge
Thousands protest in Iraq against Saudi Shi'ite cleric execution
Demonstrators take to street to protest Dearborn man's shooting by police (US)
No respite in anti-Abe protests as Diet session opens (Japan)
Thousands of protesters gathered for the first anti-Abe administration rally of 2016 in Tokyo's political center in the Nagatacho district on Jan. 4.
'Patriot' militias appeal to some frustrated vets (US)
As Xinjiang Seethes, China Targets Uyghurs Abroad

## Energy/resources ##
Oil Companies Shun South Chinese Sea As Geopolitical Tensions Rise
Climate change could cut global electricity output by disrupting water
Climate change could lead to significant declines in electricity production in coming decades as water resources are disrupted, said a study published on Monday. Hydropower stations and thermoelectric plants, which depend on water to generate energy, together contribute about 98 percent of the world's electricity production, said the study published in the journal Nature Climate Change.
Once too little, now too much? US oil pipelines, projects, production and prices
An overabundance of investment capital has driven a wedge between US midstream asset valuations and actual shipping demand for infrastructure, and the imbalance looks to only be getting more severe as time goes on.
Russia To Help Iran Reboot Oil Industry
U.S. oil 'strippers' maneuver to keep pumping amid crude slump
Egypt sees arrears owed to oil firms rise to $3bn at end-2015
Declining Trans-Alaska crude oil pipeline flows put a chill on operations
Trans-Alaska Pipeline System operators are taking new steps to keep North Slope crude oil warm enough to flow through the 800-mile pipeline during cold months of the Alaskan winter.
North Dakota rigs at fresh low
2016 Outlook: Oil, Gas Industry Has a Tough Year Ahead
Moody's Sees Oil and Gas Capex Down 20% to 25% in 2016
What Comes After The Commodities Bust?
ISIS In Africa: After Islamic State Attack, Libya's National Oil Company Issues 'Cry For Help'
First known hacker-caused power outage signals troubling escalation
Highly destructive malware that infected at least three regional power authorities in Ukraine led to a power failure that left hundreds of thousands of homes without electricity last week, researchers said.
Iran, India to settle outstanding crude oil dues in rupees

## Got food? ##
Meat Labeling Law Repeal Leaves Buyers in Dark About Product Origins
Organic Farmers Score New Victory in 'David and Goliath' GMO Fight

## Environment/health ##
California will see a lot more disease-carrying mosquitoes this year, experts say
Despite dangers, military continues use of burn pits in Iraq
The U.S. military still relies on burn pits to dispose of waste in Iraq despite concerns that toxic smoke and fumes released by fires can cause serious illnesses to troops.
'Volcanic' Porter Ranch Gas Leak May Take Months to Close

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Unveils Plan To Build AI Butler
Eye in the sky computes your emotions
FBI Closes Out 2015 With Another Questionable Terrorism Bust
House Intelligence Committee Orders Investigation Into Surveillance Of Congress That It Authorized
The 'mind-boggling' risks your city faces from cyber attackers
Why Refrigerators Should Stay Forever Dumb
Ukraine utility cyber attack wider than reported: experts
PlayStation Network Down? Hacker Group Phantom Squad Claims Responsibility, Threatens To Extend Outage
Neocons Protest US Spying on Israel
The plot thickens: Anonymous threatens to hack Chinese websites as letter from missing HK bookseller appears

## Propaganda ##
After Executing Regime Critic, Saudi Arabia Fires Up American PR Machine
The "Wallstrom Affair" - How Saudi Arabia Reacts When Politicians Expose The Truth About The Kingdom
Saudis Execute Cleric, US Media Blames Iran
US Papers Treat Saudi Killing as Shrewd Move Against Iran
Bookseller Abductions, Previously Unthinkable, Indicate New Reality for Hong Kong
Now everyone wants to know about Xi Jinping's girlfriend

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
2016 Theme #1: The Loss of Great Power Leverage
2016 Theme #2: the Hollow Shell of Democracy
What Really Happened In 2015, And What Is Coming In 2016…
Peak Complexity and Impending Reversion to the Mean
The economy is not broken. It's simply unjust.
We have to stop looking at our economy as a broken system, but one that is working absolutely true to its original design. It's time to be progressive -- and this means initiating systemic changes.

## Japan ##
Aso stresses need to address Japan's low birthrate
Abe says summit with Putin needed to resolve territorial row
PM Abe will appeal for need to revise Constitution in summer election
Safety concerns hold back hydrogen stations
Tokyo police boost security at Saudi and Iranian embassies
Japan to send plutonium cache to U.S. under nuclear deal
Labor shortage sucks underage workers into Fukushima nuclear cleanup
Boondoggle: Japan's ¥2.9 trillion nuclear recycling quest coming up on three decades
It's designed to recycle spent uranium from Japan's nuclear power plants, consists of more than three dozen buildings spread over 740 hectares, costs almost ¥3 trillion and has been under construction for nearly three decades. The amount of fuel successfully reprocessed for commercial use: zero.
Corporate chiefs cautious about across-the-board raises

## China ##
Shanghai index dives about 7 percent, other markets lower
China factories struggle as weak exports drag industry in Asia
China challenge: getting poor migrant workers to buy vacant homes
Yuan Movements Highlight China's Attempt to Halt 10th Month of Export Contraction; Major Currency War Coming Up?
Chinese 2015 gold demand equates to around 80% of total global gold output
China to build 40 nuclear power plants over the next five years
Fantasy. -- RF
Even US Agriculture and Food Exports to China Are Hitting the Brakes
Hong Kong Publishers Reportedly Being Kidnapped by Chinese Authorities and Taken to the Mainland
China's rigged markets could fall much further, much faster
China to deploy more refitted warships in disputed waters, H.K. group says
China is refitting five more former warships as armed coast guard vessels with the aim of deploying them in disputed waters, a Hong Kong-based watchdog said Monday. Deployments may include near the Japan-held Senkaku Islands.
Chinese stock market: Government intervening to keep shares up
Worst Commute in China? Hint: It's Not Beijing

## UK ##
Solar's Demise In The UK
'Third World' dentistry crisis in England
Students 'going without food' to meet costs of university
Nearly a third of students report going without food to cope with the costs of university, while one in ten admit stealing to make ends meet
Saudi Arabia omitted from UK death penalty strategy 'to safeguard defence contracts'
Lib Dems and Labour urge Cameron to withdraw Saudi Arabia support
Scale of diabetes timebomb laid bare with one in five retirees suffering from the condition
UK Police May Use Drones To Monitor Protests, Siege Operations
MPs to debate banning Donald Trump from UK
How the world's biggest asbestos factory tried to stop campaigners exposing the killer dust's dangers

## US ##
At the 10th largest school system, a violent threat comes every other day
It Starts: Tech Trouble Mucks up Silicon Valley Real Estate Party
Poll: Whites and Republicans Rank as Angriest Americans
Poverty draft: The US Military: An Alternative to the Brutalities of the Modern Economy
Obama Announces Executive Actions To Reduce Gun Violence: White House Seeks To Expand Background Checks, Enforcement
Gun Sale Background Checks Hit New High in December 2015
Government "Processing Error" Sinks Housing Reports for Entire Year; Where to From Here?
Manufacturing ISM Sinks to January 2009 Low; Don't Count on Services or Housing to Save the Day
"War on cops"? 2015 was one of the safest years to be a police officer.
Billions in pension debt could mean budget cuts (Kentucky)
Chicago police watchdog beefs up staff, pledges transparency
Why More Retailers Could Default in 2016
Car Sales Plunged In 2015 As Americans Piled Into Trucks And SUVs
Record number of brokers barred, suspended in 2015
Former Dallas Fed Governor Richard Fisher Goes to Squawk Box Confessional: "We Frontloaded a Tremendous Market Rally"; Transcript of Video
Black Wealth Barely Exists, In One Terrible Chart

## The candidates ##
The real Donald Trump
Donald Trump TV advert criticised for falsely showing 'Mexican' immigrants
Sanders vowing to break up banks during first year in office
Sanders Counters Clinton With Bank Haymaker: Tale of the Tape
The Clintons' Paid-Speech Bonanza
With primary voting set to start next month, one of Hillary Clinton's remaining hurdles is convincing Democratic voters that she is not beholden to Wall Street and other wealthy interests that have fattened her family's bank account with tens of millions of dollars for paid speeches.
Federal judge rules Trump involved in ripping off union workers

And finally...
Sichuan husband rents out ad boards of over a thousand cabs to grovel for his wife's forgiveness

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