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News Links, February 10, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Whiff of Panic? Global Bear-Market Progress Report
World's Negative-Yielding Bond Pile Tops $7 Trillion: Chart
2007 All Over Again—-Banks Starting To Implode
European Bloodbath Spills Over to US Markets: Deutsche Bank CoCo Bonds Collapse, Shares at Record Low
Emerging Market Facing Massive Capital Flight, Sidelined Central Banks
European banks face major cash crunch
Day Of Reckoning: The Collapse Of The Too Big To Fail Banks In Europe Is Here
The Walking Dead: Something is Rotten in Europe's Banking System
Deutsche considers multibillion bond buyback
Lie of the Day: German Finance Minister Says 'No Concerns' Over Deutsche Bank
Dot-Com Bubble 2.0 Is Bursting: Tech Stocks Are Already Down Half A Trillion Dollars Since Mid-2015
Golden Triangle: Iran, China, Russia to Drive the World Away From Dollar
Gold Spikes To 8-Month Highs, Silver Breaks Key Technical Level
Gold Topping $1,900 Again Isn't Hard To Imagine – Here's Why
Economic jump-start sputters as 'third arrow' of Abenomics flies wide of mark (Japan)
Fear Hits Japanese Banks, Nikkei Plunges, 10-Year Yield Negative for First Time Ever
Capital Flight Intensifies in Italy and Spain; Curiously, Money Flows Into French Banks
German Industrial Production Unexpectedly Fell in December
The Return Of Crisis: Suddenly banks everywhere are in deep, deep trouble

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Sears Holdings Corp (SHLD) Speeds Up Store Closings After Disappointing Holiday Season
Another 6,000 Jobs Eliminated In Oilfield Services Sector
Banks eye more cost cuts amid global growth concerns
Anadarko Slashes Dividend By Over 80%

## War on cash/cashless society ##
German plan to impose limit on cash transactions met with fierce resistance
Harvard Economist Demands Ban On Big Bills To Make It "Harder On The Bad Guys"
Europol Director Sees Case for Scrapping High-Value Banknotes
Europe's €500 Notes Are the Latest Front in the War on Cash
Economics Professor: Negative Interest Rates Aimed at Driving Small Banks Out of Business and Eliminating Cash

## Airline death spiral ##
Jet fuel contamination and quality
UN agency proposes greenhouse gas emissions rules for planes
Smoking United Airlines flight to LAX makes emergency landing
Shrinking airline seats are target of bill in Congress
Pissed-off passenger urinates on fellow flier
Passenger says Mumbai-Kochi Air India flight delayed due to 'mosquito menace'
Drunk passenger 'threatened to open flight exit door' on plane, court told
Deputies: woman drunk, uncooperative on flight to RSW

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
To protect Chinese investment, Pakistan military leaves little to chance
A heavy police presence, guarded convoys, new checkpoints and troop reinforcements have turned parts of the southern port city of Gwadar into a fortress, as Pakistan's powerful military seeks to protect billions of dollars of Chinese investment.
Russia Modernizes Submarines As NATO Warns Of Activity Levels Not Seen Since Cold War
Russia Arrests ISIS Gang Accused of Plotting to Bomb Moscow, St. Petersburg
Turkey, Saudi Arabia Mull Syria Ground Invasion As Russia, Hezbollah Decimate Rebels
In Canada, Justin Trudeau Ends ISIS Bombing Mission, Will Instead Send Food, Emergency Education To Iraq, Syria
The "Sultan Of Chaos" Pushes On—-Erdogan's War Is Against The Kurds, Not ISIS
Former Mexican President: We're Not Paying for a 'Stupid' Wall
Japan says it will impose new unilateral sanctions on North Korea over rocket launch
US Hopes To Send Anti-Missile System to South Korea 'as Quickly as Possible'
US Army Budget To Build Force Size in Europe
Iran Signs Oil Deal With Total, Deal Done In Euros
Nasr cruise missiles delivered to Iranian Air Force
Gulf states invest billions in missile defences to protect against Iran
Syrian opposition insists Russia should end air strikes: Interfax
US Navy returning to former Cold War base in Iceland to hunt Russian submarines
$583 billion DOD budget proposal built around potential 'full spectrum' threats

## UAVs ##
Finmeccanica Pitching 'Falcon Shield' to Counter UAVs
Israel's Elbit Unveils USV for Anti-Sub, Anti-Mine Missions
Turkish Drone Anka Makes Debut Flight
The biggest hijacking threat Americans face today
German Navy testing unmanned counter-mine vessel

## Migrants/refugees ##
Greece: Stop migrants in Turkish waters
Some Australian asylum seekers to be deported have cancer, terminal illnesses
Merkel Flops Like Fish Out of Water in Futile "Last Ditch" Flight to Turkey to Stem Refugee Tide
"We Can Put Refugees On Buses": Leaked Memo Shows Erdogan Blackmailed Europe For Billions
Refugee Crisis In Germany: Nonlethal Weapon Licenses Increase Amid Surge Of Asylum Seekers
Cubans to rush to US amid a swirl of island rumors

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Migrant Policies Will Stir Violence On Greek Island Of Kos, Mayor Warns
The mayor of a small and distant island designated by the Greek government to be a receiving center for migrants fleeing violence in the Middle East is pleading with officials to revise that plan. The mayor says he fears that if a proposed registration center for refugees is actually built, it will incite violence among locals who have already begun to protest its construction. 
Bosnia Hijab Ban: Thousands Protest In Sarajevo Over Ban On Wearing Islamic Headscarves
Protester Nails Politician in the Face With Giant S*x Toy for Supporting the TPP
Gunshots Heard In Hong Kong As Police Battle Angry Crowds On First Day Of Chinese New Year
Black Lives Matter Minnesota Protest: Extreme Sporting Event Targeted Amid Calls To Fire Officer For Facebook Post

## Energy/resources ##
Backfire: Sanctions failed to take a bite out of Russia's oil patch: Fuel for Thought
International sanctions against Russia introduced in 2014 turned out not to be the bogeyman they first seemed to be, and could in fact have played a key role in helping the Russian oil sector to not only handle the sharp price drop over the last year and a half, but make the industry more efficient in the long run.
Norwegian energy minister: We will drill until gas reserves run out
Morocco launches solar power plant dubbed as 'largest in the world'
'No Plans To Pursue Bankruptcy,' Says Chesapeake Energy Corporation After Shares Plunge On Restructuring Report
IEA in Davos 2016 warns of higher oil prices in a few years' time
The Coal Decline Is Now Irreversible
Oil industry woes grow as storage levels hit 'critical level' 
Ship queue for Australian Newcastle coal exports shrinks on weak demand
IEA Sees Global Oil Glut Worsening, OPEC Deal Unlikely
Oil Drillers Exposed in Three-Way Hedges as Crude Dips Below $30

## Got food? ##
Disease may wipe out the world's bananas - unless we adopt agroecological solutions
Thirst For Coffee Sparks Supply Worries
When Is Chipotle Closed? Amid Falling Earnings, Mexican Grill Temporarily Closes Across US To Address Food Safety Outbreaks
California farmers reap record sales in record drought
A new state report shows California farmers reaping record sales despite the epic drought, thriving even as city-dwellers have been forced to conserve water, household wells have run dry and fish have died.

## Environment/health ##
Zika And 2016 Olympics: Athletes Worried About Virus Should Consider Skipping Rio Games, US Officials Say
White House Seeks $1.8 Billion for Zika Virus Response
Puerto Rico Declares Zika Emergency
Zika Virus US Outbreak Update: Ohio And Indiana Health Officials Announce New Cases
Babies With Zika-Linked Birth Defects May Have Eye Trouble, Too
Hawaii's Big Island Declares Emergency Over Dengue
UN: Millions of Lives at Risk if Epidemic Response Not Improved
EPA: Mine spill dumped 880,000 pounds of metals in river
Underwater noise pollution makes fish easier prey
Why winter is a mental struggle: human brain more active in summer, scientists find
A sigh's not just a sigh - it's a fundamental life-sustaining reflex
Documentary 'Synthetic Forests' Covers the Enormous Risks of GE Trees
Video: Are electric cars really green?
Chlorine Trains Pose An Even Deadlier Threat Than Oil Trains
Dozens of dead baby blue sharks found strewn around Taiwanese beach with their fins severed off
Consequences of today's carbon emissions will linger for thousands of years, study finds
Over 50 Percent of the World Breathes in Toxic Air

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
PayPal Continues To Drive People To Bitcoin And Other Solutions As It Starts Cutting Off VPNs & Open Internet Solutions
India Rejects Facebook Plan to Exploit World's Poorest with Private Internet
Stun guns in demand in Germany amid security concerns
Police use license plate readers in shopping malls, tow trucks and garbage trucks to spy on us
Sleep-deprived people nearly five times more likely to sign false confessions
The Army Has Made a Robot Cockroach
Biologically inspired robot bugs could be the next big thing in intelligence collection.
France State Of Emergency Extended After Parliament Vote Following ISIS Paris Attacks
Hacker posts info of 20K FBI employees, 9K DHS staff
How to Hack the Power Grid Through Home Air Conditioners

## Propaganda ##
The Empire of Lies
The Might of the American Empire Was on Full Display at Super Bowl 50
From the fighter jets soaring overhead to the armed troops patrolling Levi Stadium, Super Bowl 50 was a highly militarized event, its 70,000 spectators and millions of television viewers subject to a showcase of war propaganda and heavy security crackdown.
Communications minister draws outrage over 'threat' to broadcasters (Japan)
Amid complaints that she's threatening freedom of speech, communications minister Sanae Takaichi repeated her assertion  that the government can legally shut down broadcasters that continue to air "biased political reports."

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
The Physics of Energy and the Economy
Flint's Crisis Is About More Than Water
Mazda recalls SUVs due to risk of fuel filler pipe ruptures
GM recalling 473,000 SUVs, pickups in North America for brake pedal problems
Honda to recall new Civics because engines can fail
GM suspends Egypt operations due to currency crisis: company source
If Knowledge Is Power, Is It Also Wealth?
Daimler recalls 840K cars due to Takata air bags

## Japan ##
Consumption Seen Dropping as Japan's Workers Eke Out 0.1% Rise
Total wages in Japan haven't risen more than 1 percent in any year since 1997 and they fell for the past four years once inflation is accounted for, the labor ministry said on Monday in Tokyo.
Real wages down for 4th straight year
Why Japan Went NIRP: QQE Was A Colossal Failure——Real Household Income Has Plunged 7.1%
Japan eyes new missile interceptors
Japan is considering upgrading to a next-generation missile interceptor that could reach higher altitudes than existing models, as well as adding a third layer to its missile defense scheme, in response to North Korea's rocket launch Sunday.
JGBs: As 10-year yield turns negative, insiders say something has to give
Nikkei Plunges 5% as Japan 10-Year Yield Goes Negative First Time
BOJ says it will disclose findings of probe into negative rate leak
Market close to reading last rites over Abenomics
Panasonic to suspend solar cell assembly at one plant amid falling demand
Panasonic Corp. will suspend operations at one of its solar cell plants for several months amid falling demand for household solar panels, company officials said Tuesday.
Minister warns that government can shut down broadcasters it feels are biased
Internal Affairs and Communications Minister Sanae Takaichi said the government may order broadcasters to suspend operations if they continue to air TV programming that is deemed politically biased, a remark that may be perceived as repressing free speech.
Japan to get more coal-fired power plants thanks to Environment Ministry policy reversal
Multiple Chinese naval ships sail near Japan's waters
McDonald's Japan suffers record annual net loss
Documents indicate chemical leaks at U.S. base have polluted Okinawa water supply
Rare metals found on seabed 5,500 meters down
No mention of the expense involved in retrieving rocks from such depths. -- RF
Toyota eyes hydrogen for factories as well as cars
Fukushima cleanup still a daunting task
The cleanup will never be finished. -- RF
Japan steps up bid to win Australia submarine contract
Power stoppage brings Hokkaido Shinkansen evacuation drill to halt
Govt. compiles basic plan on infectious diseases

## China ##
Racing The Clock—-The PBOC Has Only A Few Months To Stop The Collapse
China set to cut coal-output capacity
China's 'zombie commodities' haunt the market
Violent Hong Kong Protests as Shown on Social Media
China's coal industry needs to restructure as demand slows - Xinhua

## UK ##
Government denies blackout risk as Rugeley coal plant unveils closure plan
North Sea oil industry warned it must 'adapt to survive'
Refugee crisis: Thousands of child asylum seekers deported back to war zones, Home Office admits
Teacher shortages in England, spending watchdog confirms

## US ##
Dotcom 2.0——The Crash Sequel Unfolds
Tech stock collapse sure looks like bubble popping
What's Booming in this Economy? Bankruptcy & Restructuring Business "Highest Since Great Recession"
Junk Bond Yields Highest in Four Years, Goldman Discusses Oil in Teens; 150 Energy Companies May go Bankrupt
Goldman Capitulates: Closes Out 5 Of Its 6 Top Trades For 2016 With A Loss
Drought is still 'very serious' in California, despite near record snow
The Increasingly Fragile Upper-Middle Class
Overwhelming Majority of Americans Believe that Both Parties Are Too Corrupt to Change Anything … "This, In Fact, Is A Revolution"
NAS 2015 report on how to fix our falling-apart inland waterway system
Rightists Sell Anti-Government Message
Since Ronald Reagan, the Republicans have rallied many Americans around the notion that "government is the problem." And, despite disasters for the middle and working classes, right-wing intellectuals like Charles Krauthammer continue to sell the same message.
Hope — and clean water — remains elusive for the people of Flint
Flint Water Crisis Update: Mayor And Obama Call For Lead Pipe Replacement Funds
Flint Water Crisis: Dogs Getting Lead Poisoning, Too
Cops Recording Your Every Move For 10 Weeks Doesn't Violate The Constitution
Americans Can't Help Themselves From Borrowing More on Credit Cards
Diverse Group of Adults Face SNAP Cutoff This Year

## The candidates ##
A Real Dose Of Excruciating Pain——-Ted Cruz's Tortured Argument For Waterboarding
Woman who accused Bill Clinton of assault to campaign against Hillary presidential run
TSA Conducting "Bag Checks" At Donald Trump Event
American culture: The Trump - Clinton problem
Key Members of Hillary Clinton Team Lobbied Against Bills She Now Touts as National Accomplishments
Ted Cruz's Religious Play
Sen. Ted Cruz – known for his brash, boastful and brutal proclamations – is remaking himself in the image of the Lord Savior as he appeals to the Republican Religious Right to pave his way to the GOP nomination and the White House.
Bernie Sanders Loves This $1 Trillion War Machine

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