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News Links, February 16, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
The Black Hole Of Debt
Investors Are Flocking To Gold Like There's No Tomorrow
Credit-Default Swaps Are Back as Investor Fear Grows
Chart Of The Day: Bear Market For Most Of The World's Stock Indexes
Italy's Banking Crisis Spirals Elegantly out of Control
China Posts Worse-Than-Expected January Trade Figures: Exports Down 11.2%, Imports Plunge 18.8%
Japan's economy contracts in latest setback for Abe policies
European Banks To Get Stimulus Soon? Draghi Hints At Possibility After Sharp Share Declines
Global slowdown fears overshadow Singapore aviation show
Will Gold Be The World's Best Currency, Again?
Space tourism projects at a glance
Here's an industry that won't, so to speak, get very far off the ground. -- RF
While UK Mulls Brexit, Bosnia Submits Application to Join European Union
Draghi's Fears and Hesitation; Negative Results; Four Signs Financial Crisis has Returned
Nippon Steel, Vallourec to shut 2 blast furnaces in Brazil
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal and French partner Vallourec will halt two of three blast furnaces they operate in Brazil as early as this year as cheap crude saps demand for specialty pipe used in oil fields.

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Job cuts to escalate in South African mines as global economy slows
The government has warned that 32,000 workers in the mining sector could lose their jobs.
Freightliner to lay off 1,250 employees in Mt. Holly, Cleveland
Get unemployment insurance as job losses get on the rise
Portugal: Waves of layoffs hollow out press

## War on cash/cashless society ##
Europe wants end to anonymous Bitcoin transactions
Draghi Investigates Killing the €500 Note: War on Cash or War on Money Laundering?
The War On Paper Currency Begins: ECB Votes To "Scrap" 500 Euro Bill

## Airline death spiral ##
Southeast Asia's record jet orders seen at risk: IATA
Record plane orders placed by ambitious Southeast Asian airlines could be at risk in an environment of intense competition, low profitability and turmoil in financial markets, the head of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) said on Sunday.
Airbus, Boeing Count on China to Buffer Southeast Asia Slowdown
Virgin Atlantic Jet Returns to London After Laser Strike
Laser attacks on Toronto-bound flights at record high
Data analyzed shows planes were attacked by blindingly bright lasers 173 times in 2015, with potentially disastrous consequences.
Airline pilots call for laser pointers to be criminalised after Virgin Atlantic plane 'laser strike'
Civilian drones becoming real threat to commercial aviation: IATA
Smoke in cockpit grounds Alaska Airlines flight
Airlines should be able to exchange info on unruly passengers, Air Canada says

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Russia's grip on Syria tightens as brittle ceasefire deal leaves US out in the cold
20 Nations Join Major Military Maneuver in Saudi
Armed forces from roughly 20 countries were gathering in northern Saudi Arabia Sunday for "the most important" military maneuver ever staged in the region, the official news agency SPA reported.
Top South Korean lawmaker calls for nuclear arms
A top ruling party official called Monday for South Korea to develop its own nuclear deterrent to combat the growing nuclear and missile threat from North Korea.

## Migrants/refugees ##

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Thousands protest in Burundi against Rwandan 'aggression'
Scottish Minister Worries Remaining North Sea Oil Won't Be Extracted
Scotland's finance minister has told the British government he is concerned that some of Britain's remaining North Sea oil will never be recovered as companies active in the area have scaled down investments due to the weak oil price.
German utilities urged to pledge cash for nuclear clean-up
Germany's ailing utilities should transfer cash into a fund to pay for the country's exit from nuclear energy unless they want to give up some of their most promising assets, the chairman of a government-appointed commission said.
Yet another warning on the nuclear-power disaster about to overtake the planet. -- RF
Subsidy sham: Fertilizers reach Indonesia plantations, not small farmers
Millions of dollars worth of subsidized fertilizers meant for small Indonesian farmers are being sold to big plantations, such as palm oil and rubber, at huge profits by state-backed retailers, a government report viewed by Reuters shows.

## Environment/health ##
Japan steps up quarantine to fight Zika virus
Air Pollution Kills More Than 5 Million People Around the World Every Year
Which will be of little use when the blackouts arrive. -- RF
In one study, 94% of participants with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) saw symptoms vanish completely. Patients with other blood cancers had response rates greater than 80%, and more than half experienced complete remission.

## Propaganda ##
The Fall of Commentary to Newspeak (China)

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Belgian museum in such poor repair the exhibits are being rained on
Staff at the Cinquantenaire Museum in Belgium have resorted to wrapping exhibits in cling film to protect them from rain pouring through holes in the roof

## Japan ##
Pension payments could be pared if GPIF returns fall short, Abe says
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe suggested Monday that pension benefit payments could be reduced if investment losses grow at the Government Pension Investment Fund.
Temples putting donated snacks to good use: feeding Japan's impoverished kids
With 1 in 6 children in Japan living in a household with financial difficulties, a growing number of temples nationwide are donating snacks that they have received as offerings to impoverished youngsters.
Japan Faces Challenging Choices for Cash-Strapped Air Force
Japan's government cracks down on anti-Korean websites
Some websites that showed hate speech videos against Korean residents of Japan have deleted the content at the request of the Justice Ministry, which is working to crack down on racist propaganda activities, sources close to the matter said on Saturday.

Under the plan all publicly funded institutions will lose the freedom to refuse to buy goods and services from companies involved in the arms trade, fossil fuels, tobacco products or Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.
Rep. Brat: 'Won't Be One Dollar Left' for Defense, Education, Transportation in 11 Years
Rep. Dave Brat (R-Va.) warned the American public that the national debt is going to reach "$30 trillion in no time," explaining that every federal dollar will apply to "unfunded liabilities" and interest on the debt in 11 years, leaving no room for spending in other areas.

## The candidates ##
GOP Frontrunner: 'Bush Lied, People Died'
Election 2016: Donald Trump Threatens Lawsuit Against Ted Cruz If Election Is Tampered With In South Carolina
Pro-War GOP Boos Donald Trump

And finally...
Britain in 2050: We'll all live like millionaires and dinosaurs will roam the earth

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