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News Links, February 20, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Few fiscal, monetary policy moves left to fight global growth slowdown, Moody's warns
Saudi Arabia's Credit Rating Cut Two Levels
Chart Of The Day: Negative Interest Rates On 40% Of European Government Bonds
Global Deflation Alert: Japan's Exports Plunge 12.9% in January
Negative interest rates set stage for next crisis
Citigroup plans to exit retail banking in Argentina, Brazil - Bloomberg
Negative interest rates are a 'dangerous experiment', warns Morgan Stanley
Tail Chasing Act: OECD Lowers Global Growth Forecast Again
Government Space Programs On Shoestring Budgets
Dry Bulk: Ship owners resort to scrapping older vessels, delaying newbuilding deliveries to alleviate fleet growth
Christine Lagarde wins second term as IMF head
Russia sees possibility for economic contraction
Canada: Worst Plunge in Retail Sales since 2008. Inflation Whacks Consumers
NIRP Backlash…In Japan
South Africa drought pushes 50,000 into poverty: World Bank
Argentina Imports Still Closed For Business
Expecting company: Hungary central bank stockpiles 200,000 rounds of live ammunition, 112 handguns

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Yahoo to cut more than 300 jobs: San Francisco Chronicle
Yahoo begins shutting some digital services
Jobless Benefits Claims Soar 100% In Canada's Dying Oil Patch As Construction Jobs Plunge 84%

## War on cash/cashless society ##
As War on Cash Escalates, Cash Lovers Fight Back
When Cash Is Outlawed… Only Outlaws Will Have Cash — Control, Tax, Confiscate
Behind The War On Cash—-A New Power Grab By Statist Politicians
Debate over the $100 bill: Gamblers and negative rates
Swiss Politicians Slam Attempts To Eliminate Cash, Compare Paper Money To A Gun Defending Freedom

## Airline death spiral ##
Gulf aviation hubs need more coordination to tackle airspace crisis
Spirit Airlines triggered the most complaints
Female plane passenger stuns onlookers by 'taking off skirt after becoming frustrated with long security delays'

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Russia Deploys Advanced Spy Plane TU-214R In Syria's Hmeimim Military Base
Airport In Northern Syria Linked To Russian Military Buildup, Turkey Responds With Border Enforcement
Russia seizes upper hand as US flounders in Syria
Unity between air and ground forces and a clear objective have enabled the Russians to turn the tide of the Syrian civil war, reverse the fortunes of their longtime ally President Bashar Assad and leave the already muddled American strategy in Syria in tatters.
Syrian Refugee Crisis: Turkey Shooting Civilians Fleeing War As Aleppo Violence Spirals, Report Says
Kurds Warn Turkey of 'Big War' With Russia If Troops Enter Syria
US Navy in Talks To Use Iceland's Keflavik Air Base Again
Saudi Arabia eyes $155m weapons upgrade for military ships
Risking Nuclear War for Al Qaeda?
The risk that the multi-sided Syrian war could spark World War III continues as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and U.S. neocons seek an invasion that could kill Russian troops — and possibly escalate the Syrian crisis into a nuclear showdown, amazingly to protect Al Qaeda terrorists.
Russia denies imminent delivery of S-300 missiles to Iran
Africa is a new frontier for China's arms-makers
Report: 50 MiG-29s Headed to Africa
Russia to supply first four Su-35 fighters to China in 2016
Britain's future, migrant split reveal growing EU divide
The US Dollar Just Became the Official Currency of ISIS
North Korea Fired Artillery Shots Near Disputed Maritime Border With South Korea, Prompting Alarm
Palestinian villagers tilled their land so well, Israel is now confiscating it from them

## Unmanned vehicles ##
UHV: Dawn of the Air-Phibious Drones? Flying Fish UAV Swims and Flies
Spain plans Predator drone purchase

## Migrants/refugees ##
Polish magazine's 'Islamic rape of Europe' cover sparks outrage
Pass Thru Politics: EU Says Austria's Refugee Quotas Violate Geneva Convention; In Praise of Austria
Sweden To Store 1,800 Migrants On Docked Luxury Cruise Ship
Slovenian government wants army to help police control migrant flow

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Madison Immigration Reform Protesters Say Wisconsin Is Not Arizona In Protest Of Sanctuary City, ID Bills
Demonstrators block Minneapolis intersections in campaign for fair wage
Cabbies converge on Madrid to march against Uber-type services
Thousands of Indians are protesting against attacks to freedom of speech

## Energy/resources ##
The Saudi/Russia Oil Deal Is Worthless… Here's Why
Fears For Refined Products Glut Grow As Diesel Prices Tank
The Decline Of The Coal Industry Is "Long-Term" And "Irreversible"
German commission favours limited liability for nuclear phaseout-document
Anglo Cut to Junk for Third Time This Week as S&P Downgrades
Cushing Is Denying Storage Requests: Some Troubling Data From Genscape And Goldman
Oilfield Services: the Offshore Wind Opportunity
Venezuela needs oil close to $200 a barrel to balance its budget
Petrol pump pain: Venezuelan gasoline prices jump 6,000%
L.A.-area natural gas leak finally capped, but new problem emerges — potential power shortages
Norway expects its oil production to decline in 2016 — official
Zimbabwe's main hydro power dam running out of water after drought
Shale Faces March Madness With $1.2 Billion in Interest Due
The U.S. shale industry must come up with $1.2 billion in interest payments by the end of March as $30-a-barrel oil makes it harder for companies to scrape up the cash needed to stay current on their debts.
U.S. Oil Rig Count Drops Another 27 Rigs
The Global Oil Glut Is So Great, Tankers Take The Long Route Around Africa To Find A Buyer

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Copper Thieves Winning Battle To Keep Tulsa Street Lights On

## Got food? ##
How climate change may lead to depletion of western US groundwater
By 2050 climate change will increase the groundwater deficit even more for four economically important aquifers in the western US.

## Environment/health ##
Aid agencies prepare for Zika spread in Tonga as tropical cyclone looms
World Bank offers $150 million to combat Zika
Pope Francis and Zika: Women Threatened By Virus Could Use Birth Control, Pontiff Says
Mysteries of the Zika Virus Stump Even the Experts
Zika-hit Puerto Rico prepares to import all of its blood supplies
Zika fuelled by rapid urbanization, poor conditions in Latam's slums - experts
Zika Outbreak 2016: Proof Of Link Between Zika Virus And Birth Defects May Take 6 Months, WHO Says
Scientists say we're in for a "global disaster" if we don't solve water inequality
Some Starbucks Drinks Contain 'Shocking' Amount Of Sugar, Says Report
Rio Has Given Up On Its Goal To Clean Up The Water In Time For The Olympics
Class-Action Lawsuit Claims High Levels of Lead in Chicago's Drinking Water
Lawsuit Filed Over Oklahoma's 'Fracking' Earthquakes as Its Third Largest Quake Is Felt in 7 Other States

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Apple Vows to Defend Its Customers as the FBI Launches a War on Privacy and Security
Apple Boycott Threats Follow iPhone FBI Backdoor Debate, But Early Sentiment Sides With Tim Cook
Google CEO Backs Apple in FBI Fight Over Cracking San Bernardino Gunman's iPhone
Big tech companies are joining Apple in its encryption fight
Apple Unlocked iPhones for the Feds 70 Times Before
No, Apple Has Not Unlocked 70 iPhones For Law Enforcement
Guardian Tech Reporter: Apple Should Help FBI Break Into iPhone Because I Don't Consider Privacy All That Important
Lawmakers Speak Out On Apple Being Forced To Create Backdoors; Some Wisely, Some Ignorantly
Could One iPhone Backdoor Really Expose Apple Inc.'s iOS Owners To Greater Security Risk?
IRS reports 400% increase in email scams
Hollywood hospital pays hackers $17,000 ransom to restore computers
Sony CEO Michael Lynton Has Gone Back To The Fax Machine Since The Hack
Asian countries eye stronger maritime surveillance capabilities
The market for spy planes and surveillance platforms is buoyant in Southeast Asia, where countries are facing off against China — and each other — in the resource-rich South China Sea, industry insiders at the Singapore Airshow said.
As the Apple vs. FBI Debate Rages, Congress Plots to Mandate Encryption Backdoors
Apple vs. FBI: iPhone Maker Expected To Mount Formidable Free Speech Defense
Amid Battle with Apple, Memo Reveals Big Brother's Plan B for Encryption
US would let Apple keep software to help FBI hack iPhone

## Propaganda ##
For Putin's Censors, Only Suicide Is Worse Than Homosexuality
Xi demands total media loyalty during tour of top state news outlets

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Mitsubishi Motors recalls around 370,000 vehicles in Japan
Mazda recalls more vehicles in Japan, overseas over Takata airbags
Nissan recalls 1,946 vehicles, mainly ambulances, over ignition fault
Think Another Crash Is "Impossible"? Think Again
Rio water will still be polluted for Summer Olympics
Anxiety Drug Overdoses Have Quadrupled Over Last Two Decades, Study Finds (US)

## Japan ##
Japan Seeks More Prominent Role in 'Global Defense and Security'
Japan exports fall most since 2009 as global slowdown bites
OECD cuts Japan's 2016 growth projection to 0.8 pct
Japanese Government Cracks Down Hard on the Media Amid Pitiful Economic Performance
Japanese police tapped cellphones in 10 investigations in 2015
Revolt against NIRP Breaks out, Bank of Japan "Baffled"
Long road ahead for Fukushima cleanup
NRA commissioner suggests plan to remove all fuel debris at Fukushima plant may not be best option
Gov't to lift evacuation order for Minamisoma, but radiation concerns linger
Two 40-year-old Takahama reactors set to clear screening but other hurdles block restart OK
U.S. military kept nuclear weapons on Okinawa prior to 1972: Pentagon
Home, office safes gain popularity
As the article observes, the threat of negative interest rates is a primary factor behind the surging sales of safes. -- RF
Japan's Financial Law Board slams negative deposit rates as 'unjustifiable'
Japan implements new sanctions on N. Korea

## China ##
Why the Chinese Yuan Will Lose 30% of its Value
China's Subprime Crisis Is Here
Failure finally an option for state enterprises
China is likely capping Comex gold to facilitate metal's eastward flow
High Chance of China Hard Landing, Says Adviser to Japan's Abe
China Unleashes A Debt Tsunami: Creates $1 Trillion In Debt In First Two Months Of 2016
Despite New Two-Child Policy, Fewer Chinese Give Birth in "Unlucky" 2015
China's Ticking Time Bomb—-A Runaway Banking System Bloated With Hidden Bad Loans
More Rot In The Red Ponzi—-Overproduction Swamps Smaller Chinese Cities
China Bears Say the Capital Outflow Is Just Beginning
Photographs Of The "Surreal, Uncanny" Emptiness Of China's Ghost Cities
China Stops Reporting Key Data Showing Size Of Its Capital Outflows

## UK ##
9 in 10 local authorities planning to increase council tax
British MoD Acquires Solar-Powered Zephyr UAV
Teenage boy with no arms and legs told to 'prove' his disability by Department for Work and Pensions
Centrica urges policy overhaul as it warns of 'looming gap' in UK energy supplies
Asda sees biggest sales fall on record
Force supermarkets to cut the sugar content in our products, says Sainsbury chief
EU renegotiations: David Cameron gets 'unanimous agreement' on Britain's future in Europe
U.K.'s Nuclear Project Falters Again

## US ##
Fannie Mae at risk of needing a bailout
U.S. Marshals didn't really arrest a man for missed student loan payments
University of Texas Announces They Will Allow Students to Carry Handguns into Classrooms
Percent of Total Wealth Owned in the United States: Bottom 40% control -0.9% Meaning Close to Half the Country has a Negative Net Worth.
Why Keynesian Market Wreckers Are Now Coming For Even Your Ben Franklins
100 Most Overpaid CEOs: Disney CEO Rober Iger Falls On Annual List, Les Moonves Of CBS Rises
A Third of Americans Aren't Getting Enough Sleep
Recession Ahead: Faltering Industrial Production Trend's Leaving Little Doubt
Manufacturing in Philly Fed Region Contracts Sixth Month
Are health-care costs really 'just' $245K in retirement?
Half of teens at ER report peer violence, cyberbullying
Tax Refunds Aren't for Spending This Year
More Americans than ever say they will save or pay down debt—especially millennials.
Peter Schiff: Federal Reserve Only Delaying Financial Collapse
"I Guess It's Food Stamps": 400,000 Americans In Jeopardy As Giant Pension Fund Plans 50% Benefit Cuts
'Gig economy' jobs mostly supplement income
Five-Year Retail Boom in Texas Implodes
Citi raises CEO Corbat's pay by 27 percent in 2015
California high-speed rail's first leg to connect Central and Silicon valleys
Will this first leg ever be finished? -- RF
No more surf and turf on food stamps?
My Parents, My Landlords
Dick Cheney Poisoned Hundreds of US Troops in Iraq — They're Dying — And the Media is Silent
Bank of America: "Corporate Balance Sheets Are The Most Unhealthy They Have Ever Been"

## The candidates ##
Hillary Clinton, With Little Notice, Vows to Embrace an Extremist Agenda on Israel
Hillary Clinton's Hypocrisy on Dissent
Hillary Clinton says she's a great defender of American veterans, but when Army vet (and ex-CIA analyst) Ray McGovern was assaulted for silently protesting one of her speeches, she did nothing – and newly released emails show she rebuffed an adviser's proposal to apologize.
Hillary Clinton: 'I Don't Believe' I Have Ever Lied
Pressure Grows On Hillary Clinton To Release Goldman Sachs Speech Transcripts
Donald Trump Doubles Down on Attacks of Bush Family
Trump Sides with the FBI Against Apple; On Torture Proclaims "Water Boarding Is Fine but Not Tough Enough"
Pope Francis Suggests Donald Trump Is 'Not Christian' For Proposing Mexico Border Wall
Trump: It's 'Disgraceful' for Pope to Question My Christianity
America's Largest Union Refuses To Back Hillary Over Sanders
2002 Interview Contradicts Trump on Early Opposition to Iraq War
Donald Trump calls for Apple boycott
Oil industry bet big on Jeb Bush for president, Reuters review shows. Now what?

And finally...
81-year-old woman chases fleeing robbers, rams them with car
This company says it's ready to build a real flying car — here's how it works
Rejoice! The future is here! -- RF

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