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News Links, February 5, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Chart Of The Day: The Global Pot Of Positive Yielding Fixed Income Securities Has Shrunk By 13%
Hedge Funds, Wall Street not Happy with the New Spain
Ship owners are limiting their investment plans for adding new vessels on global economy's woes
World's Biggest Containership "Hard Aground" As Baltic Dry Crashes Below 300 For First Time Ever
The Great Skyscraper Bubble Is Ready to Pop!
GOLD – It's Time to Pay Attention
January Was Gold's Strongest Month in a Year!
New Indian rule backfires, boosts unofficial gold trade
Try as it might, the Indian government appears to be unable to curb the country's love for gold. Its latest attempt - a rule forcing buyers of high-value jewellery to disclose their tax code - has boosted unofficial trading in the world's second-biggest gold consumer, industry experts say, rather than promote transparency and dent demand.
Oil Industry's Plan to Keep Investors Happy: Borrow More Money
Bank Bear Market Gets Worse as Goldman, Citi Sell Off Again
Vancouver Real Estate Goes Full-Retard; Average Home Price Now $1.8 Million
Is WalMart In Terminal Decline? This Chart Is One More Reason To Think So
Global oil demand growth is slowing going into 2016
Plastics Industry Latest Victim Of Low Oil Prices
Disgraced ex-IMF chief Strauss-Kahn joins Ukraine bank
The War On Savers And The 200 Rulers Of World Finance
Facebook turns 12 — trillions in time wasted
Damn the Side Effects, More Stimulus Coming
TPP: Japan, US politics could push ratification back to 2017
Yahoo Is For Sale, Maybe For Nothing?!?!

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Yahoo to cut 1,700 workers as CEO tries to save her own job
Lloyds Banking Group to cut 1,755 jobs and close 29 branches
Ford cuts jobs to sustain European profits as GM lags
Weatherford Cutting 6,000 More Jobs as Oil Downturn Worsens
The latest round of cuts brings to 20,000 the number of people who have been or will be let go by the world's fourth-largest oilfield services supplier as oil prices tumbled by more than two thirds.
Credit Suisse announces 4,000 job cuts amid big Q4 loss
Statoil cuts spending to prepare for rebound
Shell shares up as it confirms 10,000 job cuts and falling profits
Mass Layoffs To Return With A Vengeance (US)
January Job Cuts Rise 200% (US)

## War on cash/cashless society ##
Germany Unveils "Cash Controls" Push: Ban Transactions Over €5,000, €500 Euro Note
Is the U.S. Heading Towards a Cashless Economy?
Negative Interest Rates Means Taxing Fiat Money
The Continuing war on Cash
The Dethroning Of Cash: Discouraged, Penalized, Even Banned?
100 Million users to go cashless with India's latest payment solution, 'The MobileWallet'
Money Has Only One Place to Hide for This Swedish Online Broker

## Airline death spiral ##
10 Ways You Can End up on China's Latest Air-Travel Blacklist
Delta Airlines apologizes for flight attendants' "altercation" that led to unscheduled landing
Top Airlines Offer To Re-Assign Crew From Zika-Hit Routes
'Wheelchair-bound suicide bomber' responsible for attack on Somali airline
JAL, ANA to reroute flights during North Korea rocket launch window
Saudia airlines says bomb threat on Madrid-Riyadh flight is a hoax
American Airlines Says Premium Seats Will Be the Next Frontier in Ancillary Fees
Airlines Could Fall 30% In A Recession

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Afghanistan is on the brink after US invests $100 billion
U.S. says open to patrols with Philippines in waters disputed with China
U.N. halts Syria talks as government closes in on Aleppo
Nato cannot stop Russian tanks in the Baltics, wargames predict
Take Note, Turkey: Russia's New Su-35S Arrives in Syria
Russian Sukhoi T-50 Stealth Jet Fighter To Carry Cruise Missiles When Launched In Late 2016
U.S. Navy requests 4,000 Tomahawk cruise missiles in budget
Ship hijackings down in 2015, piracy mostly low-level theft
A global maritime watchdog said Tuesday that ship hijackings declined in 2015 from a year earlier, while sea piracy incidents increased slightly but consisted mostly of low-level theft.
F-35 deficiencies raise Pentagon concerns
London Donors Conference For Syria: Billions In Aid Pledged Following Suspension Of Geneva Peace Talks

## UAVs ##
Israeli, South Korean firms forming JV for UAV production
US Predator Drone Crashes in Turkey
Ukraine Launches First Military UAV To Combat Insurgents
Naming the Dead: Only 10 of Scores Killed by US Drones in Pakistan Last Year Have Been Identified

## Migrants/refugees ##
Denmark extends border control on border with Germany
US Senators Scrutinize Canadian Plans To Settle Syrian Refugees
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's plan to admit 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of February has raised questions for the US Senate Homeland Security Committee, with some senators worried that the plan may pose a threat to national security.
Town Hall Meeting Erupts After German Mayor Says Schoolgirls Should "Not Provoke" Refugees
U.S. rejects 30 Syrian refugees amid tightened security
UN says one-third of refugees sailing to Europe are children
Macedonia restores rail traffic for migrants stranded at border

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Pitchfork Time? "Elites Have Lost Their Healthy Fear Of The Masses"
"They Rape, Kill, Destroy": Montanans Stage "Security Rally" To "Head Off" Refugee "Invasion"
Kazakhstan: Economic Woes Prompting Pot-Bangers to Target Banks
Thousands of anti-TPP protesters a recipe for chaos in Auckland today
Greek riot police clash with protesters, fire tear gas over pension reforms

## Energy/resources ##
Asteroid Mining News: Luxembourg, Google Co-founder Larry Page Eye Platinum, Metals, Water In Space
Oil Majors Prepared To Borrow To Maintain Dividend Payments
Exxon Faces First Downgrade Since Depression as Oil Rout Worsens
Oil's recent rally has lost steam—and that's not the only bad news today for US oil companies
South Africa's Eskom expects no power cuts until at least August
Belgium's ageing nuclear plants worry neighbours
Scientists in Germany switch on nuclear fusion experiment
How Close To A Viable Energy Storage Solution Are We?
Oil vs. Electricity: Argentina's Impossible Energy Emergency
The U.S. Spent a Half Billion on Mining in Afghanistan With 'Limited Progress'
Kashagan Oil Field: The World's Most Toxic Money Pit
"The Worst Case Scenario Is Already A Reality": Minnesota's Mining Country Is "Melting"
Four Days After Predicting Oil Will Double, T. Boone Pickens Sells All Oil Holdings

## Got food? ##
China seeks food security with $43 billion bid for Syngenta
Argentina Infested With Swarms of Locusts
Venezuela at Risk of Food Shortage, Food Company Polar Seeks Foreign Aid
Have Student Loans Created a New Generation of Payday Loan Addicts?
French law forbids food waste by supermarkets

## Environment/health ##
Pharma Bro Emails Reveal Just How Greedy Drug Companies Can Be
Not Science Fiction: Biotech Industry Pushing 'GM 2.0' Across Europe
Zika virus forces Red Cross to change blood donation policy
Florida governor declares Zika emergency
Zika outbreak 'could infect hundreds of thousands of people in Spain'
Zika virus sees blood ban on donors returning to UK from Latin America
Zika Outbreak Update: WHO Voices Concern Over Sexually Transmitted Case In Texas, Urges Americas To Spend More Against Virus
On Brazil's Zika front lines, cases of microcephaly are actually dropping
Colombia confirms first three deaths of patients infected with Zika virus
Nature notes: Trackers reveal that honeybees forecast the weather to plan their work day
85% camels carry MERS: Study
WHO: More Than 48 Ebola Contacts Missing in Sierra Leone
A "Probable Carcinogen," Monsanto's Glyphosate Most Heavily Used Weed-Killer Ever
Cattle Deaths Spark Renewed Oil Drilling Controversy
Care at Native American Health Facilities Called 'Horrifying and Unacceptable' in Senate Hearing
Taser's effect on cognition may undermine police questioning

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
New Privacy Deal May Not Actually Stop U.S. Snooping
'This is a Joke': Snowden, Others Slam New EU-US Data Sharing Deal
Iraq to build wall and trench around Baghdad
Back to the medieval walled city! Here's another way in which the quest for security is going to bankrupt whole nations. -- RF
The real cost of a bomb threat at your kid's school
Though it seems there is nothing to lose by evacuating a school and being safe, there are significant costs associated with the growing number of school closures. In fact, the price tag can be staggering.
Feds Helped Hide Investigation into Big Bank's Money Laundering for Drug Cartels
IRS experiencing computer failure in tax system
Computer failures hit several U.S. Internal Revenue Service systems Wednesday in the midst of tax season, leaving the agency unable to accept some taxpayer returns.
IRS Outage Due To Cyberattack, Congressman Claims, As Taxpayers Await Refunds
No Indication of Hacking Seen as IRS E-File Fail Continues
Clinton Emails Held Indirect References to Undercover CIA Officers
Another Day, Another Hack: 20 Million—MILLION—Accounts on Taobao, China's Amazon
Maryland Attorney General: If You Don't Want To Be Tracked, Turn Off Your Phone
The state attorney general of Maryland is taking an alarmingly aggressive stance on the use of controversial cell phone trackers known as cell site simulators, or StingRays, arguing in court that a suspect volunteered to be tracked simply by leaving his phone on.
That's like arguing that you're volunteering to be followed just by leaving your home. -- RF
Russia Blocks Another Archive Site Because It Might Contain Old Pages About Drugs
Feds fight disclosure of Hillary Clinton Whitewater indictment drafts

## Propaganda ##
Seeking More Cold War with Cuba
Top German Journalist Admits Live On Air National News Agenda Set By Government

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
The Opaque Process of Collapse
The ultimate cost of protecting the privileges of the few at the expense of the many is the dissolution of the social order that enabled the rule of the privileged few.
When It Comes to Public Schooling, US Gets a Failing Grade
Honda recalls 1.7M new and used vehicles for Takata air bags
Honda adds 2.2 million vehicles to Takata air bag recall
Honda Recalls 341,000 Accords In US Over Restraint System
Continental says five million vehicles worldwide may have faulty air bags
Drug shortages force rationing of treatments (US)

## Japan ##
Japan says it will shoot down North Korean rocket if it threatens its territory
How Japan sees China's island-building 'problem'
Panic In Peter Pan's House - Japanese Stocks, USDJPY Crash Despite Kuroda Jawboning
Despite Debt Crisis Talk, Now People Pay to Lend Money to Japan
Japan's two biggest oil refiners warn of second year of losses
Toshiba sees bigger loss as restructuring costs mount
Bank of Japan's Kuroda says 'ample room' to stimulate inflation
More Toyota plants to go offline due to parts shortage
Japan's power producers scour forests in search of wood to burn
This is crazy. Unless this business is bridled, Japan will turn into a country of bald mountains. -- RF
Government OKs multiple-site storage of radioactive waste
Sharp surges on reports of likely deal with Foxconn parent company
Abe makes clear his desire to amend pacifist Article 9
55 schools still unusable in 3/11 disaster-hit prefectures

## China ##
China expresses 'serious concerns' over planned N.Korea rocket launch
Pressure on Yuan Continues: China Blames "Selectively Blind, Jealous People" for Selloff
Kyle Bass: China banks months away from 'danger territory'
Apple's Slumping iPad Sales Forces Closure of Chinese Factory
China Has $23 Billion in Debt That Could Be Cut to Junk
Man who made billions on housing crisis is betting against China's yuan
Foreigners Banned from Tibet in March
Chinese journalist tells wife he's 'voluntarily' back in China, 22 days after mysterious disappearance from Thailand

## UK ##
Britain is at centre of global mercenary industry, says charity
UK energy crisis deepens as SSE plans early plant closure
NHS stops people who have visited areas hit by Zika virus giving blood
Lloyds Banking Group warns staff that 1,755 face the axe
EasyFoodstore forced to close after it runs out of stock
Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou's latest venture, a discount store in London offering all items for 25p each, shuts its doors after less than two days
Working makes British people unhappy, new study finds
David Cameron pledges extra £1.2 billion for Syrian refugees as leaders gather for talks
Loss of wild flowers matches pollinator decline
Emergency brake hits just a fraction of migrants - but EU leaders will offer nothing more
Trident: Overstretched nuclear police force is a threat to security, warns report

## US ##
Total U.S. debt breaks $19 trillion mark
Total debt rises by $8.4 trillion in last 8 years and is on pace to hit $22 trillion by 2020.
Welcome to the Recovery – 1 Out of 7 Americans (45.5 Million) Remain on Food Stamps
Recession has Arrived; Factory Orders Decline 2.9%, Inventories Rise
US productivity falls sharply in fourth quarter
The Transportation Recession Spreads
Why We Won't Have a "Lehman Moment" in the 2016 Crash
Chicago on Brink of Bond Market Shutoff: Tax-Exempt Yield Hits Stunning 8.50%
Read What the Professor Who Helped Expose the Flint Water Scandal Said About Science and Academia in 2016
Fearing lean times, U.S. companies tighten purse strings
Blockbuster 60 Minutes Investigation Exposes the Details of Criminal Money Laundering Via Real Estate
Restaurant Industry Suddenly Tanks, Worst Plunge since the Beginning of the Financial Crisis
Two-Thirds Of People On Welfare Are Working Or Have A Family Member Who's Working
Pay This Fee, Or Go To Jail: How License Plate Scanner Vigilant Solutions Makes Money In Texas
Memo To Washington: Stop Massively Subsidizing Europe's Defense—-We're Broke, Too
Secretary of Defense Announces How He'll Waste $582 Billion
Lofty bond yields show Chicago school struggles
Police across America are forcing high school students to take breathalyzers
This is Where San Francisco Has Hid a Bunch of the Homeless During Super Bowl 50
Non-Manufacturing ISM Cracks Appear: 8 of 18 Industries in Contraction
Like Lemmings Over a Cliff: Fed to Test Negative Interest Rates
Getting redder: More state economies may be contracting
Professor Who Exposed Flint Crisis Says Greed Has Killed Public Science
If Services Stumble Too There Truly Is Nothing Left
Obama to propose $10-per-barrel fee on oil
Michigan emails show officials knew of Flint water disease risk

## The candidates ##
Clinton, Rubio, Cruz Receive Foreign Policy Advice From Same Consulting Firm
Rick Santorum suspends presidential campaign
Marco Rubio Wants You to Wait 6 Hours to Vote
When asked about six-hour lines to vote in Florida, Rubio bizarrely responded, "That is only on Election Day."
Goldman Sachs Chief Threatened by 'Dangerous' Criticism from Sanders
Election 2016: Elizabeth Warren Defends Bernie Sanders From Goldman Sachs Criticism
Saddest moment of the US election campaign? Jeb Bush begs audience to 'clap'
Former Head of the NAACP to Endorse Bernie Sanders
'Jesus' reads real quotes from Republican candidates and it's jarring
Amid Money Woes, Ben Carson Cuts Campaign Staff
Hillary Clinton's 'Progressive' Persona
Desperate to blunt Bernie Sanders's surge of support especially among young Democrats, Hillary Clinton is pitching herself as a "progressive," but many of her policies were anything but – from supporting military coups to favoring corporate interests.
"Millennials Rising" Super PAC Is 95% Funded by Old Men
Eric Holder Makes Ads for Hillary Clinton While Making Deals for Corporate Clients

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