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News Links, March 16, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Faber: Central banks will create global socialism
Central banks around the globe are pursuing strategies that will put all financial assets into government hands, perma-bear Marc Faber, told CNBC's Squawk Box.
Budget 2016: Prepare for austerity, tax increases (South Africa)
Putin's $50 Billion Oil Cache Gives Russia Luxury to Ignore ECB
Modern Money Theory: Ignored for Years, a Radical Economic Theory Is Gaining Converts
Why Our Financial System Is Like the Titanic
Oil price falls force Saudi Arabia to cut contract spend in new austerity drive
This Chart Shows the First Big Crash Is Likely Just Ahead
Dry bulk sectors struggling due to excess vessel supply, low bunker prices
India's Ugly Bad-Loans Situation Is About to Get Even Worse
Drugmaker Valeant faces debt default risk; shares plunge 50 percent
Gold and silver: Underground currencies of the future?

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Avon to cut 2,500 jobs, shift headquarters to UK
RBS to cut almost 450 investment banking jobs in UK
BP reveals plans for more job cuts in Alaska
FNB plans to cut 600 jobs, close branches (South Africa)
Here's Why Job Cuts Are Imminent for Bank of America Corp in Brazil and Chile

## War on cash/cashless society ##
We Are Headed Toward a Cashless Society?
Microsoft Confirms Commitment To Support Bitcoin As Blockchain Plans Continue

## Airline death spiral ##
Jet2.com Continues Zero Tolerance Stance Against Disruptive Passengers
Pakistan's Ailing National Airline
Design flaw discovered on 787 planes

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Exposing the Libyan Agenda: A Closer Look at Hillary's Emails
Sanctions possible over Iran ballistic missile launches: France
IS pull-out of Iraqi town suggests manpower crisis
Experts: Israel Lacks Leverage Against Iranian Missile Tests
Putin Says Russian Troops Will Begin Withdraw From Syria
Russia has evidence Turkish troops in Syria, Lavrov says
Kerry's Secret War Plan for Syria
Turkey Bombs PKK In Northern Iraq Following Another Ankara Attack
North Korea Conducts Military Exercises Aimed At Key Public Facilities In Seoul, Similar To Drills By South Korea
The Queen Of Chaos—-Hillary And The American Imperium
Israel seizes large tracts of land in occupied West Bank: Army Radio
Marine general to Congress: We might not be ready for another war
German right wing tells Mario Draghi: This may be the last time
Brazil Currency, Stocks Tumble As Former President Lula Accepts Cabinet Position
Chinese fishing boat tries to ram Argentine coast guard vessel in poaching bust, is sunk
Massive illegal tuna fishing in Pacific, study finds

## UAVs ##
French Air Force working on small UAV for base protection
Are drones a useful tool or toys that need to be regulated? (US)
Defence Ministry all set to equip all infantry units with UAV squad (India)

## Migrants/refugees ##
Refugee misery reaches peak at crowded Greek camp: UN
Refugees Stranded In Greece, Remain Mostly Clueless About EU-Turkey Deal Determining Their Fate
2,000 Refugees Bypass Greek Border Fence, Stream Into Macedonia
Macedonia dumps migrants back in Greece as EU-Turkey deal falters
Activists helped thousands of migrants illegally cross the Greece-Macedonia border

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Trump Rallies Reveal Increased Tensions Among Americans As This Nation Plunges Toward Civil Unrest
Brazilian cities rocked by vast anti-government protests
Caught On Tape: "Enormous Crowds" Of Unemployed Chinese Miners Take To The Streets, Clash With Riot Police
Clashes erupt as thousands of anti-Uber protesters block major roads in Bogota
Vietnam protesters denounce China on anniversary of South China Sea navy battle

## Energy/resources ##
EU's ageing nuclear reactors pose significant safety risks
Lots of money being poured into a very deep hole. How much of it come out again? -- RF
Sri Lanka military to guard key power stations after nationwide outage
Sri Lanka will send troops to guard 100 key power transmission centers across the island nation, officials said on Monday, a day after the worst power outage in 20 years, as the head of the state-owned utility board refused to rule out sabotage.

## Got food? ##

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
The Rapid Rise of Federal Surveillance Drones Over America
An alphabet soup's worth of government agencies are exercising their ability to look down on ordinary citizens.
Chinese hackers behind U.S. ransomware attacks - security firms

## Propaganda ##
Australian journalists detained in Malaysia for trying to question PM
Two Australian journalists were detained and barred from leaving Malaysia after they had tried to "aggressively" question Prime Minister Najib Razak about a corruption scandal, police said Sunday.
Donald Trump is a great example of why democracy is dangerous, China's state tabloid explains
Although China's observations of course serve a propaganda purpose, Americans would do well to take these criticisms to heart. Considering the group of crackpots currently running for president, the US has nothing to be proud of. And besides, America isn't a democracy, it's an oligarchy. -- RF
Ted Cruz illustrates how to use a dead American for propaganda
Absolutely not. The whole "smart" idea is based on the mistaken pie-in-the-sky belief that we'll have plenty of energy to pull this off. In reality, the world is drowning in debt, and net energy is decreasing. Consequently, developed countries are finding that they can't even maintain what they already have. Singapore is in a worse situation owing to its lack of land and resources. It's one of the last places I'd want to be when TSHTF. -- RF

Safes, cash, and gold. People aren't putting much faith in Abenomics. -- RF
This will likely be achieved and even exceeded, but not because of any intentional effort. Instead, it will happen because of economic collapse. -- RF
Tony and Cherie Blair's property empire worth estimated £27m
Former prime minister, his wife and children are registered owners of at least 10 houses and 27 flats between them, including several in central London

## US ##

## The candidates ##
Anonymous Trump Video: Watch Hackers Declare War On The Donald
Anonymous, the hacking collective, has declared "total war" against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, whom it describes as "deeply disturbing." The group announced its OpTrump campaign, vowing to take down the billionaire's property websites in Chicago on April 1.

And finally...
Typo or...? Oops! Xinhua Refers to Xi Jinping as "China's Last Leader" Before Quickly Deleting Article

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