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News Links, March 18, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Saudi Arabia launches fresh austerity drive
Saudi Banks' Outlook Dropped to Negative at Moody's
Rich countries have a $78 trillion pension problem
US inflation rears its ugly head as global cycle nears danger zone
Deutsche Bank Shares Fall After CEO Forecasts Unprofitable Year
China Merchants Group joins race to buy Baltic Exchange - sources
Crumbling U.S Empire Drives Russia and China To Move Into Gold
3 Nations Where Negative Interest Rates Are Creating Asset Bubble Risks
Trump Presidency Is a Global Threat, Economist Intelligence Unit War
A British research organization has warned that a Donald Trump presidency could have a dangerous impact on the world economy, increasing the potential of Islamic terror attacks and of a trade war with Mexico and China.
Brazil Descends Into Chaos As Rousseff, Lula Wiretaps Trigger Mass Protests
The Dream Is Over - Baltic Dry Bounce Ends
Munich Re stashes cash to counter negative rates
Munich Re has held gold in its coffers for some time and recently added a cash sum in in the two-digit million euros, Chief Executive Nikolaus von Bomhard told a news conference.
Economic Collapse: Peter Schiff Delivers Grisly Warning for America

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
U.S. Oil Companies Cut 100,000 Jobs to Survive Slump
Brazil's Petrobras Set To Cut Staff By 15%

## War on cash/cashless society ##
Sweden Minister Says Cashless Society "Not Possible"; Elderly, Disabled People Blamed
The Horrific Cashless Society
Central Banks Move Into Crypto-Currencies as Part of Cashless Society Hustle

## Airline death spiral ##
Occupants flee Air India jet at Bangkok airport after in-flight bomb threats
United Airlines launches first regularly scheduled sustainable biofuel flights
This is certainly not sustainable. -- RF
Disruptive passenger on Seattle-bound Alaska Airlines flight taken into custody in PDX
Why are airplane restroom standards going down the drain?
This summer, Boeing reportedly figured out a way to add as many as 14 extra seats to some of its aircraft by shrinking the size of its lavatories.
Steep climb for India to be maintenance, repair and overhaul hub
Airlines Dodge Legislation Aimed at Curbing Excessive Fees
Russian Metrojet Plane Crash Update: Egyptian Foreign Minister Says 'Nobody Can Provide 100 Percent Security'
Bomb scare at Delhi's IGI airport: Bhubaneswar, Kathmandu flights evacuated
Airlines are Now Introducing a Class That's Worse Than Economy
Alaska Airlines Gives Passengers $100 Credit After Flight Disrupted By Drunk Traveler
The infuriating rule American Airlines won't tell you about until it's too late
Higher Oil Prices Are Disrupting Airlines
Ethiopian Airlines 787 Nose Gear Collapses at the Gate
Disputed airline seat tax postponed

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
John Kerry To Visit Moscow To Discuss Syria Conflict After Russia's Pullout
Vladimir Putin Says Russia Could Rebuild Syria Forces in 'Hours'
Turkish air strikes in northern Iraq kill 45 Kurdish militants: army
In Dramatic Move, Syrian Kurds Set To Declare Proto-State On Erdogan's Border
North Korea fires ballistic missile into Sea of Japan: Yonhap
Netherlands Votes for Saudi Arms Embargo Over Human Rights Violations
Laser Weapons Ready for Use Today, Lockheed Executives Say
Generals Worry Army, Marines Unready For A New War
US Army Pushes More Engineer, Artillery, Commo Gear to Europe
Lockheed's Marilyn Hewson Touts Breakthroughs in Hypersonic Weapons
One57 tower linked to global money-laundering probe
US Government Blames 9/11 On Iran, Fines Iran $10.5 Billion; Iran Refuses To Pay
Evidence Mounts That U.S. Airstrike on ISIS in Libya Killed Serbian Diplomats
Revisiting the "Humanitarian" Intervention in Libya
Military spending: The wrong kind of victory

## UAVs ##
Israeli drones are about to take over the world's skies
Unmanned Warrior 'robot wars' exercise to be staged off Scotland
Defense Department Agencies Have Been Operating Drones Domestically Without Cohesive Guidelines
Turkey Eyes Self-Sufficient Drone Industry
Japan enacts tough new law to regulate drones

## Migrants/refugees ##
EU prepares to scale back resettlement of Syrian refugees
Refugees Are At Terrifyingly High Risk Of Developing Psychotic Disorders, Study Says
More than one million refugees travel to Greece since 2015
The Latest: Italy rescues 2,500 migrants over 2 days
Albania Calls In Italian Military As Migrants Scramble To Open New Balkans Route

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Protests in Brazil after release of Rousseff-Lula recording
Protests mark Brazil's Lula swearing-in, judge tries to block appointment

## Energy/resources ##
Five Years After Fukushima: Does Nuclear Power Have a Future?
Despite its private enterprise facade, when big bills have to be paid nuclear power becomes a government business.
Wall Street checks out of coal mines
Banks' exodus from coal projects financing comes as several industry leaders face painful restructuring.
Largest U.S. Coal Producer Peabody Skips Interest Payment, Warns Of Bankruptcy; Stock Crashes
Coal Miner Foresight Energy LP says may file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
These Are The Energy Bonds Most Likely To Default In The Next Six Months
Energy sector defaults could go like dominoes
Energy issuers may be headed for $40 billion in defaults this year, Fitch says
OPEC-Russia Meeting Set For April With Or Without Iran
Pemex: Big-Oil Bailout Begins as Debt Spirals Down
Prudhoe Bay: The Terrible Oil News Nobody Noticed
On world water day, 650 million people can't get a safe drink
Climate Change Redistributes Global Water Resources
China to release water from dam to alleviate SE Asia drought
Southcross Energy says parent company may file for bankruptcy
Pipeline companies are being weighed down by worries that revenue might dry up as oil and gas producers cut investment and weaker suppliers become insolvent.
Largest U.S. Refinery Now Belongs To Saudi Arabia
Venezuela Runs Out Of Electricity, Will Shut Down For A Week, El Nino Blamed

## Got food? ##
Pizza Ranch linked to multistate E. coli outbreak
U.S. Plains wheat belt seen dry through June - meteorologist
Bumble Bee Tuna Recall 2016: List Of Products Affected, How To Get A Refund
Free Chipotle Burritos 2016: Would You Take Free Food If It Risked Carrying E. Coli Or Norovirus?

## Lifestyle solutions ##
How to Escape the Purgatory of Minimum Wage/Part-Time Jobs

## Environment/health ##
Beyond Flint: Excessive lead levels found in almost 2,000 water systems across all 50 states
Lead taints drinking water in hundreds of schools, day cares across USA
17 water systems with spiking lead call Pa. county home
Zika Virus And 'Mutant Mosquitoes': Biotech Companies See Opportunity In Promising New Technologies, But Critics Urge Caution
First Zika Virus Transmission Detected in Cuba
Zika seen rivaling measles in birth defect rates
Global Actions Demand Fast Food Giants Get Antibiotics 'Off the Menu'
Despite worldwide concern about the overuse of antibiotics, their use in agriculture is due to increase by two-thirds by 2030
Scientists say they've created new type of stem cells
Warnings of 'brain drain' in Czech Republic as doctors leave for UK and Germany
'Modern Life Is Not Good for Mental Health'
Hunters in Malta allowed to shoot 5,000 turtle doves despite declining numbers
Paris pushes EU to ban bee-killing pesticides
On world water day, 650 million people can't get a safe drink
Winter storms the most energetic to hit western Europe since 1948, study shows

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Apple's Privacy Fight Could Be Even Worse in Europe
Turkish President Continues 'Vicious Campaign' Against Dissidents
President Tayyip Erdoğan wants the country to redefine its anti-extremism law to include journalists, politicians, and academics
One Nation Under Surveillance – U.S. Government Pushed Tech Companies to Hand Over Source Code
US Marshals Spent Millions on Warrantless Cell Phone Spying: ACLU
How to Demolish an Old Hard Drive (and Keep Your Data Safe)
New Documents Reveal "Hillary Clinton Knew Her BlackBerry Wasn't Secure"

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Our economic growth system is reaching limits in a strange way
Sounds Like a Toyota? Maserati Recalls Cars For Stuck Accelerators
Report: US faces dire consequences if Soo Locks fail

## Japan ##
As China Expands Military, Japan Allows Women In Combat Roles As Female Attack Helicopter Pilots
BOJ Move Backfires as 0.001% Deposits Lure Cash of Fund Managers
Japan Ruling Party Considers International Arbitration Over China Dispute
Japan's ruling party urged Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's government on Wednesday to consider seeking international arbitration over Beijing's drilling activities in the disputed East China Sea, mirroring similar action by the Philippines.
Broadcasting official warns against 'cowardly' political news coverage in Japan
MSDF training sub to visit Philippines; two escort ships to go on to port call in Vietnam
Toshiba discloses more accounting irregularities
Bank Of Japan Intervenes In The Market To Smash Yen After Nikkei Crashes 700 Points
"This Is An Extremely Serious Problem" - Dollar Funding Shortage Hits Record In Japan
Harvard Univ. prof. says sales tax hike needed for Japan's growth
The Harvard professor does not live in Japan on an ordinary person's income. What we do not need is more crackpot wisdom from clueless experts. -- RF
U.S. economist Stiglitz urges Abe to take fiscal action, raise income taxes
Still more crackpot wisdom from clueless experts. -- RF
Cyberattack-linked data leaks at Japanese entities jump in 2015

## China ##
Shadow Lending for Chinese Home Down Payments Prompts Crackdown
China Freight Index Collapses To Fresh Record Low
China to Close 240 Steel Mills, Fire More Than 1 Million Workers
Chinese Coup Rumblings: Website Prints "Explosive" Letter Calling For President's Resignation
Chinese Tech Firm Tells Users: We May Hand Over Your Data to the Government

## UK ##
Budget 2016: George Osborne to announce fresh austerity measures
Soft Drink Sugar Tax: UK Joins Mexico With Levy On Sugary Beverages To Fight Obesity
Budget 2016: George Osborne's spoonful of sugar tax hides £55bn black hole in public finances
North Sea oil to post losses of £1 billion a year
Asda to cut up to 750 jobs
Ministry of Defence military exercise will feature 'killer robots'
France pledges to help EDF make Hinkley Point happen
Snooper's Charter: Why US Tech Giants Apple, Facebook, Google Fear UK Mass Surveillance Bill
Guardian Layoffs Loom As Print Advertising Declines, Reflecting Bleak Trend For UK Newspapers

## US ##
Obama abolishes last major restrictions on US travel to Cuba
This is What's in Store for the Real Economy
Wait a Minute--Who's Fascist?
Ni-Shawn Moore, Georgia 6-Year-Old, Shot While Riding Bicycle
The FBI's Creepy War On Domestic Liberty
US Industrial Production Collapses Most Since 1952 Outside Of Recession
Southern U.S. flooding causes closure of major highway
Industrial Production Dips 0.5%, Only Up Twice in Past 14 Months
And this is When the Jobs "Recovery" Goes Kaboom
The Great Inflationary Lie: How you've been lied to about inflation and the cost of living since 2000.
David Stockman Answers The "We've Created Millions Of Jobs" Myth
How To Eat Your Own Tail—-The Pathetic Story Of Sears Holdings
Pentagon budget considered "unauditable"
38% of Companies to Reduce Employment in 2016, Only 29% Expect Increase: Five Consequences
82.8% Expect Real Incomes Will Decline in 2016

## The candidates ##
"I'm making a very major speech in front of a very important group of people," Trump said on "Fox & Friends," later confirming that the remarks will be delivered before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Trump said his speech at the powerful lobbying group's conference in Washington "was scheduled a while ago."

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