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News Links, March 20, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
If Caterpillar Data Is Right, The Industrial Depression Has Never Been Worse
Brazil tumbles like 'House of Cards' in crisis
Europe is back in deflation
Unintended Consequences – Mortgage Borrowing Costs Rise in Switzerland Despite Negative Interest Rates
BOJ purchases blamed for distorting Japan corporate bond market
Leaked Documents Expose the TTIP Trade Deal as a Subversive Imperial Scam
NIRP Has "Spectacularly Back-Fired": One Trader Outlines Japan's Grim Prospects
Tiffany Slashes Guidance, Sees Q1 Earnings Down As Much As 20%, Three Time Worse Than Consensus
Peak Dollar?
Catalonia Nears Default, Threatens Spain's Debt
Pensions Drive Global Debt Three Times Higher Than Previously Estimated
Carrier Workers See Costs, Not Benefits, of Global Trade
Worries grow over Indian corporate debt pile
Debt fills Thailand's rice bowl

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Lavalin to cut 950 jobs
Lavalin is eliminating 950 jobs around the world, including 600 in Canada.

## War on cash/cashless society ##
Bitcoin Trading Platform Shuts Down for 2-4 Weeks Following Cyber-Attack

## Airline death spiral ##
Lufthansa Reports Near-Miss With Drone Over Los Angeles
Flight from Canada to San Francisco diverted to Reno for report of unruly passenger
Are maintenance problems at Allegiant Air the result of an airline growing too fast?
Turbulence ahead as airlines fly into a shortage of pilots

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Russia jets continue strikes in Syria, Moscow says
Putin Leaves All Options on the Table in Syria
Top Israeli Commander Endorses Obama Doctrine; Gives Kudos to Moscow
Russia Test-Fires Hypersonic Zircon Missiles For Nuclear Submarines, Weapons To Reach Mach 5 Speed
US Ally: Democracy, Freedom Have 'Absolutely No Value Any Longer'
Concerns about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's authoritarian leanings have been at the fore in the nation's political dialogue since he assumed the presidency, and appear to have been well founded, as in a televised speech today he declared "democracy, freedom, and the rule of law have absolutely no value any longer."
Behind the Crimea/Russia Reunion
Official Washington marches in propaganda lockstep about Crimea's decision to rejoin Russia two years ago, with references to a Russian "invasion" and a "sham" referendum of Crimea's voters, but the reality is different.
Heavy Gunfire In Libya Capital As Rivals Clash: Witnesses
France and Belgium Warn of Further Terror Attacks
U.S., Philippines announce five locations where American forces will have access
Bombs Away! Lockheed Expanding Missile Factories, Quadruples Bomb Production for ISIS Long Haul
The Hellfire maker is boosting production for an era of conflict with no end in sight.
Air Force investigates possible drug use by troops protecting nuclear weapons (US)
Revealed: the neo-Nazi manifesto targeting single mothers and mentally ill that AfD doesn't want you to see
Alternative Fur Deutschland has been attracting voters as though it were a mainstream party. But a leak of its policies - including targeting the mentally ill and single mothers - has exposed the scale of its extremism

## Migrants/refugees ##
Turkey Refugee Deal Reached: European Union Officials Announce Plan For Migrant Crisis
18 Cuban migrants rescued by cruise ship off Florida coast, 9 others dead

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Brazil Police Attack Protesters With Water Cannons
Arizona Trump protesters block roads as New York City rally condemns candidate

## Energy/resources ##
Struggling U.S. oil and gas companies eye rare financing deals
Spain's Abengoa seeks 7-month debt standstill to restructure
Vietnam's first nuclear power plant to open by 2028
Is It Game Over for Coal?
What the Heck Happened to Nuclear Power in the US? 54% Opposed

## Got food? ##
Tiny Vermont brings food industry to its knees on GMO labels
Soaring Food Prices Are Hurting South Korean Consumers
February Canadian Food Prices Up Almost 4 Per Cent
Zimbabwe's food shortage worsening
Food shortages are worsening in Zimbabwe, where state media is reporting that the number of people needing emergency food aid has now risen from three million to four million.

## Environment/health ##
Native American tribe to relocate from Louisiana coast as sea levels rise
A small Native American community in coastal Louisiana is to be resettled after losing nearly all its land partly due to rising seas, a first in the United States.
CDC: 116 cases of Zika in U.S. residents in first 2 months of year
Puerto Rico Braces for Its Own Zika Epidemic
In fight against Zika, Brazil battles neglect, cash crunch
WHO Suspends Tuberculosis Drugs From Major Indian Supplier
CDC: Obscure blood infection spreads to second state

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Tech Civil Disobedience – Will Apple Engineers Refuse to Follow Unethical Government Orders?
An iPhone-hacking tool likely wouldn't stay secret for long
FBI probes Bangladesh bank account cyber theft: WSJ
Hackers Stalked Bangladesh Bank for Two Weeks Before Big Heist
The FBI is warning drivers: Your car may be vulnerable to hacking
Obama Administration Denied or Censored Information in 77% of FOIA Requests During 2015
Long Before the Apple-FBI Battle, Lavabit Sounded a Warning
Cyberespionage groups are stealing digital certificates to sign malware

## Propaganda ##
PR firm accused of helping Saudi Arabia 'whitewash' its human rights record
How Propaganda Feeds War on Syria
The Ever-Curiouser MH-17 Case
The shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine has served as a potent propaganda club against Russia but the U.S. government is hiding key evidence that could solve the mystery.

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Brazil Can't Sell Tickets to the Olympics
Brazil Is Engulfed by Ruling Class Corruption — and a Dangerous Subversion of Democracy
Next Financial Crisis Could Overwhelm World's Defenses, IMF Says
Nissan Recalling Vehicles for Fuel Pump That Stops Working

## Japan ##
Japan's Bond Market is One Gigantic Joke – "No One Judges Corporate Credit Risks Seriously Anymore"
Alleged "Bond Shortage" as Japan Cruises Towards One "Quadrillion" Yen of Negative-Yielding Bonds
Japan Extends East China Sea Surveillance
Japan is expanding its East China Sea surveillance network around the disputed Senkaku Islands, and a new radar observation station is expected to go online on March 28.
Domestic violence cases increase for 12th straight year
Constitution does not specifically ban Japan's use of nuclear weapons: Cabinet official
True, but it does specifically prohibit Japan from having a military. Go figure. -- RF
Defense Ministry sets up special company to commandeer private ships for military emergencies
Private ships will be used to augment the Maritime Self-Defense Force's transport capabilities in emergencies, under the terms of a deal concluded between a "special purpose company" and the Defense Ministry.

## China ##
The Stunning Size Of China's Housing Bubble In One Chart
China home prices rise most in nearly 2 years, big cities fuel bubble worries
U.S. sees new Chinese activity around South China Sea shoal
China Said to Be Holding Journalist Over Xi Letter
Chinese City Publicly Shames Migrant Workers Who Protested Unpaid Wages

## UK ##
Household debt binge has no end in sight, says OBR
Budget includes £650 million in 'secret cuts' to the NHS, analysis shows
Hinkley Point C nuclear deal contains £22bn 'poison pill' for taxpayer
Government steps in to delay library closures in West Berkshire

## US ##
More DNC Shadiness – Debbie Wasserman Schultz is Blocking Primary Challenger from Accessing Voter Data
Super-Luxury Homes Hit by Reversing "Wealth Effect"
Subprime Auto Delinquencies Soar Past Crisis Levels, Now Highest In 20 Years
In First, Majority of Americans Now Oppose Nuclear Energy
Chicago Public School System Threatens Massive Tax Hikes Via "Backdoor" Bond Guarantee
The Chicago Public School (CPS) system is bankrupt in every way but the final declaration. That declaration is a foregone conclusion, and bondholders will take it on the chin.
Stabbing Surge Stumps NYC Police, Sows Fear Among Residents
The Economic Recovery: A Myth Built Upon a Myth
Things to know about California's giant twin tunnels project
CBO suggests taxing drivers by the mile
An economist at the Congressional Budget Office suggested on Monday that the federal government could start charging people based on how far they drive in order to generate more government revenues to spend on highway projects.
IRS back taxes may mean really getting grounded
U.S. citizens who owe money to the tax man might soon be barred from flying out of the country — or even out of town.

## The candidates ##
Donald Trump Protesters Block Road To Candidate's Arizona Campaign Event
Threatening Letter Sent to Donald Trump's Sister Prompts Investigation: Source
Mitt Romney To Vote For Ted Cruz In Utah Caucus, Hopes To Stop Trump At Republican National Convention
Donald Trump A 'Threat To Peace And Prosperity,' German Vice Chancellor Says
Why Is Bernie Sanders Skipping AIPAC Conference? Jewish Candidate Declines Invite From Pro-Israel Group
Marc Faber: "I Will Vote For Trump, Because Hillary Will Destroy The Whole World"
Here Is The Math: Trump "Almost Certain" To Win Republican Nomination Before Convention
The Gloves Are Off: Trump Accuses Hillary Of Being "Involved In Corruption For Most Of Her Professional Life"
Cruz Hires Neocon Loons, Gaffney, Ledeen, Abrams
Chairman of Government Commission on Global Religious Freedom Unironically Endorses Ted Cruz
AIPAC Rejects Sanders Offer to Speak via Video, as Romney and Gingrich Did in 2012
The Clintons' $93 Million Romance with Wall Street: a Catastrophe for Working Families, African-Americans, and Latinos
The Psychology Behind the Violence at Trump Rallies
Donald Trump's feud with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly escalates

And finally...
Granny with a hammer takes out 88 years of frustration on annoying ATM (China)

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