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News Links, March 23, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Central banks are already doing the unthinkable - you just don't know it
"Free" Trade, Jobs and Income Inequality: It's Not As Easy As We Might Think
Helicopter Money: Global Central Banks Consider Distributing Money Directly To The People
Subprime Nightmare on Wall Street for TBTF Grupo Santander
Oil and gas bondholders have lost $150 billion in oil price hit
Only emojis can show you just how painful the commodities bust has been
Cry me a river. -- RF
Why Investing In Silver Is Vastly Superior To Investing In Gold Right Now
Economic Woes Push More Russians Into Poverty, Highest Level In A Decade
Norway's economy down on lower oil prices
Wheels Coming Off This Cycle — Central Bank Intervention or Not
Fortescue chairman Andrew Forrest says iron ore oversupply remains despite price rally
Global Stocks Fall, Bonds and Gold Rise After Terrorist Attacks In Brussels
Bank deposits head south, along with interest rates (Greece)
Majority of SMEs fear they may shut down in next six months (Greece)

## War on cash/cashless society ##
A 'cashless society' would cut crime — and empower Big Brother
Why we should fear a cashless world
Poor people and small businesses rely on cash. A contactless system will likely entrench poverty and pave the way for terrifying levels of surveillance

## Airline death spiral ##
Brussels airport hit by two explosions; several reported dead
LAX On High Alert After Brussels Terror; Los Angeles Airport Tragic Scene Of Previous Attacks
Denver airport evacuates part of terminal to investigate possible threat
Belgium bombings raise security alerts at U.S. airports
ANA system glitch grounds 10,000 domestic passengers, is resolved three hours later (Japan)
A failure of All Nippon Airways' check-in systems at 50 airports across the nation led to the cancellation of dozens of domestic flights Tuesday affecting over 10,000 passengers.
Densification: New Seat Concepts Emerge For Denser Cabin Layouts
Airlines Align Around Fewer Free Checked Bags for Customers
Flydubai Flight FZ981 Crash Update: Airliner Worked Crew To Death, Ignored 'Pilot Fatigue' Complaints, Report Says

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
New Bomb Attack Paralyzes Life in Turkey
Fears in Iraqi government, army over Shiite militias' power
Biden says Israel settlements raise questions about commitment to peace
North Korea Fires Short-Range Missiles Into Sea Of Japan After Kim Jong Un Threatened More Missile Launches, Nuclear Tests
United States and South Korea commence joint naval exercises
Clinton Emails Reveal Google's Role in Attempting to Oust Syria's Assad
Marines establish firebase in northern Iraq
The Ides Of March: Anniversary Of 3 Failed Washington Interventions—–Kosovo, Iraq, Libya
South China Sea Controversy: US To Deploy More Troops At 5 Philippine Bases Near Disputed Spratly Islands
Beijing says U.S.-Philippines base deal raises questions over who is militarizing South China Sea
China says Philippines fishermen used fire bombs in South China Sea
Indonesia captures Chinese fishing boat, China's Coast Guard rams boat to get it back
Washington's Blithering Idiocy—-Obama Seeking More Money And Troops For NATO
Not Just Trump: The Chilling Rise in Global Authoritarianism
Terrorism and drone war are feeding a larger sense of insecurity, driving some to xenophobia and jingoism.

## Migrants/refugees ##
Migrants vanish from popular Aegean island crossing point
Greece sets up detention camps as refugee deal hits delays
More than 50,000 migrants and refugees stranded in Greece

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Thousands protest in Okinawa over alleged rape by U.S. serviceman
Chile Sees Unrest In Its Gold And Copper Sectors
Anti-Trump Protestors Behead Effigy Of The Donald As Radical Left Anger Builds

## Energy/resources ##
Supply Outages in OPEC Countries Push Up Oil Prices
Nuclear industry demands more 'efficient' decommissioning rules
Brazil's Petrobras reports $10.2 billion quarterly loss
New Wind Turbines Taller Than The Empire State Building
Assuming any of these are ever built, their rusting hulks will be monuments to the excesses of industrial civilization. -- RF
The promise of ocean wave power has enticed, and eluded, engineers for 40 years
China's and India's coal expansion plans have a major flaw, Greenpeace says
Refining: This Oil Sector Hasn't Crashed Yet… But It's About to
Non-essential staff at Belgian nuclear plants Doel and Tihange sent home
Castle for sale: Swiss utilities unload assets as energy prices plunge
German commission considers nuclear provisions surcharge -sources
March 22 German utilities may have to make hefty payments on top of provisions made to cover the costs of storing nuclear waste, three members of a commission responsible for safeguarding the funds told Reuters on Tuesday.
Tesla Discontinues 10-Kilowatt-Hour Powerwall Home Battery
Next Step Living, Out of Cash, Is Shutting Its Doors This Week
A Glimpse Of Things To Come: Canadian Oil Company Liquidates Hours After Bank Demands Repayment
The problem with ethanol in gasoline
Outlook for The US Offshore Industry Is Darkening
Ride To The Bottom: US Energy Workers Hit Hard By Company Stock Bets

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Trains delayed as cable thieves strike for the second time in a week
Cable thieves hit BT customers in Stroud
Cable box loses batteries
Gang stealing solar panels from Dutch rooftops

## Got food? ##
Phosphate: All hopes rest on Morocco Walan et al., 2014
Food speculation – The return of the global hunger games
Freeze Across Great Plains Has Farmers Watching Winter Wheat

## Environment/health ##
It's time to put down the civet-poop coffee
Severe dry spell parches Asian farmlands
In First Use of Landmark Law, Minnesota Confirms Neonics Harm Bees
Most U.S. adults lead unhealthy lifestyle, study says
Eat less meat to avoid dangerous global warming, scientists say
Bat population in danger due to collisions with wind turbines  
South Korea confirms first case of Zika virus
James Hansen's Climate Bombshell: Dangerous Sea Level Rise Will Occur in Decades, Not Centuries
Contact lenses may disrupt eyes' natural bacteria, study suggests
Great Barrier Reef coral bleaching threat raised to highest level

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
For bank heist hackers, the Philippines was a handy black hole
iOS 9.3 Encryption: Apple Inc. iCloud Backups May Be Protected By iPhone Passcode In Update
FBI says it may be able to hack terrorist's iPhone
Radio Attack Lets Hackers Steal 24 Different Car Models
Number of U.S. government 'cyber incidents' jumps in 2015
Internet blackout in Congo as government fears post-election unrest
Millions of Android phones vulnerable to new hacking threat
Cyber warfare shows scary signs of where malware is headed
The Dangers of New York City's Public Wi-Fi
Amid Brussels Attacks, EMTs And Paramedics Face New Reality Of Terrorism And An Evolving Set Of Challenges
McAfee: I know who's helping the FBI hack Apple
Watch the video, too. He actually spends much more time talking about Stingray. -- RF

## Propaganda ##
Forbes Yanks a Negative Article on JPMorgan While the Bank Pays for Content
An Ugly Smear Campaign
A Zionist group bought a full-page New York Times ad to demonize Sidney and Max Blumenthal as "anti-Semites" and to demand that Hillary Clinton renounce them, a revival of a crude McCarthyism.
UC proposal on intolerance says 'anti-Zionism' is unacceptable on campus

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
No water, no jobs: How water shortages threaten jobs and growth
An estimated three out of four jobs globally are dependent on water, meaning that shortages and lack of access are likely to limit economic growth in the coming decades, the United Nations said on Tuesday.
Atlantic City, N.J.'s financial crisis forces three-week partial government shutdown
BART on the brink, can't afford to lose any more cars
Brussels subway bombing highlights challenge of rail security in U.S.
Brussels Attacks: Starbucks Shutters Belgium Stores 'Until Further Notice'
Fear of bloody attacks becomes part of life in Europe
With Brussels Blasts, Jihadists Strike Heart of a Fraying Europe

## Japan ##
Incineration of radioactive waste begins at Fukushima nuclear plant
Japan ships plutonium to the US
Thousands in Okinawa protest alleged rape by U.S. sailor
Japan companies seeking to shield cars from hacking
Tokyo eyes new front in battle over Okinawa military base
Japan's new security laws to take effect March 29
Japan's new national security laws will take effect on March 29th. The legislation allows the nation to exercise the right to collective self-defense. It also expands the activities of Self-Defense Forces abroad.
Yakuza groups clash in Tokyo, Osaka
Computer bug leads to ANA canceling, delaying flights
Updated history text now says Ainu 'given' land, not confiscated
Japan's indigenous Ainu are up in arms over an updated history textbook for use in schools from April that overturns accepted notions of how the nation's far northern frontier was settled over a century ago.

## China ##
China's Oil Majors See Production In Biggest Fields Shrink
People's Daily Chief Warns of 'Historic Mistake' if China Loses Grip on New Media
Government debt could bring China's credit party to a halt
China Becomes World's Second Largest Oil Refining Country
China expands embargo on North Korea vessels to 6 ports

## UK ##
Should street lights be cut to help save £41m?
Commuters in most congested towns and cities waste five days a year in traffic
Brussels attacks: Security stepped up at UK airports amid terror fears after deadly explosions in Belgium

## US ##
Crossing the Rubicon: If Hillary Isn't Indicted, the Rule of Law and the Republic Are Dead
Once the Oligarchy is above the law, the Republic is already dead.
Share Buybacks Turn Toxic
Tasers Legal? Supreme Court Suggests Stun Guns Should Be Protected By The Second Amendment
Some Americans Would Prefer an IRS Tattoo to Paying Taxes: Survey
As tax season ramps up, a new survey shows that some Americans would rather scrub the toilets at Chipotle than hand over a portion of their salary to the Internal Revenue Service.
Corporate profit ride turning into a train wreck
Chart Of The Day: Payroll Tax Collections Hitting Stall Speed
Chart Of The Day: Business Sales Down 5.1%, Inventory Ratio At June 2009 Recession Level
With so much poverty hidden in plain sight, you have to ask: is this still America?
'Evicted': eviction and poverty, hand-in-hand in American cities
Greenspan: Worried About Inflation, Says "Entitlements Crowding Out Investment, Productivity is Dead"
Existing Home Sales Plunge "Surprising" 7.1%, Price Concessions the Norm; What Happened?
Connecticut Credit Risk Spikes To Record High
It Starts: San Francisco Office Boom Deflates – but "Unlikely to Collapse," Says Fitch
Slumping Housing Sales: NAR's Snow Job And The Fed's Phony Stimulus
Americans just had $176 million in wages garnished by the government due to unpaid student loans
Chart Of The Day: Uncle Sam To The Rescue——Treasury Borrowing Surges At 18% Rate In Q4
Students Found With Bomb-Making Materials At George Mason University, Cops Say
NYPD: Teacher Killed by Cop in Crosswalk "Assumed Risk" by Crossing Street
Companies haven't fudged their numbers this much since the financial crisis
US Manufacturing PMI Misses By Most Since 2013, Presidential Election Blamed
Former Goldman Employee Avoids Prison, Gets $5,000 Fine For Stealing Secret NY Fed Documents
Illinois becomes first state to list companies banned for business due to BDS

## The candidates ##
Clinton: "Coal will be part of the energy mix for years to come, both in the U.S. and around the world."
Trump's jackbooted thugs against political correctness: Violence, fascism and the real assault on free speech
While Sanders Rejects It, Clinton Embraces Nuclear as Part of 'Clean-Energy' Vision
54% of Americans would like to punch Donald Trump
Trump loves the poorly educated — and they love him right back
Mystery Billionaire Members Of "Stop Trump" Campaign Revealed
Bernie Sanders Delivered A Killer AIPAC Speech ... In Utah
Critics Aghast at 'Disgusting Speech' Clinton Just Gave to AIPAC
Donald Trump's Speech at AIPAC Demonstrates Why He Will Be America's Next President
Bernie Sanders outspends everyone
Ted Cruz's Call For Muslim Neighborhood Patrols Blasted As Bigoted, Ridiculed As Impractical
In Reaction to Brussels Terror Attack, Trump Says Do More Than Waterboarding
How Trump Tricked The Press Into Reporting The Royals Were Joining His Florida Club
The Clinton problem no one wants to talk about

And finally...
Los Angeles couple drive through streets in motorized papasan chair

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