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News Links, March 25, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
"The Greatest Crash Of Your Life Is Just Ahead…" – Harry Dent Warns
Credit Suisse cuts show decline of the European bank trading floor
Mounting debts could derail China plans to cut steel, coal glut
World's richest Hindu temple wants gold back rather than cash
Chinese Buyers Invade Vancouver's Housing Market: Study
Road To Rio: Brazil Olympics Sees Low Ticket Sales Amid Economic Downturn And Political Scandals
Mysterious death of Italian banking executive to be re-examined amid murder claims
Prosecutors in Siena order body of David Rossi to be exhumed after family say he was killed for knowing too much about bank's financial meltdown
Drought may cut Thai growth by 0.6-0.8 ppt this year - university
The Cyprus Template for Bail-ins Comes to Canada, Next Up the US

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Credit Suisse to axe 2,000 more investment banking jobs
China retailers cut jobs
Nomura Said to Prepare North America Job Cuts Amid Trading Slump

## War on cash/cashless society ##
Cashless parking was meant to make life easier for drivers but our phones are awash with competing apps
Could There Ever Be A Cashless Society?
How To Protect Your Credit Cards From Being Skimmed

## Airline death spiral ##
Brussels shows vulnerability of airports to terror attacks
Airlines scrap bereavement fares even as they make record profits
Mandating Bigger Airliner Seats Would Raise the Cost of Flying
Here Are Some Strange and Cruel New Ideas for Cramming More People Into Airplanes
Airbus unveils new cabin brand adding more seats to planes
Jet passenger removed for terrorism comment
JetBlue pilot calls for law enforcement assistance with passenger at OIA
Japan airport operators step up security, but analysts warn of vulnerabilities
Skymark set to emerge from bankruptcy
$4 billion redevelopment of aging LaGuardia Airport approved
Chaos Erupts At Shenzhen Airport Following Delays, Cancellations
Drunk Buffalo police officer taken off flight
Guy gets booted from flight for being a major league a–hole
2-hour lines at the airport? Brutal – and a security risk, experts say
Number of airline passengers hit all-time high in 2015 (US)
Airlines Battle Rising MRO Costs With Used Material
Beware discount airlines' tough check-in rules

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
How Bush-Cheneyism made Mideast in its Image: Wars, WOT, With us or Against Us
Taiwan fishing boats shot at in Indonesian waters
US Marines Enter Battle In Iraq To Help Army and Peshmerga Defend Oil Fields From ISIS
Russia offering new missile system to international market
The Partitioning Of Syria And The Great Game Of Empire
Trump Is Right—–Dump NATO Now
Turkey Deported and Warned Brussels the Suicide Bombers were "Foreign Terrorist Fighters"
Islamic State Bragged That Its Attacks Would Help Break Up the European Union
A newsletter circulated after Islamic State's November massacre in Paris sheds light on what the group believes yesterday's deadly attack in Brussels will accomplish, including weakening unity on the continent and exhausting European states economically.
Iran, Iraq explore non-oil economic ties
UN gives Qatar a year to end forced labour of migrant workers
US Marines Enter Ground Combat in Iraq to Defend Oil Fields
Even as Pentagon officials have sought to emphasize their claims of ISIS being "on the run," ever more US ground troops are being deployed into Iraq to try to cope with ISIS offensives, with the battle of Makhmur leading to the introduction of US Marines in front-line combat roles.

## UAVs ##
Drone show opens in Chiba (Japan)
Drone-maker 3D Robotics cuts jobs, refocuses on corporate market

## Migrants/refugees ##
Migration Crisis Looms in Background of Brussels Terror Attacks
Lesbos refugees say they will jump in sea if deported

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Offshore Lease Sale Disrupted by Protestors Shouting "Shut it Down"

## Energy/resources ##
Politicians push nuclear 'poison pill'
The economics of nuclear power in Europe are in meltdown, leaving taxpayers facing a heavy burden as the industry clings to pledges of huge public cash injections.
White House water summit focuses on climate threat
$40 Billion LNG Project In Australia Cancelled Amid Low Prices
Oil Price Spike Could Be Coming Soon As Companies Make 'Historic' Spending Cuts To Weather Market Downturn: IEA
Oil falters as widespread strains halt momentum
Solar incentives sunset as states grapple with tight budgets
SunEdison Plummets On Imminent Bankruptcy; Axiom Sees "The Beginning Of The End" And 85% More Downside
Oil Security Seen at Risk by IEA on `Historic' Spending Cuts
Why We Could See An Oil Price Shock In 2016
The depletion of old oil wells is expected to surpass new sources of supply in 2016, as the ongoing oil price slump puts a long list of oil projects on the shelf. Bloomberg flagged new data from the Norwegian consultancy firm Rystad Energy, which predicts that legacy production will tip the supply balance into the negative in 2016 for the first time in years.
Wood Mac Sees Deferrals in Global Oil, Gas Projects Reaching $500B in 2016
Wood Mackenzie sees the current low-price environment possibly leading to more delays in oil and gas projects, raising the overall amount of capital expenditure (CAPEX) deferred for such developments to as much as half a trillion dollars this year, up from the consulting firm's previous estimate of around $400 billion.
Giant arch to block Chernobyl radiation for next 100 years
What Oil Production Freeze: Russia Just Revealed The Laughable Loophole In The OPEC "Agreement"
US Oil Rigs Resume Slide, Drop By 15 In Past Week To New Record Low
Shale Euphoria: The Boom and Bust of Sub Prime Oil and Natural Gas
The aim of this article is to show that the shale industry, whether extracting oil or gas, has never been financially sustainable. All around the world it has consistently disappointed profit expectations. Even though it has produced considerable quantities of oil and gas, and enough to influence oil and gas prices, the industry has mostly been unprofitable and has only been able to continue by running up more and more debt.

## Got food? ##
Global Sugar Shortage Outlook Raised by Green Pool on El Nino
Will Chipotle Have Another Outbreak? Food Safety Advocates Plan Protest Amid Concerns

## Environment/health ##
Want to Do Your Part to Tackle Climate Change? Go Vegan
Climate Change Means London, New York Could Be Underwater In A Few Decades, Sooner Than Previously Thought
Exercise can knock a decade off the brain
Study: Acting tough may be bad for men's health
Maggots could help human wound healing
Michigan state officials accountable in Flint water crisis: inquiry
Trench warfare in the climate wars: no victory in sight

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
India Still Trying To Turn Optional Aadhaar Identification Number Into A Mandatory National Identity System
Start of a New World War
Propaganda about Russian and Chinese "aggression" has cloaked the reality of the U.S. and the West moving aggressively to encircle both countries, the start of a new world war.
US Media Hid Al Qaeda's Syria Role
When Russian airstrikes began in Syria, the U.S. media falsely claimed President Putin had promised to hit only ISIS and instead attacked "moderate" rebels, but the dirty secret was that those rebels were working with Al Qaeda.

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Recipe for Collapse: Rising Military and Social Welfare Spending
America's water crisis goes beyond Flint, Michigan
The water contamination crisis in Flint, Michigan, continues to make headlines. Yet America's water issues extend far beyond this city — and it's going to take a massive infrastructure investment to protect citizens from serious public health dangers, say experts.

## Japan ##
Resource write-downs at Japan's trading houses seen topping 1tn yen
Japan's five leading trading houses are expected to book over 1 trillion yen ($8.87 billion) in impairment losses for the year ending March 31, with troubled resource markets wreaking havoc on earnings at top players.
Genetically modified virus possibly thrown down sink in Kumamoto
State ignored predictions 10 years before 3/11 tsunami, says seismologist
Another Japan utility to scrap aging nuclear reactor
Shikoku Electric Power is joining the ranks of Japanese utilities that have decided to pull the plug on aging nuclear reactors that are too costly to maintain.
Americans often express pride in their democracy, yet the results indicate that domestic and international experts rate the US elections as the worst among all Western democracies.
The voting was so disgraceful, many are calling for officials to hold primary again, properly run this time.
Gimme them Silver Eagles! -- RF

## The candidates ##
About that wall... -- RF
From the Middle East to Europe to Asia, Trump's instincts appear shaped by his belief that too much has been asked of the United States and that it's time for other nations to shoulder a far bigger share of the financial and other burdens of dealing with a world of dangerous terrorists and aggressive states such as Russia and China.
The Clinton/Trump AIPAC 'Pander-Off'
While Sen. Sanders stressed the need for a nuanced approach to the Middle East, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump competed to see who could avow their love for Israel more ardently.
Sanders Tip-toes in Criticizing Israel
Sen. Sanders ventured hesitantly down the scary path of criticizing Israel, but even his timid approach looked heroic compared to the pro-Israel pandering from Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

And finally...
Cops: 11-Year-old Steals Cement Truck, Speeds Through Town On Hour-Plus Joy Ride
87% of headrest covers go missing after Hello Kitty train's maiden voyage in Taiwan
Hello Kitty popularity knows no bounds or borders. -- RF
Man buys Apple iPhone 6s online for 1,500 yuan, gets a pancake in the mail instead (China)

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