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News Links, April 11, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Oil And Gas Sector Troubles Drive Corporate Default Rate To Highest Level In Seven Years: S&P
Intel Reveals Its Plan For Blockchain Technology With 'Sawtooth Lake' Distributed Ledger
The chipmaker published its own plan Friday to develop a version of a distributed ledger, the Sawtooth Lake platform, which promises to allow a wide variety of companies that have no need for a central authority essentially to run their own blockchain, providing a permanent digital record.
Santander seen set for another U.S. stress test failure
CEO of 2nd Largest French Bank "More Worried Than in 2009"
Puerto Rico governor declares bank emergency
China "Could Push Whole World into Fresh Economic Crisis"
Italian Government, Banks To Meet Monday To Finalize Fund To Tackle Bad Loans
Italy Seeks "Last Resort" Bailout Fund to "Ringfence" Troubled Banks, Meeting Monday; Italy vs. Austria
Japan Desperately Needs a Stronger Dollar, China Desperately Wants a Weaker Dollar: The Fed Can't Please Both
IMF supports move to negative rates by some central banks
Dubai Developer of World's Tallest Tower Going to New Heights
Colombia Pays the Steep Cost of So-Called "Free" Trade
Austria Just Announced A 54% Haircut Of Senior Creditors In First "Bail In" Under New European Rules
In recent test, blockchain brings transparency to notorious credit default swaps

## War on cash/cashless society ##
War on cash and savers will prompt scramble for real metal, Hathaway says
Home Depot says electronic outage slowed card purchases
Average Interest Rate on New Credit Card Hits 18% (US)

## Airline death spiral ##
TSA administrator wants bomb-sniffing dogs at all major U.S. airports
Cutbacks in screening at A.C. airport have passengers fuming
Airports are made for everyone but the fliers
Washington Digest: Senate kills proposal on airline seats
In-flight Tussles All the Rage
Mid-air brawls seem to be all the rage these days.
Second Qantas flight turned back after 'vibrating' engine
An international Qantas flight has been forced to turn back after reports of a "vibrating" engine, the second incident of its kind in five days.

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Islamic State abducts at least 170 cement factory workers in Syria
US Deploys B-52 Bombers To Qatar For Fight Against Islamic State
One Third of Iraqis Think US Supports Terrorism, ISIS
Tightened global nuclear security measure takes effect in May: officials
Starting in May more than 150 countries will be legally bound to strengthen their protection of nuclear facilities and to cooperate in finding and recovering stolen or smuggled nuclear material, security officials said on Friday.
And not a moment too soon. Unfortunately, however, the collapse of national economies will soon restrict and eliminate the budgets needed to enforce the convention. -- RF
Vietnam to China: Move Your Oil Rig out of the South China Sea
North Korea Claims Successful Test of ICBM Engine
How Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen has made al Qaeda stronger – and richer
Taliban respond with rocket fire to Kerry's calls for peace
US Army Chief Sounds Alarm: Military at 'High Risk'
The Dutch referendum shows how the internet is taking back power from our Europhile elites
Beyond the Fighter Jet: The Air Force of 2030
Balloons? Ornithopters? -- RF
China, Pakistan Air Force Launch Joint Air Drills
U.S. Navy leads 30-nation maritime exercise in Middle East
Russia Says Won't Halt Arms Sales To Arch Foes Armenia And Azerbaijan
Egypt, Saudi Arabia agree to bridge over Red Sea
Embattled Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk announces resignation

## Migrants/refugees ##
More migrants arrive in Turkey from Greece under EU pact
Europe Refugee Crisis: Germany Sees Over 60 Percent Drop In Asylum Applications Following Balkan Border Closures
Border security based on data mining

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Thousands of protesters march through London calling for David Cameron to resign, in pictures
The Latest: Protesters in Iceland demand entire govt resign
Tear gas, clashes mar French protests over labor law reforms
GE workers protest in Paris against job cuts
Thousands protest against proposed Poland abortion law
Okinawa protesters call for return of U.S. base 20 yrs after accord

## Energy/resources ##
The Battle Is On For Control Of Iraq's Oil-Rich Kirkuk
European Nuclear Plans in Turmoil as French Minister Admits Serious Doubts
The French energy minister, Ségolène Royal, has said that she is seriously considering postponing the construction of a new nuclear power station in the UK, amid cost-overruns and technical difficulties at two of its plants in France and Finland.
Financial turmoil at SunEdison imperils solar projects worldwide
Venezuela energy crisis: President tells women to stop using hairdryers and go with 'natural' style to save electricity
Iraq Is Latest To Announce Record Oil Production: Why This Is Just The Beginning Of The Supply Glut
Iran pursuing full civilian application of nuclear energy
The Tesla 3 Scam—-An Answer To Elon Musk's Snow Job
Finnish Nuclear Power Plant Reactor Shut Down After Radioactive Leak

## Got food? ##
Low rain forces Thai rice farmers to consider growing other crops instead

## Lifestyle solutions ##
Excellent: Want To Eat Like an Aristocrat? Grow It Yourself, Make It Yourself
In fact, when the industrial food production system collapses — and I guarantee it will — most people will either grow their own or starve. Even now, by growing your own you will not only eat healthful food, but also get exercise. -- RF
Tiny homes offer convenience, affordability to owners

## Environment/health ##
Your Child Could Be Drinking Lead-Tainted Water in School—and You'd Never Know It
Shrimp Sound Ocean Acidity Alarm
Six to 10 million years ago: Ice-free summers at the North Pole
Keystone pipeline spill in South Dakota bigger than originally thought
How Getting Your Heart Broken Hurts Your Physical Heart
Radioactive Reindeer Roam Norway 30 Years After Chernobyl
California Drought Status 2016: El Nino Won't Stop Record Water Shortage, Experts Say
Making Salt Water Drinkable Just Got 99 Percent Easier with Graphene Filters
What's the catch? -- RF
Queensland Approves Coal Mining Project That May Damage Great Barrier Reef

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Was the Panama Papers "Leak" a Russian Intelligence Operation?
Cyber fraudsters reap $2.3 billion through email wire-transfer scams
Draft encryption bill puts rule of law above privacy concerns
Little Known Fact: Police Drug Kits Test Positive With Just About Anything
Senate bill draft would prohibit unbreakable encryption
If encryption has to be breakable, what's the point? -- RF
Leaked Encryption Draft Bill 'Ignores Economic, Security, and Technical Reality'
Beauty Secrets of the Spies — CIA's Venture Capital Arm Is Funding Skin Care Products That Collect DNA
Skincential Sciences developed a patented technology that removes a thin outer layer of the skin, revealing unique biomarkers that can be used for a variety of diagnostic tests, including DNA collection.
60 Minutes to Report on 28 Pages Said to Link 9/11, Saudi Arabia
28 Blank Pages—–Washington's Cover-Up Of The Saudi Role In The 9/11 Terrorist Attack Continues
ISIS Threat To Germany: Spy Chief Says Security Situation Is 'Very Serious' Amid Islamic State's Attack Plans
Here's how the US government plans to break the encryption on your smartphone
Phoenix man says he's being watched by 'mysterious box'
More People Recognizing Copyright's 'Free Speech Problem'

## Propaganda/censorship ##
Why We're Never Told Why We're Attacked
Stunning Video Reveals Why You Shouldn't Trust Anything You See On Television

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
The End Of The American Empire
Rotting infrastructure: Rail safety official: Maintenance problems plague Northeast Corridor
Hyundai recalls 173,000 Sonata cars in U.S.: filing
1956: "America Peaked Back Then And We've Been In Decline Ever Since"
Rifles on campus: College police forces add firepower
Humans an Invasive Species Heading for a 'Crash,' Study Says
"The question is: Have we overshot Earth's carrying capacity today?"
Reader from Sweden Comments on "Inevitable Collapse of Welfare System" Caused by Influx of Refugees
"It's Pure Chaos Now; There Is No Way Back" - Venezuela Hits Rock Bottom As Its Morgues Overflow
Don't laugh. -- RF

## Japan ##
Japan orders 30 amphibious assault vehicles
Fingerprints to be tested as 'currency'
The Yomiuri ShimbunStarting this summer, the government will test a system in which foreign tourists will be able to verify their identities and buy things at stores using only their fingerprints.
Gov't to encourage retirees to move from big cities
Microplastic litter found in digestive systems of Tokyo Bay fish
Nearly 80% of Japanese anchovy caught in a survey of Tokyo Bay had plastic waste inside their digestive systems, according to the research team who conducted the study.
Japan's ever-increasing 'temporary' road tolls are here to stay
Gov't creating guidelines to defend against cyberattacks on power grid
Statements by lawmakers cloud Japan's position on nuclear arms
Intl. forum discusses Fukushima decommissioning

## China ##
Getting Money Out of China, One Swipe at a Time
Here It Comes—-China's Monumental Dump Of Surplus Steel, Aluminum And Other Industrial Commodities
Calls for Hong Kong independence break the law, says legal chief of Beijing liaison office
Move Over America, China Now Leads The World When It Comes To Fat People
China still executes more prisoners than the rest of the world combined, wants to keep that a secret
Shanghai wealth management firm comes crashing to earth as executives arrested
Gone in minutes: Chinese cybertheft gangs mine smartphones for bank card data

## UK ##
London's $5 Trillion Gold Hub Getting Ready for a Major Overhaul
Hammond urges China to cut steel production in bid to save UK plants
Thousands Of London Protesters Chant: 'David Cameron Must Resign' Over Panama Papers
British immigration officials hacked into refugee phones and computers

## US ##
Lawsuits, Including RICO Charge, Pile Up for Embattled Michigan Governor
1,000 secret Nevada firms, and most trace to 2 overseas addresses
It's Over: San Francisco's Epic Condo Bubble Bursts
Wholesale Inventories Crash, Led by Autos
Chart Of The Day: The Auto Boom Is Petering Out
GDPNow Forecast for First Quarter Falls to 0.1% Stagnation
U.S. Braces for Worst Earnings Season Since 2009 Crisis: Chart

## The candidates ##
Talk about popularity! -- RF
The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet
A rough guide to controversies surrounding the Republican front-runner, from mafia ties to anti-trust violations to bankruptcy.

And finally...
The future of TV: 800K watch a watermelon explode

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