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News Links, April 15, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
What in the World's Going on with Banks this Week? Emergency Meetings, Summits, Crashing EU Banks…
Peak Negative-Interest-Rate Absurdity? Hilarity Ensues
The World Economy Has Stopped Growing And Is Headed Into A Depression: David Stockman (video)
IMF Chief Worried Over Public Finance, Urges Countries to Spend More
Singapore Eases Monetary Policy In Surprise Move Due To Weak Growth Outlook
Demand for Loans From the World Bank Nears Crisis Levels
Global PC Shipments Fall to Lowest Level in Quarter Since 2007
Deutsche Bank Confirms Silver Market Manipulation In Legal Settlement, Agrees To Expose Other Banks
Deutsche Bank Admits It Rigged Gold Prices, Agrees To Expose Other Manipulators
MUST SEE CHART: Death Of Paper Money vs Gold

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
American Apparel laying off 500 workers
JPMorgan cuts 5 percent of Asia wealth management jobs: source

## War on cash/cashless society ##
Bitcoin & Multicoin Wallet Provider CoinWallet Shuts Down
CoinWallet, an online bitcoin and multicoin wallet service has announced the closure of its services. The announcement cites a recent data breach that struck the wallet and bitcoin services provider on April 6, 2016.

## Airline death spiral ##
Amsterdam's Schiphol airport evacuated amid bomb scare, 2 persons arrested
Drunk Californian Real Estate Guru Thrown Off Flight For Bad Behavior
Cheese and crackers plane row: I was hungry, accused tells court
"TSA is our No. 1 problem right now": Long security lines are frustrating US airlines, too
Angry Passenger Tosses Water on Flight Attendants, Threatens Them in Fit of Rage
Manchester Airport sniffer dogs 'are failing to find drugs'
Rather than detecting illegal animal products being smuggled into the UK, the dogs instead often detected "cheese and sausages" in holidaymakers' bags.
Long Lines and Missed Flights Fuel Criticism of TSA Screening
American Airlines Hits Out at 'Unacceptable' TSA Lines
The New Way Some Airlines Are Pricing Tickets, Under the Radar

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Russian attack aircraft just flew within 30 feet of a U.S. Navy ship
F-22A Raptors heading to Europe
Divert Course: Beijing Needs A Way To Save Face in the South China Sea
It pays to keep in mind that it is generally an effective strategy to start by making extreme claims and demands, because that broadens the spectrum for compromise and increases the probability that you'll ultimately get more than if you had started with modest claims and demands. Of course I don't have an inside line on what the Chinese leadership is thinking, but the "nine-dash line" may represent China's extreme-claim strategy. -- RF
Pentagon: China deploys 16 fighter jets to disputed South China Sea island
The US Air Force's Next Chief Might Be Its Space-War General
Use of 5 bases just beginning of increased US presence in Philippines, Carter says
Philippines, Vietnam to explore joint patrols in South China Sea: officials
Barack, Hillary and the Libya Crime
There's one major perk of globalization that only applies to rich people
North Korea restaurants continue to close as revenue declines
State Dept Report: Israel Uses Excessive Force Against Palestinians
Young Iraqis Overwhelmingly Consider U.S. Their Enemy, Poll Says
New Saudi guidelines curtail powers of religious police
The Problem with the Pentagon's Hypersonic Missile
Military officials say their superfast weapons of the future won't carry nuclear warheads. But will other nuclear nations believe it when the missiles start flying?

## UAVs ##
Rafael rolls out 'Drone Dome' anti-drone system
Can Police Protect Their Drones From Hackers?

## Migrants/refugees ##
Italy rescues 4,000 refugees in two days
Calais's youths: the unaccompanied minors left in political limbo
EU sees 'alarming' migrant buildup in Libya, warns Italy
New German law requires refugees to learn language

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Do Ongoing Global Events Prove the World Is Ready for Revolution?
40,000 union workers on strike against Verizon
"Nuit Debout" – Have Protests in France Turned Into a Larger Movement?
Macedonian police fire tear gas as refugees riot
Burning Sweetgrass, Protesters Occupy Canadian Government Office Over Indigenous Suicide Crisis

## Energy/resources ##
Peabody, world's top private coal miner, files for bankruptcy
Peabody Energy Corp (BTU.N), the world's largest privately owned coal producer, filed for U.S. bankruptcy protection on Wednesday in the wake of a sharp fall in coal prices that left it unable to service a recent debt-fueled expansion into Australia.
US Coal Production Continues To Plunge, According To IEEFA
Oil-Sands Megaprojects are Finished on Grim Price Outlook
The era of megaprojects in Canada's oil sands is probably over as crude is seen staying lower for longer, some of the biggest developers said.
Stunning Photos Of Huge Oil Supertanker Lines Forming "World's Biggest Traffic Jam"
Warnings of Southern California blackouts called misleading
SunEdison financial woes also threaten yieldcos that hold assets
Cheap Natural Gas To Spark Another Wave Of Coal Plant Retirements
Tesla And Other Tech Giants Scramble For Lithium As Prices Double
Here's The First "Panama Papers" Fallout In The Resources Sector
No deal yet on German nuclear exit costs - sources
Utilities in Germany will have to set aside more money to cover the cost of storing nuclear waste, four sources in a government-appointed commission told Reuters, after a meeting on Wednesday failed to reach agreement on how much more.
U.S. Oil Supply To Fall Faster Than Expected
More Energy Defaults: Energy XXI Files Chapter 11; Gulf Keystone Delays Bond Payment
Wells Fargo Finally Reveals Its Dire Energy Exposure: $32 Billion To Junk-Rated Oil And Gas Companies
Exxon Says '$25B Rule' Will Sink Deepwater Oil Drilling
The world's biggest oil explorers are fighting a U.S. plan to toughen offshore drilling rules that Exxon Mobil Corp. said will cost $25 billion over 10 years and render many offshore discoveries worthless.
Lithuania to need another EUR 900 mln for Ignalina NPP closure

## Got food? ##
Buyer Beware: The 12 Most Pesticide-Contaminated Fruits and Veggies
Strawberries are Now the Most Contaminated Produce
Food rivals energy in need for radical change
U.S. bans most Pacific sardine fishing after population crash
Rains ruin at least 5 percent of Argentina soy crop, tangle harvest
On Monday, just 612 trucks of soy arrived at docks in the key agricultural port of Rosario, down sharply from 4,273 trucks delivering soy on the same day last year.
In Iowa corn fields, Chinese national's seed theft exposes vulnerability
APNewsBreak: Thieves targeting California almonds, walnuts
Malawi Declares State Of Disaster Over Food Crisis, Drought Linked To El Niño

## Environment/health ##
Long-term study shows even protected tropical reserves are threatened by human encroachment
As Man-Made Earthquakes Thunder Through Oklahoma, Residents Get Innovative With the Law
Water in Flint is improving but still unsafe to drink, researchers say
Zika is tied to second adult brain disease, deepening fears of virus's unknown dangers
CDC: Evidence definitively shows Zika causes birth defects
Think Medicine is Expensive Now? Public Health Groups Warn of TPP's Gifts to Big Pharma
Massive Alaskan ice field could be gone by 2200
The big dry threatens world's small islands
Macquarie Island gives scientists a view of ecosystem without bees (Australia)
Fighting back, bedbugs grow a thicker skin
Heat wave triggers Greenland's ice melting season two months early
Feds: EPA fails to protect water from oilfield contamination

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
FBI paid professional hackers one-time fee to crack San Bernardino iPhone
FBI Can't Share iPhone Hack With Apple Because Third-Party Contractor Did The Work
Panama Papers: Spy agencies widely used Mossack Fonseca to hide activities
Inspector General Says FBI Not Doing Enough To Prevent Abuse Of Cell Phone Forensic Equipment By Law Enforcement Officers
Maybe The NSA Has Already Broken Every Security System, Not By Hacking Computers, But By Hacking The Entire Industry
US Cybersecurity Falls Short With NASA, State Department Among Worst Performing Agencies, Report Finds
Microsoft sues US over secret demands for customer data
The CIA Is Investing in Firms That Mine Your Tweets and Instagram Photos

## Propaganda/censorship ##
American woman jailed for 'insulting' United Arab Emirates
The New Propaganda War
Despite Western media dominance, the U.S. government wants to stop the world from hearing the "other side" on foreign disputes by "countering" or discrediting those voices.
Duping Progressives into Wars
The online advocacy group, Avaaz, has pulled progressives into support of U.S. "humanitarian" wars in Libya and Syria by promoting sweet-sounding ideas like "no-fly zones."

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Excellent: The Entire Status Quo Is a Fraud
Why Are Thousands Of Millionaires Fleeing Chicago And Other Major Cities Around The World?
Gangs declare war on police as El Salvador violence rages
Toyota recalls 58,000 Camry and Avalon cars for safety issue
Nissan recalls 727,000 cars due to fault in doors
D.C. subway system suffers another black eye after train breaks down
The region's decrepit subway system suffered yet another black eye Thursday when a train broke down, sending more than 100 passengers on a walk through a tunnel to evacuate.

## Japan ##
Olivier Blanchard eyes ugly 'end game' for Japan on debt spiral
With Abenomics Withering, Japan Hears Calls for Fresh Action
Wholesale prices fell 3.8% in March
Abe ready to set aside TPP ratification for now to preserve standing in polls
Japan's poor child-raising households fall further behind
Japan ranked 34th out of 41 developed nations in UNICEF child poverty index
Negative Rates Failed to Boost Japan Bank Lending in March
Strong quake hits Japan, nuclear plants safe, two dead: media
When Will the Powers That Be Notice That Japan's Insolvent?
Japan's corporate pensions suffer first loss in 5 years
Abe ally urges double dose of stimulus exceeding $184 billion
Most seats empty on new Hokkaido Shinkansen
IMF: Japan's economy will shrink in 2017

## China ##
This Will Be Largest Evaporation of Wealth in Modern History
South China Sea Controversy: China Deploys Fighter Jets, Radar System To Woody Island, Report Says
AEP: Beijing 'must devalue yuan by 15pc' to avert crisis
China's yuan gold benchmark to launch with 18 members, source tells Reuters
Beijing summons envoys to protest against G7 statement on sea disputes
China's leaders are blowing their last chance to avert an economic crisis
It's Never Been This Hard for Chinese Debtors to Pay Interest

## UK ##
Dozens more Post Office branches to move into WHSmith stores
Smugglers charging migrants £13,500 to get to the UK, says crime agency
Soaring obesity in UK fuels sharp rise in womb cancer
London offers an easy home for dirty money
Gardeners face 'lifetime of weeding' as MEPs demand weedkiller ban
NHS hospital forced to shut down A&E department due to staff shortages
England's last golden eagle feared dead

## US ##
In homelessness crisis, Hawaii eyes thatched 'hale' homes
Report: Poverty-related needs of Americans rose in 2015
Diminishing pensions and Social Security funds could put seniors on food stamps
The Goldman Sachs Settlement Is an Abomination and Insult to All American Citizens
Corporate America is nearing a 'toxic' debt crisis
Why This Economy Is Now Running Aground
Business sales skid again, inventories at crisis level, jobs threatened
Bank Living Wills: 5 Big US Financial Institutions Don't Have Credible Plans For Winding Down Operations In A  Crisis, Regulators Warn
Peabody Energy Corp (BTU) Bankruptcy Marks A Critical New Low For The Struggling US Coal Industry
Bernanke's New Helicopter Money Plan——-Sheer Destructive Lunacy
Chelsea Clinton worked at a $12 billion hedge fund, the type her mother rails against
Banks look to enter the lucrative business of check-cashing
Banks are rolling out services that allow their customers to cash a check before it clears - for a fee, of course.
On Thomas Jefferson's Birthday, Here Are His Most Prophetic Statements
"If the American People ever allow the banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers occupied. The issuing power of money should be taken from the bankers and restored to Congress and the people to whom it belongs. I sincerely believe the banking institutions having the issuing power of money are more dangerous to liberty than standing armies."
U.S. Citizens May Be Banned from Buying Body Armor
Living with less snow in the West — What global warming means for our water supplies
Climate change far more than an environmental issue
Global warming is already harming human health, the economy and national security
Stuffing The Dealer Lots—-Used Car Inventories to Soar
Wells Fargo profit falls 7 percent as bad loan provisions surge
A crisis in American housing: higher rents, expensive homes, and lower incomes are a problem impacting all Americans.
The biggest US companies have stashed more money offshore than Mexico's entire GDP

## The candidates ##
Why Aren't We Talking About a Four-Candidate Race for the Presidency: Two Party Hacks and Trump and Sanders as Independents?
After Swearing Off Donald Trump Coverage, New York Observer Endorses Him
Trump Is the Second Most Unpopular Presidential Candidate Since 1984
Hillary Clinton Justifies Her Support for 2009 Coup in Honduras
For just $309, you too can hide your assets — in the U.S.
Hillary Clinton Will Win New York, Because New York is Running a Banana Republic Primary
Bernie Sanders Shows Support as 40,000 Verizon Workers Go on Strike
Even The Democrat Establishment Admits Clinton's Disapproval Ratings Are "Pretty Bad"
Great moments with Donald Trump
The Time Ted Cruz Defended a Ban on Dildos
His legal team argued there was no right "to stimulate one's genitals."
Protests escalate outside of Trump rally
Hillary Clinton Accused of Using "Static Noise Machine" at Colorado Fundraiser
The Truth About Hillary Clinton and Verizon
In America, Politicians Pay for Bucking Netanyahu

And finally...
China and Restaurant Most Common Words Used in Names of Chinese Restaurants, Study Finds
Duh... -- RF
Must see: Brothers hilariously trick sister into believing a zombie apocalypse has begun

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