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News Links, April 20, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Singapore Exports Down 15% In March As Electronics, Pharma Sales Falter
The Trucker's Nightmare That Could Flatten Europe's Economy
Mobs of Angry Investors Fight Market Rigging, Maul Deutsche Bank in Class-Action Lawsuit, other Banks Next
Argentina Returns To The International Bond Markets Looking To Sell Up To $15 Billion Worth Of Debt
North American Freight Shipping Down Again; Where to From Here?
The bad smell hovering over the global economy
Attempts at economic stimulus have left a bad smell. Central banks are starting to think the unthinkable – helicopter money
Negative Interest Rates Destroying the World Economy
Doha Failure Exposes Hedge Funds That Were Betting on Oil Freeze
IBM Reports Worst Revenue In 14 Years, Shares Slide
Major steel producers fail to reach deal on overcapacity, U.S. chides China
"We Cannot Afford another Draghi": Germany Attacks ECB
Saudi Arabia takes out $10bn in bank loans
Big U.S. banks grapple with costs as they face an ominous 2016
Yahoo's deterioration accelerates ahead of a possible sale
By this measure, the S&P 500 is overvalued by 72%

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Intel Corp. (INTC) To Cut 12,000 Jobs Globally, Or 11% Of Its Workforce As PC Sales Plummet
Nordstrom to cut 350 to 400 jobs

## War on cash/cashless society ##
Visa: new technology for chip cards to speed checkout times
Gov't to test biometric cashless payments for foreign tourists (Japan)

## Airline death spiral ##
Qantas cuts back flights in face of falling demand and confidence
Drone hits plane landing at London's Heathrow airport
British Air drone collision sounds alarm for new regulations
Drone sightings near U.S. airports by the numbers
The Latest: LAX police say Arabic-speaking man broke no law
Asia faces severe pilot shortage
Senate passes 'pro-passenger' airline bill

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
North Korea Likely To Test Underground Nuclear Warhead, Preparing For Fifth Nuclear Test, South Korea Says
South China Sea Controversy: China's Maritime Patrol Aircraft Makes First Public Landing On Disputed Island
Syrian rebels declare new 'battle' against government forces after truce violations
Here's Why The US Is Sending 200 More Troops To Iraq; American Military To Get 'Closer To The Action' In Mosul
Obama Administration Plans Further Escalation in Iraq, Syria
Obama "No Boots on the Ground" Sends More Boots on the Ground
Taliban Car Suicide Bomb In Kabul Claims About 200 Casualties
US feels 'overwhelming frustration' with Israeli government, says Biden
Canada Rethinks Joining US Missile Defense Program
India and France to Finalize $8.9 Billion Deal for 36 Rafales
Afghan Taliban kill at least 28 in major attack in central Kabul
New rules allow more civilian casualties in air war against Islamic State
The Pentagon's fight against the Islamic State has grown increasingly aggressive since late fall and includes higher levels of allowable civilian casualties in the bombing campaign to target militants and their cash supplies, according to interviews with military officials and Pentagon data.
Indonesia calls for joint regional maritime patrols after kidnappings
Indonesia has called for joint maritime patrols with the Philippines and Malaysia, a military spokesman said Tuesday, after a spate of kidnappings in waters near the southern Philippines by suspected militants.
Nine men found beaten, hanged in northern Mexico home
New poll finds young Arabs are less swayed by the Islamic State
Brazil president defiant after impeachment vote, won't quit
More Olympic projects under investigation for corruption - prosecutor (Brazil)

## UAVs/UUVs ##
Turkish Procurement Office Seeks Domestic Drone Sub-systems
Malaysia procures Fulmar surveillance drones from Thales
Rafael unveils Drone Dome counter-UAV system
US to sail submarine drones in South China Sea

## Migrants/refugees ##
Islam not compatible with German constitution, says AfD party
Europe Refugee Crisis: Greece To Receive $793M In Aid From European Union

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Violence crowds in on France's 'Up All Night' protests
Vaccine scandal: parents protest in Chinese capital to demand justice over children's plight

## Energy/resources ##
200M Barrels Of Oil Sit In Idle Tankers Waiting To Unload At Chinese Ports
Middle East ports are choking on the oil waiting to be loaded onto tankers and shipped to Asia, and Asian ports are forcing tankers to wait for weeks before unloading because their infrastructure can't cope with these amounts of oil.
Canada's Oil Industry To See 62% Decline In Investment
Chevron puts Myanmar gas block stakes worth $1.3 billion up for sale - sources
What Will California Do With Too Much Solar?
Half Of Kuwaiti Oil Production Offline After Massive Strike
US 2015 Oil Production and Future Oil Prices
French nuclear watchdog says investigating falsified engineering reports
North Dakota rig count at historic low
Asia's spot LNG prices down 40% this year
Australia state bans underground coal gas drilling
Oil Prices Up On Weaker Dollar, Declining Production
Application numbers for petroleum technology plunging the country over (Norway)
Iran Is Ready To Flood The World With Oil... It Just Has No Ships To Deliver It

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
ESB blaze just latest episode in copper theft epidemic

## Got food? ##
Child malnutrition soars in northern Somalia due to severe drought

## Environment/health ##
Earth's hot streak continues for a record 11 months
Chernobyl 30 years later: Inside exclusion zone (photos)
More than a dozen tremors hit Oklahoma
Ecuador Earthquake: Death Toll Rises To Over 400 As Officials Scramble To Rescue People
Climate change may boost spread of Zika, other viruses
Which trees face death in drought?
Hanford Nuclear Site Catastrophe: Nuclear Waste Leaks, Engineers Evaluate Situation
Houston copes with deadly, historic flooding
Michigan governor Snyder says Flint water is so safe, he'll drink it for a month
Teflon Toxin Contamination Has Spread Throughout the World

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
How strangers can hack the phone in your pocket
How US covered up Saudi role in 9/11
Obama Administration Makes Stunning Admission: "Seed Money For Al Qaeda Came From Saudi Arabia"
Apple Refused Chinese Request for Source Code, Top Lawyer Says
FBI Can't Open Hundreds of Phones Seized Over Six Months
Federal Researchers Build Massive Online Database of Genomic Data
Obama: We Can't Let Truth Come Out About Saudi Involvement In 9/11, Or Else America's Terrorism Will Be Revealed

## Propaganda/censorship ##
US Public's Trust In News Media Near An All-Time Low, Says Poll
Why The Media Lies So Much
U.N. rapporteur on freedom of expression slams Japan's 'press club' system, government pressure

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
The Lesson of Empires: Once Privilege Limits Social Mobility, Collapse Is Inevitable
F-35 Will Fly Despite Auditor's Fleet-Grounding Warning
As Olympics Looms, Governor Warns Rio Is "Close To Social Collapse"

## Japan ##
Dumping Fukushima tritium into ocean 'least costly, fastest' solution: gov't
Japan quake rattles markets as factories shut; survivors line up for food
Japan declares nuclear reactors safe after quake
Despite assurances, quakes prompt calls to switch off Japan's nuclear reactors
Gov't may compile extra budget to cope with quakes: Abe
Japan struggles to care for 100,000 evacuees after quake; 10,000 staying in cars
Sony, Toyota rush to mend broken supply chains
Kumamoto quakes strike Japan's auto industry
Negative rates hitting mutual fund investors in the wallet
Food in short supply, offices crippled in quake-hit southwestern Japan
Japanese issuers borrow like it's 1989
U.N. rights expert sees threats to press independence in Japan
Another strong quake hits Kumamoto region
After quakes, Japan is expected to delay TPP approval

## China ##
China's GDP Growth "Just Doesn't Add Up"
China Ocean Freight Index Collapses to Record Low: Relentless deterioration meets stunning overcapacity
Video of the Day – Frustrated Chinese Construction Workers Use Bulldozers as Battle Tanks
Why Is China Still Building New Coal Plants?
Chart Of The Day: Booming Chinese Smart Phone Sales Grind To A Halt In 2015
It's All Suddenly Going Wrong in China's $3 Trillion Bond Market
Red Ponzi Imploding—-How It Will Turn The EM Into A Wasteland
The Chinese Start Buying Silver: BofA Says "Momentum Breaks Out To Highest In Years"
China Launches Yuan Gold Fix To "Exert More Control Over Price Of Gold"
Chinese man sentenced to death for leaking more than '150,000 state secrets'
Watershed crisis: China's cities tap into sea of polluted water

## UK ##
Greenpeace protest: Campaigners climb up Nelson's Column in demonstration over London's 'toxic air'
Report: 1,000 British Ground Troops Could Participate in Libya War
MPs to investigate evidence of illegal weapons sales at London's DSEI arms fair
Almost half of world's superyachts have UK or US owners, survey finds
Drones banned from flying over London during Obama visit

## US ##
Mind The Debt Monster—-It Grew 3.5X Faster Than GDP In 2015
Almost Half of Americans Endure at Least One Aspect of Poverty: The Hidden Recession Continues to Hit Americans Hard.
This Also Happened the Last 2 Times Before Stocks Crashed
Something that happened just before the prior two market crashes, and the recessions that accompanied them, including the Great Recession, is happening again: the boom in financial engineering is starting to backfire against the companies doing it.
Clinton, Sanders Back 9/11 Bill Allowing Victims To Sue Saudi Arabia, Crossing Obama
The Great American Economic Growth Myth——-Real GDP Gains Since 1999 Even Lower Than 1930s
Housing Starts Plunge 8.8%, Permits Plunge 7.7%; Bloomberg Cites "Fundamental Strength"
Canary On Sand Hill Road—-Q1 Startup Financing By VCs Drops 25%, Valuations Tumble
Another Financial Time Bomb: Corporate And Public Sector Pensions Are Based On Absurdly Optimistic Assumptions
Morgan Stanley Profit Plunges By More Than 50% As Trading Revenue Tumbles 40%
Goldman Sachs Sees 'Headwinds Across Virtually Every' Business Line As Bank Releases Dour First-Quarter Earnings
"This Will All Blow Up In The Fed's Face," Schiff Warns "Trump's Right, America Is Broke"
Corporations Are Defaulting On Their Debts Like It's 2008 All Over Again
Recession Watch: Inventory Glut, Iffy Consumer Demand Sink US Freight Volume
Beat the Street Shills: IBM Sales Decline 16th Quarter; Don't Worry They Still "Beat the Street"
57% Say Income Taxes Too High but Only 55% Pay Income Taxes
Saudi Arabia is threatening to sell $750 billion in U.S. assets. Talk about an empty threat.
Paying Up for Being Poor
Obama Administration Trying to Throw Massive Secrecy Veil Over Past and Future Pilfering of Fannie and Freddie
Patrick Brown, Jailed Because He Could Not Afford Bail, Beaten to Death Within 48 Hours
Largest U.S. Health Insurer Is Done With Obamacare: UnitedHealth To Exit Most State Exchanges

## The candidates ##
Trump Soars in Latest CA, NY, CT, MD, PA Polls
George Clooney: The money I've raised for Hillary Clinton is 'obscene'
A Tale of Two Fundraisers – Clinton vs. Sanders
As Expected, New York's Primary is Already a Pathetic Mess
Ted Cruz Refused To Meet With Muslim Groups, Including One From Texas: Report
Donald Trump's Jet, a Regular on the Campaign Trail, Is Not Registered to Fly
The 2016 Election: Ron Paul's Deep Dive Into The Real Issues
The Sanders/Clinton Split on Israel
Because U.S. politicians reflexively bow to whatever Israel wants, any deviation is surprising, such as Bernie Sanders's call to respect Palestinian rights, especially in contrast to Hillary Clinton's Israel pandering.

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