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News Links, April 22, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Steel Overcapacity: US, 7 Other Countries Call For Production Curbs
Italian banks have a $350B problem: Top hedge fund manager
German producer prices post sharp annual drop
Russia and China plan platform to unite their gold trading
A spending freeze by high-rolling Chinese tourists is scaring Europe's luxury industry
China's 'zombie' steel mills fire up furnaces, worsen global glut
A Great Awakening – Public Support for Fake "Free Trade" Deals Plunges in the U.S. and Europe
Money keeps pouring into blockchain startups
Emaar reveals Dubai's next tallest tower
This is the one thing I'm buying right now: Ron Paul (silver)
Supply Shortages Are Holding Back Virtual Reality
The Shocking Reason for FATCA… and What Comes Next
How Deadbeat Argentina Sold $16.5 Billion Of Junk Bonds—-The Mindless Scramble For Yield
Bad-debt overhang foils easy-money policies in Indonesia, India

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Norwegian oil group to slash almost 300 UK jobs
Dubai's largest lender lays off 300 staff at two units

## War on cash/cashless society ##
Will Brits ever really trust contactless cards?
What one criminal gang does with stolen credit cards

## Airline death spiral ##
How airlines decide when to kick a passenger off a plane
Unruly passenger removed from Jackson flight
Korean Air passenger allegedly drinks beers, smokes on plane, engages in brawl
Why multi-city airplane fares are suddenly soaring
'Disruptive' passengers force easyJet flight to turn round mid-flight and return to Gatwick Airport
More airlines may add window, aisle seat fees

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Saudi Arabia Admits To John Kerry That It Created ISIS... But There Is A Twist
Obama's chilly reception in Saudi Arabia hints at mutual distrust
ISIS Captures Industrial District of Major East Syrian City
Saudi government's possible links to 9/11 plot revealed in new evidence as Barack Obama meets King Salman
US Protects Saudis From Terror Suits, Backs Suits Against Iran
"Getting Things Done" – The Brother of Hillary Clinton's Campaign Chair is a Major Lobbyist for Saudi Arabia
Playing Off Europe's Muslim Fears
Turkey and the Islamic State are exploiting the Syrian refugee flow into Europe to achieve their own ends, playing off the Continent's fear of what a Muslim influx will do to political stability.
China ratchets up pressure on Taiwan ahead of Tsai inauguration
Netanyahu's Neocon Mind
An admirer of Benjamin Netanyahu says the Israeli Prime Minister shares the American neocons' stark view of the world that disdains diplomacy and compromise with adversaries.

## UAVs ##
Drone command center set up on U.S. aircraft carrier

## Migrants/refugees ##
Border Security: How Europe's porous borders pose a huge challenge
EU's Refugee Dilemma: "Growing Panic" on How to Change Terms of Deal with Devil
Infants Starving in Squalor Created by EU-Turkey Refugee Deal
Hundreds Drown Trying to Reach Europe in 2016's Deadliest Migrant-Related Disaster Yet
Cubans fleeing in high numbers despite new diplomatic ties
Somalia says about 200 citizens may have drowned in migrant crossing
The Cost Of Asylum: More Than 50% Of Sweden's Unemployed Are Foreigners

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Montenegro: another Balkan nation to experience unrest
Drought triggered unrest in medieval Europe, research shows
Drought repeatedly triggered periods of violence, famine and conflict during the Dark Ages, with researchers able to pinpoint when periods of severe drought led to plague, mass death and social unrest.
"Death to the Arabs" rally draws thousands in Tel Aviv
Hong Kong Disneyland staff stage sit-in to protest mass lay-offs

## Energy/resources ##
$91 Billion In Capex Cuts, A Serious Hangover For Oil
Poland's government is trying to pass a law that would crush the country's wind-power industry
Oil Price Rally Unwinds As Strike In Kuwait Ends
Global wind capacity to nearly double in next five years: GWEC
Pre-Salt Bonanza Begins In Brazil With First Oil Produced
Will Demand For Electricity Ever Start Growing Again? — The Wall Street View
Statoil branches out into renewables with wind investment
Germany Asks Belgium to Shut Two Engie Nuclear Reactors
The German government made an unprecedented request of Belgium to temporarily shut two nuclear reactors, citing technical issues involving possible safety defects.
Saudi Arabia slowly losing oil market share
Mexico's oil reserves slashed by a fifth
Lithium: An increasingly precious metal
Oil rises as IEA expects biggest non-OPEC output fall in 25 years
German commission eyes 7 bln euro surcharge for nuclear storage
Unmitigated disaster: Nuclear costs in uncharted territory
With each passing day, it's more evident that decommissioning will be hopeless for most of the world's reactors. -- RF
BHP To Sell All Coal Activities In Indonesia
Unexpected move yesterday announced by one of the largest mining companies globally. Showing it may be bailing out of a country that used to be one of the world's go-to minerals destinations.
Can Mongolia Be Saved From Low Commodity Prices?
SunEdison files for bankruptcy protection
Venezuela announces daily, nationwide power cuts on drought

## Got food? ##
Global Fisheries Are Collapsing -- What Happens When There Are No Fish Left?
Sushi alert: Grim outlook for bluefin tuna
China's Other Big Problem - Porkflation

## Lifestyle solutions ##
Remembering Mike Ruppert (podcast)
A tribute to the late great Michael C. Ruppert. -- RF

## Environment/health ##
The Great Barrier Reef: 93% hit by coral bleaching, surveys reveal
Social stresses of modern life can make you older than your years
Project of the century: Saudi Arabia plans to build 1,000 km-long artificial canal
Saudi Arabia plans to build a 1,000km canal linking the Arabian Gulf with the Arabian Sea aimed at transporting oil and generating electricity using nuclear power.
Ocean currents push phytoplankton — and pollution — around the globe faster than thought
Is your home harming you? New research highlights deadly effects of indoor pollution
Lyme Ticks Are On the March…and with New Diseases
73 Percent of Water Supplied to Major Chinese Cities is Polluted
Australia sees $73 million cleanup bill for nickel plant near Barrier Reef
The US Is Playing a Dangerous Game of Musical Chairs With Nuclear Waste
One of the world's rarest tigers has died in Indonesia's infamous 'death zoo'
Private Tests Show Cancer-Linked Herbicide in Breakfast Foods; FDA mum on Its Assessments
Zika, dengue fever pose 'immediate threat' in quake-hit Ecuador-charity
Let's get rid of invasive species ASAP

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Bahrain's new surveillance cameras capable of scanning faces in crowds
Bahrain has installed 2,000 new cameras across the kingdom, which can also scan number plates and notify police when the vehicle is wanted, as well as provide an update on a motorist's traffic violations and criminal history. Gulf Daily News reports that each camera is capable scan the faces of around 75 people at any one time.
How a Simple Request Got Me Blacklisted by the Pentagon
Apple transparency report: over 1,000 government requests for user data
The Terrorist iPhone Snow Job
FBI paid at least $1.3 million to hack into terrorist's iPhone
Edward Snowden Will Sue Norway For Free Passage To Avoid US Spying Charges
Thanks to 'War on Whistleblowers,' US Ranks 41st on Press Freedom Index
Ukraine's New Speaker Of Parliament Is A Neo-Nazi
Newest Version Of Opera Browser Includes Free, Built-In VPN To Get Around The GFW

## Propaganda/censorship ##
How The New Yorker Mis-Reports Syria
The New Yorker and editor David Remnick were catastrophically wrong about the Iraq War, but they continue publishing the same one-sided propaganda on the Syrian conflict.
Ming Pao Firing Stokes Concern Over HK Press Freedom
A New Anti-Assad Propaganda Offensive
The mainstream U.S. media, including the "liberal" New Yorker, is reprising its propagandistic role before the Iraq War now in Syria with a new round of one-sided reporting.

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
How Systems Break: First They Slow Down
The world industrial system as bacteria in a Petri dish
U.S. Senate hearing on our aging water infrastructure
Wrong. Megacities are in a word unsustainable. Cities, their large populations, and their extensive infrastructure require a large input of reasonably inexpensive energy just to maintain their basic urban functions, but owing to rising energy production costs and falling net energy, urban functions are already beginning to wind down across the planet. Rotting infrastructure, crumbling economies, severe environmental degradation, negative interest rates and other types of decline in the current megacity-based global economy are symptoms of its impending collapse. -- RF
A fairly detailed treatment of the situation. -- RF

## US ##
Bowing to America's Oligarchs
Commerce Secretary (and Hyatt Hotel heiress) Penny Pritzker was treated with kid gloves and spared tough questions at the National Press Club, showing how America treats its own oligarchs.

## The candidates ##
And finally...

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