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News Links, April 25, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Stunning——–20 Years Of Stimulus, Nothing To Show
Big Blue's 16 Straight Quarters Of Shrinkage—–Still A Global Bellwether Afterall
Microsoft, Alphabet Lose Nearly $60 Billion In Market Value Friday As Tech Sector Pummeled On Weak Earnings
The Debt Doghouse Is Filling-Up Fast—-Junk Downgrades Soaring
Microsoft, Alphabet shares plunge as analysts cut targets
Bad week for German automakers: Huge costs, new probe
German minister rejects raising retirement age to 70
IMF: Mozambique admits to hiding more than $1 billion in debt
World's biggest oil companies suffering from a $100 hangover that's hammering profits as cost cuts fall short
Home builder Urbancorp files for restructuring under bankruptcy act (Canada)
Russian government news agency mocks West's gold market rigging
Pension cuts loom for millions as big funds struggle
The assets of the Netherlands' four biggest pension funds have fallen again, making it more likely that millions of people will face pension cuts next year.
Virtually no governmentt rebuilding 1 year after Nepal quake
With Impeccable Timing, 'Economic Miracle' in Spain Unravels
Since the granddaddy of all housing bubbles popped in Spain between 2008 and 2009, unleashing one of the deepest recessions in living memory, the nation's public debt has more than doubled, from just over 40% of GDP to almost exactly 100% today.
China debt load reaches record high as risk to economy mounts
How Long Before Global Financial System Fails?

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Uranium producer Cameco suspends production at its Rabbit Lake operations, cuts 500 jobs
Sears Holdings closing 68 Kmarts and 10 Sears stores
Lockheed Martin cuts 200 jobs in merger with Leidos
Halliburton Fires One Third Of Global Staff: "What We Are Experiencing Today Is Unsustainable"

## War on cash/cashless society ##
Octopus card glitch leaves hundreds of MTR passengers out of pocket
A third of Londoners think cash will disappear within the next 10 years
Biometrics research, smart payment cards and facial recognition trending this week

## Airline death spiral ##
Southwest Airlines episode shows fear of Arabic language persists
CAA to ramp up security checks in wake of attacks
Why Are U.S. Airlines Kicking Muslims Off Flights?
The true cost of distressed passengers, walked guests, and poor customer service
Unruly Passenger Leads To Plane Diversion At Shannon
3 passengers detained for misbehaving with air hostesses on board IndiGo flight
Rats on AI's Dreamliner cause flight nightmares
Senate Approves Bill to Improve Airport Security, TSA Wait Times
In recent weeks, wait times at airport security have reached epic levels. Checkpoint queues north of 90 minutes have caused thousands of travelers to miss their flights.
FAA: 'Urgent' repairs needed for Boeing 787 jet engines

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
U.S. to buy heavy water from Iran's nuclear program
Kerry: Foreign Banks Free to Do Business With Iran
North Korea Tests Submarine-Launched Missile, Says South Korea
Iraq's Sadr calls for protests to bring about new cabinet
Obama Administration Split on Using Syria as Proxy War Against Russia
U.S. warplanes conduct operation near key Chinese-held reef in South China Sea
Russia Denies Israeli Media Report of Firing on Warplanes
Andrew Bacevich and America's Long Misguided War to Control the Greater Middle East
Don't Sweat It—-The Russian Fighters Were Unarmed And Lethal US Warships Were In Its Backyard
Russian Jets Buzzing American Ships May Be Met by Force, General Says
Stiffing Iran on the Nuke Deal
China to build up atoll in contested South China Sea, source says

## UAVs ##
Drone Security Update: SkySafe Can Disable, Fly Rogue Drones Near Airports, Critical Locations
Drones seen flying over prisons in southern China, prompting security concerns

## Migrants/refugees ##
Switzerland Readies Military In Preparation For A New Wave Of Migrants
Illegal Immigration Soars 130% At Southern U.S. Border
Germany Pushes For 'Safe Zones' In Syria To Stem Flow Of Refugees To Turkey
Migrants seek new routes into Balkans after formal borders sealed
Swedes Revolt Over Refugees Near Schools: Demand "F##king Answers" From Stockholm City Council

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Brazil's Students Occupy Schools In Rio De Janeiro To Protest Conditions Ahead Of Olympics
Thousands protest trade deal in Germany before Obama visit
This Is How FEMA Trains Texas Police To Deal With Riots, Conduct Mass Arrests
Another Chicago Record: 1,000 Gunshot Victims In Shortest Time In Decades

## Energy/resources ##
Oil Majors Lose Faith In The North Sea – 100 Shut Downs Looming
Why Are Bankrupt Oil Companies Still Pumping?
Schlumberger Earnings Down Nearly 60%
It's A "Full-Scale Cash Crisis" In Oil Schlumberger CEO Admits
SunEdison Continues Operations Despite Bankruptcy And Lawsuits
Horizontal Land Rig Count Summary 22nd April 2016
France to lead 4 bn euro injection for energy giant EDF
France announced on Friday it would lead a four billion euro capital increase for power company EDF, months after agreeing a similar cash injection for the other pillar of its nuclear industry, Areva. EDF, which is 85 per cent owned by the French state, also pledged to cut millions more in costs and sell off assets in a bid to reduce its huge pile of debt.

## Got food? ##
Japan's Next Generation of Farmers Could Be Robots
Ain't gonna happen. -- RF
India Drought 2016 May Lead 29-35% Drop In Sugar Output For 2016-17 Season: Report

## Environment/health ##
Palm oil industry fumes as Indonesia gets tough on forest fires

## Japan ##
Negative interest rates are starting to squeeze corporate profits by forcing businesses to set aside more funds to pay for future pension benefits.

## UK ##
Legal aid cuts have led to surge in DIY defence, says charity
Report finds rise in number of people appearing in court without lawyer, while experts warn vulnerable defendants are having to fend for themselves.

## The candidates ##
Clinton will hold fundraiser in Tel Aviv
Clinton Campaign Deploys $1 Million in Super PAC Money to Troll Social Media Critics
Camille Paglia – "Enough with the Hillary Cult"
Unpopularity Of Clinton, Trump Puts Spotlight On Potential Running Mates
Sanders Says His Losses to Clinton Show 'Poor People Don't Vote'
Hillary 'the Hawk' Clinton
As the Democratic Party grimly marches toward Hillary Clinton's nomination, little thought has been given to her extraordinary record as a war hawk and what that could mean to the world.
Crony capitalism and the rigged system
0.01% of households gave 33% of money raised by political parties and Congressmen. Most members of Congress are millionaires.
Is Hillary Clinton 'Honest'?

And finally...
15 great William Shakespeare insults which are better than swearing

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