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News Links, April 29, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
The $2 Trillion Gamble That Saudi Arabia Cannot Win
$500 Billion In Lost Oil Revenues Forces Gulf Nations To Turn To Debt Markets
Apple's iPhone-iPad-Mac Fiasco in 4 Interactive Charts
What Global Growth Rebound? Ports Quiet, Containerships Losing Steam
More Greece "Uncertainty": Default Looms in July, EU Rejects Greek Emergency Summit
Venezuela Orders Five-Day Weekends in Bid to Save Power Grid
Canadian National Railway Drops Most in 16 Months After Company Lowers Outlook
Moody's downgrades Canadian province of Alberta on rising debt
Canary in the US Housing Market: Canadian Snowbirds Cash Out
Deutsche Bank net profit down 58 percent at $267M
Venezuela doesn't have enough money to pay for its money
9 reasons why India's rising credit card debt should worry you
Egypt explorers hunt gold in the desert, following ancients
Puerto Rico Debt Crisis: Default On Looming $422M Payment Could Worsen Financial Chaos On The Island
A New Crisis Kicks off in Mexico. Even auto exports to the US plunge.
Unemployment up in Norway's oil economy
Spain's Parliament Dissolved with Tension and Recriminations
Germany Plans $1.4 Billion in Incentives for Electric Cars
Waste of money. -- RF

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Sharp weighing 1,000 new job cuts
Luxury retailer Coach announces 300 job cuts
Shell starts staff cut discussions with employees in Australia

## War on cash/cashless society ##
Chip card payment confusion, anger rages on

## Airline death spiral ##
Flight traveling from Boston to Miami diverted due to disruptive passenger
Can Europe Stop Its Frequent Airline Strikes?
If you are thinking that strikes by airport workers are becoming more and more common on the continent, you are right.
Are airlines making money?
Hen parties the new air rage scourge: Aussie airlines
Erupting Russian Volcanoes Could Make a Mess of Your Flight
Air rage man admits to 'appalling' drunken assault on passenger that saw police called before take-off
TSA bosses are called 'some of the biggest bullies in government'
Why solar-powered planes are still a long way from carrying passengers
TSA: Record-Breaking Week For Firearms At Airports
Russian girl, age 10, flies without ticket or ID
JetBlue Pilot Allegedly Flying Drunk? Flew Two Flights Between New York And Orlando, Failed Alcohol Testing
Heathrow plane strike 'not a drone incident'

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Russian Manufacturer To Provide Egypt With Aerial Defense
Is North Korea Planning An Attack On The South Korean Presidential Palace?
Massive Oil Theft By Pirates Costs Nigeria $1.5 Billion Every Month
Depressed oil prices, rampant corruption, and pipeline vandalism are only parts of Nigeria's oil problem. It's now losing a massive 400,000 barrels of crude daily to pirates in the Gulf of Guinea, an amount equal to the entire daily export capacity of its Forcados terminal.
China Will Not 'Permit War Or Chaos' On Korean Peninsula Amid Pyongyang's Increasing Nuclear Ambitions
US Considering Intermediate-Range Missiles Deployment In Retaliation For Russia's Alleged Violations Of INF Treaty
North Korean medium-range missile launch appears to fail again
Russia Urges UN Security Council to Blacklist Syrian Islamist Groups
Russia has formally proposed that the UN Security Council add Ahrar al-Sham and Jaish al-Islam to the "blacklist" of Syrian rebel factions considered terrorist organizations, citing each group's close links to existing terror groups, particularly al-Qaeda.
Dozens Killed, Hospital Hit in Airstrike as Aleppo Attacks Rage
How underwater drones are threatening to escalate South China Sea tensions
Will ISIS Attack Italy? Italian Officials Arrest Islamic State Suspects Plotting To Hit Vatican, Israeli Embassy In Rome
Taking Page from Israel War Tactics, US Military Employs Controversial 'Roof Knocking'
Russian Fighter Jet Flies Within 50 Feet Of US Spy Plane Over Russian Naval Base

## UAVs, UUVs ##
US Coast Guard needs an aerial drone fleet now, lawmaker says
Bomb-sniffing drones: US scientists develop UAV nuclear weapon detection sensors
Azerbaijan requires more Israeli UAVs for border conflict
Report: Chinese Combat UAVs in Demand
Counter-Drone Prototype Put to Test at Army NIE
Proteus underwater vehicle completes unmanned endurance test

## Migrants/refugees ##
Syrian Refugee Crisis: 57 To Arrive In Northern Ireland As A Part Of UK Resettlement Plan
Hungary Has Outlawed Islamization and Mass Immigration
Australia talks tough on asylum-seekers
Denmark's "Recipe For Integration" - Segregated Swimming Hours

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
'Let the Rich Pay More Taxes': Thousands Take to Streets in Costa Rica
Protests as Venezuela embraces 2-day workweek to save power
Sick of crisis, Venezuelans line up to recall Maduro
Maduro recall petition in Venezuela gets 200% more signatures than needed
Chinese county halts plan for trash incinerator after protest
For a second time in a week, a local government abandons project for waste disposal after residents, concerned about health risks, take to the streets.

## Energy/resources ##
50% Of Proved Oil Reserves May Have Just Vanished
First "Illegal" Shipment Of Oil Leaves Eastern Libya
German utilities to pay 23.3 bln eur into state fund - nuclear commission
Long-term oil shortfall predicted by Wood Mackenzie
Is This The Hottest Acreage In The Lithium Rush?
T. Boone Pickens says America's oil industry is 'dead in the water'
Massive blackout in Zurich, officials cite technical issues
Power restored after big blackout in East Bay
Why Nigeria's Power Blackout Persists – Fashola
North Andhra Hit by Power Outage for the Third Day
The Coming World of "Peak Oil Demand," Not "Peak Oil"
BP's Quarterly "Profit" May Not Be What It Seems
Schlumberger lands another merger
Conoco touts strength, but losses mount
Vattenfall puts pressure on Swedish government to cut nuclear tax
State-owned Swedish utility Vattenfall will struggle to invest in required safety upgrades of its nuclear reactors in Sweden if the government doesn't abolish its tax on nuclear power, Chief Executive Magnus Hall said on Thursday.
Oil-Sands Cash Burn Deepens as Cheap Canadian Crude Saps Profits
Top Oil Service Firms Mull North America Retreat As Losses Mount
China's Biggest Oil Company Posts 52% Decline In 2015 Profit
Armenia Continues to Gamble on Aging Nuclear Plant in a Quake-Prone Area

## Got food? ##
But remember that feast can turn into famine in a heartbeat. -- RF

## Lifestyle solutions ##
How less stuff could make us happier – and fix stagnation
Sedentary lifestyle associated with coronary artery calcium, Dallas Heart Study researchers find
"Skills That Could Save Your Life": 25 Forgotten Survival Lessons You Need to Know

## Environment/health ##
Study: Oxygen drain will be apparent in oceans by 2030s
March temperature smashes 100-year global record
Inspired By Zika: Anti-Mosquito Clothing Line For Rio Olympics Joins Growing List Of Products Tied To Virus
Driveway, parking lot pavement sealcoats more toxic than thought
The EPA Says 3 Common Pesticides Could Harm Nearly All Endangered Species
The agency says 97 percent of the plants and animals listed under the Endangered Species Act are likely to be harmed by chlorpyrifos, diazinon, and malathion.
Valeant Pharmaceuticals Executives Couldn't Name A Single Drug Whose Price They Hadn't Raised
Long-term study of honeybees reveals troubling trends
Revealed: $558,000 spent on UAE cloud-seeding operations last year
Carbon Dioxide Fertilization Greening Earth, Study Finds
Study: Even a little air pollution may have long-term health effects on developing fetus
Belgium Nuclear Radiation Threat? Iodine Pills Supplied To Belgian Citizens After Germany Expresses Concern
The Belgian government is expected to supply its citizens with iodine pills in an pro-active effort to protect against radiation should a nuclear accident take place in the country, Agence France-Presse reported. The move was spurred in part by increasing worries from neighboring countries over the deteriorating condition of two of Belgium's nuclear plants.
Save the Starfish: Deoxygenated 'Dead Zones' Threatening Marine Life
Deluge swamps Mississippi in a matter of hours
Study: Insect outbreaks actually reduce wildfire severity

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Germany Creates Cyber, IT Defense Branch
FBI Will Not Share iPhone Unlocking Mechanism, Cites Lack Of Ownership
Snowden Revelations Led to 'Chilling Effect' on Pursuit of Knowledge: Study
House passes bill to keep government from reading old emails
Qatar National Bank allegedly hacked, data of 1,200 entities leaked
A colorful atlas of the human brain may bring neuroscientists closer to reading our minds
9/11 Commission Didn't Clear Saudis
As the Obama administration belatedly weighs releasing the 28 pages on the Saudi role in 9/11, Americans should not be fooled by claims minimizing the Saudi involvement.
Saudi Role Beyond the 28 Pages
Release of the 28 secret pages from the congressional 9/11 report may be long overdue, but the depth of Saudi involvement with Islamic radicals goes much deeper.
Banks Beware: Nearly All of Your ATMs are Insecure
Virtually every ATM in the world can be illegally accessed and raided – sometimes even without the need to install malware, according to new research by Kaspersky Lab.

## Propaganda/censorship ##
From Brady to MH-17, Power Defines Reality
From the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 shoot-down to Tom Brady's NFL suspension, reality gets defined not by facts and reason but by power and propaganda.
Iraq shuts down Al Jazeera Baghdad bureau
Network "shocked" by action and vows to continue coverage of events in the country.
China's Media Startups Fight Censorship Crackdown
"Why Our Children Should Hate Us" – Read the Lance Simmens Article Banned by the Huffington Post

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
U.S. high school seniors slip in math and show no improvement in reading
The Death of Free Speech: The West Veils Itself
Why Real Reform Is Now Impossible
Ford Motor Issues Its Second-Largest Recall Of 2016, Covering Older F-150, Expedition, Mustang And Lincoln Navigator Vehicles
The Mirage of a Return to Manufacturing Greatness
Unfortunately, the experts still can't see the role of net energy decline. In their way of thinking, energy is just a given, and they seek the cause of collapse in other places. -- RF
Bled by emigration, abandoned Portuguese villages lose hope of surviving
And it's not only Portugal. As industrial civilization crumbles, such villages and their food-production systems will suddenly become necessary again, but repopulating and learning skills will take more time than we have. -- RF
Where On The Titanic Would You Like Your Deck Chair, Ma'am?

## Japan ##
Chart Of The Day: Japan's Money Multiplier Has Dropped Like A Stone Since Kuroda Went Wild
BOJ throws curveball, Japanese economy could strike out
Nuclear regulator says fault below Shika reactor may be active
Consumer prices, household spending fall in March
Japan insurers flock to foreign bonds as BOJ kills golden geese
Japan gloomy data reinforce expectations for more BOJ easing
Taiwan's Ma says Okinotorishima not an island
Photo here. You be the judge. -- RF
Increasing number of Japanese ditching traditional attitudes about weddings and funerals
Less income means less desire and less money to spend on major life events.
Sharp mulls cutting another 1,000 jobs
NHK chairman's order to follow government line on Kyushu nuclear reactors sparks outcry
TEPCO must pay 31 million yen damages over evacuee deaths
Mohamed El-Erian: Whatever Bank of Japan does, it gets wrong

## China ##
Speculation Red Ponzi Style—-Daily Iron Ore Trading Exceeds Annual Imports!
China Ratings Downgrade Wave Seen as Next Driver of Bond Slump
Chinese Shoppers Fall Out Of Love With Luxury Goods
Beijing's Rental Rates Are The Highest In The World
2nd Chinese City in a Week Halts Trash Incinerator Plans
For the second time in a week, a Chinese city has announced it would halt plans for a garbage incinerator project following angry protests by residents that underscore growing concern over threats to public health.
Haunted by Specter of U.S. Financial Crisis, Shanghai Restricts Subprime-Style Loans
Desperate Measures: People's Daily Raps Local Officials over China Labor Unrest
China's $1 Trillion Bond Leverage Unwinds as Pimco Senses Panic
China Trades Enough Cotton in One Day to Make Jeans for Everyone
Volume Collapses As China Commodity Exchanges Ordered To "Curb Speculation"

## UK ##
English graduates saddled with debt, research shows
Revealed: Britain's borders left exposed as screening system crashed twice in 48 hours
UK flooding driven by soaring temperatures in Greenland, study says
More than a million people in the UK 'unable to afford food, heat or toiletries', says new research
'Question Marks' Over Port Talbot Steel's Future

## US ##
America's Entitled (and Doomed) Upper Middle Class
Good Job, Fed—-Home Ownership Falls To Near Record Low
Economy In Decline: Apple Reports Massive Revenue Decline As iPhone Sales Plummet Dramatically
Mind The Leverage Risk: Corporate Debt Is Soaring, Cash Flow Is Stalling
Bill Gross: We're close to the economic flatline
Behind The GDP/BLS Jobs Mirage——-US Gross Output Continues to Slump
"We All Work As A Team" - Millennials Explain How It's Going Living 'Rent-Free' At Home
America's Millennial Dream: Making 20% Less & Drowning In Debt
The Future Of America? – More Than Half Of All U.S. Adults Under Age 30 Now Reject Capitalism
Say goodbye to the golden age of stock and bond returns
The U.S. Economy Officially Joins The Global Economic Slowdown – 1st Quarter GDP Comes In At 0.5%
"Retaliatory Culture" at TSA has "Paralyzed" Agency and Compromised Security Goals, Say Whistleblowers

## The Candidates ##
Trump promises to rebuild the military, make allies pay more
Reuters Poll Shows 51% of Americans Think Primary Process is "Rigged" – Here's Why It Matters
Bernie Sanders To Suspend Campaign Soon? Staffers Laid Off After Poor Tuesday Primary Showing
Reports: Cruz to announce Fiorina as running mate
Anything Trumps Hillary
Donald Trump vows to crush Isis and 'replace chaos with peace' during first foreign policy speech
Bernie Sanders Says US 'Kill List' Legal, Backs Troops in Syria
The U.S. senator said he thinks President Obama's extrajudicial drone assassination program is constitutional and legal.
Ted Cruz Is 'Lucifer In The Flesh,' Ex-Speaker John Boehner Says At Stanford Event
"It's Hard To Believe" - Establishment Stunned As Trump Gains 'Wealthy, Well-Educated' Voters
America moves closer to becoming Trump Abyss
Or a Clinton Abyss. Choose your poison. -- RF

And finally...
Driver informs police he's an alien royal and if they tow his car, he will destroy planet Earth

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