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News Links, April 8, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
The Panama Papers: This Is the Consequence of Centralized Money and Power
If we don't change the way money is created and distributed, we will never change anything.
Rothschild Humiliates Obama, Reveals That "America Is The Biggest Tax Haven In The World"
Debt Spiral Grips Both, Pemex and Mexico
It was just a matter of time before Pemex, Mexico's chronically indebted state-owned oil giant, began dragging down the national economy it had almost single handedly sustained for over 75 years.
Chart Of The Day: Global Bond Yields Reach All-Time Low
Why Germany's Growth Engine Falters: Exports To The Bubble Economies—-China, EM, Petro-States and Russia—-Are Dropping
Chart Of The Day: German Exports Sputter Due To Sinking China Orders
Default Tsunami Brewing
Perth Mint Silver Coins Have Second Highest Monthly Demand
Gold is the pile of poker chips in the next global crisis
Why You Should Own Gold Before the Government Starts Handing Out Free Cash
Greeks Confiscate Largest Amount Of Gold Ever Smuggled
Goldman Sach's Dubious Advice "Short Gold!"
No One Believes in Gold. Here's Why It Will Keep Rising...
Governor Of Puerto Rico Set To Impose Capital Controls
Dubai's next megaprojects: Dubai Steps, Vertical Industrial City and more
Deutsche Bank Is Crashing Again As European Banks Slide To Crisis Lows

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
HSBC, RBS and Barclays plan to close 400 UK branches this year: sources
Nokia plans to slash 1,300 jobs in Finland
Fiat Chrysler cuts 1,300 workers in Michigan, scraps shift
Canada's oil patch seen slashing billions more in worst two-year slump since 1947

## War on cash/cashless society ##
War on Cash: JPMorgan Chase limiting cash withdrawals at U.S. ATM machines
Cash Ban Isn't Anti-Crime—-It's Designed To Enable The State Crime Of Savings Confiscation
The War on Cash, IRS Style

## Airline death spiral ##
Is There Room for More Airline Consolidation?
Bangor, Maine: The Place Where Diverted Flights Go
Airbus to offer 14 more seats on the A380
Airlines Hedge Cheap Oil, Protecting Them Through 2019
"Suspicious behavior": Third easyJet passenger grounded over security concerns
Australia Begins Checking Outbound Travelers To Catch Would-Be Terrorists
Ireland and Britain share passenger data in response to Europe attacks
Beefed-Up Security Sought at U.S. Airports
Parents of baby who had all of his diapers searched sue feds
Seven months old. Terrorists appear to be starting their training earlier than ever. -- RF

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
South Korea Mulling Developing Nuclear Weapons Despite US Assurance Of Extending Its 'Nuclear Umbrella'
Rheinmetall Denel Munition factory opens in Saudi Arabia
Pentagon: More US fire bases could open in Iraq
Russia to start deliveries of S-300 missiles to Iran in coming days: agency
Analysts See US, Iran Propping Up Iraqi PM
US: Russia Not Giving Iran Ballistic Missile Tech
State Department Undersecretary for Political Affairs Thomas Shannon today sought to assure the Senate that Iran is not obtaining advanced missile technology or warplanes, insisting Russia had committed not to give Iran any ballistic missile tech, and was not doing so.
US Senator Wants Billions in Emergency Aid for Mideast
Graham Seeks Funds for Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Mideast 'Marshall Plan'
Global Military Spending Is $1.7 Trillion—-Here's Who Spends It
NATO eyes larger role training Iraqi security forces
Iceland's Prime Minister in Hiding, Says Yesterday's Resignation "Temporary"; Rise of the "Pirates"
A presidential decree says Russia's new National Guard will be given broad powers to suppress riots
Russia's newly-created National Guard to have no right to shoot at crowd — bill
Ukraine About to Break Apart! Transcarpathia Region "Demands" Autonomy From Kiev
US Christens First Ghost Ship (and The Dawn of The Robotic Navy)
Dutch Voters Reject Ukraine Deal
Dutch voters struck a blow against the E.U.'s Ukrainian association agreement – and the incessant Russia-bashing that has surrounded it – creating hope for less belligerence in Europe.

## UAVs ##
Reaper Demand Drives Uptick in Air Force UAS Spending
11 drone trouble cases reported in 3 months (Japan)

## Migrants/refugees ##
Turkey, Germany herald progress as migrant flow to Greece slows
Refugee crisis: Migrants and Greek riot police clash in protest against Macedonia railway closure

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Executions on the rise around the world
Chiara Sangiorgio, Amnesty's death penalty expert, told CNN that global unrest is a leading factor in the rise.
University of Sydney students clash with riot police during minister's visit
A north India without jobs for its men? Study warns of social unrest

## Energy/resources ##
Brussels weighs the cost of another century of nuclear power
Wind and Solar Are Crushing Fossil Fuels
Ironically, they are also dependent on fossil fuels. -- RF
SunEdison Green Power Bankruptcy Inevitability
For all those sun baked brains that see salvation in renewable nirvana, the imminent demise of SunEdison is the latest case that creative green economics is the path to insolvency.
SunEdison setback may delay Modi's 'ultra mega' solar drive in India
Solar And Wind Energy May Be Nice, But How Can We Store It?
US coal exports total 4.1 million mt in February, down 33.1%: Census
Free lunch: E-Cat: the saga continues.
German nuclear commission chief warns utilities against delaying provision deal
Delaying a deal to secure the funds needed to pay for closing down Germany's nuclear power plants would be the "worst case" for the country's utilities, the co-chairman of a commission tasked with finding the solution said.
Why Small Modular Reactors Are Not The Next Big Thing
March worldwide rig count down 12 percent
Don't laugh. Venezuela Declares Every Friday A Holiday To Conserve Electricity
Survey: Oil Services Cos. See Declines in Revenue, Productivity & Headcount
Gas Drillers Go Rigless As Price Collapse Heralds Austerity Era

## Got food? ##
Can urban gardeners benefit ecosystems while keeping food traditions alive?
The World Is Getting Fatter and No One Knows How to Stop It
Not to worry. When the food shortages start, even the overweight and obese will wonder how they were ever worried about getting too many calories. -- RF
Russia heads towards record high corn exports

## Lifestyle solutions ##
The Network Effect, Jobs and Entrepreneurial Vitality

## Environment/health ##
Zika mystery deepens with evidence of nerve cell infections
White House to transfer Ebola funds to combat Zika virus
Half of natural World Heritage sites at risk from industry: WWF
Amazon Indians at risk in mercury poisoning crisis
Sperm Whales Found Full of Car Parts and Plastics
The shocking discoveries add to a mysterious string of sperm whale strandings around the North Sea since the start of the year.
Cambodia's tigers are now 'functionally extinct' says WWF
Video of the Day – Producer of Vaccine Documentary Banned From Tribeca Film Festival Speaks Out
New cloud study offers dire global warming outlook

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Not 'Going Dark': 15 Out Of 15 Most Recent EU Terrorists Were Known To The Authorities In Multiple Ways
IoT: Don't bother trying to make your dumb house smart
Considering all the problems we already have with our digital devices (hacking, software updates, glitches, power outages, viruses, etc.), do you want everything in your home to suffer those problems, too? -- RF
Nest Reminds Customers That Ownership Isn't What It Used to Be
The more one reads about this, the better a "dumb" home looks. -- RF
Snowden and Others: Panama Papers Show Whistleblowers 'Vital' to Democracy
Beyond Panama: What the World Really Needs is the #DelawarePapers
World Bank Slashes Russia's Economic Forecast, Warns Of Rising Poverty
White House declines to support encryption legislation: sources
Using The All Writs Act To Route Around The Fifth Amendment
Obama's Gift to Donald Trump: A Policy of Cracking Down on Journalists and Their Sources
The FBI Now Has The Largest Biometric Database In The World. Will It Lead To More Surveillance?
Samsung Applies for "Smart Contact Lens" Patent
FBI's iPhone Hack Works on 'Narrow Slice of Phones': James Comey
The tool used to take data from San Bernardino terrorist Syed Farook's iPhone likely only works on a "narrow slice of phones," and almost certainly does not work on the iPhone 5S or 6, FBI chief James Comey said.
FBI continues to debate sharing iPhone hack with Apple

## Propaganda/censorship ##
Hilarious: The architect of China's Great Firewall embarrassed after needing to use VPN in front of live audience
Bush-41's October Surprise Denials
"Panama" Most Censored Term On Weibo After Panama Papers Hack (China)

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
End of the industrial age: Timetables of power
This N.J. Transit Expansion Costs $474,000 Per Commuter
Meanwhile, closer to Manhattan, commuters in the nation's most densely populated suburbs endure crowding and train breakdowns at a rate four times higher than the U.S. average.

## Japan ##
Watch Japan – For All Is Not Well In The Land Of The Rising Sun
Some Japanese nationals suspected of hiding crime gains in offshore tax havens
Big data: Toyota wants to sell data on your driving habits
Spring animal spotting axed due to lack of creatures afoot
The mysterious disappearances or shortages of typical seasonal animals in many parts of Japan has led to meteorological field offices across the nation dropping their decades-long tradition of keeping track of them at this time of year.
Japan Is Fast Approaching the Quantitative Limits of Quantitative Easing
The Bank of Japan is running out of government bonds to buy. The central bank's would-be counterparties have become increasingly unwilling to sell the debt that monetary policymakers have pledged to buy, and the most recently issued 30-year Japanese bond didn't record a single trade during a session last week as existing owners opted to hoard their holdings.
Radioactive boars run wild around Fukushima reactors
BOJ retains view on regional recoveries, but says Tohoku struggling
Cheated every step of the way: a raw deal from subcontractors (Fukushima cleanup)

## China ##
China begins operation of lighthouse on artificial island in South China Sea
China Inc. Scraps $7 Billion of Bond Offerings as Defaults Rise
China's Latest Problem: Surging Subprime-Housing Loans
Alibaba Surpasses Walmart As Largest Retail Company In The World
After brief pause, China rushes to build more nuclear power plants
China Coal Miner Fails to Make Bond Payment Amid Slowing Economy
China implements tough restrictions on trade with North Korea
Yesterday China banned imports of coal, iron, gold and titanium from North Korea, as well as restricting the export of jet fuel and other oil products necessary to make rocket fuel.
Red Suzerains Plugging The Leaks—-Beijing Closes "WeChat" Channel To Foreign Luxury Goods Purchase
China's Global Investment Spree is Fuelled by Debt
'North Korea has become an increasing threat to China'

## UK ##
Number of home owners in their late twenties has fallen by nearly a third in last fifteen years, ONS figures show
Suicide attempts at UK immigration removal centres averaged one a day in 2015, official figures reveal
UK house prices pick up pace with 10.1% annual increase
David Cameron personally intervened to stop tax crackdown on offshore trusts
Panama Papers reveal London as centre of 'spider's web'

## US ##
M&A Boom Ends, US Deal Failures in 2016 Worst Ever
The Coming Default Wave Is Shaping Up to Be Among Most Painful
A top haven for tax cheats that may surprise you: the US
Employment Numbers an April Snow Job
About that "great" jobs report... -- RF
SCOTUS Denies Request from D.C. Madam's Attorney to Release Info
Tennessee is poised to make the Bible its official state book
Department of Education Wonders "Why 40% of Student Borrowers Don't Make Payments"; Blame Bush (Seriously)!
KKR's Chilling Message about the "End of the Credit Cycle"
Mancession: Men lost 2 times more jobs than women from the Great Recession and have gained half as many jobs since late 2007.
"It's Probably Nothing": Truck Orders Plunge 37% As Unsold Inventories Soar Most Since 2007
Student Debt Crisis 2016: Millennials Regret College Loans, Struggle To Pay Them Back
10 U.S. companies that threw away money on buybacks

## The candidates ##
Hillary Clinton linked to 'Panama Papers' through lobbying firm, Russian bank
Blast From the Past – Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders on Panama
Hillary Clinton Fundraiser Hosted by All-Star Cast of Financial Regulators Who Joined Wall Street 
Trumps Strays Off The Deep End—–His "Plan To Eliminate The National Debt Is Ludicrous
Wall St is pretty certain Hillary Clinton will be president
Yes, the Panama Papers Could Really End Hillary Clinton's Campaign

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