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News Links, May 16, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
The total amount of bad loans in India's banks is bigger than the GDP of 112 countries
Silicon Valley Commercial Property Boom Ends, Totally Exposed to Big-5: Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn
The Destabilizing Consequences of Globalization
Moody's downgrade brings EDF hybrids uncomfortably close to junk status
"One Big Worldwide Bubble": Cusp of 30-Year Bear Market in Stocks and Bonds
Iron Ore Bust Follows Hard on Heels of China's Speculative Boom
Gold's Best Quarter in 30 Years Is Just the Beginning
Steel wars widen as Europe launches probe into claims China is subsidising producers
Ominous Portents—–More Evidence That The Global Bubble Is Bursting
Saudi Arabia Credit Downgrade: Moody's Cuts Rating, Assigns Stable Outlook Amid Slump In Oil Prices
Poland avoids Moody's ratings downgrade but outlook cut
Cash-starved Brazil considers selling off public assets -paper
Brazil's government is considering selling stakes in state-controlled assets including its postal company as well as holdings in transport, power and insurance firms in a bid to raise capital and streamline the public sector, a newspaper reported on Sunday.
Global alcohol sales fall for first time in nearly 20 years
Greece "Demands" Debt Relief, Owes Troika €11+ Billion by July
Elon Musk 'burns up cash' for SolarCity, Tesla: Pros

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Brazil to Cut Spending, Reduce Deficit, Says New Finance Minister
GOP Wants to Cut $23 Billion From Food Stamps
RBS to cut 200 jobs and close 20 branches
Symantec (SYMC) is cutting 1,200 jobs and closing a quarter of its offices

## War on cash/cashless society ##
Cash bans, gold, NIRP, and the zombie apocalypse

## Airline death spiral ##
Four airports spending $13.9 billion to make much-needed improvements
Pilot Mistakes in China Common with Another 5 Airlines Punished for Poor Safety
Air safety watchdog probes Jetstar tailstrike on Melbourne Airport runway
TSA struggles with balancing speed and security at airport checkpoints
TSA takes steps to combat long airport lines, but summer waits are forecast
TSA foul-up leaves 3,000 plane passenger bags dumped in Phoenix parking lot
Nigeria: Passenger Goes Berserk and Destroys Airline's Facility Over Flight Delay
Who will fly the planes? Regional airline CEO warns of pilot shortage
The cost of becoming a pilot is making the job a pipe dream
Man pleads guilty to grabbing, taking off woman's hijab on plane
Armed US air marshal removed from flight at Heathrow 'because he was drunk' 
BA to start charging for food on short-haul economy flights
The Feds Are Arming Themselves to Drive Drones Out of Airports

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Iran Has More Volunteers for the Syrian War Than It Knows What to Do With
Pfizer Blocks the Use of Its Drugs in Executions
More than 20 American and European drug companies have already adopted such restrictions, citing either moral or business reasons.
The Detainee With No Country—And the 79 Others Still at Guantanamo
All are men, and most have not been charged with any crimes.
America's Last Fighter Jet Makers Scramble to Keep Production Alive
The end is nearing for the F-15, F-16, and F/A-18 lines unless more orders come in soon.
Another US-Sponsored Coup? Brazil's New President Was An Embassy Informant For US Intelligence
Turkey's Erdogan Clears Path to Dictatorship
Interview With BDS Co-Founder Omar Barghouti: Banned by Israel From Traveling, Threatened With Worse
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was one of the world leaders who traveled last year to Paris to participate in that city's "free speech rally."
US Army Shrinks To Smallest Since 1940 As Chinese Military Recruiting Accelerates
Here We Go Again: Yet Another U.S. Spy Plane Brushes Russian Border
Escalations in a New Cold War
The Obama administration poked Russia in the eye again by activating a missile defense site in Romania while building up NATO forces on Russia's borders, acts that could escalate toward nuclear war.
Things John Kerry is proud of (photo)
The Sinaloa Cartel's Aerial Fleet Rivals Major Airlines
The drug-trafficking organization has hundreds of planes and competes for top pilots

## Migrants/refugees ##
Refugees from 'Endless' War
Policymakers in Official Washington talk piously about waging "humanitarian" wars, but the real-life consequences of these interventions play out in squalid refugee camps far from U.S. shores.
EU approves six-month extension of Schengen border checks
German government plans to spend 93.6 billion euros on refugees by end 2020: Spiegel

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Urban population growth and demand for food could spark global unrest, study shows
We're going to find out that megacities weren't such a good idea, after all. -- RF
Thousands of Arabs march for Palestinian return in Israel
No lawsuit is needed to stop a project that would never be finished, anyway. But it would be useful in stopping the waste of money and resources and the environmental damage that construction would cause. -- RF

## Energy/resources ##
The wave of U.S. oil and gas bankruptcies surged past 60 this week, an ominous sign that the recovery of crude prices to near $50 a barrel is too little, too late for small companies that are running out of money.
Chevron Suffers Another Militant Attack in Niger Delta

'Death Awaits': Africa Faces Worst Drought in Half a Century
The worst drought in half a century has stricken large parts of Africa -- a consequence of El Niño and high population growth. More than 50 million people are threatened by hunger and few countries have been hit as hard as Ethiopia.

## Propaganda/censorship ##
Russia's Diversity of Opinion
The usual U.S. depiction of Russian media is that all you get is Kremlin propaganda, but prime-time talk shows actually offer wider diversity of opinion and more substantive debates than what appears on American TV.

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
A wave of bad news batters Olympics past, present and future
You didn't expect them to do anything sensible, did you? -- RF
'I'll Never Retire': Americans Break Record for Working Past 65
Almost 20 percent of Americans 65 and older are now working, according to the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That's the most older people with a job since the early 1960s, before the U.S. enacted Medicare.
Total waste of money and resources. This sort of thing just tries to perpetuate the unsustainably long supply lines that the global economy depends on. -- RF

## The candidates ##
Signs from Mainstream Media that Clinton's Campaign Might be Over
You Know Those Missing Hillary Emails? Russia Might Leak 20,000 Of Them
The Donald's Foreign Policy—-Not As Bad As Hillary's
Nine House chairmen endorse Trump
Bernie Sanders Has Been the Most Influential Insurgent Candidate Since the 70s
Ralph Nader: Clinton Is Winning By "Dictatorship"
Donald Trump masqueraded as publicist to brag about himself
Trump Taps Climate Change Foe, Fracking Backer as Energy Advisor
Democrats, Too Clever by Half on Clinton
Democratic Party honchos who wanted Hillary Clinton's coronation are having some regrets as her weaknesses become obvious, her poll numbers sink, and Donald Trump surges toward the lead.
Hillary Clinton turns up heat on Donald Trump tax holdout
Donald Trump Is Racking Up Many Sports Endorsements For His Presidential Campaign. Here's Why
Trump May Have Just Played The Entire Media Universe For Fools, Again
"Print the Money": Trump's "Reckless" Proposal Echoes Franklin and Lincoln
Eric Holder to headline fundraiser for Clinton
The Hillary Clinton/Neocon Merger

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