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News Links, May 2, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
International Student Debt Crisis: University Graduates In England Owe More Than Americans, Report Says
The bad smell hovering over the global economy
Will 2016 Be The Year Of The Multinational Bank Bail In?
Puerto Rico at risk of largest default yet
Puerto Rico Says Will Default Tomorrow, Begs Congress For Help "Or Else Crisis Will Get Worse"
Sri Lanka, IMF agree on $1.5B bailout to avert balance of payments crisis
Taiwan's economy shrinks amid mainland competition, tech slump
Spanish Banks Brace for Ultimate Showdown
NIRP Has Officially Arrived: Interactive Brokers Starts Charging 0.25% On Yen Cash Balances
US Treasury Gives Explicit Warning To China, Germany And Japan Not To Devalue Their Currencies
Shame Shame Hypocrisy: U.S. Chides Five Economic Powers Over Policies (Mish)
Consensus Forming: China Heading Back Into Financial Crisis
Euro zone data deluge: Better-than-expected growth, but we're back in deflation
Norway's sovereign fund posts negative return
Norway's sovereign wealth fund, the world's biggest, posted a negative return in the first quarter after being tapped by the government to balance its budget for the first time ever.
The world's new tallest skyscraper (Dubai)
Is the ECB Bailing Out Italian Banks on the Sly?
Deutsche Bank Unveils The Next Step: "QE Has Run Its Course, It's Time To Tax Wealth"

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Saudi builder Binladin reportedly cuts 50,000 jobs as government cuts bite

## War on cash/cashless society ##
Why Digital Money Hasn't Killed Cash

## Airline death spiral ##
Brussels Airport Departure Hall Reopens For The First Time After March Attacks
Hong Kong airlines face cuts to flights ahead of much-delayed air traffic control system

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Rodrigo Duterte, known as Asia's Donald Trump, leads race for Philippines presidency
Egypt's Dangerous Turn
Egypt's military regime is suppressing political opposition even more ferociously than the longtime Mubarak dictatorship while also collaborating in the strangulation of Gaza.
It's not just Dolkun Isa: India has barred at least eight other Chinese activists from its democracy conference
The European Union always was a CIA project, as Brexiteers discover
"Fighting and dying": Joint Chiefs Chairman Admits: US Troops in Iraq in Combat Operations
China rejects Hong Kong port call by U.S. aircraft carrier
Russian Su-27 Jet Intercepted US Air Force RC-135 Plane Over The Baltic Sea, Pentagon Says
Russia defends intercept of U.S. Air Force reconnaissance plane
Moscow defended its intercept of a U.S. reconnaissance plane over the Baltic Sea on Friday, saying it took the action because the aircraft turned off its transponder.
Japan eyes deal to lease MSDF aircraft to Philippines from May
France Says It Will Increase Forces in Ivory Coast
Finland Risks 'Serious Crisis' With Russia if it Joins NATO, Experts Warn
Who Is Muqtada Al-Sadr? Supporters Of Iraqi Shiite Cleric Rush Green Zone As Baghdad Protest Heats Up
British Politician Earns Massive Salary From Oil Company As Local Iraqis Suffer Economic Downfall
North Korea Calls US-South Korea Drills 'Open Declaration Of War,' Report Warns It May Conduct Fifth Nuclear Test Next Week
Army Spy Plane Deploys To SOUTHCOM, AFRICOM
Germany's Relationship With Israel Deteriorating Because Of Netanyahu? Merkel's Government Says Middle East Policy Hasn't Changed
Russia says talks to extend Syrian lull in fighting to Aleppo
US once again forced to turn to Russia for help on Syria
Green Zone Breach Exposes Iraq's Growing Political Paralysis
Remember the Golan Heights?
NATO Deploys 4000 Troops To Russian Border As EUCOM Chief Urges "Return To War-Planning"
Taiwan sends patrol ships after fishing boat seized by Japan
These increasingly heated territorial disputes are a sign of growing desperation over resources and energy. Billions of people all want to live the High Life, but there's not enough to go around. Watch for more sparks and fireworks. -- RF
China, Russia ramping up tests of hypersonic gliders to counter new US strategy: analysts
Acceleration of programmes is response to Pentagon's increased presence in South China Sea and its push to maintain an innovation advantage, say experts.

## UAVs ##
Drone flights over sub bases could be 'threat to national security' Navy warns
Ministry of Defence unveils new armed drone that can spy on targets for twice as long to double RAF fleet

## Migrants/refugees ##
Obama Expects US To Admit 10,000 Syrian Refugees This Year
Far right AfD party says Muslims not welcome in Germany

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Protests rage outside Trump rally in Orange County; 17 arrested, police car smashed
Employees at the Saudi Binladin Group, a construction giant, have set fire to more than seven company buses in the latest protest by disgruntled staff over not being paid salaries for months and a large round of reported layoffs.

## Energy/resources ##
This Chart Shows the Collapse of "King Coal" by State, and Why Miners Are Going Bankrupt
The real point of this story is that nuclear power is not commercially viable but has become a state-sponsored technology.
Do you honestly think there will be enough money for decommissioning? -- RF
Intermittency and storage are still the smaller problems. -- RF
A Strong Case for the Anthropocene: no other species has ever consumed so much of earth's resources so quickly
Humans are producing and consuming resources at a geologically unprecedented rate – a rate that needs to be maintained to continue the high level and complexity of the current [fossil-fuel based] civilization.  This high consumption has formed a 'striking new pattern' in the planet's global energy flow.
Power shortage hits country (Pakistan)
Electricity shortage has hit the country registering a shortfall of 4,200MW amid reports that power generation stands at 12,600 MW against a demand of 16,800MW.
North Korean children spurn candy bags from Kim Jong Un
Gift bags of candy that Kim Jong Un issued for North Korean children on Kim Il Sung's birthday anniversary are being spurned for better quality Chinese sweets, sources say.

## Environment/health ##
There will never be 10 billion people on the Earth, and indeed the planet is already grossly overpopulated. Our current world population is kept alive by fossil fuels. -- RF
The Link Between Mosquito Spraying and Autism
Singapore Is Taking the 'Smart City' to a Whole New Level
Government-deployed sensors will collect and coordinate an unprecedented amount of data on daily life in the city.

## Propaganda/censorship ##
Hiding the Indonesia Massacre Files
Perhaps nowhere does U.S. hypocrisy over human rights stand out more clearly than Indonesia's "Year of Living Dangerously" slaughter of vast numbers of people in 1965.
No Dissent from Anti-Russian Propaganda
The European Union prides itself on its commitment to free expression, except apparently when a documentarian diverges from the official line bashing Russia. Then silencing dissent becomes the "responsible" response.

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Is the World Getting Crazier, But We No Longer Notice?
The banquet of consequences is about to be served.
Sewer systems are corroding at an alarming rate, costing governments billions of dollars to replace.
Net energy decline guarantees that the necessary investments will be impossible. Here is another reason that the dream about thriving megacities is totally unrealistic. Net energy is too low to provide basic services. -- RF
Residents rally to halt decline of rural gas stations
The humble gas station, once a firm fixture of any town landscape, is in decline as dwindling demand for fuel and an absence of next-generation operators slowly cripples the industry.
While no mention is made of where they will get the hydrogen, it's important to remember that hydrogen is not an energy source, and therefore it must be produced using an energy input. As far as keeping industrial civilization going, this is a non-starter. -- RF

## China ##
China trains 'fishing militia' to sail into disputed waters
The fishing fleet based in this tiny port town on Hainan island is getting everything from military training and subsidies to even fuel and ice as China creates an increasingly sophisticated fishing militia to sail into the disputed South China Sea.
America has become a dual-income nation since one income isn't enough to maintain a household.
We're going broke chasing the American Dream
Ambition and aiming high are good things. But the American Dream is much more expensive than it used to be — it costs a family of four $130,000 a year to live it.

## The candidates ##
Hillary Clinton's Damning Emails
Before the Democrats lock in their choice for President, they might want to know if Hillary Clinton broke the law with her unsecure emails and may be indicted.

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