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News Links, May 20, 2016

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Saudi Arabia Delays Payment to Contractors, Considers IOUs: Liquidity Crunch at Best
China's Communist Party goes way of Qing Dynasty as debt hits limit
Caterpillar Retail Sales Fall For Record 41 Consecutive Months
Gold is insurance against the bad guys hitting the reset button
There is a likelihood that gold will play a role in the next monetary system.
Casino Alert: 80 Percent Of Stocks Have A Lifetime Return Of Zero
Central banks are dumping America's debt at a record pace
The real problem with negative interest rates? They are a stealth tax
Governments want you to delay paying taxes as long as possible, the mortgage company pays you to stay in the house, and cash becomes so sought after there is even talk of abolishing it.
US slaps China steel imports with fivefold tax increase
Toddler tied to a rock while her parents work (India)
Austria May Dodge Provincial Default as Heta Deal Reached
Devaluing dollar and debt by revaluing gold is getting respectable
Oil-for-Drugs Swap: India's Answer to Venezuela's Unpaid Bills
The Inflation Targeting Scam And Why It Guarantees The Mother Of Financial Meltdowns
Saudi Arabia's economy is slowing
Bayer offers to buy Monsanto in global agrochemicals shakeout
Bayer takeover of Monsanto would create global giant
Skyrocketing housing costs 'clear and present danger' to Vancouver's economy, new report warns
Brazil's Financial Chief Says Economy Worse Off Than He Imagined
Riksbank Says It's Time To Prepare For Helicopter Money

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Mass Layoffs Are Looming in South Korea
Analyst forecasts 20,000-30,000 job losses at shipbuilders
Gap to close 75 Old Navy, Banana Republic stores outside North America

## War on cash/cashless society ##
The Shift To A Cashless Society Is Snowballing [INFOGRAPHIC]
Coinbase will start trading bitcoin rival ethereum on its cryptocurrency exchange

## Airline death spiral ##
Officials: Wreckage of EgyptAir Flight MS804 found
In light of EgyptAir crash, can we rely on air marshals?
EgyptAir Flight MS804: Three Air Marshals Were Aboard Crashed Jet
Egyptair Flight MS804: Explosive Device 'Most Likely' Cause of Crash, Say Experts
EgyptAir Flight 804: Airline official says debris not from plane
Inspection shows JFK Airport continues to have problems with runway maintenance
Bali airport closes for maintenance, 89 flights affected
Delta Air Lines Plans To Trim Capacity Growth And Hike Fares
Muslim Memories of West's Imperialism
A century ago, Britain and France secretly divided up much of the Mideast, drawing artificial boundaries for Iraq and Syria, but Muslim resentment of Western imperialism went much deeper.

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Why oil and gas companies are barely scraping by
Last quarter, 86% of energy sector operating profits were used to cover the interest payments on debt.
Industry Needs to Make Tough Call on Deepwater Projects in Challenging Time
Weak crude prices, the slowdown of Chinese economic growth and the Middle East's production have reduced hydrocarbon prospects in deepwater basins by a hefty 42 percent within the past year.
Rebel Bombing Shuts Down Key Colombian Oil Pipeline
Yellow fever: The next pandemic?
Most Texas quakes likely caused by oil, gas activities: study
Oil and gas activities may have caused nearly nine in 10 of the earthquakes Texas has experienced in the past 40 years, and the quakes have become more frequent as oilfield activity has picked up in the past decade, according to a forthcoming study.

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Can cyberspace be mapped? NGA's working on it

## Propaganda/censorship ##
The Danger of Demonization
As the West is sucked deeper into the Syrian conflict and starts a new Cold War with Russia, the mainstream news media has collapsed as a vehicle for reliable information, creating a danger for the world.
US researchers carry out first deep analysis of China's government-backed internet warriors

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Working 60 Hours A Week At 3 Part-Time Jobs And Still Living Paycheck To Paycheck

Seems to be a lot of this "mileage flu" going around recently. -- RF
Household finances 'under most pressure in 22 months'
High pay for bosses hurting economy says senior Bank of England official
Mr Haldane, who has earned a reputation as one of the central bank's most radical minds, highlighted in a speech in Westminster the fact that FTSE 100 bosses are now paid 150 times the average UK worker.
The implications are huge, as observed here. A good read. -- RF
Fed Up with the Fed
Destroying our ability to discover the real cost of assets, credit and risk has not just crippled the markets--it's crippled the entire economy.

## The candidates ##
'Run, Bernie, Run': Trump keeps imploring Bernie Sanders to mount a third-party bid for president
Clintons got paid $11 million last year in personal promotion and legal bribery
HRC: The limping leader
Donald Trump's True Colors Emerge as He Snuggles up to Wall Street
Donald Trump Tweets At A Lower Reading Level Than His Competitors, But Maybe He Shouldn't
Hillary's New Milestone—-Her Negatives Now Surpass Trump's
More than 100 lawsuits, disputes, tied to Trump and his companies
Donald Trump assures Janet Yellen he's not her enemy, Federal Reserve audit isn't high priority

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